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Family of kidnap suspect deny Israeli accusations
Published Friday 27/06/2014 (updated) 29/06/2014 11:24
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- The father of one of the suspects named by Israel as being behind the disappearance of three Israeli youths has denied that his son was involved in the suspected kidnapping.

On Thursday, Israel named Marwan al-Qawasmeh, 29, and Amer Abu Eisha, 33, as the two main suspects behind the kidnapping of three Israeli youths on June 12.

Israel's Shin Bet said they had been jailed in the past for taking part in "terrorist activity on behalf of Hamas."

Speaking to Ma'an, Abu Eisha's father denied the allegations and said the family is worried that he has been detained and is being tortured by Israeli security forces.

"The occupation kidnapped my son Amer and I'm afraid they will kill him and say that they killed the terrorist and saved the settlers," Omar Abu Eisha said.

"I have not yet grasped that Amer and Marwan could kidnap three settlers from the most dangerous security square in Etzion. These are Israeli fabrications, whose goal could be is to strike Hamas in the West Bank and strike the national reconciliation," he added.

Omar Abu Eisha said that he was with his son Amer at a social event the night the three Israelis went missing, but said that later on in the night he could not find his son and he has been missing ever since.

"He told his wife that he might be away for two days for work in al-Eizariya, but he has not called and I am certain that Israel has kidnapped and hid him," he said.

Omar Abu Eisha told Ma'an that his son was "working hard and saving money" to build a new house.

The family of Marwan al-Qawasmeh refused to be interviewed or comment on the Israeli accusations.

Eisha was first arrested in Nov. 2005 and was held without trial or charge by Israeli forces until June 2006. He was re-arrested in April 2007 for a short period of time.

Eisha's brother was shot dead by Israeli forces in Nov. 2005 while ostensibly trying to "throw an explosive" at them, and his father had been arrested by Israel multiple times.

After the Israeli teens disappeared while hitchhiking in the West Bank, the army launched a vast hunt for them focusing on the Hebron area.

Israeli forces initially accused Hamas of the kidnapping, which it vigorously denied, and authorities vowed to "crush" the Palestinian political and militant group.

More than 120 Palestinians have been injured in the military operation, which Israel dubbed "Brother's Keeper," and more than 1,350 homes and offices, including numerous universities, have been raided.

The Palestinian Prisoner's Society said on Thursday that 566 Palestinians have been detained in the campaign, including 12 members of parliament.

1 ) Julie / USA
27/06/2014 15:13
izrael has offered NO PROOF to the public this youth was involved. WHERE AND WHAT EVIDENCE does izrahell have that Amer is a culprit?????????????????? this youth was KIDNAPPED and for sure is now being tortured, or maybe izrael already murdered him!!!!!!! Abbas needs to seek ICC prosecution IMMEDIATELY for collective punishment and ALL other izraeli CRIMES!

2 ) Mel / USA
27/06/2014 16:53
Where's the REAL evidence?Strategically convenient how IOF finds'suspects'in the WB place Israel's trying to totally ethnically"sterilized"(not just present H2"sterile zone"="Arab free")so as to fully annex it to the illegal Jews-only colony filled with the most RUTHLESS Zionists ever to crawl from USSR caucuses,into the Nahal Brigade&Israeli occupation.Settler-run-Army!

3 ) Steve / USA
27/06/2014 23:09
One lie, leads to another, another and another. When will the blaming stop?

4 ) ben Zalman / USA
28/06/2014 01:15
It is not Israels duty to give up all of their evidence and in a kidnapping, until they come forward or are found there can be no direct evidence unless there is some kind of CCTV footage which is unlikely. Its obvious that these guys kidnapped the boys and if they felt safe they would have come forward already. For now they're trapped somewhere with the Yeshiva boys until we find them. Israel is not foolish enough to make up some stupid gag as you guys think. You will all see soon.

5 ) The Qawasmeh Hammula is / one of the larget
28/06/2014 08:43
hornet nests in the West bank it s HUGE and it is Associated with HAMAS (making millions thru this association) The whole nest must be eradicated!

6 ) Chainlink / Usa
28/06/2014 15:26
Now why would Israel accuse Marwan al-Qawasmeh & his friend of being involved in the kidnapping, two weeks after the event. Well, of course there are a few historical issues concerning Hamas, Israel and the Qawasmeh clan, with respect to suicide bombings & assassinations. So if you are going to stir up a storm, why not go the whole way & choose big, that way you either get maximum impact, or a sadly a damp squib if your plan backfires & rains on your parade (which it looks like it is).

7 ) JoeFattal / USA
28/06/2014 16:47
@4 ben Zalman / USA Politics has always been a dirty, shrewd, tricky business. You will not find anywhere in the world an honest politician, but you can always find you a good one. You have to be good to be a politician, but you also have to be dishonest not all the time but most of the time. Netanyahu is a good politician but a dishonest one. Yes Israel can make up some stupid gag if it does benefit them. That's politics for you. And that is the universal truth.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/06/2014 18:32
It's at least possible Israel's accusations are fabricated. Israel certainly does fabricate things, and after her rampage failed to produce results, she was starting to look impotent.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/06/2014 18:35
To JoeFattal #7: 'Netanyahu is a good politician but a dishonest one. ' That would depend on what you mean by 'good.' Netanyahu has been good at keeping himself in office -- but at the cost of leading Israel a long way down that path that leads to her destruction. If by 'good' you mean serving the interests of the community you lead, Netanyahu has been an unqualified disaster.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/06/2014 18:40
To ben Zalman #4: '...Its obvious that these guys kidnapped the boys...' Why is it obvious? At this point, all we have are the assertions of one of the most consistently dishonest agencies on the planet. The only thing that is 'obvious' is that Israel needed to produce suspects or risk looking impotent. So she produced suspects. That doesn't tell us much.

11 ) Mel / USA
28/06/2014 20:08
#7:JoeFattal/USA:Well said!Many political tyrants seem "good",charismatic,& velvet-tongued to hide their ugly intent.Feeding on people's genuine fears,ignorance,naivety,racism/bigotry.A flock can be led by a good shepherd OR bad,just as good people can be turned into a SAVAGE MOB!Israel's ALWAYS pulled"gags"by evil state-sponsored means onPalestinian people from the Nakba,& LYING about being able to RETURN home,while enforcing AbsenteePropertyLaw,to confiscate&loot.Just like politician Adolf did

12 ) JoeFattal / USA
28/06/2014 20:58
I am still looking at that picture of one of the wives of the alleged kidnappers. To me she looks very innocent, humble, faithful to her husband and very attractive. For whatever reason her husband disappear I advise her to look for another husband not because her husband is accused of kidnapping but he was dumn enough to leave a woman like that behind.

13 ) Truth / Usa
28/06/2014 21:51
Israel has been investigating hundreds obviously they told Israel who was behind the attack

14 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 01:54
After two weeks of crazed vandalism, Israel clearly had to come up with some "suspects" who clearly had to be connected with Hamas or risk op "Brother's Keeper" (easy stomach) looking like an insane vent. The guys chosen look wild and brutalised enough but really, they just fit a profile. And the Hamas connection is tenuous: they're called "operatives" but "sympathisers" is probably closer, like half of Hebron. And if a "kidnap" DID occur, it was clearly not a HAMAS operation, but a half-baked,

15 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 01:56
(contd.) local initiative by people who SUPPORT Hamas not something approved by head office. (The idea of a daring Gilad Shalit-style operation in the settlement-ridden West Bank was always absurd.) And it's strange they're the "MAIN" suspects like there are other, fall-back "suspects" in case Marwan al-Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Eisha have an alibi. And the pool is sizeable: disaffected Hebronites with dead family members, histories of administrative detention who are sympathetic to Hamas.

16 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 01:56
(contd.) Also, the father's concerns have the ring of absolute, guiless truth because his grown son has disappeared and he KNOWS Israel and what that means and fears the worst and who can blame him? So, really, the thinness of the Israeli announcement is an admission they have no idea who did it, just a profile of the KIND of person they think probably WOULD have, if indeed an "IT" occurred.

17 ) Paul / USA
29/06/2014 18:53
Israel is the state which has always been the aggressor. Israel invariably presents itself as a victim. The media is culpable." Aipac" is not merely a lobby.It is a powerful propaganda machine. Americans are too concerned with their own personal lives to study the issues. Palestinians have no voice here.Israel blankets the media with disinformation.Israel has no credibility in the REAL world,Sadly The USA is heavily insulated from the real world.Israel buys and sells politicians & televangelists
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