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Shimon Peres receives US Congressional Gold Medal
Published Friday 27/06/2014 (updated) 28/06/2014 21:14
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Israeli President Shimon Peres holds the Congressional Gold Medal
presented to him by (L-R) US VP Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senator Mitch
McConnell, and Representative Eric Cantor, June 26, 2014
(AFP/Paul J. Richards)
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Outgoing Israeli President Shimon Peres on Thursday received the Congressional Gold Medal in the US Capitol rotunda, as he bids farewell to Washington after decades of working with American leaders.

The 90-year-old Peres, who will leave office next month, paid tribute to the "American dream" and hailed Washington's steadfast support for Israel.

"Many people call me a dreamer. I suppose that's why I have always felt at home in the United States of America -- America that was given the privilege to carry the dreams of humanity," Peres said.

Peres is a highly controversial figure in the Middle East, however, as he was a top Israeli official and politician throughout decades of occupation and settlement building, as well as two extremely destructive wars with Lebanon.

Hailing the "unbelievable and unbreakable friendship" between the United States and Israel, Peres said: "Whether through military assistance and security cooperation, or through diplomatic and moral support, you sent us a clear message: that we are not alone."

Republican House Speaker John Boehner lauded Peres, a Nobel peace laureate, as the "great prototype of the Israeli statesman," noting that it was the first time the Congressional Gold Medal had been given to an Israeli head of state.

"This medal says to our young people and yours -- never get cynical, never give in to expediency, and know that America will always stand by Israel, and with all men and women of peace," Boehner said.

US Vice President Joe Biden said: "You are a legendary friend."

The award bestowed by the US Congress is one of the highest civilian honors in the United States, and is awarded to those whose achievements have had an "impact on American history and culture."

The first Congressional Gold Medal was given to the first US president, George Washington.

Peres -- who met US President Barack Obama on Wednesday -- will be succeeded in July by Reuven Rivlin, a far-right member of the ruling Likud party who was elected by parliament earlier this month.

Shimon Peres is well-remembered by many in the region for his leadership and justification of a 1996 incident when Israel shelled a UN base in Qana, Lebanon and killed more than 100 civilians seeking refuge there from a broader Israeli assault.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report.
1 ) Carlos / usa
27/06/2014 14:48
Maybe the gold medal was for trying to arm Aparthied south africa with nuclear arms. israel is a terrorist state and Shimon has blood on his hands.

2 ) Robert / US
27/06/2014 15:31
#1 Carlos, spot on !. thug award..

3 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
27/06/2014 19:31
When was the last time a Palestinian got a Congressional Medal of Honor? Peres for three decades has been a dove of peace. It is telling that the Palestinians people could not make peace with him or with Barak or Olmert. It is pity that Palestinians have not had the quality of leadership which Israelis have had, such as Ben Gurion, Shartok, Meir, Begin, Shamir, Peres, Rabin, Netanyahu, Barak and Sharon.

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/06/2014 04:18
Peres should get an award. He's the last of the Mohicans: those Ashkenazi Jews who were Western enough so that they could tell the West the lies it needed to hear. Ben Gurion, Abba Eban, Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, Peres -- now they're all gone. What's left are the Netanyahus, the Bennetts, the Leibermans -- Nazi trolls so lost in their own evil that they can no longer even fake being decent human beings.

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
28/06/2014 06:31
Him and the new Israeli President are but two chandellier in a house, lit up for ceremonial purposes only.

6 ) Outlier / USA
28/06/2014 07:59
(first comment spiked) 1,2, Peres has in recent years been a strong advocate for a peace settlement, often at odds with the ruling Israeli party and sometimes at considerable risk. What have you two losers done to promote peace in the region, except to complain about one who tried?

7 ) Robert / US
28/06/2014 21:23
#6 Get real Fool !!. Ive been trying to promote peace there and here, so dont Slander me !! That sh*t doesnt work on me... and by the way what do you do ? Stay silent, believe only what you want ?. And by the way I know some heavy hitters for PEACE..

8 ) Mel / USA
28/06/2014 22:06
(first comment spiked)#1&2:Bravo! That CMH has really lost it's value &meaning &,like the Nobel Prize,is dished out to some VERY pugent politicians &war-mongers.IMHO,you can consign that CMH to the cupboard as a spare toilet-brush? And besides,look at the gaggle of geese around Peres!Incld.'Boo-Hoo-Boehner'lol! Man,every picture tells a (horror)story!Oh & look,there's 'Evil Eric'Cantor,LOL! Another raving-rad luny!Booooooo!

9 ) Feudal Peasant / USA
28/06/2014 22:25
If the award medallion was larger he could melt it down and make a pair of handcufs

10 ) Robert Chapman / US
29/06/2014 00:21
My Congress should and will be brought up on charges of Treason, lying , killing and supporting israel . israelis will be prosecuted as well. That is all , carry on.

11 ) Outlier / USA
29/06/2014 01:08
7., You, promoting peace? Laughable. Let's take your previous comment apart, shall we? In supporting Carlos, you called Israel a terrorist state, when in fact it has not promoted terrorism around the world, but instead is dealing with difficult security issues at home. As for sending apartheid Africa nuclear arms, the claim has been made from more than one source, but not one scintilla of PROOF can be found that Israel actually sent nuclear arms or material to South Africa. Do better next time.

12 ) Robert / US
29/06/2014 20:29
#11, I suppose stealing passports so mossad can execute peaceful people is your way of kind acts, your a sad, evil, vile POS. I suppose the lavin affair was a nice thing, the USS LIBERTY,.. by the way what do you do for a peaceful region ? anwser the question.. or are you a coward ? Now thats laughable
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