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Hamas chief says unaware who snatched Israeli teens
Published Tuesday 24/06/2014 (updated) 25/06/2014 09:41
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Israeli troops patrol the area between the West Bank village of Halhul
and the adjacent city of Hebron, on June 24, 2014 as they search for
three Israeli teenagers who went missing in the West Bank
(AFP Hazem Bader)
DOHA (AFP) -- Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal has denied having information about three Israeli teenagers thought to have been kidnapped in the West Bank, in an interview aired Tuesday.

"Frankly, we do not have information about what happened," the exiled head of Hamas' politburo told Doha-based Al-Jazeera television.

Mashaal also slammed security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel as a "disaster," a week after President Mahmoud Abbas pledged to maintain such coordination.

Since the youths disappeared from a hitchhiking stop in the southern West Bank on June 12, Israel has rounded up hundreds of Palestinians and killed five in a bid to find the teens, while also dealing a crushing blow to Hamas in the West Bank.

If the missing Israelis turn out to have been captured, their kidnapping would be "a logical and natural reaction to the violations of occupation forces," Mashaal said, quoted by Al-Jazeera's website.

"We support every resistance attack against the Israeli occupation, which has to pay for its tyranny."

Mashaal said the Palestinian Authority should abandon security coordination with Israel.

"It is unbelievable to reward Israel for its crimes through security coordination," he said.

Abbas vowed during a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Saudi Arabia last week to maintain security coordination with Israel.

"It is in our interest to have security coordination with Israel because that would help protect us," Abbas said at the time.

Israeli forces have detained over 500 Palestinians, according to the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, in over 400 targeted raids on homes and civil society organizations in the occupied West Bank since last week.

Eleven of the detained are members of the Palestinian parliament.

Soldiers have also killed five Palestinians and injured dozens more in the arrest raids.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/06/2014 16:16
Mashaal clearly and blatantly says he supports violations of international laws. That makes him a war criminal. Mashaal says he supports the kidnapping of children - that is a war crime. Time for honest people to demand that he be sent to trial at the ICC. Sorry, no excuses. You either support him being put on trial for war crimes or admit that you too support war crimes by Palestinians.

2 ) Hamas BOUUGHY GILAD / SHALIT and received
24/06/2014 18:05
1029 prisoners for him They will but the 3 kids (or whoever is still alive) and will get thousands of more prisoners Hamas is VERY CLEVER~! They do not do the dirty job-- they do the negotiations

3 ) MAureen / Australia
24/06/2014 18:14
#1 Brian Cohen Israel blatantly breaks international law everyday.

4 ) Charlene / Germany
24/06/2014 18:34
Eloquently and succinctly written number one. You are a great credit to the Jewish Nation in their homeland in the State of Israel.

5 ) to brian / Palestine
24/06/2014 18:42
Sounds good however it should be noted that if Mashaal is be sent to the ICC then in all fairness the same should be done to the Israeli government, army, settlers, etc. Furthermore he didn't say he supports kidnappings of children he said he supports resistance against the Israel occupation as does anyone whom lives under occupation.

6 ) Harrold / Denmark
24/06/2014 18:47
UN: More than 1,000 killed in Iraq violence in June, do any Ma'an readers care?

7 ) frank / italy
24/06/2014 19:17
you are 100% correct Brian ! we are all with you on this

8 ) Carlos / usa
24/06/2014 19:20
israel is murder terror and lies. I boycott israel for murdering two Palestinian boys just walking down the street. They were shot through the heart. Niether were protesting or any threat to anybody. israeli soldiers just wanted to kill an innocent Palestinian. After the kidnapping of three israeli teens, israel then murdered 6 more innocent Palestinians and kidnapped 400 innocent Palestinians. israel is torturing the 400 innocent Palestinians. My heart bleeds for the Palestinians under tyranny.

9 ) Ryan / USA
24/06/2014 19:51
Resistance to occupation is not a crime. Palestinians have every right to stand against the Zionist regime that has stolen much of their land & continues to do so. If anyone knows about violations of international law, it's Israel, as they violate it daily and escape penalty thanks to big daddy USA U.N. protection. If anyone should be heading to the ICC it's every member of the Israeli government and military who takes part in the illegal occupation of Palestinians territory. FREE PALESTINE!!!!!

10 ) Fankoosh / Sweden
24/06/2014 19:57
:-) And you seem very clever and well informed about the situation and the conflikt.

11 ) Arnold / Canada
24/06/2014 20:32
Of course Hamas has to play dumb. If they admit the kidnapping they will be in a bad light. Eventually someone on the Pal side has to say something. Otherwise we can only assume the boys are dead and cannot be exchanged for anything. In that case bomb the shit out of Gaza and let the chips fall where they may. Then push evey Arab/ Muslim out of the West Bank.

12 ) Bemused / New Zealand
24/06/2014 20:36
Brian, there is a big difference between saying you support something, and actually doing it. Israel has killed children, is detaining, interrogating, torturing and jailing children in breach of international law EVERY DAY - and the UN has tomes of evidence of it. Israel is the one that should be at the ICC. Open your other eye, stop being a hypocrite, and enough of the double standards. There is extensive evidence that ISRAEL COMMITS WAR CRIMES.

13 ) Bemused / New Zealand
24/06/2014 20:39
Who should be in the ICC? "According to a 2013 report by the UN's Children's Fund, Israel is the only country in the world where children are systematically tried in military courts and subjected to "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment." Over the past decade, Israeli forces have arrested, interrogated, and prosecuted around 7,000 children between 12 and 17, mostly boys, at a rate of "an average of two children each day," UNICEF said."

14 ) deborah / Israel
24/06/2014 21:42
I like the cleansing fire of napalm for our hamasniks.

15 ) Tibi / Tubas
24/06/2014 22:46
Whether Hamas is aware or "unaware of who snatched the Israeli teens", Hamas is part of the new unity government, and thus responsible both: - for all the crimes committed from the West Bank's Areas A & B, and - for finding the "snatchers", and releasing the Israeli teens !! And most importantly, Hamas' & the PLO's unwillingness to find the Arab "snatchers", and release the Israeli teens, entitles Israel to continue searching for them, both how it chooses, and with international support !!

16 ) Hetty / the Netherlands
24/06/2014 23:15
@!: You got to be joking. The list of war crimes and violations of international law by Israel is endless. The ICC will need years to collect all the crimes. Don'talk about honest. You have no clue. You are the occupier remember?

17 ) Mel / USA
24/06/2014 23:56
#1:Let's try it this way? Brian"clearly...blatantly...supports violations of international laws" because he's an illegal apartheid settler himself,which" makes him a war criminal".Brian..."supports the" detention&slaughter of Palestinian "children-that is a war crime"."Time for" dishonest Brian to condemn the Zionist occupation, "or be be sent to the ICC.Sorry,no excuses." Brian,you either"support(Israel's)war crimes"& bigotted/racist occupation/slaughter of 67yrs,or go & join the ISM!LOL!

18 ) Outlier / USA
25/06/2014 01:42
Considering Hamas' pretzel-like bending of the truth ("victory in Gaza," anyone?), this rings hollow. Plausible denial is the intent here, not the truth.

19 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
25/06/2014 03:27
Hamas committed a further war crime today when a rocket fired at Israel hit a Palestinian house in the Gaza strip and killed a three old child, critically injured another and injured two other family members. Will the PA ask the security council to issue a condemnation of the murder? Will they refer Hamas to the International Criminal Court?

20 ) Rami / Palestine
25/06/2014 08:08
#1 You are an such a hypocrite. If Mashaal "clearly and blatantly says he supports violations of international laws" then so to does Netanyahu. The IDF's actions in the West Bank during these past 2 weeks, constitute violations of international laws. What do you call the blatant murder of a mentally challenged man whose only crime was wanting to pray or sniping a another man on a Ramallah rooftop? These aren't violations? I haven't heard you condemn Israel's crimes so clearly you support them.

21 ) Anne / the Netherlands
25/06/2014 09:36
You are demanding that Mashaal face trial at the ICC for making statements that go against international law. Do you also support the demand that Israeli politicians should face trial at the ICC for violating international law? Both Hamas and Israel have done and said things that go against international law. Be consistent in your argument and demand Israel be sent to face trial as well. Either be consistent or admit that you are espousing biased, limited arguments. No excuses Mr. Cohen.

22 ) Who is the criminal? / EU
25/06/2014 11:13
#1:You wrote: "Mashaal clearly and blatantly says he supports violations of international laws. That makes him a war criminal." And yet it is Israel who is doing most of the violations and criminal acts, as killing 5 Palestinians while searching the missing teens (and still we don't even know if they were kidnapped) and detaining hundreds.

23 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 01:57
#1 Does your left brain just not function, Brian? The OCCUPATION is a violation of international law. Transfer of civilian populations, settlements, building, land theft, demolitions, checkpoints, collective punishment, unlawful detention, vicious, disproportionate responses to resistance are ALL war crimes. Meshaal's position is completely coherent. To follow the law to the letter in the face of Israel's blatant scorn for it would render a resistance movement powerless and futile. But you're

24 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 01:58
(contd.) ignoring the important bit (and I wonder why that is). Hamas didn't do it. Meshaal's statement has the absolute ring of truth. And he has no idea who did. So, the rampaging around like a crazed animal, the chaos and killing and pronouncements of the absolute certainty about who is responsible have ALL come to nothing. What happens next is anyone's guess but with THIS development I certainly don't see the TRUTH coming out any time soon. If ever. Not if Israel has anything to do with it.

25 ) shade / uk
29/06/2014 20:11
Expect no sense or fairness from those with no heart. You can't have a rational discussion with those who deny truth. It's a shame they cause so much suffering and pain but live contently within the confines of their own lies.
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