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Israel 'doubles' administrative detainees during arrest campaign
Published Monday 23/06/2014 (updated) 08/08/2014 09:50
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Israeli security forces take part in an operation on June 23, 2014
in Bethlehem to locate the three Israeli teenagers who
disappeared on June 12 while hitchhiking in the southern
West Bank.(AFP/Musa Al-Shaer)

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's military has fast-tracked over 100 administrative detention orders during a mass arrest campaign launched 10 days ago, a Palestinian prisoners group said Monday, nearly doubling the number of Palestinians held without charge.

As of Monday, 104 administrative detention orders have been confirmed by the Addameer prisoner rights group, with the number set to increase significantly over the coming days.

The group had documented 77 administrative detention orders as of last Thursday, with 27 more confirmed on Monday, an advocacy coordinator told Ma'an.

Most of the orders, lasting between three to six months, were issued by a judge at Ofer military court on the recommendations of the Israeli Shin Bet, with the majority of detainees affiliated to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

All of those sentenced were detained as part of a mass operation by Israeli forces in the West Bank which has seen 471 Palestinians, including 11 parliamentarians, detained in over 400 targeted raids on homes and civil society organizations.

"Since the disappearance of the settlers we've seen a clear form of collective punishment, not only in arrests, but with raids, killings, injuries, and so forth," Gavan Kelly, Addameer's international advocacy coordinator, told Ma'an.

Israel is using the disappearance of the three youths as an excuse to crush Hamas, Kelly says, noting the timing of the large-scale operation only weeks after a Palestinian unity government was announced and months before expected Palestinian elections.

"When you consider everything that is going on, for Israel to say that the arrests are related to the missing settlers is nonsense," he added.

Around one-quarter of the 471 Palestinians arrested since last week have been sentenced to administrative detention, and Addameer expects more military orders for detention without trial to be issued in the coming week.

"We expect this to continue, we don't see this ending anytime soon, but when and how we don't know. What we are appealing for is international pressure on Israel," Kelly said.

On Sunday, human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, sent a letter to the heads of the Israeli security and military establishment to demand that they refrain from "collectively punishing" the Palestinian population and violating their "basic human rights."

An elderly Palestinian man sits near Israeli soldiers taking part
in a search operation for three Israeli teenagers, on June 18,
2014 in the West Bank village of Tapuah.(AFP/Hazem Bader)

Detention without trial 'en-masse' as hunger strikers protest policy

Addameer said the systematic use of administrative detention in the ongoing arrest campaign is "alarming" given the number of prisoners on hunger strike to protest the policy.

Issuing administrative detention orders "en-masse" since the disappearance of the three youths is "in direct violation of the strict parameters established by international law," the group said, urging the international community to immediately condemn the "arbitrary arrest and detention campaign."

Since April 24, some 125 Palestinian prisoners have been refusing meals as part of the longest hunger strike in Palestinian history against Israel's policy of holding Palestinians in custody indefinitely without charge or trial.

Hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners have posed a constant challenge over the past two years to Israel's policy of detention without trial, with not a single day passing since 2011 when a Palestinian prisoner has not been on hunger strike.

Over 50 prisoners released in the 2011 swap deal for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit have been rearrested in the current campaign and seven have had their release canceled, meaning their previous long-term sentences could be reimposed later this week.

Military Order 186, which was introduced in 2009, allows an Israeli military committee to sentence prisoners released in swap deals based on secret evidence, which is likely to be used against those rearrested in the current campaign.

Kelly says Israel is using administrative detention as its "only option" in the ongoing detention campaign in light of "no evidence whatsoever" in charging prisoners for a crime.

"It (the current arrest campaign) just proves that Israel was planning for something like this a long time ago by introducing Article 186," Kelly added.

Commenting on the use of administrative detention over the past 10 days, human rights organizations said in a letter that "it is hard not to question if there is really an immediate, essential military need that entailed the swift detention without trial of dozens of people."

More than 5,300 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli jails. Of these, just under 200 were being held under administrative detention before the most recent orders were issued.
1 ) Mel / USA
23/06/2014 17:12
President Obama,just think? If you were not POTUS & you were a "just"a community organizer(like in Chicago),rights-activist,Constitutional defender of the weak &oppressed,in Palestine,against KKK Judeo-Nazi's, you'd be:
1)harassed for NOT being 'Jeweesh', 2)near-beaten-to death/lynched for being Black,3)Brutalized for your proud name,4)in ICU with skull/rib #'s,from a tear-gas cannister,or dead,from an Israeli steel bullet,for protesting against JimCrow pre-CivilRights,apartheid! Imagine that!

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
23/06/2014 17:18
By the time everything is said and done Israel will need to build more prisons than settlements. And by the time its all done with and the prisonners are release Israel can remodel the prisons and accomodate new settlers in a motel style housing.

3 ) Mel / USA
23/06/2014 17:36
So,take ALL these present statistics & add them daily,during Israel's pogroms,to the numbers of detained(without Habeus Corpus)Palestinian men,women&children(ethnic profiling/torture/segregation)& I think the world has a very clear image of racist Zionist-led Israel.If they can't associate Israel's Zionism with Nazism,then they're REALLY in denial,in collusion,or BOTH! http://addameer.org/
Bad people succeed,when good people do nothing(paraphrasing Burke).Ain't that right Israel?

4 ) Arnold / Canada
23/06/2014 19:58
Arrest as many as you can. Let them all go on hunger strikes. Let them DIE if that is their choice. Israelis need to learn from the Arabs. Do not give in no matter what. Let them rot in jail all the time the 3 kidnapped boys are not released.

5 ) Maureen / Australia
23/06/2014 19:59
One thing is for sure and certain, Israel is not and never will be Jewish! It is just a funny farm run by Zionazi Khazars! Real Jews don't want to be assosiated with Israel in its present form of heathen apartheid occupation.

6 ) JoeFattal / USA
23/06/2014 20:37
Israel as the occupying forces have the right in search and seizure. You can get that away from them. But blaming a group or Palestinians without proving their involvement in the kidnapping is not acceptable, and as the article mentioned something like that was planned when the unity was agreed on by both parties. So now Israel has two options. Either they find the 3 missing settlers, or they give up on them. They wont find them and they wont give up. So that campaign will last for awhile.

7 ) OK / US
24/06/2014 04:09
I understand the rage & helpessness that Pals feel [at least i think i do] but please, don't even LOOK at a rock, b/c anything violent you do will only hurt yourselves. you'll be made to look the aggressor. media can twist things to appear any way it wants, and israel is a media powerhouse. Just have huge peaceful protests. walk around your own block with signs of peace-love-harmony-rainbows [even if you feel like tearing heads off] and keep the cameras rolling. pics/videos!

8 ) curriecurios / scotland
25/06/2014 09:11
4) Arnold/Canada .........how can you write those words above , read over them and think .....think about what you have just written. Who is "them" that "you" sitting in Canada should suggest such terrible actions upon "them" you do not know . Apartheid will not work , will not last and you should be ashamed of the Zionist Israelis who hide behind the veil for all their actions in the name of Jewish religion. THINK before you speak , hate is easy to write down would you carry it out.

9 ) Yaaqub Hallal / Palestine
19/08/2014 07:43
All recommendations at the Egyptian Meetings, where Abu Mazen (The Ra'is) represented the Gazan cause, based on lies. He probably has deals with the Zionist to line his pocket or the pocket of his widow, which will make some French bank rich. Hamas received less than nothing. How Less? They have agreed to demilitarize all of Gaza. All building in Gaza will only be given to builders that the Zionist trust. Question, Why does Haniye agree? He lost his tunnels, 70% of his missiles and his best men.
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