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2 Palestinians killed in overnight raids in Ramallah and Nablus
Published Sunday 22/06/2014 (updated) 23/06/2014 13:56
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Ramallah early Sunday morning. (Samer Nazzal)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Two Palestinians were shot and killed during clashes in Ramallah and Nablus overnight Sunday, as Israeli forces continued a massive search operation across the West Bank for three missing Israeli teenagers.

The killings mark a major upsurge in Israeli violence amid one of the largest deployments since the Second Intifada, with at least five Palestinians killed in the last week and more than 370 arrested.

Ahmad Said Suod Khalid, 27, in al-Ein refugee camp in Nablus and Mahmoud Ismail Atallah Tarifi, 30, in Ramallah were killed as locals protested raids in those areas early Sunday morning.

In al-Ein refugee camp, Israeli soldiers fired four gunshots at Khalid while he was headed to a mosque for dawn prayer.

According to eyewitnesses, the soldiers asked Khalid to go back home, but he refused and insisted on walking to the mosque. At this point, a soldier pointed his rifle at him and shot him several times from point-blank range.

The victim's body was subsequently taken to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus.

The Israeli military said in a statement that the victim "was approaching them in a threatening manner" at the time he was shot, and that they "called on the suspect to stop and after he failed to comply they fired warning shots in the air."

Israeli soldiers then "fired towards the suspect."

"Initial inquiry suggests that the suspect was mentally unstable," the statement said, adding that "the incident is currently being investigated."

Ahmad Said Khalid was shot dead by Israeli soldiers on his way to mosque for dawn prayer

In Ramallah, a young Palestinian man Mahmoud Ismail Atallah was found dead on the roof of a commercial building opposite to another building where Israeli snipers were stationed.

It is believed that a sniper shot Atallah, and he bled for hours before his body was found.

Earlier, Israeli troops invaded several neighborhoods in Ramallah before dawn and broke into several houses and stores.

Young Palestinian men clashed with the soldiers, who fired live ammunition and rubber-coated steel bullets at the demonstrators, injuring more than 10.

After Israeli forces withdrew from Ramallah, however, Palestinian protesters began attacking a local Palestinian Authority police station, in anger at the security forces' coordination with the Israeli forces.

Palestinian security forces responded with force against protesters, although the exact response used is still unclear.

Palestinian president Abbas has supported Israel's campaign to find the missing youth, and many Palestinians have been angered by the continued security coordination of police and other Palestinian forces with raiding Israeli forces.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that the military was still "reviewing" the incident.

Detentions have been reported overnight but numbers and identities of the detainees are yet to be revealed.

The killings come as a massive Israeli arrest operation across the West Bank enters its 10th day.

Israel accuses Hamas of having kidnapped three Israeli teenagers from Gush Etzion settlement near Bethlehem.

Hamas has denied the accusations, labeling them as "stupid."

Aftermath of a raid on the home of Mufti of Ramallah, Sheikh Ibrahim Awad Allah

Correction: An earlier version of this story gave the age of Ahmad Said Suod Khalid as 36 based on witness reports. However, Palestinian security sources and a report by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights have since put Khalid's age at 27.
1 ) d'Arc / USA
22/06/2014 10:32
Five dead in the current operation. Four by gunshot, none armed. And one by denial of medical care after having his hand broken. Maan should be keeping and publishing a running count, daily of at least the dead and wounded.. This does not look like a kidnap rescue or search. Nor does it look like an anti-Hamas operation.

2 ) Colin Wright / USA
22/06/2014 11:07
So Israel commits another pair of murders. One of the more exasperating aspects of this behavior is the sheer pointlessness. Is the occasional murder supposed to make whoever seized the settlers return them? Is killing one person a day out of a population of two million supposed to cow the rest into submission? It's not just evil; it's futile evil.

3 ) Julie / USA
22/06/2014 11:26
izrael's cold-blooded murderous barbarism MUST BE STOPPED by any means necessary!!!!!!! Palestinians, LIKE ALL HUMANS, have the inherent RIGHT to defend their lives!!!! i hope & pray abbas joins the ICC; the morally depraved, hideous crimes of izraeli zionazis are the most sickening, despicable terrorism on earth. meanwhile, izrael has NO PROOF of a kidnapping, NO PROOF AT ALL Hamas involved in their disappearance. those teens are vacationing & living it up...all planned & staged by izrael.

4 ) denise / ireland
22/06/2014 13:05
As a people who have faced an occupying force, we should be quick to condemn such activity and be behind the push to implement policies to stop such awful treatment of an indigeous people

5 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
22/06/2014 14:08
Not two but three are killed. Saker Burhan 19, also died, he was killed immediately after an Israeli soldier shot him in his chest. Burhan was herding sheep in Al-Maleh area of the Jordan Valley when Israeli soldiers opened fire at him.

6 ) jihad / jenin
22/06/2014 16:23
That's occupation and that's coordination

7 ) @ d'Arc-1 / USA too
22/06/2014 16:53
-1- HAMAS STARTED THIS BY ABDUCTING a soldier, and holding him for 5 years, until Israel agreed to release 1,000 murderers in exchange. -2- Hamas Restarted this, by kidnapping 3 teenagers, with plans to do the same. And, -3- HAMAS WILL HAVE TO END THIS, BY RELEASING the kidnapped teens, or Israel will continue looking for them, no matter how long it takes, or how much it costs Palestinians, and in fact the higher the cost the better, since it will serve to deter future kidnappings !!!

8 ) Mandy / UK
22/06/2014 17:38
@4 ''indigenous people'' -Lest we forget, Arabs come from the Arabian peninsular not the Israel.

9 ) @ Julie-3, Denise-4, Sarah-5 / Three Truths
22/06/2014 19:18
[3] THE ABDUCTIONS AND KIDNAPPINGS "MUST BE STOPPED", and Palestinians Were NOT "Defending their lives", by kidnapping 3 Israeli teenagers, but Israelis ARE "Defending the lives", of the 3 kidnapping victims, and [4] Both are "indigenous people", and both have self-defense right. [5] Hamas started it. And, Hamas should end it, by releasing the teens, but Hamas prefers that 3 Israelis suffer, rather than 1,000s of Palestinians do Not, so ** YOU THREE SHOULD BLAME HAMAS **.

10 ) @ Jihad-6 / 3 More Truths
22/06/2014 19:26
That's Hamas Terrorism, "and that's (PLO) coordination", and it's time to stop blaming the victim, for searching for their kidnapped teens, where: -1- the Arab invasions (of 1948 & 1967) started the "occupation", just as -2- the Hamas kidnappings started the search, and -3- The PLO's broken Oslo promises (disarm militants & fight terrorism) are also to blame for the detentions, deaths, and lack of a Palestinian state too !!!

11 ) nazih salim / usa
24/06/2014 05:42
I pray these young men be located and return to there family that is if they evenexit. As a palestian/American and American army veteran my view to the coordination by Israel"idf and Palestinian authorities is understood. The conduct of this search operation and excessive force behavior is unecceptable, idf needs to return and search with its ownstate and radical groups for answers. I hope the boys are located. What would mr. Benjamin netyenahew have to say to the Palestinian familys sufferi

12 ) Rami / Palestine
24/06/2014 10:57
#8 Lest we forget, German, Polish, Russian, American, European jews are NOT INDIGENOUS TO anywhere in the Middle East let alone Palestine ("Israel").

13 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 01:59
#8 "...Arabs come from the Arabian peninsular not the Israel." Yes, Mandy, they do but not ALL of them. Like Europeans don't all come from England. However, Palestinians come from Palestine and have lived there since they were Canaanites in the Bronze Age. And there's every probability some at least were Jehovah-worshipping Judeans before converting to Islam which DID come from the "Arabian peninsular" so perhaps THAT'S why you're confused. Helpful?

14 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 02:00
Israel is running amok like the lunatic state it is, rampaging through its colonial outposts like a crazed animal. And lost on no-one (probably least of all the soldiers) is the absurdity of the idea that these "operations" are to rescue three disappeared teens. The place is unhinging. Soldiers get their orders and have to carry them out but stuff deep inside Israelis - the fear and hate latent in the psychotic vanity of specialness - seems released by the SHOCK of this apparent attack on Jews

15 ) ian / australia
29/06/2014 02:02
(contd.) and is expressed in hysteria and viciousness. I mean, the ransacking of the Mufti's house (to find what?) looks barely sane. It will, however, pale beside the Opening of the Gates of Hell, the Mother of all Vengeance, which will ensue if the bodies of Gilad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Ifrach are found, regardless of who killed them.
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