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Israeli rescue teams search caves, wells in Hebron
Published Saturday 21/06/2014 (updated) 22/06/2014 21:20
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JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Teams of firemen and police specialized in rescue operations were in the Hebron area on Saturday searching wells, reservoirs, and caves for three missing Israeli teens, Israeli media reported.

The search was ongoing inside Hebron city itself, where a 14-year-old Palestinian boy was killed on Friday by the army as well as in Ramallah, where the army said it had raided the premises of the Hamas television channel.

Police said three fire trucks and an ATV rescue unit were present in the Hebron area where they were on stand-by, Ynet reported.

Israeli officials have announced no major breakthroughs throughout the search for the teens, who disappeared from an area near the Gush Etzion settlement on June 12.

Around 370 Palestinians have been detained just in the past week as part of an arrest campaign carried out by Israel with Palestinian Authority coordination.

Some two-thirds of those detained in recent days have been members of the Palestinian faction Hamas, which Israel accuses of being behind the alleged kidnapping of the youths.

Hamas has denied involvement.

Separately, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, striking near Ashkelon city without causing any casualties, the army said.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report.
1 ) JoeFattal / USA
21/06/2014 22:16
We know that Israel for a long time needed Hamas as a terror group to keep expanding and building settlements and block any negotiations. Now Hamas decided to join the Fattah group and unite to form one government which Israel object. Israel will not lose their only tool of survival, so they have created a situation to dissolve this government and return Hamas as their primary enemy. Best analysis I can come out with.

2 ) @ Joe-1 / USA too
22/06/2014 00:22
Years ago, Hamas abducted a soldier, & imprisoned him in Gaza for 5 years, and today Hamas "created the only tool" that Israel needed, with their kidnapping of the 3 Israeli teenagers, & imprisoning them in the West Bank. However, Israel has changed, after freeing 1,000 terrorists, and the West Bank is Gaza, so even if Israel can Not find the 3 kidnapped teenagers, * THE SEARCH MAY NEVER END, AND PALESTINIANS * CAN THANK HAMAS FOR ALL THE INCONVENIENCE.

3 ) ABE / USA
22/06/2014 00:47
#1 You show such blatant ignorance. By suggesting that There was no kidnapping of teenagers is just overt anti- ISRAEL thought. Admit it, ISRAEL in your mind can do no right!. Why don't you look up how many ISRAELI Noble winners there are. Maybe then you will see that ISRAEL is trying to benefit mankind!

4 ) Tibi / Tubas
22/06/2014 01:35
Israel may never find the 3 boys, dead or alive, and Palestinians may have to endure Israel's searching for years to come, and The cost to Palestinians ($10 million/d to Hebron alone in siege costs) far exceed the cost to Israelis, and when Israel finally decides to give-up the search, there may not be much of Palestine left, and Hamas should consider whether that is best for Palestinians, and if the 3 boys are worth the cost !!

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
22/06/2014 01:44
In the US a majority of the people commented today on the kidnapping that there is some doubt that Palestinians millitants kidnap the settlers. "Not confirmed" was most of their reply. Surprise me from the numbers of commentators that are usualy against terrorism as a whole did mention that it was in the best interest of Netanyahu that the so call kidnapping occur so he can have the government dissolve the unity.

6 ) John / USA
22/06/2014 05:57
When the IDF and police forces finish searching every square inch of the West band, then maybe they will look in the settlements where these three are hiding. Unless of course the security forces have them, all to justify their crackdown on Hamas. How it will end is anyone's guess, they can't let them go.

7 ) Bijan / USA
22/06/2014 09:02
Is this the best you can come up with? Pity. Though agree with your overall thinking regarding Israeli govt policies, '... so they have created a situation...' sounds not only irrational but also insensitive. You are not familiar w/Israeli street mood. But you are right in that the govt is using it for altogether other goals. But that you read and hear all over the Israeli media. not an original analysis.

8 ) Nell (pt1) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:12
How disgusting. I read that Israel are justifying emptying out the wells & leaving the Palestinians without water due to search their tactics. In this heat, a worst nightmare come true, no water. Speaking of nightmares, JoeF/USA, I think you make a good point. Look back on this for a few months, look at the run up to this kidnapping. Everyone (including US) was taken aback by unity agreement, after which Bibi went into overdrive. Condemnations, hasbara posters, everything to demonise Hamas, why?

9 ) Nell (pt2) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:13
Supposing you had a fear, not just a normal fear, but an all encompassing, debilitating fear. A fear that would never allow you to have a normal life. Hamas are Bibi’s nemesis, his nightmare come true. For Bibi can never be sure what Hamas will do, not now or ever. He can’t (through his paranoia about maintaining Eretz Yisrael) trust them. He will always have to look over his shoulder. Hamas, won’t lie down & die, they fight back!

10 ) Nell (pt3) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:14
The PA & Abbas are putty to Bibi, Hamas aren’t, they are driven, goal being a return of Palestinian lands. Once Hamas & PA join forces, Bibi is no longer in control, he’s losing balance. What did the Israeli public hate most, the Shalit deal. Over a thousand prisoners freed, who were combatants. The International community is happy to accept unity deal, most want a peaceful & just solution to Palestinian/Israeli crisis. If ‘peace’ comes, Bibi however, will never know what could happen next!

11 ) Nell (pt4) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:15
Over sixty years of occupations is a long time.Peace’ could mean just that, peace & normalisation under Arab Peace Initiative. but for Bibi (through his paranoia & that of his far right friends) it could also mean ‘pay back’ time; the destruction of Israel. Bibi isn’t an Arab & so doesn’t understand their mentality. Look at Bibi & wife visiting family of teens, sorry to say, but no one looked ‘grief stricken’. By staging an event like this, Bibi gets to evoke Israeli feelings about terrorism,

12 ) Nell (pt5) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:17
existential threat, the Shalit deal, & support. In addition he can illicit international sympathy, attempt to crush Hamas & thwart any Palestinian solidarity with them. Look at prisoner punsihments, any non Hamas lodging with Hamas get same rough deal. Bibi wants to divide Palestinians, Livni just tried to get both ‘moderate Arabs’ & international community on her side, all to isolate Hamas. Bibi thought Abbas would dissolve unity gov once this happened & promised peace negotiations if

13 ) Nell (pt6) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:19
...Bibi thought Abbas would dissolve unity gov once this happened & promised peace negotiations if unity gov dissolved. If Bibi is very lucky an intifada could start, which of course shows world how unstable Palestine is, thus adding to victimhood of Israel. Desperate people, will do virtually anything to protect themselves. Including creating this current situation. How this will end depends on the players, who can hold their nerve. If Abbas & unity gov truly stay strong & united

14 ) Nell (pt7) / Canada
22/06/2014 16:21
& continue to highlight on going collective punishment, prisoners issues, etc to UN, Arab League & Intl Community, openly, by backing ALL Palestinians, it likely Bibi will eventually fail in this performance. May peace come soon to the Middle East.

15 ) JoeFattal / USA
22/06/2014 18:55
@#2) / USA Too Right the search will not stop, as building of the settlements will not stop. The search will be an ongoing campaing as long as the unity hasn't been dissolved. You will not hear about the 3 missing settlers have been found until the unity is dissolve. You can bet on that.
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