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Ongoing arrest campaign brings total Palestinians in jail to 5,700
Published Saturday 21/06/2014 (updated) 22/06/2014 22:14
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Israeli forces during a recent home raid. (MaanImages)
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained 39 Palestinians in overnight raids across the West Bank on Saturday morning, bringing the number of prisoners in Israeli jails to 5,700 amid the widest deployment of Israel forces in the region since the Second Intifada.

Around 370 Palestinians have been detained just in the past week as part of an arrest campaign carried out by Israel with Palestinian Authority coordination that began after the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers from the Jewish settlement of Gush Etzion.

Former minister of prisoner affairs Issa Qaraqe said on Saturday that he expects the numbers of detentions to rapidly increase in the coming days, as the campaign shows no signs of abating.

At a lecture organized by the Youth Council of Bethlehem, Qaraqe said that the number of Palestinians being held without charge or trial had jumped to 260 detainees in recent days, while the number of minors being detained had hit 241.

Qaraqe added that 75 of the newly detained are former prisoners who were released in the 2011 prisoner swap that freed Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinians.

Qaraqe said that "re-sentencing prisoners who were released in the Shalit deal is a form of immoral and illegal revenge, an offense to Egypt who sponsored the deal, and collective punishment that is against the human and legal rights of prisoners."

Around two-thirds of those detained in recent days have been members of the Palestinian political party Hamas, which Israel accuses of being behind what it calls the kidnapping of the youths.

Hamas, however, has denied the charges, for which Israel has not offered any evidence. Despite this, more than 200 people affiliated with the group -- ranging from former government ministers to employees of Hamas-sponsored charities -- have been taken by Israeli forces.

Just on Saturday morning, 39 Palestinians were arrested across the West Bank, primarily in the southern cities of Hebron and Bethlehem.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society published a list of 37 names on Saturday morning, while security sources added two residents of the Hebron region to the total number detained.

The Israeli military, however, disputed the count, and a spokeswoman told Ma'an that "10 Palestinians were arrested, and they were all Hamas terrorists."

The Israeli military also says that only 330 Palestinians have been arrested in total.

Palestinians targeted overnight accused Israeli forces of both theft and brutality during raids across the southern Hebron region, which has been under a state of siege since Israeli forces began the campaign last week.

Local sources in the village of Beit Kahil said that when Israeli forces detained Sami Suleimna Atawnah from his home. He was beaten "brutally" by the troops, they said.

Two residents of the village also accused Israeli troops of stealing money from their homes during predawn raids Saturday.

Samir Haymouni told Ma'an that Israeli troops stole 15,000 shekels ($4,300) in addition to damaging all of his furniture.

Similarly, Hatim Asafra said that Israeli soldiers stole 2,500 shekels ($725) from his apartment.

Israeli soldiers also broke into Islamic charitable societies in Hebron and the nearby villages of Sair and Halhul. Sources said the soldiers confiscated computers and paper files during the raid.

Names of the detainees are provided below.


1. Asaad Daoud al-Badan
2. Saoud Muheisin al-Badan
3. Bassem Samih al-Badan
4. Sami Aziz al-Badan
5. Muhammad Khalil al-Sabah
6. Sharif Saoud al-Badan
7. Kamel Abdullah al-Badan
8. Muhammad Issa al-Kawaziya
9. Jamil Atta Jibril
10. Amir Salim Abed Khalil
11. Akram Moussa Jibril
12. Samir Muhammad al-Amour
13. Khalid Muhammad al-Badan
14. Samih Ahmad al-Sabah
15. Ayman Talab Moussa Jibril
16. Sabri Moussa Jibril
17. Ibrahim Moussa Salahat
18. Wael Salim Salahat
19. Mustafa al-Orouj
20. Yasin al-Orouj


1. Huthaifa Mahmoud Taha al-Awawdeh
2. Hassan Ahmad al-Darawish
3. Tariq Aziz Ighrayeb
4. Muhammad Nasser al-Masharqa
5. Adnan Muhammad Abed al-Zaro
6. Sami Suleiman al-Atawneh
7. Yaqoub Suheil al-Jaaba
8. Ismail Talab al-Nattah
9. Muhammad Ali al-Hreini
10. Muhammad Hassan Amayreh al-Hreini
11. Muhammad Ismail Abu Aroub


1. Asaad Muhammad Asaad Isteiti
2. Ashraf Muhammad Rashed al-Qaisi
3. Yazan Adnan al-Hindi


1. Ahmad Zein al-Din
2. Faris Zein al-Din
3. Muayad Zeid al-Din

In addition to the 37 names listed above, security and local sources said that Ashraf Ishaq Nayroukh was arrested in Hebron and Muhammad Ismail Abu Arqub in Dura overnight, bringing the total to 39.
1 ) Mel / USA
21/06/2014 17:04
This is another Israeli excuse to ethnically cleanse,lock away as many non-Jewish men,women,children as possible.Nazi's called it"transfer"of anyone not"good enough"for a "master-race".It's also called collective punishment,that=war crime!Anything that justifies(in USG-sponsor eyes)Israel persecuting thousands MORE people,for 3 allegedly"missing"illegal Jews-only colonists from an area under Israeli control & police who ignored a 911 call made by 1 of the boys!Israel's imploding under Zionism!

2 ) Tobias / USA
21/06/2014 17:09
- Israel remembers that Hamas held their soldier in Gaza for 5 years, and it will not allow a repeat for their Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, so - As a result of the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers, around 370 Palestinians have been detained just in the past week as part of * A FIND THE TEENAGERS CAMPAIGN, and the numbers of detentions will rapidly increase in the coming days, without showing signs of abating, ** UNTIL THE TEENAGERS ARE FOUND - PERIOD.

3 ) Mel / USA
21/06/2014 17:12
Cont:Is this the ONLY global image of Israel's next generation? Olive drab with masks,anonymous terror,automatic weps,full body armor against CHILDREN? Yeh sure Israel! Great 'purity of arms' & 'human dignity' eh? The true face of Zionism. But don't confuse Jewish-Israeli Zionism with global Judaism.The former is an brutal insult to the latter,& very dangerous long-term,as long as Zionist Israel is allowed to be the voice,the heart,"hope"&"soul",of global Judaism. AQ is not all Islam,either!

4 ) @ The Editor / Palliwood
21/06/2014 17:13
The photo is obviously staged, and Maan News should reform, into a source of journalism, or change it's name to Maan Palliwood.

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
21/06/2014 17:22
I bet if Abbas dessolve the unity which I doubt he will this violent campaign will come to an end or slow down without even locating the missing teenagers.

6 ) Maureen / Australia
21/06/2014 18:05
What brave soldiers, in the photo.Was it their aim to terrorize the small Palestinian child?

7 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
21/06/2014 18:30
Do not be fooled by Palestinian crocodile tears. The 5700 includes convicted scumbags like the Awad cousins - the murderers of the Fogel family. These two Palestinians killed the parents, then butchered 3 of the children. They repeatedly stuck a knife into a 3-month baby girl. Hold the image of that in your mind when you think about the 5700 - many of whom are convicted murderers.

8 ) As long as HAMAS is proud of / the IMMENSE SUCCESS
21/06/2014 18:34
of this kidnapping (which looks more and morre like murder-- because they do not ask for ransom-- so most likely the kids are long dead

9 ) Amie / Uk
21/06/2014 19:04
Are they arresting that little boy,

10 ) Kathy P / USA
21/06/2014 19:20
What a telling photo... Heavily armed, and masked soldiers, terrorizing unarmed civilian children.. This needs no more explanation.. What a sick, and perverted society...

11 ) Julie / USA
21/06/2014 20:13
very telling that all the 'soldiers' are wearing their terrorist face masks. but that Pardo (Mossad chief) predicted kidnapping of 3 settlers (Haaretz) 1 WEEK before this ALLEGED kidnapping (still, NO proof!!) is a SMOKING GUN this is a fake, staged, false flag op!! Pardo: "What will you do if in a week three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?,". this fits izrael's track record of black ops PERFECTLY! Hamas knows they have too much to lose, they did not kidnap them.

12 ) Tibi / Tubas
21/06/2014 21:02
The History of exchange of Israeli-Palestinian prisoner exchange ratios, where first 10s, then 100s, and finally 1,000 Palestinians for just one Israeli soldier, suggests that Israel will need 1,000s of Palestinians to buy the 3 kidnapped teenager's freedom from Hamas, so Israel is just gathering the resources, so that it can afford the prisoner exchange ratio, while it tries to avoid paying the exchange price at all.

13 ) Joe / USA
21/06/2014 21:06
That campaign will not stop either Israel finds them which I doubt, or they gave up searching for them, which I also doubt. The 3 settlers are just a tool in an effort to dissolve the unity. Now who is against the unity?. Israel for one, so they kidnap their own settlers blame it on Hamas to have the unity dissolve. Two, Hamas is behind it to anger Israel and have the unity dissolve. That I doubt very much, Hamas could have NO to the unity without having to kidnap anyone. Israel has them.

14 ) Rabiah / Gaza, Ps
21/06/2014 23:14
I actually think the brave, baby lion in the picture looks very cute. Obviously not disturbed by the most moral army in the world, aka IOF, raiding his home under false pretences. There is no way Hamas would have kidnapped those boys, no reason to do so after just forming unity gov. Bibi wants an excuse to break Hamas, that way things can go back to 'Zio normal'. No Palestinian state, occupation remains, play victim (US laps up) & subjugate PA. Collective punishment is a war crime, stop Israel!

15 ) @ Mel-3, #s 6, 9, 10, & 11 / USA too
22/06/2014 00:08
If you were not so blinded by hate, then you would see, what Palliwood-4 sees, and what must be obvious even to Maan's Editor, which is that * THE "MEN IN "OLIVE DRAB WITH MASKS, weapons, body armor", * POSING FOR A PROPAGANDA PHOTO WITH PALESTINIAN "CHILDREN" * ARE PALESTINIANS THEMSELVES, and though you may be blind enough to be fooled by such obvious tricks, world leaders are not !!

16 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
22/06/2014 11:27
Reminder that 2 of the 3 kids live inside the green line and were attending the school. Does going to school make them "settlers"? Palestinian policy is that residents of Tel Aviv are "settlers", just like Julie, Kathy, Joe, Mel and Maureen are all illegal colonist settlers living in settlements built on stolen lands. Will J,K,J,M and M give up their cozy lifestyle, move back to Europe and give their settlement homes back to the rightful owners? Of course not. For them, settlment pays bigtime.

22/06/2014 11:43
@15 You are correct, we are NOT fooled - by your hasbara. Epic fail.

18 ) Mel / USA
22/06/2014 16:40
#15:"..not so blinded.."?The photo doesn't matter.Of course it's posed,there's no TERROR,in the child's face,as usual! But the uniform represents the WHOLE REAL FACE of cowardly Israel,under Zionism.Israeli'drab'youth forced into'Olive'war of guns,masks&tanks!Or radical Yeshiva's,making habit of batoning,murdering innocent Palestinian civilians for the thrill of racist KKK,La Familia/Ultra neo-Nazi,Jews-only"blind hatred"!But you deny that wider'photo',don't you?It's TOO UGLY! Israel!

19 ) joanna zaliki / greece
22/06/2014 21:31
Who says three teenagers were kidnapped? It is a lie to get sympathy and it is an excuse for Israel to raid steal arrest and kill Palestinian people.
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