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Netanyahu: We expect Abbas to dissolve unity government
Published Thursday 19/06/2014 (updated) 21/06/2014 17:39
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that he expected the Palestinian national unity of government to dissolve and the the Israeli government was moving closer to finding three Israeli youths missing for the last week.

The comments, which came during a press conference in the southern West Bank city of Hebron that has been besieged by Israeli forces since the kidnapping, signal renewed pressure on the Palestinian Authority to end a unity deal agreed on between Fatah and Hamas in late April.

"I expect (Palestinian) president (Mahmoud) Abbas to dissolve the union with this murderous terror organisation. I think that's important for our common future," he said.

Netanyahu also reasserted that Hamas kidnapped the three young men, even though the Israeli government has yet to provide any evidence of the accusation.

"They were kidnapped by Hamas, we had no doubt of that. It's absolutely certain," he said, adding that the public needed to have "patience" as the Israeli forces continued their search.

Over 300 Palestinians have been arrested and more than 800 houses searched in the last week as Israeli forces have carried out a wide-ranging search across the West Bank in pursuit of the the youths.

Israeli forces have also raided charities and all organizations related to Hamas in anyway in the West Bank, arresting former and current Palestinian members of parliament and many others in what some have begun to view as an excuse to round up Hamas members.
1 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
19/06/2014 22:49
Israel needs no excuse to round up members belonging to a terrorist organization. Israel needed only the opportunity which Hamas provided by kidnapping Israeli children. It is a crime to belong to a terrorist organization. It is against international law to incite hatred and genocide against a people as Hamas does.

2 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
19/06/2014 23:18
I'd like to hear more about this "common future". Neither gentleman will be head of their respective governments much longer.

3 ) AKeenReader / UK
19/06/2014 23:29
Bibi comments suggests that as soon as unity govt is dissolved, the teens will be found. I find his comments suspicious as if he has intentionally kidnapped the teens so that Palestinains unity govt is dismantled. I wouldn't pass any thing when it comes to Bibi the crafty devil.

4 ) Maureen / Australia
19/06/2014 23:42
Why does Netanyhu expect Mr Abbass to disolve the Unity Government? Does he believe his false flag has caused enough turmoil and destruction to put fear and compliance into the whole Palestinian nation?

5 ) JoeFattal / USA
19/06/2014 23:53
As long as Israel can't prove who has them, they can't go around and demand the Palestinians to dissolve their government. But they will continue to ask the Palestinians to have the unity dissolve without bringing any proof. It sound like Israel is the kidnapper and they demand without pre-condition the Palestinians to dissolve their government for the return of the missing Israeli teenagers. I call it a reverse kidnapping.

20/06/2014 00:26
Using the teens as a cover up to destroy any future the Palestinians want. I hope the unity stays together and take Isreal to court for their destruction

7 ) Mel / USA
20/06/2014 00:43
Watch you mouth"King Bibi",with all your 'expectorating'ethno-autocratic BS! You(Bibi)are the same terrorist fanatic,who's always wanted to complete the Zionist holocaust on Palestinian Muslim &Christian civilian men,women &children,even babies in the womb,just because they're NOT Jewish-or should I say Ashkenazi? As a white,American,Christian-albeit secular-citizen,I find Nutty's 'expectations'despicable&insulting to our REAL American principles of freedom&democracy!He insults Judaism!

8 ) Tibi / Tubas
20/06/2014 01:04
The Palestinian Government is None of Israel's Business, and: - Abbas does NOT need "to dissolve the unity government", which is a purely internal Palestinian issue; however, - Abbas DOES need to fight terrorism (as promised at Oslo), and thus work to free the 3 kidnapped teenagers, and if he does that, then - Hamas will "dissolve unity government", and there will probably be another civil war too, like the one where the PLO lost control of Gaza !!!

9 ) Outlier / USA
20/06/2014 03:20
Netanyahu expects too much and expects it too soon. Let us see how the situation plays out.

10 ) jv / Canada
20/06/2014 03:49
And if Abbas dissolves the government then what? The Israeli's will just keep murdering Palestinians and stealing their land. No one is fooled any more. There is no carrot just stick for doing bad and stick for doing good. Who ever has kidnapped these children has undone the last 10 years of good will that the Palestinians have built up with the international community. This wasn't an attack on Israel it was an attack on Palestine.

11 ) Alexander / Greece
21/06/2014 00:28
One must not forget that israel is an OCCUPYING power and occupation under international law is illegal. Furthermore, under international law, people under occupation have a right to resist it.

12 ) More / UK
21/06/2014 11:52
Does anybody believe what comes out of the mouth of Bibi? You can smell his lies. The last thing he or the zionists want is unity and peace in the middle east. To place unrealistic demands on any government on the premise that Hamas has allegedley kidnaped three teenagers is a desperate act from a desperate government. Its all about language ''murderous terror organisation.'' But he knows he is describing his own government.

13 ) CS / UK
21/06/2014 12:12
Israel is a Terrorist Rogue State with Nazi Netanyahu at the helm. This teen kidnapping was a False Flag to dissolve the new Palestinian Government. Look likes their lies and deception have paid off. They will be murdering more innocent Palestinian kids now!

14 ) Goyim Guard / Barbados
21/06/2014 14:40
It is abundantly clear no such Kidnapping of these Jewish Kids occurred.It is an excuse from these Jewish liars to attempt the split of the unity government! Israel kills on average three Palestinians every single day! and I am supposed to feel sympathy for these Israeli animals.

15 ) ian / australia
21/06/2014 16:46
G-d, the gonads on the guy. Bibi is certainly a maximiser of opportunities. Things weren't going so well for Israel. The unity government was being universally accepted, Hamas was being given a chance to come in from the cold and the autopsy of the exhumed body of the 15-year-old martyr Nadeem Nawara showed he was killed with Israeli bullets. Israel was panicked and hysterical. THEN, like manna from heaven: the kidnapping (alleged) of the Yeshiva students (the Lord moves in mysterious ways)

16 ) ian / australia
21/06/2014 16:47
(contd.) giving the Beebster a window to rampage round the OPT terrorising Palestinians and call for the dismantling of the new government on the grounds that it is SUPPORTED by Hamas (which isn't actually IN it and has denied any part in the disappearance of the teens which Bibi isn't letting get in the way of this extraordinary fortuitous providence.) Will we ever know what happened? It's getting a bit late for the ransom note (which logically rules out Hamas). Will they ever be found?

17 ) ian / australia
21/06/2014 16:48
(contd.) Dead or alive? Are they home playing video games like Sarah suggested? Or whisked away to the safety of the US having been recruited for an audacious "false flag" op? A daring raid on Entebbe style rescue mission. (My hunch is they'd be better off looking down a well somewhere?) But who knows?
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