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Israeli forces kill Palestinian during Ramallah arrest raid
Published Monday 16/06/2014 (updated) 18/06/2014 22:53
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Israeli soldiers stand guard near armored vehicles as they search
for three missing settlers in the West Bank town of Hebron, on
June 15, 2014.(AFP/Hazem Bader)
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli troops shot dead a young Palestinian man in al-Jalazun refugee camp north of Ramallah during overnight clashes with locals, medics said.

Palestinian Red Crescent officials said the victim, 20-year-old Ahmad Sabarin, was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest.

Local residents told Ma'an that clashes broke out after midnight as a large group of Israeli forces raided the camp. Sabarin and two others were injured and taken to hospital for treatment, where he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Palestinian security sources could not immediately say whether the army had intended on arresting Sabarin. They noted he had been released from Israeli prison one week ago.

Earlier, Israeli forces raided al-Bireh and Beitunia, clashing with local youths.

Young men hurled stones and empty bottles at Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas canisters at rubber-coated steel bullets.

The raids took place as part of efforts to locate three settlers who are suspected of being kidnapped near Gush Etzion settlement on Thursday.

The Israeli army could not immediately comment on the al-Jalazun shooting, but said it was continuing its campaign of detaining dozens of Palestinians throughout the West Bank as part of its efforts to locate the missing settlers.

The youths, one of whom also holds a US passport, are students at Jewish seminaries in the West Bank, believed to have been kidnapped late Thursday from an area between Bethlehem and Hebron while hitchhiking.

They have been identified as Gilad Shaer, 16, from Talmon settlement near Ramallah, Naftali Frenkel, 16, from Nof Ayalon, and Eyal Ifrach, 19, from Elad, both in central Israel.

Israeli search efforts were focused on the southern West Bank Hebron area but increased military presence was felt throughout the entire territory, with dozens of Palestinians being detained for questioning.

Late Sunday night Israeli forces had blasted through the door of a Hebron house and arrested two of its inhabitants, wounding one person, Palestinian eyewitnesses said.
1 ) d'Arc - HIDE / USA
16/06/2014 12:10
Probably lost more Palestinian dead until the three are released.This was a reprisal raid, not people investigating anything. Families with kids should have their kids in basements if possible, protected by locked doors. Israeli anger is likely very similar to American anger when Iran took diplomats hostage. And Israeli politicians feel no constraints. As Maan reports, Settler attacks are increasing and are unconstrained.

2 ) Stop Killing Our Boys / Occupied Palestine
16/06/2014 14:34
This has to stop now. Where is EU and international community????

3 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
16/06/2014 16:05
Surely no one wants these three young men to come to harm. The (over) reaction on the part of Israel is however simply incredible. How would the army have reacted faced with 195 dead, 250 wounded and hundreds dazed and terrified in the space of a couple of hours ? This was the situation when the Israeli army bombed the Gaza Strip at the beginning of Hannukah on December 27, 2008.

4 ) Uzi / Israel
16/06/2014 17:39
World does not care about arab terrorists being exterminated by Israel.

5 ) @ Stop-2 / Two Realities
16/06/2014 21:22
realistically, it seems that Palestinians always choose fantasy over reality, and violence over peace, which harms them more than Israel ever did, and
[1] The EU and international community are far away, and there they will stay, and besides neither EU Condemnations, Nor UN Resolutions will ever change anything anyway, so either
[2] "Stop Clashing With Our Boys", or occaisionally your boys will be killed in self-defense !!

6 ) @ Arc-1 / Reality Again
16/06/2014 21:30
Until the three Israeli boys are released, more Palestinians will be arrested and killed probably every week, regardless of whether it is in "reprisal raids" or "investigations", and
-1- Palestinians can stop it anytime by just releasing the boys,
they would not have abducted, if they had "felt any constraints", and
better still
-2- Palestinians could have prevented it by never abducting the boys,
in the first place !!

7 ) Billy Bragg / UK
16/06/2014 21:55
@2 the EU and international community are very busy monitoring the industrial killings and murders going on with Arabs killing Arabs in neighbouring Syria and Iraq.

8 ) spb / us
17/06/2014 00:41
take a number #2. there are much more serious real problem areas: CAR, Nigeria, Somali, India, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq......, not much interest in bunch of cry babies protecting terrorists

9 ) Joe / USA
17/06/2014 03:14
If Israel wants them back that if they were Kidnap killing Palestinians and resort to violence that will not bring them back. It looks Israel wanted an excuse to resort to such action after the unity was arranged by the PA. Israel action will no doubt shows that Israel has something to do with it. They haven't resort to such actions when that soldier was kidnap in Gaza years ago. Everyone knows that Israel was completly upset with the unity and was prepared to act upon it but with a reason.

10 ) USA / Palestine
17/06/2014 07:24
It's sad that all this cause three humans but isreal killed many more of our children not only that they have thousands in their prison this is so ridiculous Is this what you call peace is this what you call normal to come and kill our children and our men

11 ) marijke / holland
17/06/2014 09:10
3. Yes, and if, moreover, this all is a premeditated plan in order to break the Hamas/PA reconciliation?

12 ) lena / USA
17/06/2014 18:35
Area C is under Israeli Security control. Blaming Hamas & other Palestinians is Israel at best taking advantage of an unknown situation. The worst case-- which I suspect-- is that Bibi knows it's a hoax-- either perpetrated by teens themselves or others. This is why they're saying it's going to take "a long time" so people will no longer be paying attention when it's found to be a hoax. Also- there are crazies everywhere who enjoy murder-- that's why people don't hitch in the "civilized"world.

13 ) the allen / the land
19/06/2014 21:32
Indeed to God we belong and indeed to God we return.
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