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Thousands join online campaign to kill Palestinian 'terrorists'
Published Sunday 15/06/2014 (updated) 24/06/2014 13:51
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A screenshot taken from a Facebook page calling on Israeli
authorities to kill Palestinian "terrorists" every hour 3 Israeli
youths remain missing after their disappearance late Thursday
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Over 10,000 people have joined an online campaign to kill a Palestinian "terrorist" every hour until three missing Israeli teens are returned to their families, Israeli media reported Sunday.

The Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on its website that within hours of its creation, a Facebook page calling for the hourly assassination of Palestinian "terrorists" had reached 10,000 likes.

The Facebook page called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "take responsibility instead of holding (President Mahmoud) Abbas responsible" for the alleged kidnapping of three Israeli teens, Maariv reported.

Three Israelis, aged 16-19, disappeared Thursday night from nearby the Jewish-only settlement of Gush Etzion.

Netanyahu said Abbas was responsible for the safe return of the youths, and blamed Hamas for kidnapping them.

Palestinian leadership denied responsibility for preventing the kidnapping of the youths.

Ehab Bessaiso, spokesman for the Palestinian unity government, stressed Sunday in a statement that the three youths went missing from Area C, the approximately 62 percent of the West Bank that is under full Israeli military control.

Hamas denied involvement, calling Netanyahu's claims "stupid."
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
15/06/2014 20:52
Yes, Palestinians who are suicide bombers are terrorists. So are Palestinians who plant bombs, car bombs, fire rockets at civilians and shoot stab civilians to death. They are indeed terrorists and war criminals. It's not my conclusion, but the conclusion of Amnesty and HRW.

2 ) Aashraf / USA
15/06/2014 21:13
Almost feel sorry for these imbeciles who oppress, see themselves as victims and then want to kill the oppressed. They, just like the shia, the sisis of the world and the Americans, are falling into a death trap and into the hands of the Sunni Jihadis. Simple math: To avoid total annihilation each Jew would have to kill approximately 150 Muslims. they would basically die trying. As long as Sunni grievances are not satisfied there will be no peace. Only the majority can bring stability.

3 ) Palestinian / Jerusalem
15/06/2014 21:56
Website reported. More people should report it to Facebook for containing hatefull messages of killing. It should not be allowed on Facebook.

4 ) Golden Dome / USA
15/06/2014 21:57
Like Israel said, a terrorist is a terrorist whether they be an official or not. This time I think they were thinking of themselves.

5 ) Margaret Bulaitis / UK
15/06/2014 22:31
This is disgusting. Facebook must take action and remove this page immediately.

6 ) alan niel / UK
15/06/2014 23:08
Disgusting page. These people should be prosecuted.

7 ) Terry / Italy
15/06/2014 23:13
This page is disgusting.! Out of Facebook

8 ) naxhije muca / usa
15/06/2014 23:13
This is absurbe! How about all this Palestinian children that have been killed by the Israelis? How should they be revanged????? Answer that!!!!!

9 ) AISHA MAIONE / United Kingdom
15/06/2014 23:18

10 ) joey / australia
16/06/2014 01:45
please report the facebook page

11 ) Everett / Canada
16/06/2014 04:06
If there a large number of people reported this page to facebook, they would have to take it down

12 ) annoymous / Uk
16/06/2014 12:30
You guys are disgusting. Your the real terrorists.

13 ) Maria / uk
16/06/2014 13:12
Terrorist Israel

14 ) Aussie expat / Turkey
16/06/2014 13:45
I reported it but clearly hate speech is allowed if it is directed at the Palestinians. Here is Racebook's reply: Here is there reply: 'Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards.

15 ) Pam Laurance / U.K.
16/06/2014 14:04
Far far too much killing already....Drop it, Facebook!

16 ) Anonymous / UK
16/06/2014 14:13
The Israeli people's #BringBackOurBoys campaign to kill one Palestinian every hour (which over 16,000 have supported including Netanyahu) is SICK, BARBARIC and INJUST. It shows the real face of Israel; Israelis indoctrinated by a racist, hateful Zionist ideology are the terrorists, not Palestinians who are still fighting for their right to return to their homes, for which they still have keys! https://www.facebook.com/lehaselmehabel?fref=ts … http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=70500

17 ) Trixie-Bell / Usa
16/06/2014 14:31
Horrible site, disgusting posts, wish I hadn't been directed to it. Facebook needs to take it down quick!! It glorifies terrorism!!

18 ) Arzu A. / The Netherlands
16/06/2014 16:21
May Allah/God bring peace in the whole world. Didn't the Palestinian folk suffer enough? First they stole their country and killed who they want to kill and it still goed on. ?t's a shame that the world only watches the inhumane zionists kill innocent people. ? hope the three boys will return home soon and I wish their family patient. Facebook should delete the inhumane page, so disgusting

19 ) joop jansen / holland
16/06/2014 16:39
You lot are living on stolen land of the Palestinians! You have no rights what so ever! go back where you came from!

20 ) Nael / UAE
16/06/2014 17:44
Define Terrorist!? A) a little 8 yr old boy at a checkpoint with a stone in his hand who has lost half his family and home B) godless folk who call themselves Jews (we're all Jewish probably somewhere down the line in our family trees. Hitler was Jewish, the fiend) and become facebook signatories advocating murder (naughty naughty) C) the glorious state of Israel

21 ) Truth / UK
16/06/2014 18:16
these terrorists have occupied illegal land for years torturing innocent who have very little resources and means of fighting back and when they do the terrorists turn to propaganda and accuse the innocent Palestinians

22 ) Fedup with ignorant morons / Earth
16/06/2014 18:42
Just curious, why do all the Israel haters leave out the word "terrorist" in the above post? Does it say to kill 1 innocent person per hour or 1 terrorist per hour? Do courts of Justice not execute terrorists convicted of murder? BTW, the true history of the region is found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ReF4UUa4E Why doesn't anyone ever mention this history?

23 ) Melvin / Indonesia
16/06/2014 20:33
Isra-e-hole the real terrorist

24 ) froggy UK / united kingdom
16/06/2014 22:06
What about the innocent palestinians shot by israeli soldiers the other week and caught on camera? Where's the remorse for them? Israel is the terrorist state....in partnership with USA and UK!!

25 ) Margaretha Bolhuis / Nederland
16/06/2014 22:34
Zionist stole this land bevore Theye came people live Side by Side ,sinds They came They kill and behave like nazi its ? genocide against The Palestijnen .the hole world close there eyes,The people off Palestina stands alone in this Israhell please help Theme ,Facebook take it down now this is genocide

26 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/06/2014 23:11
The enthusiasm for what is merely a euphemism for indiscriminate killing only confirms what we already knew about Zionism and its supporters. They're Nazis.

27 ) javed iqbal / uk
16/06/2014 23:20
Allah is the best of planner's. Ameen.

28 ) ian / australia
16/06/2014 23:32
Jews seem to think they're special. (Surprise, surprise.) And why wouldn't they, given the bilge they're raised on? (One deep thinker has even opined that an attack on G-d's Chosen People is an attack on G-D himself.) Not ALL Jews think like this of course. But to join mankind and become decent human beings requires active rejection and unlearning of most of what they're taught. Clearly, the people who have "liked" this vile Facebook page with its gleeful incitement to murder have a way to go.

29 ) ian / australia
16/06/2014 23:33
(contd.) It's revealing. Under attack, the tribal mentality is NOT to regard this as a matter for the courts and the law (with its safeguards and impartiality) but to lash out, judge, jury and executioner at the sheer affront of an ATTACK on JEWS. "How DARE they???" seems, in essence, to be the reaction. And the message is clear: Jewish life is so SPECIAL that the deaths of hundreds, even thousands of Palestinians branded "terrorists" without evidence or trial (in effect by lynch mob) and killed

30 ) ian / australia
16/06/2014 23:34
(contd.) on the hour as pressure to secure the release of three students doesn't seem unreasonable. (Anyone else reminded of Lidice?) The vision of the dead bodies of dehumanised enemies of Israel piling up in mounds in a heroic bid to "bring back our boys" is so macabre and ridiculous it's biblical.

31 ) Shafiq khan uk / England
17/06/2014 00:34
Really disgusted with this page ,Facebook please take off immediately . If this isn't terrorism what is?

32 ) Suzanne Nobel / Spain
17/06/2014 01:20
The content on here is disgusting and makes me embarrassed to be a Jew. This is NOT the msg in the Torah or in Judaism as a religion. Both sides have committed many errors and should get their acts together to live in peace like they did in Andaluc?a. If we live in peace, we could change the world. I agree with the ppl who report this content of wanting to murder Palestinians. FYI there's good and bad in all nationalities and religions! HALASZZZZZZZ!

33 ) Immy / West
17/06/2014 01:43
How about night raids on children by the Israeli army which is routine, children young as 10 are arrested and dragged away in front of their vulnerable parents. During protests kids are shot and some are killed but this doesn't come to the lime light by their controlled media. Isreal has been doing the most barbaric crimes to the Palestinians since the intifada, these crimes are against humanity

34 ) iliaa / lebanon
17/06/2014 03:58
I dont believe that they're really kidnapped. Stop saying that we are terrorists. Terrorism is what israel doing to our families.

35 ) Kezo / PS
17/06/2014 08:50
Thank goodness for this page, this example shows the amount of hatred we Palestinians face. Not only they removed us from our land and stole it, they wish they could kill us all.

36 ) Artemis / Belgium
17/06/2014 11:10
Reported it to Facebook. I hope they will take the page down. Hate doesn't solve anything.

18/06/2014 01:20
I asked my fellow students at Warsaw University their opinion about this and was shocked to find out that 8 out of 10 approved completely this method and said that if it had happened in Poland they would not only kill those who kidnapped those innocent children but all those who approved of such methods !

38 ) Michelle / USA
18/06/2014 03:16
I'm Jewish and this behavior on the part of the Israelis who are advocating for the wholesale death of Palestinians sickens me. Why are they jumping to conclusions that the people who kidnapped these teens are Palestinian? Could be some sick pedo Israeli (or group of Israelis) or any other nationality--sadly, the world is full of sick people, and Israelis and Americans are not immune to that sickness...or violence... :(

39 ) Victoria / Venezuela
18/06/2014 03:21
So you post a Palestinian facebook page that promotes hatred and claim it is posted by Israeli jews? Has anyone that commented on this actually went and looked through the page? It is full of pictures and translations about freeing Palestine. Has anyone hit the translate key? I didn't see the comment you're alluding to either. When will your people realize that lies will only hurt your cause, not help it?

40 ) Yusef / USA
18/06/2014 06:39
I wish people wouldnt be so ignorant and call Muslims "terrorists". For all that person knows, their relegion contains terrorists as well. They are everywhere. Its only the media that portrays Muslims as terrorists because thats the only damn thing they can think of to put up!! If they really reported terrorist attacks, muslims would be a small minority to the amount of terrorists there actually is. Zionists, who are leading the country of Israel are the true terrorists and should be put out.

41 ) Neva / Slovenia
19/06/2014 11:10
I am outraged that 10 000 people of all age agree to kill a Palestinian every day for a kidapping of three izraelis. The kidnappin is wrong but all this facebook campaign is terribly wrong and shows an awfull side of Izrael. It is so ignorant to blame a whole people for the actions of a few. And there is not proof of anything whatsoever. This is all so stupid and wrong! Stop this right now! Facebook must withdraw this! or we will!

42 ) Take my word / Israel
19/06/2014 23:51
This is dispicable. Any person of ANY NATIONALITY OR RELIGION could hnave kidnapped these boys, but Israel would like for the Palestinians to be killed. Think about it, they want palestinian land right?

43 ) Dan / Usa
20/06/2014 22:57
If Palestinians did the same tactic for every Palestinian teen that gets kidnapped, there would be no Israelis left.

44 ) Claudia / Argentina
21/06/2014 02:06
I ask a the people that call terrorist a Palestinians who fight for their rights, I want know how have to be called a israel, how you call yourself or the army of Israel when it kills innocent women and children, when children are locked up in jails and iyoung men are puted in jail withour reasom and abuse of they in body, and soul.without trial, how we can call what are doing Israel systematically? is this no terrorist ???

45 ) mona / netherlands
21/06/2014 10:44
Allah is machtig en ziet alles! Moge de slechten onder ons gestraft worden! Facebook You are the biggest loser!

46 ) Claudia / Argentina
22/06/2014 10:15
The Israelians are liars for what they want to use the disappearance of these 3 boys to say it is the Palestinians who were kidnapped, I wonder if they are not themselves the kidnapped for to use this situation as an excuse and create problems among Palestinians ???

47 ) cleanse / the filth
05/07/2014 01:13
#46 bingo, thats how these scum do business, deceit is how we do war.get them off US WELFARE
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