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Family of man killed by Israeli forces denies he shot at police
Published Tuesday 03/06/2014 (updated) 04/06/2014 17:25
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An Israeli soldier aims his weapon towards Palestinian protesters
during clashes on the outskirts of Jalazun refugee camp, near the
West Bank city of Ramallah, on January 31, 2014.(AFP/Abbas Momani)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- The family of a man killed by Israeli soldiers near Nablus late Monday have denied Israeli claims that he opened fire at forces.

They identified the man as Alaa Muhammad Awad Audah, 30, from the town of Huwwara south of Nablus.

According to the Israeli army, Audah approached the Zaatara checkpoint late Monday and opened fire at an Israeli policeman, lightly wounding him in the leg.

Soldiers responded by shooting and killing Audah.

But his family told Ma'an Tuesday that the 30-year-old arrived at the checkpoint in order to receive a shipment of cell phones for a store he owned.

In order to avoid traffic, Audah decided to cross the checkpoint and retrieve his package on foot while his taxi driver waited nearby, family member Jumaah Omran said.

Soldiers shot and killed him as he approached the checkpoint, Omran added.

Locals told Ma'an that the shooting occurred as Israel army chief of staff Benny Gantz was visiting Joseph's Tomb nearby.

Audah left behind a wife and two children. His village, Huwwara, has announced three days of mourning.

His body has yet to be delivered to his family.

Israeli forces have killed 12 Palestinians in the West Bank since the start of 2014, according to AFP figures.

Audah pictured in front of the cell phone store he owned.
1 ) Nancy / USA
03/06/2014 12:32
Well how odd is this denial, when Hamas – now part of the Palestinian government – has praised the Palestinian shooting attack outside Nablus as “an act of heroism” Awad himself was shot dead in return fire from the Border Police checkpoint he attacked.

2 ) David / UK
03/06/2014 13:42
"Israel" has been the foreign interloper/aggressor since day one, and remains so in nearly every case. There are dozens of videos of Israeli soldiers murdering unarmed civilians over the years, and hundreds of testimonials such as 'Breaking the Silence'...what more evidence do you need? The foreign colonists (Israelis) continue to attack the native residents of Palestine. Ma'an news is an excellent source for brainwashed Americans to hear the other side, as well as Electronic Intifada. Bravo.

3 ) Okay Nancy / Palestine
03/06/2014 13:51
Come to Nablus, then talk. You know nothing.

4 ) Jonny / UK
03/06/2014 15:52
Shot at a checkpoint - like the Jordanian judge, the early IDF statements contradicted. I wonder if the camera at this checkpoint are also mysteriously not working.

5 ) David / UK
03/06/2014 17:41
Nancy: My family owns property in the West Bank and "Israel," I know perfectly well the crimes the "Israelis" have committed. But I propose a compromise: NATO troops immediately depose the terrorist "Israeli" regime (since we are not supposed to work with terrorists) and put into place a new Marshall Plan for Palestine. All those with property theft claims and criminal charges such as this latest murder case will be reviewed, and let the courts decide, based on the facts.

6 ) Mel / USA
03/06/2014 20:59
First comment spiked. This young occupied man had NO need to kill an Israeli occupation soldier.His greater basic need was to earn money to feed his young family,within the inhumane circumstances created by theZionist occupation.And we should also consider that IDF friendly-fire injured the soldier? Soldiers have done that before,to get OUT of service,or cover up war-crimes?Ask the Jewish refusniks,who are ALSO badly treated/humiliated by indoctrinated "warrior" Zionists!

7 ) @ David-5 / Realism
04/06/2014 04:05
-1- NATO troops certainly will Not (& possibly even can Not) "depose the Israeli regime"; however -2- Israel troops certainly can depose terrorist "Palestinian" regimes, but Israel will Not govern them again, even if Pals have no government. However, -3- Israel should consider driving them out again, just as it once drove the PLO out of Lebanon in 1985 (aka, the 1st Lebanon war, or Operation Peace for the Galilee).

04/06/2014 08:42
READ THE KORAN-- it says so!!!!

9 ) ian / australia
04/06/2014 10:56
Look at the photos. Who are you going to believe? A young man posing proudly outside his cell phone shop who made the fatal decision to cut corners at a checkpoint. Or young Jewish soldiers, armed to the teeth, cowardly and jumpy and trained in paranoia that ANY irregularity could be a lethal threat. (Also racism, that with Arabs, safe is always better than sorry.) Clearly, Alaa Muhammad Awad Audah, didn't fire at ANYONE. And clearly, a jittery, trigger-happy soldier saw him

10 ) ian / australia
04/06/2014 10:57
(contd.) with a package NOT following the procedure and shot him. A brief confab in the guardhouse would have decided on the story of an attack, a "lightly" wounded policeman and a lethal response in self defense. A story passed on to the official "spokesperson" and trotted out with sickening indifference to the lives ruined: the family, the young wife and two young children left alone.

11 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
17/06/2014 03:21
Now that the dead terrorist has been found to be a member of al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade isn't it funny how those condemning Israel quickly slithered back under their rocks? David: Your family supposedly owning kand here means nothing as far as your own familiarity. If I own a flat in Brighton, am I now in expert in complex Geopolitical conflicts and communal violence in the UK? Try to make an iota of sense and do the same with the foreign funded NGOs you cited along with edited videos by them.
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