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Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian fisherman off Gaza coast
Published Friday 30/05/2014 (updated) 01/06/2014 15:13
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian fisherman was shot and injured by Israeli military boats in the sea of the coast of the northern Gaza Strip on Friday, medical officials said.

Spokesman for the Gaza ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said that a 22-year-old fisherman was moderately injured after Israeli naval forces deployed off of the al-Sudaniya shore in northern Gaza city opened fire at his boat.

The victim was taken to Kamal Adwan hospital following the incident.

An Israeli military spokeswoman did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Israeli forces frequently shoot at Gazan fisherman if they stray too far from the shore.

The Gaza Strip has been under a severe blockade imposed by Israel since 2007, and Palestinian fishermen are only allowed to go three nautical miles from Gaza's shore, even though Israeli-Palestinian agreement previously settled on 20 nautical miles. Israeli naval forces frequently harass Palestinian fishermen who near the three-mile limit, as well as those inside the zone.

There are 4,000 fishermen in Gaza. According to a 2011 report by the International Committee of the Red Cross 90 percent are poor, an increase of 40 percent from 2008 and a direct result of Israeli limits on the fishing industry.
1 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
30/05/2014 21:40
In Canada we are sufficiently intelligent not to roller skate in Buffalo herds. Yet Palestinian fishermen are not so bright to realize that they have to fish within a certain area without risking great danger. They know Israel has a legal blockade of the Gaza strip to prevent contraband from entering Gaza and is willing to enforce it. Are the rewards of smuggling so enticing that they risk their lives?

2 ) gabi / australia
31/05/2014 03:10
Good ol' intelligent Rondo Mondo, defending the indefensible. Again. Read the report. An earlier agreement - get it? agreement - was that fishermen were permitted by Israel to fish 20 miles off the coast. Israel then said they could have 6 miles. Now they restrict it to 3 miles. Israel does not have a "legal" blockade - just a blockade imposed, against international law, by Isreal itself. btw reference to buffalo herds = good comparison, really. Might is right, eh? & bugger the legalities.

3 ) Jim Thomas / us
31/05/2014 04:02
Fishing = skating in buffalo herds? I fail to get the connection. Are you saying Israelis are buffalos and fishermen skate on the ocean?

4 ) David / UK
31/05/2014 04:46
Nice job blaming the victim, Rondo. Do you blame rape victims, American Indians, slaves, and Jews for the misery that has befallen them as well? The residents of Gaza (80% of whom own property in 'Israel') are living in a state of starvation because of the continual violence inflicted on them by the European and Russian Jewish immigrants to Palestine. If a fisherman has to provide for his family by fishing, that is his right in his homeland.

5 ) d'Arc / USA
31/05/2014 09:58
Shooting fishermen in unmarked waters is war against civilians, not self-defense. The shooting was just to prove how little Israel views non-Jewish life.

6 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
31/05/2014 16:34
to #2 - The Palmer Commission of the UN determined Israel had a legal blockade against a hostile enemy entity, Gaza. Hamas and other militant factions are in the business of smuggling in arms, rockets, terrorists and money to further terrorism against Israel. Under the Oslo Accords the Palestinians were to forgo violence and acts in support of violent activity. They have not and suffer the consequences of their actions, including a limit of the fishing limits in order to prevent smuggling.

7 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
31/05/2014 16:55
to #4, Palestinians are not the victims. In 1947-48 they were the aggressors who waged a war of genocide against the Jewish people and lost. They refused the 1947 partition proposal and turned to violence the very next day killing 7 Israelis followed by a Arab Higher Committee pogrom into Jewish Jerusalem the next day, followed by armed militia attacks of the Arab Salvation Army against Israeli communities on Dec. 4 and 8 1947. The result of the war was a defeat and shattering of Arab society

8 ) gabi / australia
01/06/2014 03:38
Rondo Mondo # 6-The UN has said Israel can impose a blockade against arms not fishing. And now Israel decides, unilaterally, whatever "borders" they want. #7- Starting in 1947 following the Partition Plan being published, Jews starting taking land allocated to the Arabs and in 1948 when the Brits left there was no-one to protect the rest of those lands so Arab armies came in to do so.They did not go into land allocated to the Jews. West Bank and Gaza were saved, much less than allocated to Arabs

9 ) gabi / australia
01/06/2014 03:45
(contd.) Read a bit more - try Benny Morris for starters. And you say the Jews accepted the Plan? then why try and take so much of the land allocated to the Arabs as they could, in their so-called War of Independence BEFORE declaring the State of Israel. As to the "shattering of Arab society". Israel is doing its best to see to that - research Oded Yinon about those efforts in the wider Arab world - but won't succeed in Palestine even with the settlers as their rear guard.The world is watching!

10 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
01/06/2014 14:33
You are wrong Gabi. The Palmer report states "Once a blockade has been lawfully established, it needs to be understood that the blockading power can attack any vessel breaching the blockade ... Breaching a blockade is therefore a serious step involving the risk of death or injury." As required, Israel has warned fisherman of the blockade and that they are limited to where they can go. If they choose to ignore the warning, Israel has the power to take all actions against such fishing vessels.

11 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
01/06/2014 16:05
(continued) The head of the Arab League promised a massacre of the Jews. Jews defended themselves. In doing so they conquered Arab villages which served as bases for the Palestinian Arab fighters, ALA, and Arab armies. Arab militias and their bases would not be left in the rear of the IDF as it battled the conventional Arab armies which had promised to invade Mandate Palestine if the Partition proposal was accepted. The Arabs chose war as arbitrator, lost and suffered the consequences.

12 ) gabi / australia
02/06/2014 02:48
#11 Why then does Israel keep changing the borders of their blockade? Ben Gurion promised Jews they would have all the land between the Med. and the Jordan and also said they would have to cleanse the area of the indigenous population first & started to do this before May "48.The "Arab villages" you talk about were in the area which the Plan allocated to the Arabs and they tried to protect them but were no match for the heavily armed Haganah, Irgun etc. BTW looked up the "Oded Yinon" plan yet?

13 ) Fragmented / World
02/06/2014 23:51
The more I read about things, the more I think I am in some kind of warped universe, where everything is back to front. What with the situation in Gaza & Oded Yinon, I wonder what kind of people these are. They seem almost sociopathic, but I suppose any extreme (& I mean 'extreme') way of thinking has to be singular & for 'the cause' to the exclusion of all else. The awful bit is that they play the role of perpetual victim to draw world sympathy, whilst all the while twisting the knife. Horrid.
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