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Israeli bulldozers destroy mosque, medical center in East Jerusalem
Published Wednesday 26/03/2014 (updated) 27/03/2014 11:24
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli bulldozers demolished a Palestinian-owned building that housed a mosque, a medical center, and apartments in East Jerusalem early Wednesday, witnesses told Ma'an.

Locals said Israeli police and special forces stormed Khallat al-Ein square in the al-Tur neighborhood east of the Old City of Jerusalem and surrounded a building owned by Ghadir Abu Ajram Abu Ghaliya.

Officers then evacuated the two-story building and neutralized gas and water networks before bulldozers began the demolition.

Abu Ghaliya told Ma'an that his building was demolished "without prior notice" from Israeli authorities.

The first floor of the building held a mosque and a medical center, while the second floor consisted of two apartments housing 11 family members, Abu Ghaliya said.

He said that he and his family had tried for 18 years to obtain a construction permits from the Jerusalem municipality. Though the mayor of Jerusalem "approved construction in the area, ... the Israeli ministry of interior opposed construction."

After the Israeli Supreme Court ruled to delay the demolition, a hearing on the issue was scheduled for May, Abu Ghaliya told Ma'an.

The Jerusalem municipality demolished another home belonging to Abu Ghaliya in 2007, he added.

Israel rarely grants Palestinians permits to build in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. It has demolished at least 27,000 Palestinian homes and structures since occupying the West Bank in 1967, according to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

1 ) In SYria they do it / by AIR RAID
26/03/2014 11:03
and some dropped bombs!

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
26/03/2014 11:36
But the reality is that thousands of homes and buildings have indeed been built since 1967 under Israeli rule. All you have to do is take an aerial photo from 40 years ago and then drive the same areas today - you will see the massive construction that has gone on since then to accomodate the massive population growth in East Jerusalem. There is no ethnic cleansing. Anybody who says so is a liar. And yes, Richard Falk is a liar.

3 ) Anna Karm / Germany
26/03/2014 12:14
Each day the same demolishing of palestinian houses and now again a mosque. What would happen, if child would only threw a stone on a synagoge! The consequences are known.

4 ) Torquemada / USA
26/03/2014 17:55
Hey Brian, The article didn't mention ethnic cleansing. It mentioned troops storming a building site unannounced and then having it torn down; and an owner who has been trying for years to get a construction permit (to no avail... what a shock). Take your straw man and **** it.

5 ) Basim Daoud / USA
26/03/2014 18:12
Brian, you are the blind liar. Ethnic cleansing is taking place but at a slow gradual process in the West Bank. Israel is not a real democracy. Palestinians especially ones living in Israel do not enjoy the same rights and privilages as Jews do. Just read the book by Shlomo Sands, a well known Israeli professor called "The Invention of the Jewish People". He said in his book that Israel is not a democracy.

6 ) Maureen / Australia
26/03/2014 20:36
#2 Brian Cohen And yes, you are delusional. You really need to step out of the crazy hasbara world and into reality.

7 ) Lonely Rico / Canada
29/03/2014 19:41
@Brian Cohen - "There is no ethnic cleansing. Anybody who says so is a liar. And yes, Richard Falk is a liar." The whole world is lying, with prevaricators like Falk leading the way ! Only the Israeli government and military tell the truth. Meanwhile the theft and violence and murder continues. But Mr. Cohen, the whole world has started (finally) to see through the lies and BS which hide the criminal cruelty suffered by the Palestinians, and BDS is the people's response to Israel's iniquity.

8 ) Outlier / USA
29/03/2014 21:34
He took a calculated risk and he lost.

9 ) Andrew S / USA
30/03/2014 11:08
Okay lets Assume Brian is Jew. He is from Israel so it is probable. Now just think of his perspective of ethnic cleansing. Nazi Germany Bureaucratic/Industrial extermination of 6 million people. So it is actually kind of ironic that all of you commenters are calling him delusional. Based on these standards Americans were "slowly" ethnically cleansing black people. I call it oppression. I do not see systematic speech or action towards a ethnic group but rather a very unlucky country.

10 ) LincolnStash / USA
30/03/2014 11:11
@BrianCohen if you can deny ethnic cleansing of Palestine, then the world should deny the horrors that the Nazis committed against the Jews..But alas that would require ignorance, which Israeli Zionists are never short on...Just remember that your people went through what you are putting the Palestinians through...after all we are all humans

11 ) Danny / South Africa
30/03/2014 11:31
Here's a clip of the demolition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbJxDZOvOuo You will notice that despite it being said that it housed a mosque and medical center, it was a new addition with no items in it. The best way to know when man is lying is when they mention "witnesses say" because that means they are covering their ass. The fact it, in east Jerusalem there are many mosques ( notice no minneret here) but also residence of east Jerusalem have access to all medical facilities in Israel.

12 ) Andrew / New Zealand
30/03/2014 11:44
It is bizarre that the world accepts this. What hurts the most is that Israel pretends to have the moral high ground. The fear they hold of 'terrorists' allows them to de-humanize the Palestinians and treat them like dogs, which of course breeds more 'terrorists'. So the stupid cycle perpetuates.

13 ) Guy / Israel
30/03/2014 12:35
Believe it or not, Israelis don't get building permits in Jerusalem either, it's not about Muslim or Jews it's just the politics of running a city with massive limitations. And if you're building without a permit, the government has every right to tear down the illegal construction, it's not an act of war or tyranny, it's just society enforcing it's own rules. Discuss autonomy and self-regulation, but this isn't a vicious assault on anything. It's a guy who broke the law and was punished.

14 ) p / us
30/03/2014 14:09
You do realize Israel won this land in a WAR!? There has never been a nation called Palestine.

15 ) the goat / nj / usa
30/03/2014 14:17
I think this is called "RED TAPE TERRORISM", but I could be wrong. Let me ask the bankers , and politicians here in America.

16 ) EvidenceBase / Canada
30/03/2014 14:55
@Brian Cohen Yeah, Palestinians are 'OK' I suppose if they're the 'good ones'. You know, the ones who do yard work & paint houses & jobs for Israelis at low wages and who aren't all 'uppity' like and complainers or demand to be something other than stateless. Think about that; how many people on this earth are still stateless? Doesn't tell you anything? But it's not like, gasp, apartheid, right? Where all the violence was condemned by the perpetrators of the enslavement in SA? (w/US support)

17 ) Fred / USA
30/03/2014 15:16
The massive building is for Jews Only. The demolitions are for non Jews Only. Israel is the most racist state in the world today, and the US gives in billions of our tax dollars to support apartheid. This is because wealthy people in our nation have bought our politicians to support apartheid Israel, no matter what crimes it commits against non Jews.

18 ) jason / israel
30/03/2014 15:27
hey guys you are not actually there and you are not suppose to believe everything some f***ing arabic from who knows where is telling you, i live there i know that we are not demolishing sacred buildings and i swear if it would happen in america or canada or germany or some other bullshit country the gov would do the exact same thing, we are being bombed by them the press only tell you what they want you to hear. who gives a fuck if its a hospital or a mosque, if its unlicensed its unlicensed.

19 ) JR / Canada
30/03/2014 16:08
Destroying houses is not Ethnic cleansing - and perhaps you are forgetting the fact that Hamas is daily shelling Israeli settlements full of civilians? THAT is Ethnic cleansing. Demolishing businesses takes place daily in Canada and the USA. Land appropriations happen with a fair degree of frequency. The owner is using his Ethnicity to try and garner sympathy. Maybe when Hamas stops shelling Israel, Israel will be able to give more fair treatment to the Palestinian people.

20 ) Joseph A. Nagy, Jr. / USA
30/03/2014 16:20
There never has been a separate Palestine, it has always been part of Israel, and the land known as the 'West Bank' belonged to Israel to start with but was given - without consent - to other nations in 1947. Long live God's people! Long live Israel!

21 ) BigDel / USA
30/03/2014 16:22
I suspect that the mosque was pushing some radical Islam.

22 ) pini / israel
30/03/2014 16:52
If you build without apermit what do you expect to happen? Waiting 18 years means he built without a permit.

23 ) che handala / earth
30/03/2014 17:09
Israeli peace means a stolen piece there,another confiscated piece over there until its all israeli pieces & then surround them by an apartheid wall as the crimes of ethnic cleansing & segregation continues unabated for decades. My question that is never answered is that between the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem there is open land, spacious land of open hills with little construction there. Why does not Israel build in it's 'own' territory instead of constanlty robbery?

24 ) Ger / Ireland
30/03/2014 17:24
Israeli oppression knows no bounds

25 ) Fred / USA
30/03/2014 17:33
They are just taking back what was taken from them.

26 ) Robert / US
30/03/2014 22:58
#2 brian who is going to take that photo, please anwser that one ... you people dont allow that , am I right ? Will you take it .. ill pay you ... hehehe

27 ) Steve / USA
31/03/2014 19:10
At least it is not as bad as what happened to Jericho. That was some real ethnic cleansing.

28 ) More negative naive propoganda / USA
31/03/2014 21:37
Basim....Muslims living in Israel have a better lifestyle and more freedoms than 99% of the other Arab countries they live in. And to all you other ignorant and na?ve commentators, go visit Israel and see for yourself. These Palestinian people are raised to hate and commit constant crimes against innocent Israelis everyday. The world would be a better place if those uncivilized ragheads were just left out in the desert to mate with their goats.

29 ) Maureen / Australia
01/04/2014 20:41
#28. "Naive," is that what you call yourself? You poor demented wretch!
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