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Egypt to 'revoke citizenship' of thousands of Hamas members
Published Thursday 06/03/2014 (updated) 15/03/2014 21:44
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Egyptian security services have started to collect information about thousands of Hamas members who were granted Egyptian citizenship during the rule of ousted president Mohamed Mursi, according to Egyptian media.

Egypt's Day Seven news website reported that Egyptian authorities plan to revoke the citizenship of 13,757 Hamas members for being "affiliated to an offshoot of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood."

Egyptian authorities are investigating whether Hamas members have been involved in what they describe as "terrorist attacks," adding that the prime minister has the right to revoke the citizenship of Hamas members without a court ruling if it is deemed that they endanger public security.

The Egyptian news site blamed Mursi for facilitating the entry of Hamas supporters into Egypt and granting them citizenship.

On Tuesday, an Egyptian court banned the activities of Hamas and ordered its assets seized.

"The Egyptian judge who made the decision did not bring a single evidence incriminating Hamas. Thus, the movement considers the Egyptian decision a pure political decision rather than a judicial decision, and that decision serves the Israeli occupation," a Hamas official said following the ruling.

Ties between Cairo and Hamas flourished during president Mohamed Morsi's year in power but have drastically deteriorated since a military coup in July last year which saw the Muslim Brotherhood leader ousted from power.

Cairo's new military-installed authorities launched a deadly crackdown on protests by supporters of Morsi, killing in excess of 1,400 people.

Egyptian troops have also destroyed hundreds of smuggling tunnels under the border with Gaza used to supply the Palestinian enclave with fuel and construction materials due to Israeli restrictions.

Hamas has denied accusations by Egyptian officials that it is involved in fighting in the Sinai Peninsula, where militant attacks on security forces have surged since July.
1 ) Mel / USA
06/03/2014 15:47
Well! It looks like Israel is getting EGYPTIANS to follow the orders of Avigdor airport baggage handler-cum-mobster Lieberman who likes to beat up 12yr old boys? Is that right Cairo? Are you the poodle to Israel's Russian mobster fascists now? Pharoahs to Russian Jewish-Fascists? That's a LONG way from "Bread ,Freedom & Justice" &Arab democracy,for ANY Arab/Maghrib people to stray. Especially as Israeli fascists want you all dead,including Egyptians &their judges,&Riyadh won't gripe about that!

2 ) Mel / USA
06/03/2014 16:24
'Revoke citizenship'? Really? That sounds JUST like Aviadickhead Lieberman's slogan of the LAST Israeli election,"No Loyalty,no Citizenship",bribing all Israeli Jews(&Arabs)into keeping Israeli's occupation/ militarism.Threatening Ultra-Orthodox,Mizrahim,that(military-service)citizenship in Israel means SLAUGHTERING Palestinians.All pawns of the Ashkenazi elite! Now Zionism is using EGYPT's elite as its pawn against(democratically elected)Hamas,to benefitRussian/Israeli Jews&BB(BarbarianBibi)?!?

3 ) Mohammed / Malaysia
06/03/2014 21:00
I really feel sad about the situation that egypt has nowadays, Its really unfair ,thousands of people in Gaza are not allowed to travel and to have normal life, I really don't know what Gaza did to egypt, so egypt treat with Gaza as enemy , I hope situation will be better soon,in other hand i would like to thanks the women that they try to come to Gaza to break the siege

4 ) Outlier / USA
07/03/2014 21:32
It could not have happened to a more deserving group of people. They are meddlers who need to go back to Gaza.

5 ) @ Mohammed-3 & Outlier-4 / USA too
08/03/2014 18:55
3- Thousands of "PEOPLE IN GAZA were allowed to travel, and HAD NORMAL LIVES", UNTIL HAMAS TOOK OVER, and state-sponsored terrorism became an accepted practice !! 4- Israel should learn from Egypt and "revoke the citizenship of thousands of Arab Israelis, considering themselves "Palestinians". - They too "need to go back to either Gaza", Area A (W Bank Arab cities), one of the Arab states that invaded Israel in either 1948 or 1967, or somewhere else willing to accept them !!!

6 ) Bravo / Egypt
09/03/2014 15:18
Bravo, Egypt.

7 ) Gary Katz / U.S.A.
09/03/2014 16:10
Mel needs to find a new hobby. His drooling hatred of tiny Israel is quite tiring. If he wants to speak out for "Palestinians" who are being "slaughtered", he should write a letter to Bashar Assad. Or he can look into delivering food to the Yarmouk refugee camp, where thousands of Palestinians probably wish they were surrounded by the "fascist" Israeli troops, rather than than Syrian forces. At least they'd be eating!

8 ) Bella / Australia
09/03/2014 16:19
Mel / USA U r an ignorant fool

9 ) Chockum/USA / USA
09/03/2014 16:21
I have much praise for the bravery of the Egyptian Govt. They have the guts and the intelligence to call a spade a spade. There should be no refuge for terrorists and killers. The Muslim brotherhood is a dangerous and evil society and must be contained and/ or eradicated. They do nothing but harm Jews, Christians, and Muslims. We should call them what they really are anti-Islamists. They hurt the name and reputation of decent law-abiding peaceful Muslim people, and innocents of other faiths

10 ) Monti / UK
09/03/2014 16:26
Good move by Egypt. Terrorists need to be sent back to where they came from and Gaza looks like the right place for them

09/03/2014 16:28
YIP Outlier/USA. You are spot-on with your comment. I totally agree

12 ) Su / USA
09/03/2014 16:42
Egypt is not ousting Hamas as a favor to israel...it is attempting to rid itself of a terrorist faction that will only continue to cause trouble. Egypt (and once upon a time Lebanon before Syria moved in on them) were erudite sovereign countries that lived in peace. The warmongering of Hamas and Hezbollah changed all that. With Iran setting its sights on an all-Islamist Middle East under their control it is past time for a wakeup call!

13 ) ekress / US
09/03/2014 18:11
Mel, go peddle your BS elsewhere. Whether you like it or not Jews have survived over two thousand years of violence and diatribe form people like you and will continue to do so. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians, Muslims, and Jews have freedom of worship, are not burdened with sharia "law, where women can live as equals, and where Arabs who are Israeli citizens are elected to the Knesset. Israel is only 9000 sq. miles in size, but to you there's no room for Jews. FU.

14 ) Tired of the lies / USA
09/03/2014 18:41
Good job Egypt. It's common knowledge the Tbe Muslim Brotherhood is a Terrorist group. That it spawned Al Queda, Hamas and CAIR in the US. The mission statement of the MB is about establishing a Global Caliphate. In other words Islamic world rule.

15 ) howard K / USA
09/03/2014 19:35
Mel, You are an idiot anti semite who can only be blinded by your obvious support of Hamas. Why don't you go to Gaza and join the terrorist group and see how you fit in you P____k

16 ) Jaclyn Barnes / Israel
09/03/2014 20:18
Maybe Israel authority's should do the same thing.Investigate any future Palestinians (Arabs) before they are allowed,to become.Citizens or live in Israel after all Abbas has said that,no Jews (Israeli's). Will live in his Palestine well if he feels that way,then we. Should do the opposite but if we said no Palestinian (Arabs),were allowed.To live or work in Israel then we would be called racist!!!

17 ) Stuart / USA
09/03/2014 21:22
This news article, like so many today, is written with such a bias and slant that even the casual reader can find it faulty. Hamas PR team no doubt had a hand in writing this piece. For example, the article says that
Egyptian military destroyed hundreds of smuggling tunnels that were
bringing fuel and construction materials to the Palestinian enclave. The
writer did not even mention that these tunnels were also being used to
bring advanced weaponry and rockets to Gaza to attack Israel.

18 ) Dorothy / USA
09/03/2014 21:50
Others are beginning to realize the danger of Hamas.

19 ) Bey / USA
09/03/2014 21:51
Good move Egypt!

20 ) EP Harris / Israel
09/03/2014 22:14
Way to go, Egypt!! Taking precautiion methods to deter terrorism.

21 ) oldguyincolorado / USA
09/03/2014 22:25
MEL/USA - Now that there are no more practicing Jews in Gaza I guess it is no longer worth living there. But why go to Egypt since it is almost the same there, too - frankly, it is the same everywhere in the M.E. except for Israel. Oh, now I understand why Hamas really wants to be in Israel: there are Jews there. But wait a minute! What were all of those rockets about? Oh, I forgot about the Charter of Hamas: Kill all Zionists (read it as meaning all Jews). Egypt is correct: Hamas = War.

22 ) Denny Bolen / USA
09/03/2014 22:46
I'm so pleased with the clean-up that Asisi is accomplishing after the public yet misguided election of Morsi &. His terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Also glad that Saudi Arabia is following suit. I just wish our misinformed & embarrassing Prez Obama had not backed The Brotherhood to the detriment of 4 nations. The Muslim Brotherhood has been in existence since 1925 and was complicit in supporting Hitler's holocaust. The more they can be confined or eradicated, the better.

23 ) Frederic / USA
09/03/2014 23:09
Egypt has the right to remove anyone not a citizen. Besides with Morsi 's regime the people of Egypt were subjected to the typical terrorist lifestyle kill kill kill. Keep us the good work Egypt isolate those people and let them figure out that to get along you have to change your ways

24 ) Allen / USA
09/03/2014 23:26
Mel has given no reasons for lambasting Israel, but repeats sound bites put out by anti-Israel/Jewish groups that want to blame Jews for all of the Arabs problems, most of which can be explained by corruption, inadequate education (especially for women) and the unwillingness of people to act to make a better world. Mohammed at least thinks for himself, but still blames Israel for Hamas's mess. Outlier repeats the Egyptian policy, perhaps he has a reason for it. #5 thinks historicaly.

25 ) Baruch/USA / USA
10/03/2014 01:56
Reading the comments posted here by Hamas sympathizers. You guys are a joke? You name Israelis as 'Fascists'? You claim Hamas was 'Democratically' elected. Well, Hamas is a bunch of Psychotic murderers which intimidated many into electing them and then murdered all who had not. You do not seek democracy, peace or any kind of justice. You only seek revenge against Israelis that refuse to roll over and play dead. In other words, you are a bunch of ididots doomed to leave in misery forever.

26 ) Nursecrd / U.S.A.
10/03/2014 02:53
Bravo for the Egyptians. The plight of Gaza and it's people is by their own doing and nobody else. The BDS movement against Israel really hurts the Arabs who happily work for the Israelis and those living with Israelis in the West Bank prefer living under the Israelis versus the Palestinian Authority 77% to 23%. Also, none of the Arab states where the Palestinians live are willing to help them. Poor Mel, a brainwashed leftist who believes everything the biased MSM feeds him.

27 ) Frank / Malaysia
10/03/2014 04:15
Should get rid of them fast before they infect the egyptians with their "contagious" disease. Good for egypt

28 ) just the facts / ecuador
10/03/2014 04:25
"Egypt revokes the citizenship of hamas members" would have been a more appropriate title.

29 ) Warren / Australia
10/03/2014 05:43
Mohammed wrote "I really don't know what Gaza did to Egypt, so Egypt treat with Gaza as enemy". If China had 13,000 members of the Chinese Red Army backing anti-government insurgents in Malaysia, your government would be kicking them all or putting them in prison. Why would you expect the Egyptian military government to do any less against members of Hamas who support the insurgents in Egypt?

30 ) Just / Asking
10/03/2014 23:53
How many of the above posts were made by Zio trolls or Fatah members?

31 ) Natalio / USA
12/03/2014 00:09
The Palestinian leaders had been and are nothing but troublemakers that indoctrinate its youth into hate and terrorism. Look what they did to the late King Hussein in Jordan, that ended in "Black September" when he kicked them out into Lebanon. And what the did in Lebanon? They started a civil war inciting muslims against Christians and destroyed the most beautiful and peaceful country in the Middleeast. They are more interested in destroying Israel than having their own country.

32 ) Gary / Australia
12/03/2014 02:09
It may not be considered proper legal due process, but unfortunately not much is in the Arab world. Hamas is Hamas and its own charter expresses its intent in destroying Israel and clearly uses language of a terrorist organisation which threatens not just Israel but any democratic rule in the Middle East. Why would anyone want as their citizens an organisation that preaches hatred and anarchy and the use of violence to achieve their goals.

33 ) @ Asking-30 / Name Calling
12/03/2014 16:43
The Ratio is probably about 50:50 "of the above posts being made by
Zionist members and Fatah trolls", though possibly some Hamas terrorist
occaisionally put down their weapons long enough to write a few words too.

34 ) mooz / usa
10/02/2015 05:09
The global Arab elite play chess with millions of non muslim European lives now instead of only the jews. The spotlight should be shining on their faces as they find a sewer pipe to hide themselves. Their nation's of origin are unimportant, the people will take them all away and stop 70 years of WW2 that never stopped.
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