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Palestinian footballers shot by Israeli forces never to play again
Published Friday 14/02/2014 (updated) 16/02/2014 11:54
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Two young Palestinian football players shot by Israeli forces last month have learned that they will never be able to play sports again due to their injuries, according to doctors.

Doctors at Ramallah governmental hospital said the pair will need six months of treatment before they can evaluate if the two will even be able to ever walk again, at best.

Jawhar Nasser Jawhar, 19, and Adam Abd al-Raouf Halabiya, 17, were shot by Israeli soldiers as they were walking home from a training session in the Faisal al-Husseini Stadium in al-Ram in the central West Bank on Jan. 31.

Israeli forces opened fire in their direction without warning as they were walking near a checkpoint.

Police dogs were subsequently unleashed on them before Israeli soldiers dragged them across the ground and beat them.

The pair was subsequently were taken to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem, where they underwent a number of operations to remove the bullets.

Medical reports said that Jawhar was shot with 11 bullets, seven in his left foot, three in his right, and one in his left hand. Halabiya was shot once in each foot.

The two were taken to Ramallah governmental hospital before being transferred to King Hussein Medical Center in Amman.

Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association Jibril al-Rajoub condemned the shooting and said that "Israeli brutality against them emphasizes the occupation's insistence on destroying Palestinian sport."

Rajoub called for imposing penalties on the Israeli football association, and demanded its removal from the FIFA as it should not accept racist organizations that do not adhere to international law.
1 ) Marco / Mexico
14/02/2014 19:32
This hatredness wont stay forever...

2 ) Paul / Canaad
14/02/2014 22:05
Disgusting! Where is the world voice to condemn these attrocities against innocents. If the story was Israeli footballers shot by Palestinians, the story would be covered by the world. Where is the UN? Where is the condemnation of these attrocities?

3 ) Arnold / Canada
15/02/2014 00:14
They live to fight again.

4 ) BDS / Canada
15/02/2014 00:46
Such cruelty intentionally perpetrated against Jawhar Nasser Jawhar, 19, and Adam Abd al-Raouf Halabiya, 17 destroying their hopes and lives! Join the BDS - pressure the brutal zionists to end the occupation and the ethnic cleansing!

5 ) Outlier / USA
15/02/2014 01:53
Context is still missing in this story - why did these two become targets when there were probably hundreds of Palestinians passing by? That said, al-Rajoub is way over the top in his comment and demand. Destruction of Palestinian sport is at the root this incident? Not likely.

6 ) Kathy P / USA
15/02/2014 04:59
It will be very hard.... Most difficult.. To defend the actions... Of the heavily armed solders.. Shooting unarmed civilians.. Athletes no less... 11 high powered assult rifle bullets in his feet.. I'm sure it can be explained all away.. But the mutilated and permenantly injured young men will not forget.. Or forgive... Such a sick and perverted society..

7 ) fair lady / South Africa
15/02/2014 07:43
South Africa was banned from international sport during the apartheid regime. Israel must also be banned by FIFA and all other sports bodies

8 ) Sander / The Netherlands
15/02/2014 10:52
Same assosiations with Nazi period, before WWII. Have these Isra?li people learned nothing from history?

9 ) Todd / Canada
15/02/2014 12:06
Shot in each foot? sounds like something personnel between the soldiers and these boys....

10 ) Mel / USA
15/02/2014 17:23
Let FIFA know how you feel?
I just did. Hopefully it will resonate?
There is no FIFA without the players and fans.

11 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
15/02/2014 20:42
#6) context still missing????? if you were living here, you would see that israeli occupation soldiers shoot and kill palestinians for no reason at all !!!! there are thousands of similar stories, these two were only injured, hundreds others were killed in cold blood for no reason!!!!! this is israel and this is zionism, and the world wonders why we hate the zionists!!!!!

12 ) Ahmed / Al Quds
15/02/2014 21:56
I share similar feelings as my colleagues regarding the Zionist State of Israel, but I am wondering why this article and many comments suggest that the soldiers knew they were footballers and wanted to destroy their career or destroy the sport. That just makes no sense and hurts our chances of having our voices heard. Let's use intelligent arguments. Let's talk about facts, and then we won't have to exaggerate or make up anything, & facts will speak for themselves. Nobody on this page does this!

13 ) Baroness Jenny Tonge / uK
15/02/2014 22:04
If this is true we need to table questions in the UK parliament and write to FIFA. These incidents get more and more disgusting?

14 ) M. Colley / Uk
16/02/2014 00:17
So sorry for these two young men and their friends, family- those soldiers actions will up the boycott - they are shooting their own country in the foot as well- May the fear besetting the Israeli mindset be disapated and replaced by recognition of the in common humanity and respecting of needs of the Palestinians as the only way to peace- justice

15 ) Ian McLaren / Scotland
16/02/2014 00:31
@ Ahmed - I agree - The human cost is the greatest cost and is smothered by politics. Western countries' self interest continues to blight the lives of innocent people.

16 ) alan tattersall / UK
16/02/2014 01:04
When will Israel ever recover a conscience and stop these atrocities. Israel, you are a disgrace on this planet!

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 02:24
To Outlier #5: 'Context is still missing in this story - why did these two become targets when there were probably hundreds of Palestinians passing by? ' The context was provided in the previous story on these two. They were shot deliberately and without provocation. As to why this happened, it happened because they live under the rule of a vicious Nazi state populated by brainwashed racial supremacists.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 02:41
To Ahmed #12: '...many comments suggest that the soldiers knew they were footballers and wanted to destroy their career or destroy the sport...' Shooting them repeatedly in the feet suggests it as well. Presumably, if it was just the usual vicious racism, they would have shot them elsewhere as well. If Zionists ever told the truth, we could ask the shooters, of course. As it is, we can only speculate as to their motives in this particular case.

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 02:44
To Sander #8: 'Same assosiations with Nazi period, before WWII. Have these Isra?li people learned nothing from history?' They've learned a lot. They are now inflicting on their own helpless victims what was inflicted on them. It's a sad fact that the victims of child abuse often replicate the abuse with themselves as perpetrators.

20 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
16/02/2014 09:42
My neighbor, Arye Barashi, loved playing soccer. He was a father of 3 and an honest, law abiding citizen when Palestinians murdered him and hundreds of others in 1996. They called it "resistance" - but it was a war crime. And it was supported by disgusting dupes like most of the commenters above. You are all nothing more than cheap excuses for humanists. Rajoub is a known thug who has personally executed suspected collaborators without trial. Complain to FIFA that the PA employs Rajoub.

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 10:27
To Brian Cohen #20: 'My neighbor, Arye Barashi...' My neighbor tortured a cat to death. That's why it's cool if I pour gasoline on dogs and set them alight. This is your reasoning.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 10:30
To Brian #20: 'Arye Barashi...' Arye Barashi was a soldier serving in the Israeli army at the time. What army were these boys serving in?

23 ) barney rubble / narnia
16/02/2014 11:17
I missed Mr Cohen's reason for believing that most posters support Mr Barashis killing

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 11:25
To Brian #20. Apparently, it doesn't disturb you that you are attempting to justify the deliberate crippling of innocents. Would it be fair to read that as a comment on your moral nature? That is to say, would you say that means you are a GOOD person?

25 ) richard harris / UK
16/02/2014 14:37
To Brian #20 - you know that Arye Barashi was a soldier who was killed in the Jaffa bus bombings of 1996, which in turn was retailiation for the Shin Bet assassination of Yahya Ayyash ... and so it goes. So are you saying that it is ok to kill and maim so long as there is a historical reason for it? Israel was born in blood and conflict so do not lecture others about thuggery and terror. Your best hope for peace, Yitzhak Rabin was slain by one of your own Yigal Amir, you have no right to preach

26 ) eamonn mcgirr / Ireland
16/02/2014 14:39
TO BRIAN #20 you are a poor excuse and typical of the liars that this page and many others complain about you claim "He was a father of 3 and an honest, law abiding citizen when Palestinians murdered him and hundreds of others in 1996" really? strange the total Israeli deaths for 1996 was 56 can you explain the number difference or would you just care to admit that you are a liar? Goebbels would be so proud of you with you pathetic propaganda for the fourth Reich

27 ) Fred / Brasil
16/02/2014 15:39
Sometimes is hard to belive !

28 ) Maureen / Australia
16/02/2014 18:12
What is Netanyahu's excuse for such wilful, cruel, jealous, racial act against the young Palestinian footballers? Obviously there is no screening of individual mental suitability for military service in Israel... Israel itself is deranged!

29 ) Moe / Palestine
16/02/2014 19:07
@ Mel/USA, thanks for sharing the FIFA link. I just posted my complaints against all of this and i really encourage others to do that for the sake of humanity!

30 ) Bob Van den Broeck / Canada
16/02/2014 19:07
I bet FIFA does nothing to the Israeli teams for this assault on the Palestinean players. Israel should be banned from the rest of the world. BDS and eventual EMBARGO is the only way the Israeli's will learn to live with non-jews.

31 ) Brenda / uk
16/02/2014 19:54
19#Colin Wright .... it's a fallacy that victims of child abuse often commit abuse themselves and is proven so.....please don't use myths in discussions thankyou

32 ) Football Against Apartheid / England
16/02/2014 21:10
Palestinain National team footballer Mahmoud Sarsak was tortured and detained without right of trial for 3 years, and only after 92 days on hunger strike did the president of FIFA world football Sep Blatter intervene. Look up Football Against Apartheid on Facebook and "like" it and share widely as we are making impact on Israeli Aparftheid.

33 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 22:22
To Brenda #31: 'it's a fallacy that victims of child abuse often commit abuse themselves...' It's wildly off the subject, but you've half a loaf rather than the whole loaf. '...Among 747 males the risk of being a perpetrator was positively correlated with reported sexual abuse victim experiences. The overall rate of having been a victim was 35% for perpetrators and 11% for non-perpetrators...' The correlation could be exaggerated, but it's there. It's not a myth.

34 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/02/2014 22:26
To Maureen #28: 'Obviously there is no screening of individual mental suitability for military service in Israel... ' It would depend what you are screening for, wouldn't it? Israel may not 'screen' for individuals who behave as they do -- but she certainly rears them, indoctrinates them, and fails to censure them. Indeed, she often rewards them. These individuals do not commit their crimes despite what Israel would prefer -- they act AS Israel would prefer.

35 ) Outlier / USA
16/02/2014 22:48
11 and 17, Sorry but hyperbole isn't facts. Security is predicated on seeing and acting on threats. Yes, mistakes can and will be made, but thousands? Not likely - in many of those cases, some threat was perceived. Palestinians appear to believe nothing they do constitutes a threat to security and they are - from a practical and realistic standpoint - wrong.

36 ) Violet Haversham (Miss) / Great Britain
16/02/2014 23:57
Horrible story. My heart goes out to the two young men who have had their dreams of playing football for their country, shattered by this senseless act. How vicious and cruel. I shall certainly ask everyone I know to complain to FIFA & write to the MEP to see what can be done about this disgraceful act. The EU should do something, where is the statement from Baroness Ashton showing concern? Does Ma'an have one yet?

37 ) mvs / eua
17/02/2014 00:39
The illegitimate country of isreal needs to learn history. No matter how brutal they are it is not possible to long survive. Whatever the cost the World will eventually see either they must be stopped or the World will be destroyed. There is no middle ground for this end game.

38 ) Edward / Samoa
17/02/2014 02:31
This is totally disgusting and unacceptable. Israel must be fully accountable and made to pay.

39 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/02/2014 05:32
To barney rubble #23: 'I missed Mr Cohen's reason for believing that most posters support Mr Barashis killing' Brain doesn't actually have a reason. It's just a necessary step for what passes for logic in his head, so he invents the 'fact.' Zionism works this way. You need to understand.

40 ) Rob / Australia
17/02/2014 06:55
Brenda it is hard to have any discussion of I/P without myths-the myth of Jews as a people(as opposed to religious adherents) the myth of the exodus,Rome never banished an entire people;the myth of a land without people-a halfwit can look up population stats from before the Zionists arrived-the myth of Arabs attacking innocent Israel in'48 only after 500 000 Palestinians had been ehthnically cleansed and the myth of USA as an "honest broker".

41 ) AKHRIB Florence / FRANCE
17/02/2014 19:05

42 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/02/2014 23:15
To Outlier #35: 'Palestinians appear to believe nothing they do constitutes a threat to security and they are - from a practical and realistic standpoint - wrong.' (I) First, you attempt to simply dismiss the scale of Israeli atrocities at least apparently simply because Israel wouldn't do that. Similar attitudes lay at the heart of initial incredulity about the Holocaust. Nice Western Europeans wouldn't do that, ergo...

43 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/02/2014 23:21
To Outlier #35: 'Palestinians appear to believe nothing they do constitutes a threat to security and they are - from a practical and realistic standpoint - wrong.' (II) Second, by calling Palestinian actions a 'threat to security' you ascribe a spurious validity to Israel's illegal programme of herding the Palestinians into ghettos. Indeed, resistance is 'a threat to security.' However, if the occupation is illegal and oppressive in the first place, such threats are a good thing.

44 ) Kris / U.S.
17/02/2014 23:26
@35) Outlier/USA claims this is about Israeli "security." These young men were shot in the West Bank, which is illegally occupied by Israel. The Palestinians have a right to be there; Israelis and their hateful racist army have NO right to be there. It is the same as if the Nazis shot two French teenagers in Paris in occupied France. It is also the same as if the Ku Klux Klan shot two members of the family whose home they had broken into.

45 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/02/2014 23:38
To Rob #40: 'Brenda it is hard to have any discussion of I/P without myths..' (I). What's exasperating about the myths is that while an expert in any given field will agree that the myth in HIS area is bumph, few will string it all together. Benny Morris will agree the Palestinians in 1948 did not leave at the orders of Oberkommando der Five Arab Armies, but were driven out with fire and sword. At the same time, he will refer to the expulsion of 'the Jews' from Palestine by the Romans...

46 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/02/2014 23:42
To Rob #40: 'Brenda it is hard to have any discussion of I/P without myths..' (II) ...as if it actually happened. A historian of the Roman empire will readily agree there was no such expulsion -- without admitting the implications for the modern Zionist argument. Few string it all together -- from the obvious mythology of Joshua's conquests to Israel's claims today to be 'seeking peace' -- and realize that Zionism is a vicious lie from start to finish.

47 ) ian / australia
18/02/2014 06:10
#20 "My neighbor, Arye Barashi, loved playing soccer..." Cripes, Brian. What have the Jaffa Road bus bombings of 18 years ago (in which St.-Sgt. Maj. Arye Barashi died) got to do with this vicious assault on Palestinian teenagers? The Hamas suicide attacks were the violent response to the assassination of bomb-maker Yahya Ayyash (aka "The Engineer"). The unprovoked, sadistic maiming of these boys is part of the brutal occupation of a subjugated people, reminding them on a daily basis who's boss.

48 ) ian / australia
18/02/2014 06:11
(contd.) What's the connection? Soccer? And what does it matter that some people "support" it as "resistance" while others condemn it as mass murder? The King David Hotel bombing divides opinion too. You CAN'T be inferring one justifies the other...or implying that YOU support this kind of sadism in the territories. So why bring it up? What's your point?

49 ) Tristian Aleron / Scotland
18/02/2014 22:24
#Ian (47 & 48) - Brian's points normally appear to be one sided, emotive & seeking to elicit maximum sympathy for his cause, by tugging at the heart strings of the readers. His posts are always in the vein of the above offering. Scratch beneath the surface of Brian's posts, as you often have Ian, and his arguments begin to fall apart. The fact that Sgt Maj Arye Barashi liked football and died in a 'tit for tat killing', has no relevance to the above article.

50 ) Jeff / Vermont
20/02/2014 19:53
As an American, I am ashamed that my country is so supportive of Israel. Write your congressman, write your senator. Israel's atrocities and aparthied policies must stop.

51 ) Geraldine / Ireland
25/02/2014 21:45
This brutal shooting of innocent footballers by the immoral/amoral soldiers of the IDF is part of a constant pattern---there is continual shooting of innocent Palestinians by settlers and by Israeli soldiers---I have read and heard many eye-witness accounts ( some filmed by a friend who is a cameraman journalist ). Once a country is illegally occupied, repression and discrimination,torture, imprisonment and murders follow. Gaza and the West Bank are prisons.

52 ) Jamal Elshareif / Canada
26/02/2014 05:36
we should stand against Israelis activity until they leave Palestine for ever

53 ) Richard / UK
01/03/2014 23:50
I've written to the FA, UEFA and FIFA about this apartheid state who is keen on ethnic cleansing..and supported by UK and USA. Israel have no right to be in Europ 2016 football competition, because of their behaviour and also because they are not in Europe. So much for the FIFA' 'Kick It Out' Campaign!! It is a joke - except it is too serious to be funny. Can all supporters who go to Israel games please take drawing pins with them to throw on to the pitch.

54 ) Richard / UK
01/03/2014 23:52
Why was South Africa prevented from taking part in International sport?? Their crimes against humanity were awful but not as bad as those of Israel.

55 ) Shimon / Israel
05/03/2014 02:36
mister UK the crimes of your country were on the biggest scale possible ever. and BTW I think this are false news. it is not published on any major source.

56 ) George / USA
05/03/2014 06:11
Palestine was given to the Jewish Europeans to get rid of them (I believe), It was promised by the Brits to some atheist Jews that have nothing to do with God and the Torah. That is how Israel was created. The Jewish Europeans where slaughtering Christian & Muslim Palestinians to steal their homes and land. The Jews forgot that Arab countries were the ONLY safe heaven for them after Europe was killing them left and right. This is how they pay them back, by cheating, killing, and stealing land.

57 ) Jim Bergin / Scotland
06/03/2014 14:54
This is probably a statement which will not please Zionists but I read an article in the press which hit the nail on the head.It states that the Israeli regime of apartheid,racism,murder and violence,land grabs and their expansionism leaves the Israelis are now "imitating their oppressors" ie. the NAZIS. When will world opinion open their eyes and put stop to this.There is plenty hand wringing when this happens elsewhere on the Globe why not in Palestine.These people are simply Nazis.

58 ) Jorge / Argentina
11/03/2014 23:18
I'm astonished at the pure hatred of Israel and the Jews on this site. I'm sure many of the people who have written do not care about the young arab boys, but only care about Israel bashing

59 ) David Guy / Israel
17/03/2014 10:42
The story is false in all aspects relating to the shooting. The football is irrelevant and they were certainly not shoot in the feet. The photographs they themselves released prove that. Please read this thorough debunking. The lies about the "Palestinian footballers" http://elderofziyon.blogspot.co.il/2014/03/the-lies-about-palestinian-footballers.html#.Uyal2s5urTo Will you be publishing a correction?

60 ) Mary / Canada
13/06/2014 23:45
I am disgusted by all this. It's nto about the politics, it's not about Zionism..it's the fact that it happens daily and we sit here upset that they can't play ball?
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