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Israeli police dogs mauled Palestinian teens shot at checkpoint
Published Saturday 01/02/2014 (updated) 03/02/2014 10:19
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A lawyer for the Palestinian Authority ministry of prisoners' affairs Tariq Barghouth alleged on Saturday that Israeli forces launched attack dogs on two Palestinian youths after shooting them multiple times on Thursday night at a checkpoint near Jerusalem.

Adam Abd al-Rouf Jamous, 17, and Jawhar Nasser al-Din Halbieh, 19, were mauled by police dogs after Israeli forces opened fire on them without warning near al-Zayyem checkpoint near Abu Dis east of Jerusalem on January 30, Barghouth said.

The pair were visiting a friend's home nearby when Border Police suddenly opened fire in their direction before siccing the dogs on them.

Barghouth explained that the dogs mauled Jawhar Halbieh's body and inflicted numerous wounds before soldiers dragged the two youth on the ground for a distance of 300 meters while simultaneously beating them with rifle butts and kicking and punching them.

The beatings causing numerous fractures in their body, Barghouth added, and they were later transferred to Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem.

Barghouth added that he had visited the pair in the hospital and found that they had suffered severe injuries, both as a result of the bullets fired at them as well as a results of the beatings, which had caused numerous broken bones.

He added that were being held in the hospital under guard by three Israeli soldiers.

He pointed out that both of the youths had been shot numerous times all over their bodies.

Bargouth said that occupation authorities had prevented the families of the two prisoners from visiting them in the hospital and that he planned to launch a complaint against the Border Guard soldiers for their brutal treatment of the youths.

1 ) wendy joseph / Australia
01/02/2014 21:52
Words Fail Me... Every day things are made worse for the Palestinian People, and Nobody seems to take notice, let alone care! I want to ask why, but I already know the answer, and it is too ugly to bear... Pray For Palestine... Work For Justice... :'( <3

2 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
01/02/2014 22:33
OMG they are really antisocial psychopaths! Poor boys, poor parents! The soldiers never gets any punishments, because their leaders and judges are also psychopaths! More and more I understand the suicide bombers! I would kill them too, I am a mother myself.

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
01/02/2014 22:34
Quintin Tarantino could really go to town with this stuff. He wouldn't even have to make anything up.

4 ) Outlier / USA
01/02/2014 22:55
Big disconnect here. Hundreds go through a checkpoint every day without problem. These two did not, which means something they did represented a threat and provoked the response. Ma'an either cannot or will not report the details of the incident.

5 ) Maisie / UK
01/02/2014 22:58
to 1) Wendy, like many I am afraid few Palestinians still believe in the power of prayer to end this savage destruction of their land and people. How many decades must we "work for Justice" to have little or no effect? It is difficult to remember such a protracted period of helplessness during the past 50 years. The West continues to use the collaborators of destruction in order to perpetuate the myth of a peace process... to the tune of "Send in The Clowns"?

6 ) Sister Bridget O'Connall / India
01/02/2014 23:08
Totally out of control now, they have lost all sense of reality & humanity. Wendy (1) is right we have to pray for Palestine, that its children are no longer subjected to such extreme cruelty. Sarah (2) my heart aches when I read your words, kindred souls in a harsh world. Oh Lord, please bring an end to this awful situation, make us all instruments of your peace.

7 ) Kathy P / USA
02/02/2014 02:27
The young policemen have been taught their entire lives to hate arabs.. This is the culmination of this stratigy... To shoot them, and let their flesh be consumed by dogs... And finally beating them to near death.. Breaking bones... Laughing all the while.. Such a sick and perverted society...

02/02/2014 09:16
Que criminales, por favor, y que cobardes arrastrar a un ser humano indefenso 300 mts. y encima pegarle y tirarle los perros encima, me pregunto de donde nacieron esas personas? parecen hijos del mismo diablo, y los derechos humanos que hacen? y los organismos internacionales, acaso estan ciegos y sordos, ES UNA VERGUENZA MUNDIAL....

9 ) Sander / The Netherlands
02/02/2014 10:41
Where is Jusitice ? where are protectors for human rights ? Stop Israel crimes incl. their blood mad dags against the helpless Palestinian occupied people.

10 ) Maureen / Australia
02/02/2014 14:10
#4 Outlier BS! It seems a s though most Israeli soldiers are psychpathic, morons in uniform!

11 ) Outlier / USA
02/02/2014 15:09
10., Maureen, then explain to us why - precisely - these two were hurt and everyone else that day went through that checkpoint unscathed. Mass psychological problems cannot be the cause.

12 ) Kjerstin Haukland / Norway
02/02/2014 17:48
Dear all good, caring people. Please help to stop such situations and put an end to Israeli apartheid by signing the petition "Stop Israeli Apartheid" here: http://bit.ly/israeliapartheid. The reason why I started this (I'm an ordinary woman), is found here: http://bit.ly/notcomplicated Let's work together across all boundaries, if many enough sign, we might succeed in making a difference! Best regards from Northern Norway!

13 ) Johnny benson / USA
02/02/2014 18:15
All this concern over two non lethal incidents....while over 160000 dead..thatsDEAD..as in no more..in Syria...is that ok?..the worlds anti Semites couldn't care less...only if a Jewish doggy bites...that's terrible

14 ) Paul / USA
02/02/2014 21:37
Many judge without knowledge or facts....that is a shame. It's always nice to know all the facts before one condemns another .....

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 00:43
To Outlier #4: 'Big disconnect here. Hundreds go through a checkpoint every day without problem. These two did not, which means something they did represented a threat and provoked the response.' A Zionist classic. Literally ANY outrage will be defended. If it happens continually, a rationale will be constructed to justify it. If it's still rare -- the action must have somehow been provoked. Can't lose, can you?

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 00:49
The irony is that this sort of small-scale atrocity isn't even effective oppression. It's merely going to excite more effective and more determined resistance. Israel is going to be a failed conqueror.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 02:31
To Jehnny Benson #17: 'All this concern over two non lethal incidents....while over 160000 dead..thatsDEAD..as in no more..in Syria...is that ok?..the worlds anti Semites couldn't care less...only if a Jewish doggy bites...' The distinction is that this is a Jewish doggie I paid for; I'm not aware of our subsidizing and protecting either party in Syria.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 02:33
To Paul #14: 'Many judge without knowledge or facts....that is a shame. It's always nice to know all the facts before one condemns another .....' The jury came in on Israel some time ago.

19 ) Julie / USA
03/02/2014 03:05
@12 Kjerstin, very good video! your petition is signed and shared!! thank you so much for your efforts! i encourage everyone with a heart to sign this petition and share the video as much as possible. nobody has ever been able to stop the power of the people.

20 ) Outlier / USA
03/02/2014 19:10
15., Colin, the irony is, these security threats continue to happen. There is no outrage if one is responsible for security and responds to security threats as they present themselves. Perhaps closure of all the territory borders is preferable from an "incident" point of view: the Palestinians will then "stew in their own juices."

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 20:34
Re Kjerstin #12: I signed your petition as well. Will share.

22 ) Mother/ Palestine / Palestine
03/02/2014 21:11
I am the mother of one of these boys. Small inaccuracy caused a lot of controversy, should be corrected. It was not at the checkpoint, and among the houses, seized the home of one of the villagers that Israeli soldiers announced their base. The boys just walked to his friend, in one of the houses next to the "base". And actually, a few steps from our house.

23 ) Maddie / USA
03/02/2014 23:52
Outliar: "something they did represented a threat and provoked the response". So, even if true, the unconscionable nazi-style savagery of the "response" of the israeli cowards in uniform makes it OK? Methinks out-n-out-liar knows the truth but cannot separate itself from the fascist israeli tribal propaganda/indoctrination. Shame!

24 ) Carlos / usa
05/02/2014 19:57
Re Kjerstin #12: I signed your petition as well. I too will share.

25 ) Outlier / USA
06/02/2014 18:36
(last comment spiked) 23, Maddie, if you want something in proportion, buy vegetables by the pound. Security is rarely proportional - the response taken is taken to eliminate the threat. Stilll, my question remains - why did these two prompt a response when thousands of other Palestinians did not?

26 ) Sander / The Netherlands
08/02/2014 16:37
@Kjerstin ; Good initiative. already signed. thanks for your good work!

27 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
12/02/2014 19:42
The 2 attacked a checkpoint with Molotovs and should be thankful they are alive. As for Kathy P from the US, it will probably ruin her week but many MAGAVnikim (Border Policemen) ARE Arabs themselves.

28 ) JoJam / Australia
08/03/2014 03:00
Well.....somebody is fibbing about this incident. 22 ) Mother/ Palestine / Palestine gives one account of the story while 27 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel gives another story about them throwing Molotov cocktails at a checkpoint...... Either way, shooting both of them through their feet and letting the dogs loose on them then bashing them seems to suggest some deliberate thought went into their totally over-the-top treatment. Pathetic really.....

29 ) Hope / Belgium
10/07/2014 01:16
Who can ever understand this sick attitude of Zionists? Besides having no manners at all, they have no respect for others. Their only pleasure in life is to hurt, to steal and to kill. And on top of all that they are surprised the world is hating them.
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