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Israel minister slams Abbas as 'No.1' anti-Semite
Published Thursday 30/01/2014 (updated) 01/02/2014 11:45
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JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israel's intelligence minister has said President Mahmoud Abbas is the world's most anti-Semitic leader following the departure of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Iran's president last year.

"Since Ahmadinejad left the political stage, Abu Mazen is the number one leader in injecting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel poison," Yuval Steinitz told a Tel Aviv security conference Wednesday, using the name by which Abbas is popularly known in Arabic.

"Under Abu Mazen the level of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement in the (Palestinian) Authority has reached new highs, where the bottom line is the destruction of Israel," said Steinitz, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party.

"As someone who denied the Holocaust in his youth, he today denies the very existence of the Jewish people and their right to their own state," he told the annual conference of the Institute for National Security Studies, according to a transcript on the INSS website.

"As long as we do not see substantive change in the (Palestinian) educational system and media, a peace agreement is an illusion."

Abbas' spokesman hit back at Steinitz on Thursday, saying Israel's own incitement was manifesting itself in the killing of Palestinians by the Israeli army.

In a statement, Nabil Abu Rudeina insisted that Palestinians would do nothing to undermine US efforts to push peace talks forward, and called on the US and Israel's government to condemn inflammatory rhetoric against Palestinian leaders.

"After serial Israeli incitement against Abbas, with the latest incident being Steinitz's comments, Netanyahu's government, as well as the US administration, must take an official stance on this attack," Abu Rudeina said.

"The Israeli army's killing of Palestinians, including Mohammad Mubarak yesterday (Wednesday), is the natural progression from (Israel's) policy of incitement through its ministers and officials," he said.

Israeli troops shot dead 19-year-old Mubarak near the West Bank city of Ramallah, with the army alleging he had opened fire at them although witnesses insisted he was unarmed.

In his doctoral thesis at Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University, Abbas questioned the figure of six million Jews killed in the Nazi Holocaust, suggesting the number could have been "fewer than one million."

But, he added, "the controversy over the figure cannot minimize in any way the atrocious crime committed against the Jews."
1 ) J / usa
30/01/2014 16:44
the world created palestinians from like sand and glue. so if it wants peace between israel and that fake entity named palestinians they should build one person and program it the way that peace can be reach because abbas is the biggest israeli hater and biggest obstacle to the peace

2 ) Outlier / USA
30/01/2014 17:23
Intemperate comments from either side during peace negotiations are not helpful.

3 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
30/01/2014 17:39
So.... Because others killed so many Jews you can white-wash your own killings? It's now legal to wipe out a whole nation? To imprison a whole country and steal their land because others did "this and that" to us? If Palestinians are anti-semitic for defending themselves then I can't be a Jew. (I most be Queen Elizabeth?) Zionists are really very sick "people". (sub-human)

4 ) mohamed / somalia
30/01/2014 19:29
what about the price tag against the palestinian people did you ever mention that. steinz go back to germany this is not your home land.

5 ) Julie / USA
30/01/2014 20:10
abbas recognized the state of izrael already. this is 100% izraeli hasbara propaganda so izrael will blame Palestinians for the failure of a peace agreement when in REALITY, it's always been the izraelis who NEVER wanted peace to begin with. their entire modus operandi is to destroy Palestine by stealing all the land for the 'greater izrael'...this has been their goal from the very early beginning even before izrael gained statehood.

6 ) Maureen / Australia
30/01/2014 21:20
What's he on about - clutching at straws, trying to divert world attention from Israel's inhumane treatment of Palestinian people by holding up the old worn out victim/anti-Semitic card. So sad to hear of bullies trying to rely on false history and gagging real media, all an endeavor for Zonist uninterrupted ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

7 ) Science / Fiction
30/01/2014 23:46
Or yeah - Abbas is a great scientist: he proved in his PhD thesises from Moscow, Russia university that it was no Halocaust committed by Germans. Now he need to prove scientifically that invented palestinian people exist in reality. Of cause, it is much more difficult task.

8 ) C.Dickenson / St Fagin's, Wales
31/01/2014 01:32
Wow, Abu Mazen must be finally doing something right to get the number one spot for most anti Semitic leader. Was it the recent celebratory Fatah video that tipped the balance, or something he said. Whatever it was, he has now just gone up in the estimation of much of the world's population (ex Isreel, Canada & US of course). Not of course for his anti Semitism, but for pi**sing Isreel off.

9 ) spb / usa
31/01/2014 01:46
so far so good. abbas CV is open and a short goole can verify his claims

10 ) Grammar? / USA
31/01/2014 07:51
5 ) Julie / USA: Were you educated in America?

11 ) Ben Barka / Tanzania
31/01/2014 08:49
Remember when US/UK/Israel called Mandela terrorist?

12 ) christian / united kingdom
31/01/2014 10:53
What I do not understand is this; if someone has been in the land before and another person comes from another land to live in this same land, the first person who lived there before is then exiled and after a long time by God's miracle he comes back to the land where he lived before, how then can this person who lived there before be called an occupier? The land of Israel belongs to Israel, they are not occupying palestine (palestine has never existed)these are arabs from neighbouring countries

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/01/2014 21:17
So...let me get this straight. An ISRAELI minister has accused someone else of being racist?

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/01/2014 21:18
To 'christian' #12: 'the first person who lived there before is then exiled and after a long time by God's miracle he comes back to the land where he lived before, how then can this person who lived there before be called an occupier?' Your confusion is easily overcome. Nothing that you claim occurred occurred in fact.
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