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Israel demolishes 4 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem
Published Monday 27/01/2014 (updated) 28/01/2014 16:15
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A woman from the Idriss family is comforted by a relative as they
watch Israeli diggers demolish their house in the Beit Hanina
neighborhood of east Jerusalem, Jan. 27. (AFP/Amnad Gharabli)
JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israeli authorities on Monday demolished four Palestinian homes in annexed East Jerusalem that had been built without construction permits, police and residents said.

A total of 20 people lived in the four buildings, two of them located in the al-Isawiya neighborhood and two in Beit Hanina, occupants told AFP.

They had been served demolition orders because they did not have the necessary construction permits, Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP.

She added the demolitions went ahead without incident.

Earlier, a local committee official told Ma'an that Israeli forces escorted bulldozers to the al-Isawiya neighborhood at around 6 a.m. and demolished a three-floor building belonging to Abdul-Hayy Dari.

In 2013, Israel destroyed 99 buildings in annexed East Jerusalem, leaving 298 people homeless, according to United Nations humanitarian affairs agency OCHA.

Palestinians and human rights groups in the city say Israel rarely grants the permits, forcing residents to build homes without them.

A man looks for salvageable items amid the rubble of a house demolished
by Israeli authorities in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of east Jerusalem, on
January 27, 2014.(AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

Ma'an staff contributed to this report.
1 ) al-Isawiya and Beit Hanina / are part of
27/01/2014 17:47
Jerusalem. They enjoy all the services and amenities of the city and MUST OBEY CITY ORDINANCES illeagal homes must be destroyed Part of LAW AND ORDER

2 ) Andrew / USA
27/01/2014 18:20
We all want peace and to make concessions. But what authority does the PLO have to give up anything. Its not a civilized country that will uphold its signed agreements. Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, will they agree with whatever is signed?

3 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
27/01/2014 20:37
Disgusting, disgusting nazi behavior.

4 ) Peter Alan Foley / United Kingdom
27/01/2014 20:38
There was nothing illegal about these homes in East Jerusalem. What is illegal is the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem/ West bank, and the continued vile oppression of the Palestinian people.

5 ) Wayne / nz
27/01/2014 22:23
Umm ...., in a civilised country i think you might find that things are done a little different ..... We can have inspectors come assess the building and give it a code of compliance, and let you fix any problems . Not just come assess at 6am and destroy your home. The council have about 90 days to pass or fail plans for a house here in N.Z Regardless of what race or religion you are !

6 ) Qasim / Egypt
27/01/2014 23:41
There must be an end to the illegal annexation of E. Jerusalem, so that its rightful inhabitants are no longer made homeless in such a cruel & heartless way. The PLO should become stronger by including Hamas to further its cause. This is the only way for negotiations to go forward. Hamas represents a large section of the populace & is capable of eventually renouncing the armed struggle in the right circumstances. This would ensure lasting stability & peace, through co operative working of allies

7 ) Mel / USA
28/01/2014 00:42
You're cruel,Zionist Israel.As Nazi's are cruel,or Stalin was,or any OTHER despotic'holier-than-thou' racist exceptionalist lunatics who spit on all international laws/human rights. Even USG can't get rid of the stink of Zionism & that's why our USG is in double-standard trouble.Because the Absolutist mindset is SADISTIC,ARROGANT,DELUDED,GREEDY &-thankfully-transcient & self-destructive.One consolation,is KNOWING Zionism is imploding.That's leaves PLURALISM safer,long-term,to REBUILD ALL!

8 ) @ Andrew-2 / Upholding Laws & Peace
28/01/2014 00:49
"Civilized countries", like Israel, the USA and so many others, "upholds" ** LAWS (zoning, permitting, taxation, freedom speech, etc.), ** AND it must "uphold" ** PEACE", by suppressing violent demonstrations, that involve Arabs throwing stones, and destroying property, security devices, etc. !!!

9 ) Robert / US
28/01/2014 03:44
#2 Andrew are you so naive, what you state in your post is not factual, its not cohesive. . Why is that Andrew ? Why doesnt israel sign the npt, iran has...and why the illegal occupation & apartheid andrew ?, please anwser my question. .

10 ) BDS / Canada
28/01/2014 05:12
Heart breaking for the families, mothers, fathers, children - this illegal brutality and occupation must end. Support the BDS to end the occupation and for justice and human rights for Palestine.

11 ) Imael / USA
28/01/2014 05:30
I suppose that when the PA is in charge everything will be roses, and the Casbah with narrow winding streets will return. City planning to be forbidden.

12 ) Outlier / USA
28/01/2014 05:57
Get. A. Construction. Permit. Not rocket science. What were these folks expecting, a smile and an "attaboy?"

13 ) BDS/Tanzania / Tanzania
28/01/2014 08:28
High time the word imposed comprehensive sanction on Israel like it did with apartheid South Africa

14 ) faizan / Canada
28/01/2014 20:03
isreal is just pain in the ass for world Palestine will be freeeeeeeeeee :) soon

15 ) Eoin/ London / Uk
29/01/2014 17:30
Disguising !!!! Maybe someone should bulldoze the Israelis illegal settlements !!

16 ) Maureen / Australia
29/01/2014 20:04
Nasty little b*tch, Israel, is not getting her way with the USA to start a new invasion/war (Iran) so takes her frustration out on Palestine and its people!

17 ) Sander / The Netherlands
31/01/2014 23:42
Let's start with house demolition of all illegal Israeli settlements.

18 ) Arieh King / Jerusalem= Our Capital
04/02/2014 03:27
The house at Beit Hanina that was demolished was built on Jewish land. Jews have land registry on this plot (118 at block 30615). I personally told the Ajlouni family not to build and not to spend 1$ on the land that is not belong to them. They took a risk, and now they paid for taking this risk. It was not a smart thing to do. At the year 2,000 Achmad Al-Masri went to the Israeli jail after he admited that he stolen this land from the Jewish owners. So WHY Ajlouni built at 2012 on stolen land?
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