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Kerry: Palestinians need to know Israeli 'occupation' will end
Published Saturday 25/01/2014 (updated) 27/01/2014 10:35
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US Secretary of State John Kerry delivers the keynote address at the
Saban Forum in Washington on Dec. 7, 2013 (AFP/File Nicholas Kamm)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- US Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday that Palestinians must be assured that the Israeli "occupation" would end as a result of a peace deal.

"Palestinians need to know that at the end of the day their territory will be free of Israeli troops -- that occupation ends," Kerry said at the global economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.

An Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement must include a "full-phased, final withdrawal of the Israeli army," he said, adding that Israel would need to be assured of its security.

At the same time, Kerry called for mutual recognition of "the Jewish state of Israel and the Arab state of Palestine."

He also said the failure current peace talks would threaten Israel's Jewish demographic character.

If talks fail, "the demographic dynamic will make it impossible to preserve its future as a democratic Jewish state," Kerry said.

Israel's security cannot be assured unless it secures its democratic future, he added.

The failure of the peace talks, Kerry said, would be dangerous for Palestinians.

"Failure will only embolden extremists and empower hardliners at the expense of the moderates, who have been committed to a nonviolent track to try to find peace."

He added: "Palestinians will be no closer to the sovereignty that they seek, no closer to their ability to be the masters of their own fate, no closer to their ability to grow their own economy, no closer to solving the refugee problem that has been allowed to fester for decades."

Kerry then discussed the benefits of a peace agreement for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel would gain recognition from several Arab and Islamic states, and therefore would have new opportunities for economic partnership, he said.

He said Palestinians would also be able to take new economic initiatives once they had achieved "a new life, free from occupation."

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were relaunched in July under the auspices of the US after nearly three years of impasse.

Israel's government has announced the construction of thousands of housing units in illegal settlements since peace talks began.

Palestinian officials have repeatedly said that recognizing the concept of Israel as a "Jewish state" is unnecessary and threatens the rights of nearly 1.3 million Palestinian citizens of Israel who remained in their homes during the displacement of the majority of the Palestinian population during the 1948 war.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.
1 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
25/01/2014 12:36
hahahaha Lock this man up and throw away the keys. "Israel" will never give up, they are making to much money by occupying Palestine. Is Kerry born under a rock?

2 ) KAGH / US
25/01/2014 12:39
Netanyahu said @ Davos he would not evacuate a single Israeli from the WB, and Mr Kerry knows full well that Israel has little to fear the US taxpayers will be forced to continue providing 23% of Israel's military budget and the EU, come Monday we'll see what gets trotted out it's International Holocaust Remembrance Day

3 ) Michael Marten / Scotland
25/01/2014 13:01
Nice words, as they say, but what a shame his government is doing everything it can to sustain the occupation...

4 ) Wayne / nz
25/01/2014 13:17
Funny how its going to be dangerous for Palestinians I mean what dose he think it is now ? We hear of people being shot and arrested , or held for questioning Every day ...... Wake up Kerry ..... Court is not far off now .

5 ) J / usa
25/01/2014 13:57
Kerry is the a 2 face clown. Nothing gonna happen to israel if palestinians don't get a state. Instead of being called palestinian terror that we have now. Its gonna palestine state of terror and we can not accept that. Peace only will be achieved if palestinians leave the whole area

6 ) Fair Peace / USA
25/01/2014 15:14
Mr. Secretary: Withdraw from where? Be specific please. Also your mixing mixing religion with race when you ask for "a mutual recognition of "the Jewish state of Israel and the Arab state of Palestine." You either make both religious states and continue the conflict or make both secular states for ALL.

Thank you

7 ) alphanumeric / USA
25/01/2014 16:48
What are the Palestinians offering the Israelis in exchange for the land and sovereignty they demand? Why should the Israelis give up any advantage at all? The Palestinians don't want a state for themselves; if they did they would seek a friendly accommodation with their "occupiers". They really just want the end of the state of the Jews, after which they can carry on the universal tradition of Arab on Arab murder and mayhem as seen from Iraq all the way to Morocco.

8 ) Mel / USA
25/01/2014 16:51
Kerry's such a gonadless,lying jerk! All Zionists"need to know",that Israel's USG-funded ILLEGAL occupation,pogroms,racism/bigotry against non-Jews in Palestine,WILL end,soon! Sadistic Zionism's a parasite abusing its HOSTS!That's not a healthy symbiosis.ISRAEL must "know"it has a choice,'tween international laws(not WHITE-patron exceptions),abide by Resol 242&Geneva Cons OR choose Jewish fascism,loose all GOOD ALLIES,BENEFITS,RELATIONS & go down ALONE? ACTION=BDS! ICC/ICJ! And Palestine resist!

9 ) EE / UK
25/01/2014 18:44
#6 Fair - get educated: being a Jew represents both - ethnicity and religion. And do not pretend that word "Jew" means only religion - it means ethnicity as much as religion. There is a Jewish people with all characteristics of separate people: state, language, culture, literature, dance, music, history, habits etc. and of cause their own religion of Judaism. But being a Jew not necessarily means being religious - Soviet, Russian, a lot of American Jews are secular. Continued

10 ) EE / UK
25/01/2014 18:48
Continued: to the contrary - Palestinians do not qualify to be called a separate people: they do not have their own language, religion, state, literature - and never had. Even words "Palestinian people" were not used at all before mid-1970s - they were called Israeli Arabs or just Arabs. Nothing wrong to be an Arab, but do not stretch it and create invented Palestinian people. It has nothing to do with creation of the separate state for some Arabs residing in West Bank or Gaza.

11 ) E / usa
25/01/2014 21:05
Yes I agree #10. Gaza was egypt's. West bank and e jerusalem was jordan's. At what point did world decide its a palestinian? They want israel to go back to 1967 border. Why then palestinians don't want golan hieghts? I guess that's gonna be next because for some unknown reason world likes palestinians or maybe the world has nothing better to do than care about those useless people

12 ) deb / UK
25/01/2014 22:57
@9 & 10 Judaism is a religion not an ethnicity. There is no such thing as a Jewish people with shared ancestry and culture. Jews from Morocco have nothing in common with Jews from Russia. Palestinians are a nationality made up mostly of Arabs who practice Islam and Christianity.

13 ) SS / USA
25/01/2014 23:12
In response to comment#5, the whole World knows who the terrorist are and also knows the terrorist State. Neither the Palestenians nor the State of Palestine are terrorists. they are occupied. The fact is the occupier is the terrorist. Also, the Palestenians wold rather die than leave their land. If it come to that, it might be me and my enemy.

14 ) Paul / Kenya
26/01/2014 01:44
Truth is there are no Palestinians, they Jordanian, Syrian, Leb Arabs. The land was captured from Jordan, not an imagined Palestinian state.

15 ) Juliette / New Zealand
26/01/2014 02:29
@ 5, 9, 10, 11. Get your facts right. 6, why should the Palestinians leave the area, it is theirs. 9, 10, 11 yes, Palestinians do have a distinct identity, denying it is as stupid as denying the holocaust. The fact that it serves your hasbara doesn't make it right.

16 ) @ Sarah-1 & Fair-6 / Correctness
26/01/2014 05:48
-1- You are correct that - "Israel will never give up", or surrender to PLO demands (borders, capitals, refugees, etc.) that it considers unreasonable and unfair, just as - "Palestine" will never surrender to Israeli demands that it considers unreasonable and unfair, and -6- You are doubly Incorrect to think that the State of Israel and Authority of Palestine will ever agree on the terms of a "Fair Peace", or that Kerry can could determine either's religious/secular natures !!

17 ) @ EE-10 / Fact of The Matter
26/01/2014 05:58
- IT MATTERS NOT in the slightest whether or not "Palestinians qualify", or "have their own language, religion, literature", etc., or if they are an "invented Palestinian people" !! Instead, - ALL THAT MATTERS is whether Palestinians can reach an agreement, with the State of Israel, so as to become a real state, with real sovereignty. And, after (post-Oslo) 20 years of trying, it seems almost certain that they can NOT compromise, so as to reach an agreement, and to become a state !!

18 ) M / USA
26/01/2014 08:08
How pathetic #10 & #11 You probably don't speak Arabic, if you do, you'll know that Palestinians have a very special dialect. Our religion is Islam and Christianity. We don't have a state, we have a country and its called Palestine(filistine). Our traditional wear originated centuries ago (thob dresses, kiffeyeh, wuqa, etc) still worn today at all events. Palestinian foods so common, especially in the Arab world (knafeh, maftoul, maklobeh, msakhan, maftoul, mamoul, etc).

19 ) M / USA
26/01/2014 08:13
Unlike Israelis, Palestinians have their own traditions, culture and food. We don't try to claim other people food and traditions like how they claim hummus and falafel & pita bread, etc as we know they were originated in Turkey. Its not a surprise, they steal land so why no culture & traditions?

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2014 08:16
To E #11: 'Yes I agree #10. Gaza was egypt's. West bank and e jerusalem was jordan's. At what point did world decide its a palestinian? ' If by 'the world,' you mean the UN, that would have been in 1947. Israel agreed, incidentally.

21 ) EE / UK
26/01/2014 13:49
#18 - I am sorry, but you are wrong. There never in History was a country called Palestine or felistine. There is no such country now and a lot of people including me doubt that such country will ever be created. Palestine is a geographical term for the piece of land between Jordan river and sea. Just like Siberia in Russia, New England in US or Transylvania in Romania. It is not a country and never was.

22 ) Marcos / Mexico
26/01/2014 17:01
Palestinian nation, heritage, tradition, identity and presence in the historic land of Palestine as well as all her children in diaspora around the world, is a fact that doesn't need to be proven to the fool. Of course occupation will end. Sooner or later. Even the longest night comes to an end.

23 ) Mel / USA
26/01/2014 18:26
p.s.Sure Kerry,UNGA will allow fascist Zionism's "State"(code name for ethno-theocracy)as long as Israel RETREATS to pre-67 borders & honors Res.242! Schizoid Zionists can even take their segregation wall,to lock out the world!! As long as all OTHER CONTIGUOUS land/resources are returned to pluralistic Palestine.I'd imagine STILL MORE young Jews,instead of-essentially-facing life inside a Jewish ghetto(built by Jewish-fascists)would leave Israel. Unless they LIKE racist,bigotted,Jewish fascism?!

24 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
26/01/2014 19:16
Jewish and Arab states? Israelis can be Jews, non-Jews, Christian, Muslim, agnostics or atheists. Arabs can be Jews, Christians, Muslims, agnostics or atheists. Mr Kerry needs to re-think his two states. If they ever existed, they would be Israeli and Palestinian.

25 ) Truth / Reality
26/01/2014 19:39
PALESTINIANS already KNOW, that by their definition, THE Israeli "OCCUPATION" WILL NEVER END, because their definition of "Palestine" definitely includes: - ALL 100% of East Jerusalem and 1949/1967 "borders", and - ALL 100% of the British Mandate of Palestine, even before Israel came into existence !!

26 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2014 21:05
To EE #21: 'Palestine is a geographical term for the piece of land between Jordan river and sea. Just like Siberia in Russia, New England in US or Transylvania in Romania. It is not a country and never was.' See also 'Ireland,' 'Italy,' 'Greece,' 'Turkey,' and 'Germany.' Oh wait...

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/01/2014 21:09
To Marcos #22: ' Of course occupation will end. Sooner or later. Even the longest night comes to an end.' Indeed. No state constituted on the basis Israel is constituted on has ever endured. It's not merely evil, but (happily) also futile.

28 ) Saburah / Misri
26/01/2014 21:18
To those on this page who are either lying or ignorant about the historical existence of Palestine, Herodotus wrote about Palaistine in the 5th century BCE. It is also mentioned numerous times in the bible (although most people choose to ignore that fact). Palestine has its own culture, traditions, food, even the dresses worn by women are embroidered according the region they come from. As an aside, why is Kerry choosing to call it Arab State of Palestine, surely its up to Palestinian to choose.

29 ) Heracles / Paris
26/01/2014 23:57
Guys .................. you seem not to have recognized that Kerry speaks for Obama................. that Obama is in the last stretch of his Presidency ............that Netanyahu is being assailed by moderates within and without Israel ............and the juxtaposition in Kerry's speech of 'democracy' and 'Israel' are very telling ..........................this is a signal to Netanyahu that he better get real about 'peace' .............also note the words 'Palestine without occupation'!!!!!!

30 ) ian / australia
27/01/2014 00:20
#9 "...being a Jew represents both - ethnicity and religion. And do not pretend that word "Jew" means only religion - it means ethnicity as much as religion." #10 "Palestinians do not qualify to be called a separate people." You've got that backwards, EE. Palestinians are obviously a people. They are the Semites who have lived in Palestine since it was Canaan...worshipping Baal, El, Yahweh, Jesus and Allah variously over the years. They look alike, share a common culture, communicate (in Arabic)

31 ) ian / australia
27/01/2014 00:21
(contd.) and have no significant history OUTSIDE the region where they have been since the Bronze Age. "Jews", on the other hand, are a different kettle of gefilte fish. Tell me, EE. What does a Yemeni Jew and a Swedish Jew have in common? (Certainly not soused herring or Ingmar Bergman movies.) What "state, language, culture, literature, dance, music, history, habits etc." do they share? They don't look the same, are obviously racially quite different and can't communicate. How are they

32 ) ian / australia
27/01/2014 00:22
(contd.) conceivably a "people" other than that the RELIGION they CONVERTED to (Yemeni Jews are Arabian converts and Scandinavian Jews probably Khazars) says they are? And that's the peculiar thing: converts to Judaism take on its "beliefs" and one of those "beliefs" is that (as you state) "being a Jew represents both...ethnicity and religion". It makes no sense, but converts convert to (or marry into), against all logic, a RACE. I'd add that NOT having previously been a state (though biblically

33 ) ian / australia
27/01/2014 00:24
(contd.) the Philistines were a kingdom, just like the Israelites and Judeans), doesn't change the modern RIGHT of the Palestinian people to self-determination in their homeland.

34 ) JS / UK
27/01/2014 03:05
Not USA but the Criminal gang in Washington should realise that American people are sick of the Parasite in Palestine. Palestinians are not responsible for the holocaust. Germans are. Find them a " homeland " there, All negotiations are lie in two ways; one to side line German crimes against Jews ( Ghpsies too ) and second to cover up Palestinian Genocide.

35 ) PS / Ph
27/01/2014 11:07
Is he stupid or what?!?!

36 ) Robert / US
28/01/2014 12:53
Hey lurch, its our job here to END AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION & APARTHEID in the middleast

37 ) Frank Delfrasio / USA
28/01/2014 23:24

38 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
01/02/2014 03:49
"Jews are a religious group.": How ignorant."Judaism"is a religion,"Jewishness" is a peoplehood, an ethnicity. Ever hear of a"Lutheran Genetic Disease" or"Buddhist Congenital Defect"?Jews were a People long before they adopted Ethical Monotheism as a belief system and endogamy has helped preserve that close genetic relatio ship so that all Jews today- excepting Ethiopian and 2 groups from India-are related to the 4th degree, i.e, closer than any single Arab Clan.
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