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Villagers hold settlers 'captive' near Nablus following clashes
Published Tuesday 07/01/2014 (updated) 09/01/2014 20:11
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(MaanImages/Ahmad Telat Hassan/AFP)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Palestinian villagers from the Nablus town of Qusra on Tuesday held at least 18 settlers captive after they raided their village and tried to uproot olive trees, a Palestinian Authority official said.

Ghassan Daghlas, a PA official who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that settlers from the illegal outpost of Yesh Kodesh tried to uproot olive trees belonging to Qusra residents.

In the nearby village of Jalud, dozens of settlers attempted to uproot olive trees south of the main entrance. Jalud residents quickly mobilized to stop the attacks, leading to clashes.

Daghlas said that Qusra villagers managed to contain 18 settlers for several hours in an area between Qusra and Jalud.

Palestinian security sources told AFP locals had apprehended the settlers, some of whom were masked, after earlier clashes between the sides near Qusra village.

The governor of Nablus, Jibrin al-Bakri, later confirmed that the settlers had been transferred to Israeli military forces via Palestinian liaison officials.

The Nablus official praised villagers for their resilience in stopping the attack by extremist settlers and called on the PA to support farmers in rural areas.

"During the confrontation mutual rock-hurling took place, injuring some of the Israelis," Israel's army said in a statement.

"Initial inquiry suggests the confrontation erupted following a law enforcement activity which took place earlier today in Esh Kodesh."

Esh Kodesh is a nearby illegal outpost, where military radio said the army had earlier uprooted an olive grove settlers had illegally planted.

A group of settlers then entered Qusra to provoke a clash, the report said.

Settlers routinely attack Palestinians and their property in the occupied West Bank.

Over 7,500 olive trees were damaged or destroyed by settlers between January and mid-October in 2012, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

1 ) Mel / USA
07/01/2014 19:48
Bravo Jalud & Qusra! Resist Zionism's USG-protected brutality,because that's your right. The young Jews of the IOF should THANK the Palestinian citizen civilian villagers,for DOING Israel's job,for them by blocking Jewish-fascist thugs!Must the Israel really "stand alone ¬ be reckoned among nations"just because of Nazi-Zionism? BRAVO Palestinians! You commit no crime.Resistance against oppression,is your human RIGHT!We always stand with the gentle Arab keepers of the Olive trees!

2 ) Tina / A
07/01/2014 20:21
Thank you, at last the Palestinian people fight back. Il'd like to read more of this positive news.

3 ) wjm / usa
07/01/2014 21:17
The Jewish settlers despise the Russian pogroms so much that they have decided to emulate them.

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/01/2014 21:35
Those are some GREAT pictures! The village will have to pay, of course -- but it must have been sweet.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/01/2014 22:01
Hey Brain! In that third picture...the one of the captive group...Which one are you? The dude behind the red head?

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/01/2014 22:05
Sigh. The poor Zionists. They try and try to get the Palestinians to play terrified Jew to their brutal Cossack -- but the Palestinians just won't learn their part! It must be frustrating...how can the Jews feel like the Master Race if the Palestinians keep acting like this? The fruit of a thousand 'price tag' attacks -- all destroyed in a single afternoon.

7 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
07/01/2014 22:40
No shortage of raving lunatic idiots on both sides who represent the minority, not the majority. Just as we know that most Palestinians are not suicide bombers and don't want to be, most Israelis are not whacko extremist settlers - in fact, most settlers are not like these violent idiots and they do not represent anybody but the extreme fringe. Sure, the raving commenters will try to say they are the majority, but the truth is there that they are not. Proof? Come visit and I'll show you.

8 ) Moll / NG
07/01/2014 23:09
"During the confrontation mutual rock-hurling took place, injuring some of the Israelis," Israel's army said in a statement. - That's because Palestinians are better at slingshot, the IDF gives them plenty of target practice. Nice pictures too, well done villagers of Qusra.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/01/2014 23:10
It'll be worth keeping the name 'Qusra' in mind. The Zionists will retaliate against it in some form, at some point. Whatever the story is then, remember this.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/01/2014 23:14
This hasn't been the first time Qusra has stood firm against Zionist terror, either. From Wikipedia: '...On 23 September 2011, a group of about a dozen settlers from a nearby outpost approached Qusra, and a warning was announced from the mosque speakers. A large group from Qusra confronted the settlers, and threw stones, after which the Israeli Army arrived, protecting the settlers. The IDF first fired tear gas, then live rounds, killing one man, identified as Essam Kamal Badran, 35...'

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/01/2014 23:18
This is, incidentally, an excellent form of resistance. As long as the clashes occur on the land of the Palestinian villages, the Zionists necessarily don't have much of a way of spinning it.

12 ) jesse / usa
07/01/2014 23:20
I see that the Palestinians throwing rocks have hit their mark. they have lots of practice throwing rocks

13 ) Dear / Israel
08/01/2014 01:16
Please learn from the Palestinians, they detained 18 people without shooting a single person or tear gas or breaking down they doors at 2 in the morning. These people the Israeli army to shame. Well done Qusar

14 ) Justpeace / US
08/01/2014 01:53
rise up oh palestine, rise up!

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 01:58
The best picture of the bunch is actually the second -- these thugs apprehended and cowering in fear of their intended victims. That -- rather than the picture of the single one of the Zionists who apparently at least had the courage to fight -- is what should be the picture on your home page.

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 03:26
So seriously: where are Brain, Dwek, et al? Don't they want to defend these noble warriors for Zion? I was kinda hoping we could find out who these heroes are...put a name to a face and all that. Some of 'em seem kinda shy: there's the guy hiding his head in a green bag, for example. Let's have 'em stand up and get the credit they're due.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 03:56
Notice the stick visible in the second picture -- and the expression of the settlers. The Zionists get a whole new attitude when someone else is holding the club. No more 'Lords of the Land.'

18 ) Bustingears / USA
08/01/2014 04:56
The settlers : ... are illegal, trespassers and were bent on destruction. They got what they deserved, in civilized democratic countries such as the US trespassers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law ... These cowardly hooligans got off easy.

19 ) Rami / Palestine
08/01/2014 09:18
Any minute now.... Brian Cohen and Tibi Tubas are going to post some garbage in support of these Israeli terrorists. `Can't wait to see what B.S. they have to post this time.

20 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
08/01/2014 09:47
Why hide your faces if you think what you are doing is right ?

21 ) Seshemisham / Israel
08/01/2014 10:10
I've seen the whole thing in the Israeli news and I must say that the Muchtar and the elders of Qusra have my respect. This clash could have ended with fatalities on both sides. Instead, you can see the settlers in their fear and their shame and the responsible way the elders acted, keeping their angered youth at bay and calling the military to pick them up. I think pictures like these serve the Palestinian interests much better than stonethrowing kids.

22 ) seshemisham / Israel
08/01/2014 10:11
Recently I found a passage in the Tora relating to uprooting trees. It is forbidden to touch the fruitbearing trees of the enemy. So the settlers doing this don't even know the laws of their own holy scripture.

23 ) ian / australia
08/01/2014 12:05
They are the creepiest people on earth and the impunity they assume to despoil and destroy, based on religious ideology, is beyond creepy. But they sort of believed their own publicity this time...that as "chosen" Supermen, observing the statute of the eternal torment of Amalek...they were invincible. But in the real world, not their bizarre fantasy world, the villagers of Qusra had the numbers and fought back. Creepier still, is how they can probably spin the images of scruffy, bloodied Jews,

24 ) ian / australia
08/01/2014 12:07
(contd.) huddling together, and threatened with a big stick (!) as the eternal persecution, eternal victimhood. They've got all bases covered. It's a kind of evil genius. Of course, the "price tag" attacks in revenge for the ignominy of the humiliating "rescue" are entirely predictable and won't be pretty because they're complete fruitcakes that way.

25 ) Maureen / Australia
08/01/2014 18:21
Trouble making theiving squatters receive shock treatment. Bravo Qusra villagers!

26 ) Peter Lake / Canada
08/01/2014 18:42
I believe you, are not an extremist, Brian Cohen, but the how can you expect Hamas to control their population (after you bomb their police academy during its graduating ceremony and deny them access to resources) when Israel, with its vaunted (and US funded) military cannot control these illegal settlers. (BTW, ALL settlers on militarily occupied lands, anywhere, are illegal)

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 21:14
To Peter Lake #26: 'I believe you, are not an extremist, Brian Cohen...' That's the worst of it. Brain is probably all too representative of the Zionist average.

28 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 21:44
To Brian Cohen #7: '...in fact, most settlers are not like these violent idiots and they do not represent anybody but the extreme fringe...' Actually, Brain, it would seem these violent idiots have the support of your government. Yesterday, Israel arrested the man who photographed their humiliation.

29 ) Urs / Switzerland
08/01/2014 22:58
"in fact, most settlers are not like these violent idiots and they do not represent anybody but the extreme fringe". Brian, why does the Israeli government support those "idiots"? Why is it possible for them to build outposts? Why is Israeli police or army not able (or not willing?) to control those "idiots"? Why does the Israeli army protect those "idiots" and their settlements? In fact the radical Israeli settlers are not as isolated as you tell us. They are supported in many ways by Israel.

30 ) Tony Kane / Irreland
08/01/2014 23:25
Im glad to see these racist idiots getting what they deserve. Brainwashed fools. Israels days are running out. The BDS movement is gaining momentum, the world is waking up to this apartheid regime.

31 ) ian / australia
09/01/2014 00:43
#7 "...most Palestinians are not suicide bombers and don't want to be, most Israelis are not whacko extremist settlers - in fact, most settlers are not like these violent idiots and they do not represent anybody but the extreme fringe." Not so fast, Brian. Nice thought but the "extreme fringe" is in power in Israel and Likud policies are not so different to the "violent idiots" from Yesh Kodesh. (See "Israel destroys shepherding community in Jordan Valley".) These demented kippot/payot-wearing

32 ) ian / australia
09/01/2014 00:44
(contd.) whackos are the junior division. The heavyweight "whacko extremists" are in the Knesset menacing Palestinians on a larger scale by refusing to offer them ANY alternative to abject submission to their will.

33 ) ian / australia
09/01/2014 00:47
That's true, seshemisham. But the Torah proscription against destroying fruiting trees comes with the argument that they can be USED by the Children of Israel after they've been stolen. That's why destroying them is forbidden. As the village lands of Qusra and Jalud can't be conquered as in biblical times, and the olive trees taken and used, DESTROYING them is the next best thing. Seems the Rebbe at Yesh Kodesh (if there is one) has ruled that the injunction to hound the descendants of

34 ) ian / australia
09/01/2014 00:47
(contd.) Amalek unto death, takes precedence.

35 ) Justice 1948 / USA
09/01/2014 19:36
Let this be a lesson to all illegal Zionist settlers who attempt to uproot Palestinian olive trees. Proud of the people of Qusra.

36 ) ian / australia
11/01/2014 23:30
#7 "...most Palestinians are not suicide bombers...most Israelis are not whacko extremist settlers..." Or put it this way, Brian. If most Israelis and most Palestinians are moderate, reasonable and decent why is the STATE of Israel doing everything it possibly can to incite violence and crush the wholly reasonable hopes of Palestinians for a state on their historic land which includes their holy places?

37 ) Dimi / Germany
12/01/2014 15:02
Well done Palestinians do not accept extremists who intend to cut your trees.What I cannot understand is why do you handover such elements to Israel and not to a Palestinian court.

38 ) Colin Wright / USA
14/01/2014 07:08
To Dimi #37 'What I cannot understand is why do you handover such elements to Israel and not to a Palestinian court.' That suggests a certain failure to grasp the essence of the Israeli state.
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