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Prisoner release conditions prove Israel not acting in 'goodwill'
Published Monday 30/12/2013 (updated) 15/01/2014 11:56
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A relative of prisoner Said al-Tamimi weeps as family and friends
prepare his home after receiving the news of his impending
release from an Israeli jail, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh,
on December 29, 2013. (AFP/Abbas Momani)

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Conditions attached to the release of Palestinian prisoners prove that Israel is not serious about the peace process, the director of rights group Addameer said Monday as 26 Palestinians prepared to be freed from Israeli jails.

Israeli authorities are expected to release the veteran Palestinian prisoners after midnight in the third stage of a phased agreement to free 104 detainees in line with commitments to US-brokered peace talks, which began in July.

In October, Israel released a group of 26 Palestinians detained before the 1993 Oslo Accords, while a first group was freed on Aug. 13.

Sahar Francis, general director of rights group Addameer, said that while any release of prisoners is welcome, strict Israeli conditions on freed detainees undermine "hope" and "trust" in the peace process.

"Israel has showed it is putting conditions on prisoner releases and the US supports these conditions. Prisoners held before 1993 should have been released 20 years ago, and not today," she told Ma'an.

Francis says that Israel restricts the freedom of movement of Palestinians freed as part of political agreements, with residents of East Jerusalem banned from visiting the West Bank or Gaza Strip following their release.

West Bank residents are banned from leaving their district for months, and in some cases up to a year, following a return to civilian life, while released prisoners are also prohibited from leaving the country for varying periods of time depending on their sentence, with some permanently banned.

Any involvement in political activities can be also grounds for rearrest and imprisonment by Israeli authorities.

"These practices show that the Israelis are not really seeking justice and a lasting peace with the Palestinians," Francis said.

"If the Israelis really had good intentions to end the conflict and grant Palestinians basic rights under international law they should release all Palestinian prisoners and stop arresting Palestinians in the occupied territories."

Israel treats Palestinians like 'terrorists'

In past prisoner releases, Israel has rearrested dozens of ex-detainees under Military Order 1651, which Francis says violates the most "basic rights" of Palestinian prisoners.

The order, which was implemented in 2009, allows for an Israeli military committee to sentence detainees to serve the remainder of their previous sentence under secret information not made available to lawyers.

Francis says the order was implemented by Israel to prepare "legally" for the release of prisoners which Israel would be reluctant to free and to impose conditions which would allow them to be rearrested in the future.

Israel has also violated international law by stipulating that freed detainees be deported to the Gaza Strip, or abroad, as part of the conditions of their release, Francis said.

Both Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna were rearrested by Israel under Military Order 1651 after being freed in the 2011 prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hamas, with Sharawna eventually deported to Gaza for 10 years after agreeing to end hunger strike action.

Hana Shalabi was also rearrested under the military order and subsequently deported to Gaza for three years under the conditions of her release.

These new procedures represent "serious violations" of human rights and prove that the Palestinian community can see little hope in the future of the peace process, Francis says.

Furthermore, Israel continues its policy of daily arrests in the occupied West Bank, which has increased in recent months, and has never committed to stopping the mass arrest of Palestinians while negotiations are taking place, Francis says.

"Israel recognizes Palestinians as terrorists and not as people seeking their independence and self determination, and this makes the whole difference in the treatment of prisoners in the political channel."

"We are happy that these 26 prisoners who spent years of their life in jail are being freed, of course the sadness is in thinking of the remaining 5,000 prisoners who are suffering behind bars."
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/12/2013 17:08
And the praise and celebrations heaped on convicted murderers - paying them a $50000 rewarding for killing civilians - is proof that Palestine is a depraved society and unworthy of membership in the family of nations.

2 ) Tom Kinney / USA
30/12/2013 17:10
These prisoners are lucky. Obviously they have been treated decently or they would not have lived long enough to get out of jail. If they had been Jews or Christians in an Muslim jail they would never have lived long enough to be denied justice. If this comment offends you, then you are offended by reality.

3 ) Mel / USA
30/12/2013 17:11
"...prove that Israel is not serious about the peace process..."? "hope","trust","peace"?? The most ridiculous thing with such human rights groups is that they actually BELIEVE(or pretend to) that the Zionist(akin to Nazism)regime of Israel is CAPABLE,after nearly 70YEARS,of any worthy,compassionate,honorable deeds when it comes to Arab CIVILIANS locked away in POW camps,Bantustans,prisons,jails or expelled to the diaspora.Israel's AIM is to DESTROY Palestine,by treacherous,foul,means ONLY!Duuh!

4 ) Julie / USA
30/12/2013 17:24
@1 maybe some day you'll realize that your comments leave you nothing but more isolated, kick you OFF the world stage, delegitimize izrael, prove you represent the pariah of all nations, and increase hatred and backlash worldwide against zionists....but as narcississts go, they never realize, they just end up more mentally ill than ever. the only allies who agree with you are fellow zionazi criminal psychos. your kind is loathed beyond measure, and very appropriately.

5 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/12/2013 17:40
Why Mel, you mean like what you and your fellow Yanks did (and are still doing) to the native Americans? You most certainly did occupy and destroy hundreds of native American nations. Some of them totally cleaned off the planet by your genocide. Are you saying us zionists should copy your American model? That would mean we should deny Arabs citizenship for about 300 years and import a few million African slaves. Right Mel? You moving back to Europe this week?

6 ) @ Mr Hoyle / USA
30/12/2013 17:50
-1- Any "people seeking their independence and self determination", by means of terrorism are by definition "TERRORISTS", whether they are Palestinians or not, and -2- Such individuals, with their guns, bombs, or rockets aimed at civilians, are "recognized as terrorists", by every civilized country on the planet, and -3- In less civilized countries such individuals would have been executed long ago, rather than fed, educated, and allowed visitors and TV privileges.

7 ) Truth / Both Peoples
30/12/2013 17:59
** BOTH PEOPLES ARE "SERIOUS ABOUT PEACE", if it provides security or statehood ON THEIR OWN TERMS. - The security/statehood terms of both peoples are, and shall forever remain, unacceptable to the other, and - Neither is willing to compromise enough on their terms, so ** NEITHER PEOPLES ARE "SERIOUS ABOUT PEACE".

8 ) Tibi / Tubas
30/12/2013 18:05
Keep in mind that - In the Culture of the Jewish State, they have been allowed many privileges (visitors, education, etc.), while - In the Culture of many Muslim states, such prisoners would be allowed to have their heads removed from their body, by the swing of a sword !!

9 ) josh / usa
30/12/2013 18:05
Any conditions to a release can be considered parole like we have in the states. if they don't like it, they can stay in jail. the goodwill is giving them any chance of freedom.

10 ) Arnold / Canada
30/12/2013 18:13
It is called conditions of parole. Accept it or land back in jail for another 20 years.

11 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
30/12/2013 18:34
@8 There is no Jewish state, there is a zionist state who had the nerve calling the Palestinian land "Israel". The holy name, shame on you (again) remember?

12 ) Outlier / USA
30/12/2013 19:26
The restrictions are realistic for those convicted of capital crimes like murder. Ask those released - they will tell you these restrictions are preferable to prison.

13 ) Sarah--- I bet your parents / were
30/12/2013 19:32

14 ) spb / us
30/12/2013 20:30
you can invoke human rights argument while talking about inhuman murderers. as for trust it has to be earned over a long period. don't like the deal don't take it

15 ) Maureen / Australia
30/12/2013 21:04
#5 Brian Cohen 'Yanks,' are under Zionist occupation and are Israel's tax paying slaves!

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/12/2013 21:35
To Brian Cohen #1: 'paying them a $50000 rewarding for killing civilians ' Nu? At least the US doesn't pay this bounty. Look at all the billions we pay you every year so that you can keep killing. I think we should stop paying YOU.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/12/2013 21:36
To Tibi #8: 'In the Culture of many Muslim states, such prisoners would be allowed to have their heads removed from their body, by the swing of a sword !!' Don't be such a hypocrite. You also execute the prisoners you genuinely regard as a threat -- on at least one occasion, by smashing their heads in with a rock.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/12/2013 21:37
To Arnold #10: 'It is called conditions of parole. Accept it or land back in jail for another 20 years.' Isn't it nice to have that absolute power? Does it give you a vicarious thrill?

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/12/2013 21:40
To Tom Kinney #2: ' If they had been Jews or Christians in an Muslim jail they would never have lived long enough to be denied justice.' It's a demonstrated fact that if it is a matter of Christians or Muslims who the Jews wish to arrest, that in many cases the prisoners don't live long enough to make it to jail. So what is your complaint?

20 ) Alex / USA
30/12/2013 21:59
@11 Sarah, get a hold of reality. The Jewish State has been re-established in 1948 and has prospered to-date. Take a pill and chill out.

21 ) josh / usa
30/12/2013 22:08
@ sarah- if you wanna get biblical or historical, there were jews there before there was even a people called Palestinian.

22 ) Outlier / USA
30/12/2013 23:00
11., Nice Sarah. Just because you do not like the idea does not mean Israel does not exist. Yes, it is predominantly Jewish. You may want to get used to it.

23 ) jenya / usa
30/12/2013 23:15
To #11. Sarah my dear u have no clue what u talking about. U activists are useless humans. the whole world recognizes israel and who do not like ur palestinians have nothing. From biblical times jews have ties to the land and there was never palestinian land. It was otoman empire land than british mandate then great state of israel and if palestinians gonna keep compaining they gonna have nothing. Nothing satisfy them. They really have nothing to bargain with so I suggest to accept failure

24 ) Ahmad / Canada
30/12/2013 23:29
Interestingly article does not describe crimes for which prisoners convicted. If these murderers are heroes to Palestinians, there is no hope. I am ashamed.

25 ) Robert / US
31/12/2013 00:28
What can you expect from people who think they are the master race or chosen, complete lunacy..

26 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/12/2013 01:35
' Prisoner release conditions prove Israel not acting in 'goodwill.' ' Collectively, we all need to move past getting excited about the discovery that Israel is vile and work out what to do about it instead. This is like stepping outside every morning and observing that yes, the roof needs fixing. So move on. Decide how to fix it.

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/12/2013 01:36
Re Brian Cohen #5: 'Why Mel, you mean like what you and your fellow Yanks did (and are still doing) to the native Americans?' The Brian's stuck again. Can't someone reinstall the program or something?

28 ) Tobias / USA
31/12/2013 02:32
Death is what these pre-meditated, multiple murderers deserved, and "an eye for eye" would be killing their family members too, so a few conditions upon their freedom is more "goodwill" than deserved.

29 ) @ Sarah-11 / USA
31/12/2013 02:45
-a- The Abraham did Not call himself "Palestinian", and neither did Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, etc., etc., and -b- If it was "Palestinian land" why did they Not say so, when Egypt stole Gaza, and Jordan stole the West Bank, and Syria stole the Golan. The Answer is Simple: - It Was Not Palestinian Land in 1948, just like - It Is Not Palestinian Land Now, and - Claiming the lands that Jordan/Egypt stole in 1948, & later lost in 1967, will Not make it "Palestinian Land" Ever !!!

30 ) spb / us
31/12/2013 02:51
not a good deal? don't take it

31 ) shirley / australai
31/12/2013 02:57
so the jees of the warsaw ghetto deemed terrorist should have been kept in jail or perhaps rerounded up by germany to finish their lives in jaial orevery ally that stopped nazi germany with bunker buster bombs dam busters bombing dresden etc should all be rounded up and of course the jews who committeda cts of terrorim king david hotel etc now living in luxury or the ongoing parcel bombs sent to palestinains pals have right to resist by any means same as jews had in ww2 stop the eternal victom

32 ) just / asking
31/12/2013 03:44
Jews never act in good will in any matter, im not anti anything except in bad deeds.. what happened ?

33 ) Robby / USA
31/12/2013 05:43
11 ) Sarah / The Netherlands - have you ever heard of Google maps? Try searching for "Israel".

34 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
31/12/2013 08:59
Julie - like other hysterical anti-Israel whiners, you don't even bother to talk about the content of my post. Why? Becuase you obviously endorse and condone war crimes by Palestinians. Given your history of rabid anti-Israel rants, you would probably push the button to blow up an Israeli bus full of women and children and enjoy it. Narcississts? Julie - you are the one sitting on stolen land, not me. Why don't you go back to Europe where you came from?

35 ) Outlier / USA
31/12/2013 16:16
26., Colin. "Vile?" Hardly. Pragmatic? Absolutely! If Palestinian and Israeli positions in this matter - in fact, in most matters - were reversed, I would expect to see the same or worse.

36 ) Ariel / Maale-Adumim, Israel
31/12/2013 16:28
Amazing, that this propaganda outlet allows dissenting views to be published. Or maybe because it's in English? Quiet 2014 for all.

37 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/01/2014 12:15
To Outlier #26: '26., Colin. "Vile?" Hardly. Pragmatic? Absolutely! If Palestinian and Israeli positions in this matter - in fact, in most matters - were reversed, I would expect to see the same or worse.' So you're picturing the Palestinians pouring out of Palestine and viciously expelling the Jews from their various points of origin? Would that be what you have in mind by 'matters being reversed'?

38 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/01/2014 12:18
To Robby #33: '11 ) Sarah / The Netherlands - have you ever heard of Google maps? Try searching for "Israel".' I could also just go to a dictionary. Look up 'lie,' 'perversion,' 'Nazism.' That'd work as well. It would also not only help me to understand where the place is, but what it is.

39 ) Outlier / USA
11/01/2014 19:41
37., Colin, as in the Aleppo pogrom against Jews in 1947? As in the revocation of citizenship for Jews in Libya in 1961?

40 ) wayne nz / n.z
12/01/2014 06:56
So its ok for Israel to kill any Palestinians tending there farm land, kill women and children, stop them getting medical help and having massive camp where they can terrorize the people inside these camps called the west bank and Gaza, hmmm sounds a lot like what Germany did to the Jews in world war 2, was it ok then, as seems ok now. Lets see the Israel leaders travel over seas to other country's other than the u.s and see what happens, that's right they can't with out being arrested lmao
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