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Israel strikes Gaza after border shootings, 2 dead in violence
Published Tuesday 24/12/2013 (updated) 25/12/2013 14:43
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli air forces launched airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, killing a 3-year-old Palestinian child and injuring her mother and brother, after an Israeli was shot dead at the border in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday afternoon.

Spokesman for the Gaza ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said that Hala Abu Sbeikha, 3, was killed and her mother and brother injured in an airstrike in al-Maghazi refugee camp.

Later, three Palestinians were injured in an Israeli artillery bombing east of Gaza City.

Israeli forces also launched three airstrikes on a military site belonging to al-Quds Brigades, the militant wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, between Khan Younis refugee camp and the city of Deir al-Balah and in the al-Atatra area of the northern Gaza Strip.

A statement from the Israeli army said that tanks and air forces struck a "weapons manufacturing facility" in the southern Gaza Strip and a "concealed rocket launcher" in northern Gaza, in addition to various "terror sites."

At least six people total were injured in Israeli tank and air strikes, Palestinian medics told AFP.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, Palestinian medical sources said the International Red Cross had received reports from the Israeli army that a Palestinian man was shot dead west of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. Later, when they searched the area, they found no body.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said she was unfamiliar with any such communication with the International Red Cross.

But she said that a Palestinian on Tuesday approached the border fence near Beit Lahiya and attempted to lay and explosive device, and that after warning him to stop, Israeli soldiers fired at his lower extremities, identifying a hit.

Palestinian sources also confirmed that a Palestinian was injured near the border in the same area.

Earlier, a Palestinian sniper shot and killed an Israeli Defense Ministry employee working on the border fence in northern Gaza Strip a few hours earlier.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said the man was killed while doing "maintenance" work on the border fence.

The Palestinian militant group Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the shooting, Israeli media reported.

The man was identified as 22-year-old Salah Abu Latif, according to Haaretz.

Abu Latif was a Bedouin from the city of Rafat in southern Israel, a police spokesman told AFP.

"One of our snipers hit an Israeli officer, who is in the Engineering Forces of the Israeli army, and seriously wounded him, near the borders between eastern Gaza Strip and Israel," Haaretz quoted the PRC as saying.

Israeli news site Ynet reported that the Israeli man had been working on the border fence when he was shot, and was taken to Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba.

He died of his wounds shortly after.

An earlier version of this story reported that two Palestinians were killed in the violence. In fact, Palestinian medical sources told Ma'an that Israeli forces had notified the International Red Cross, saying they had shot a man dead on the beach west of Beit Lahiya. But when Red Crescent teams were searching the area, they found no body. An Israeli army spokeswoman said she was unfamiliar with any such communication with the International Red Cross.
1 ) Omar / Qatar
24/12/2013 15:40
"Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un - "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return" - "May Allah magnify your reward, better your solace and forgive your deceased. Be patient Allah loves those who are patient".

2 ) Hetty / the Netherlands
24/12/2013 15:55
Netanyahu: "we will respond forcefully" Of course: they can, and Palestinians can't. And of course it will be a collective punishment again. In another posting i read a comment: " Not rocket science - stay away from the border fence". Of course this was meant for Palestinians. Of course it's not meant for the IOF. Well we know by now that the death of 1 "Israeli" means the death of 100 Palestinians.

3 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
24/12/2013 15:58
Ynet said: an Israeli civilian is killed. What is an Israeli civilian doing in Gaza? Was IDF thinking it was a Palestinian and shot him? Ynet didn't say: terrorist killed Israeli (like they always use the word terrorist) So I wonder. Is't a mysteries story.

4 ) Ageline / UK
24/12/2013 16:03
Tit for Tat - The zionists THE troublemaker provokes killed targeted in one week in Gaza and the West Bank several innocent people and one child ,if it was a palestinian who shot this man the palestinians have all the right of this world to defend themselves against this Monstars.

5 ) Hetty / the Netherlands
24/12/2013 16:37
Ah, it's December! Of course!! The false flag of the busbomb didn't get any attention internationally so let's make another one and take revenge. No one asks ever for evidence concerning all your false flags so go ahead!

6 ) khadija / turkey
24/12/2013 16:53
Palestinian children use their slingshot to israel force to oppose them. These children is more brave than UN.

7 ) Mel / USA
24/12/2013 17:03
? "the Israeli civilian"was a Israeli Arab private contractor for the IOF,in plain clothes,& was shot by accident,by Israeli soldiers? It was a civilian private contractor to the Israeli army for sure,working on the segregation/POW camp fence,who was killed.The IOF started taking pot-shots at Gazan civilians & now bomber-Bibi drops DISPROPORTIONATE bombs on BLOCKADED CIVILIAN Gaza at Christmas,again!Just remember,who are the VICTIMS here,who is occupied,&who's using BOMBS to kill tiny KIDS!

8 ) maisie / UK
24/12/2013 17:17
What runs through the collective veins of the West? How can Israel continue such deliberate (yes, deliberate) provocation? But, don't worry: on the 31st, Kerry (Dennis Ross lite) will pull the solution out of a hat and the peace process will continue...and continue...and continue until there is no Palestinian land remaining and the ethnic cleansing will have reached its goal.

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/12/2013 17:23
Palestinians continue to prefer to live by the sword.

10 ) Maureen / Australia
24/12/2013 17:24
An Israeli (provocateur sent by Israel) working in northern Gaza on the border fence was shot by a Palestinian sniper. So what, Israelis kill Palestinians (many innocent children) on their own side of the fence all the time! Killing each other is not the answer to anything, but Israel has set the agenda!

11 ) Hamas hopes that EGYPT will / help them but
24/12/2013 18:17
Egypt now considers HAMAS as the ENEMY Hamas is now ALONE

12 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/12/2013 18:22
Maureen - why don't you go kill some more innocent Aborigines? Seriously, you preach and whine and scream about "occupation" when the truth is that you are an illegal settler living on stolen land. Your agenda is the permanent occupation of Aboriginal lands. Face it - you are not going back to Europe where you came from. So what gives you the high and mightly morality you preach? The fact that you whities won and the Aborigines lost?

13 ) Paul / Kenya
24/12/2013 18:26
The contractor was an Israeli Muslim Arab, working on the border fence on the Israeli side of the border. He was murdered in cold blood by a Gazan murderer. He was noty in Gaza - PERIOD. The buffer zone was agreed to by Israel & Gaza run Hamas, 100 meters into Gazan territory & anyone who approaches the fence on the Gazan side is a legitimate target for Israeli soldiers, but certainly not vice versa, or do Arabs not keep their promises ?

14 ) Julie / USA
24/12/2013 18:33
1. no war in syria from US as bibi idiot wanted, 2. no war in iran, as bibi wanted, 3. ASA boycot took hold, 4. EU sanctions on settlements took hold...wow, izrael is seriously falling off the world stage FAST!!! no wonder they intentionally start war with Gaza AGAIN, it's the only thing they know: murder, war, murder, war, murder, war. german nazis were tame in comparison! the izraeli zionazis are no less than demons from hell

15 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
24/12/2013 18:49
Sounds like another human shield by the "Israelis"

16 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/12/2013 19:14
Julie - please explain how Palestinians shooting an Israeli Bedouin in the head is how Israel is starting a war in Gaza. Crikey - you just make stuff up so you can use the word "nazi" a few times in a posting. I said it before - if you're such a believer in the justice of the Gazan cause, leave America and take up Palestinian citizenship. They'll give you a gun or even better, a suicide bomb vest so you can come help liberate them yourself instead of being a long-distance armchair general.

17 ) gabriel / usa
24/12/2013 19:32
to Julie. keep telling these imaginations to yourself. the fact remains that israel has blossoming state and your palestinians have nothing.

18 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/12/2013 19:34
I must add how disgusted I am by those of you who declare yourselves judge and jury and appear to wish that you could be the hangman as well. The dead man was an innocent Arab, shot and killed in cold blood - yet Maureen concluded from her home 12000 km away in Australia that Salah Abu-Latayif was a "provocateur". Maureen - you are a simple coward who hides behind her keyboard and calls out names. Why don't you get on a plane and go visit the mourning tent in Rahat to learn the facts?

19 ) shadia / uk
24/12/2013 19:35
It's sad that people are dead from both side, life is priceless and shouldn't be lost by snappers or planes! Israeli need to open theirs eyes like south africa did before them and kick the zionist from power to work toward freedom and equality for all... media in Europe and US cannot hide israeli crimes any longer, you guys are going down the drain...

20 ) Mahmuda / UK
24/12/2013 19:44
May her soul rest in peace! How do these filthy people live with themselves

21 ) Samer / Palestine
24/12/2013 19:50
#13. You are not from Kenya. It seems that you are from the settlement of Sderot which was built on stolen Palestinian lands. It is better for you to pack your bags and go back to whatever hell you came from before it is too late.

22 ) Todd / Canada
24/12/2013 20:15
I don't understand, someone please explain, is the PRC happy they killed a Bedouin Arab on his first day on the job, because he worked for contractor of defense minister of the occupation? Or do they regret the killing as mistake, since he is after all Arab? Please explain someone

23 ) jesse / usa
24/12/2013 20:27
BTW, the "Israeli" killed was an ISRAELI ARAB. . nice shooting

24 ) ani maamin / UK
24/12/2013 20:53
@10 ''An Israeli (provocateur sent by Israel)'', for the child of white settlers you are really, either quite ignorant or very ignorant. The man that died was a civilian working who was shot and killed while working to fix damage caused to the Israeli-Gaza border fence caused by the recent winter storms. His name was Salah Shukri Abu Latyef, aged 22, from Rahat, if you Google Rahat you too will soon realise he was a Bedouin. And yes he was an Israeli Muslim,if you can get your head around that.

25 ) spb / us
24/12/2013 21:35
So they are now killing Bedouins yaane Palestinian?

26 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/12/2013 21:41
To Paul #13: 'The buffer zone was agreed to by Israel & Gaza run Hamas, 100 meters into Gazan territory & anyone who approaches the fence on the Gazan side is a legitimate target for Israeli soldiers, but certainly not vice versa, or do Arabs not keep their promises ?' Given that the IDF has shot people as much as 1000 meters from the fence, it is obviously the IDF that does not keep its promises. But is that really news?

27 ) Santa Claus / North Pole
24/12/2013 21:42
Happy Christmas to the Goyim, Ho Ho Ho!

28 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/12/2013 21:43
re Brian #12: 'Maureen - why don't you go kill some more innocent Aborigines? ' The Brian's been stuck for several days now. Would someone PLEASE move the needle? He's skipping again.

29 ) Chimo / USA
24/12/2013 21:53
#13, if the arabs had ever kept any of their promises, their would be no war at all in the Middle East, but unfortunately they just don't want to have a Jewish country in their midst, and unfortunately don't care how many arabs or muslims get killed trying to destroy Israel. Pretty sad, but oh well. Hopefully more people will open their eyes and see who the real bad guys are, and it's not the Israelis

30 ) Kyle / USA
24/12/2013 22:01
It is indeed amazing how such human-rights news as these never get reported in the mainstream US press, even as the USA sends USD 8 million PER DAY to Israel. I guess the capital of USA is Tel Aviv!

31 ) toto handala / earth
24/12/2013 22:55
merry christmas from the descendants of Jesus to the descendants of Jesus?

32 ) Rob / USA
24/12/2013 23:05
Paul from Kenya: Israel is allowed to ethnically cleanse the Bedouin, and the Bedouin are not allowed to react. That pretty much your position?

33 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/12/2013 00:47
I guess you could say the three year old got an early Israe-present from the ol' Light Unto. Happy Holidays from Israel!

34 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/12/2013 00:48
To Paul #13: 'The contractor was an Israeli Muslim Arab, working on the border fence on the Israeli side of the border. He was murdered in cold blood by a Gazan murderer. ' In what kind of blood was the three year old murdered in?

35 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/12/2013 00:51
To Hamas #11: '...Hamas is now ALONE' ...and Israel will be shortly. And then they'll both be gone -- to the regret of very few.

36 ) Maureen / Australia
25/12/2013 02:43
#11 No they are not alone. Right is on the side of Hamas. As for Egypt, it, like Israel, is now being run by a military junta, one of the few friends of Israel!

37 ) William Fuller / U.S.A.
25/12/2013 04:30
Hetty from the Netherlands was right in saying that Israels kill 10 to 100 people for the death of any one Israeli. The similarity of this policy with that of the Nazis is most ironic. The nazi Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated for his cruelty to the people occupied by nazi forces, but the Germans then took savage revenge. The entire village of Lidici was destroyed, men, women, and children killed to avenge one German officer. The Israelis learned their lessons well. 100 to one, then and n

38 ) Mi Lisha / France
25/12/2013 05:08
Hamas is a cult,devil,Deserve, to blame

39 ) Tobias / USA
25/12/2013 05:30
** THE PRC, that recently attacked and Israeli bus, and more recently claimed responsibility, for shooting the Israeli worker, ** IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE reaction involving the 3-year-old Palestinian CHILD, and for airstrikes on other military sites !!

40 ) @ Hetty-2 / USA
25/12/2013 05:57
Israel teaches Palestinian militants the lesson, that you have already learned, "the MURDER of 1 ISRAELI will lead to the death of 100 Palestinian" militants, and if the militant groups, use civilians as human-shields, civilians will die too, but either - Palestinian militants are incapable of learning, or - PALESTINIAN MILITANTS ARE WILLING TO PAY 100 LIVES (even women, children, & babies), just TO KILL 1 ISRAELI.

41 ) @ Julie-14 / USA too
25/12/2013 06:11
You Are Blind not to see that: 1- There IS a "war in Syria", 2- Israel wants No Nuclear bombs in Iran (Not War), 3- ASA's boycott is insignificant, and "took hold" of nothing, and 4- "Palestine is seriously falling off the world stage FAST !!! "

42 ) No one shoots in Gaza without / permission or at least
25/12/2013 08:13
KNOWLEDGE of HAMAS The Retaliation is to let Hamas know they are risking much more!

43 ) Dutchgirl / The Netherlands
25/12/2013 08:23
WOW what a hatred on both 'sides'. Israel build with also millions of poor refugees has now a good economy. 65 years Arab Palestinian leaders get millions per year huge foreign financial aid and the only thing they 'gave' their people is to fight, murder and to hate Jews and Israelis. It's a scandal that after getting so much money their people still live in poverty! MY heart aches for these Arab people and yes for many years I, a little woman, helped peacefully 'on the spot'. What about YOU?

44 ) President Peres Warns Hamas / over Escalation
25/12/2013 10:03
"If Gaza wants peace and quiet they had better act accordingly, or they will suffer the results of the unrest dozens of times worse. Gaza is under no occupation. If Hamas thinks the world will continue to support them despite the terror, then they are wrong. You're playing with fire, no outside help will exist for you - and help will stop If you continue to kill innocent people. We will ensure our security. "

45 ) Maureen / Australia
25/12/2013 10:21
#14 Julie Israel is always on the look out to keep its weapon industry lucrative. South Sudan for instance. Ynet News Report: 04. 05. 2012 "Israelis arming South Sudan with missiles"

46 ) Ben / USA
25/12/2013 10:26
Find me proof that Israel kills "just for fun" and I'll believe those of you who are staying that Israel kills all of the time for no reason. When Israel kills, it can justify its reasoning, even if it is guilty of killing an innocent person. When Palestinians kill Israelis, they say that they deserved it. This excuse is valid for you? Does anyone really deserve to be killed? I mean, Israel could have killed all of the Palestinian prisoners if it wants to because they "deserved it".

47 ) spb / us
25/12/2013 16:03
2 is better than none. Now they can rejoice in gaza

48 ) Dan / USA
25/12/2013 20:34
Just a reminder to all you Israel supporters who have chimed in - the ones that wrote in for free and the ones who were paid to write in - No one, repeat no one with any intelligence any longer is buying the ridiculous Zionist propaganda line. What these people did in 1947-48 was a war crime, and that war crime continues to get worse every month. Your little police state is getting on the world's nerves and one day, God willing, justice will prevail in the Holy Land.

49 ) @ Rob-32 / USA too
26/12/2013 04:19
- If your neighbor, or mine here in the US, erects a tent in our backyard, we both would ask him to remove it too, like Israel asks the Bedouin, and - If our neighbor refuses to remove his illegal tent from our backyard, we would both have it demolished too, just like Israel, and - If we did so, it would NOT be to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE our neighbor, so your "position" and mine are "pretty much" like Israel's too !!!

50 ) @ Dutchgirl-43 / USA
26/12/2013 04:32
Every international donation, that Palestinians are given, frees the Palestinian economy to spend it's own money on rifle, bomb, and rocket materials for war against the Jews, and Palestinians have and will continue to spend their own money on the materials for war forever, as long as the Jewish state exists, so - When You "peacefully helped on the spot', You Were Also Helping The Palestinians War Effort !!!

51 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/12/2013 08:27
Looking at the various pro-Israel posts, one can only repeat an old observation. Zionists are the most dishonest group of people in the world, bar none.

52 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/12/2013 08:30
To William Fuller #37: 'Hetty from the Netherlands was right in saying that Israels kill 10 to 100 people for the death of any one Israeli. The similarity of this policy with that of the Nazis is most ironic. ' What's the irony? Ideologically, Zionism is almost indistinguishable from Nazism. This is like finding irony in the fact that baseball as played in Japan is a very similar game to baseball as played in the US.
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