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Official: Kerry to present framework peace agreement by Dec. 31
Published Sunday 22/12/2013 (updated) 23/12/2013 21:53
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- US Secretary of state John Kerry will present Palestinian and Israeli leaders with a framework peace agreement by the end of the month, an Arab League official said.

Mohammad Sbeih, secretary-general of Palestinian affairs at the Arab League, told Ma'an that Kerry would present a proposed peace agreement by Dec. 31.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas informed the Arab League about the upcoming proposal, saying it would contain US suggestions regarding the borders of the future Palestinian state, Sbeih said.

Abbas told the League that "once he receives the American proposal he will not respond but will present it to Arab nations to make a joint decision."

Sbeih said Abbas articulated his exact position on the peace agreement, which were as follows:

- Abbas would accept a Palestinian state with the entirety of East Jerusalem as its capital, with limited land swaps as long as the lands being traded were of equal value.

- He would accept an incremental withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian land, allowing them up to three years to leave.

- He would reject the idea of any permanent Israeli military presence in the Jordan Valley, but would welcome an international peacekeeping presence.

- He would refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

- He would reject any interim agreement, calling instead for a final solution.

- He would reject any proposal that required Palestine to be an unarmed state, but said he would not get involved in an "arms race."

Sbeih said the Arab League sent Kerry an urgent message that detailed the League's vision of the peace process.

Abbas was in Egypt Friday and Saturday, where he met with foreign ministers from Arab League countries. He briefed them on the latest developments in peace talks with the Israelis.

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were relaunched in July under the auspices of the US after nearly three years of impasse.
1 ) gabe / usa
22/12/2013 20:40
with these demands the only state the Palestinians gonna havewill be in 4 x 4 hole

2 ) refuse to recognize Israel as / a Jewish State
22/12/2013 20:41
refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State why?

3 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
22/12/2013 22:42
Here is progress in the peace talks, and Gabe I'm sure will be followed by the regular raving bunch of anti-Israel loonies who will condemn any progress as a zionist conspiracy to take over antarctica as a stepping stone to digging a hole under the straits of hormuz to cause Iran to sink into the sea. In other words, peace is the last thing you want. Peace is the worst thing that would happen to you because then you'd be causeless. Stay where you are. We don't want you in the middle east.

4 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
22/12/2013 23:23
Abbas should find some wording he could accept about Israel being an ancestral and traditional homeland for Jews and the nature of the current state of Israel as home to multiple ethnic groups and religions. He can then publish that wording as recognition of the role of and nature of Jews in Israel. Israel has been unable to define the phrase, so let Abbas and Palestine state its understanding and push the issue off the negotiating table. Israel can argue internally for decades if needed.

5 ) spb / us
23/12/2013 03:24
Pals will walk out again and be back in 5 years for less

6 ) Tibi / Tubas
23/12/2013 03:45
-1- THERE IS NO POSSIBLE "framework peace agreement that Kerry could present Palestinian and Israeli leaders", that both would accept as a SOLUTION, and no solution can be forced upon either, so -2- Statehood for Palestine, and Peace for Israel will FOREVER be stuck in their present unacceptable situations !!

7 ) Mark of Lewiston to 2 / USA
23/12/2013 04:47
Israel cannot define the term. Two bills in the Knesset. No Agreement.

8 ) Ben Barka / Tanzania
23/12/2013 08:36
"refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State why?" On condition that you also recognize the Great Britain as Anglican Christian state

9 ) John / US
23/12/2013 09:48
Why should Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish State? No other country has recognized Israel as a Jewish State...

10 ) Rami / Palestine
23/12/2013 10:22
#2 Because Israelis are Jews are two different identities despite how Israel tries to spin it. Not every Israeli is a Jew (20% are Arabs, there are also Greeks, Russians, Africans, etc living there) and not every Jew is an Israeli (as evidenced by the population of World Jewry vs the population of the state of Israel). The PLO and the PA have already recognized Israel (within '67 borders) as a legitimize Israeli state. Israelis on the other hand, refuse to recognize the existence of Palestine.

11 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
23/12/2013 12:40
It's not enough to have 23 Arab states all with the official religion being Muslim, is it, Rami #10? You cannot accept the fact that Jews also belong in the Middle East; you want it all. Israel is a "Jewish" state that actually allows its Christian, Muslim and Druse population to worship as it pleases. On the other hand, the Muslim states drove out its 800,000 Jewish residents after the 1948 war. Their Christian populations are quickly dwindling and Islam does not permit others to worship.

12 ) spb / us
23/12/2013 13:30
Pals cannot relinquish their dream taking over by demography ergo new talks in 5 years

13 ) Rami / Palestine
23/12/2013 14:14
#11 Yeah we've seen how you let Muslims, Christians & Druse worship freely. How many times have we recently seen Israeli police enter Al Aqsa to arrest and/or detain Muslim worshipers, clerics, etc? Oh & of course preventing people from entering the compound to worship. Sure. How about the destruction of churches, cemeteries & other holy sites by Israelis with total impunity from the government? Yep, again totally free. You also can't refute the facts I stated, huh? At least give it a try.

14 ) David / England
23/12/2013 16:32
Rami #13, the only people whom the Israeli police prevent from entering the Temple Mount are Jews intending to pray.

15 ) Larry Finklestone / Canada
23/12/2013 18:10
What is the alternative Mr Abbas? If you decline, the Palestinians are condemned to live another generation in limbo. If you accept, Palestine would have a chance to prove to the world and Israel it can build a peaceful country that can live integrated with Israel's economy and communities productively. Real reason? Palestinians do better with a war posture than a peace posture - Witness Gaza - They dont really know what to do with Peace. That's why the Jordan Valley will stay IDF terr.

16 ) Wilhelm Klink / Lichtenstein
23/12/2013 18:15
Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity (quote - Abba Eban, former Israel PM). As long as the demands are unacceptable, the PA leadership and Arab League can 'save face' - Meanwhile, their constituencies will continue to be losers, and condemned to stateless status, economic regression, and continued violence. Israel has no real need to negotiate, except to appease Kerry and Obama - They can wait this out indefinitely- The Palestinians dont see this AGAIN

17 ) Jean Luc Picard / France
23/12/2013 18:19
#13 - get your facts straight - It is the Muslim WAQF that restricts worship on Al Aqsa - If it were up to the Israelis, there would be a synagogue and church on that site and open access to all three religions. As for detention of muslim worshipers, it would help if they would stop hiding weapons and holding meetings for Al Qaeda in their basements (remember when they were barricaded in the Church of Nativity with local support? The many rocket launches from Mosques from Gaza to Israel?

18 ) Ron Ettinger / USA
23/12/2013 18:25
Not recognizing Israel as a Jewish state is a non-starter.

19 ) Mel / USA
23/12/2013 18:41
Israel can call itself whatever it wants,as long as it ENDS its occupation/blockade &retreats BACK to pre-67 borders,taking its intrusive APARTHEID wall&military,back too,encircling it as a Jewish-only fortress-cum-ghetto,if that's what Zionism,or GLOBAL Jews,WANT?But Israel must OBEY intnl laws,re-imburse STOLEN resources/equity.Israel's extremists have committed massive WAR CRIMES patroned by an equally extreme&contemptuous D.C!Pluralistic Palestine,at least,welcomes ALL,who come in PEACE!!

20 ) Hilda / USA
23/12/2013 18:55
If the agreement contains all of Abbas's requirement it should not be acceptable to Israel and if Israel signs it she is signing her own death warrant

21 ) JR/US / USA
23/12/2013 19:22
Palestinians have repeatedly proclaimed their goal to destroy Israel and to have Muslim-dominated states on all the land between the river and the sea. They envision a multistage process, taking whatever they can via diplomatic means, and achieving their ultimate goal in the future through violence or other means. For there to be peace, the Palestinains need to demonstrate unequivocally that they have abandoned this goal, i.e, they must accpt disarmament and Israel's JEWISH character.

22 ) gary / usa
23/12/2013 19:36
Rami, what facts? Please cite any news story about "destruction of churches, cemeteries & other holy sites" in Israel. Contrary to your misleading rant, Israeli Jews are restricted by Israel and have frequently been arrested on the Temple Mount which both religions claim as one of their most holy sites. What facts? How many times?

23 ) oldguyincolorado / usa
23/12/2013 20:42
Abbas has guaranteed a failure in discussions if he really intends to ask the other Arab States for their consent. Kerry will frame "the deal" - neither side will consent. The PALS will continue to insist that no Jew will ever be a citizen of Palestine - it is they who seek Apartheid and ethnic cleansing just like Hamas (read their Charter), Jordan (read their Constitution), Egypt (see their treatment of Copts). Hilda/USA understands; Mel/USA needs to read the Quor'an regarding Islamic Peace.

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/12/2013 05:22
What a pathetic, humiliating farce.

25 ) brian / australia
24/12/2013 07:16
there is danger here. Kerry will stop at nothing including the building of an international airport at jerico thus causing the west bank and gaza to join - thus splitting Israel in half.
I fear bibi will go along with this as long as the condition of the third temple is included. land for a building - god will not countenance that act.
rami - another misguided arab. why are you killing all of the Christians in Syria?

26 ) Alana Turing / UK
24/12/2013 16:39
Bibi's definiation of a 'Jewish State' is akin to saying the Italians have a right to Britain, because the Romans were there, won't wash! Of course people recognise that 'historically' there were Jewish people in the M.East, BUT there were other sets of people too. We are NOW dealing with 'Modern Israel', created in 1948! This is an issue about semantics within the context of a MODERN state. It should be enough for Abbas to recognise 'Modern Israel' & its 'Jewish' character. Peace comes in time.

27 ) brian / australia
25/12/2013 04:36
Alana - yes created in 1948 in one day as per the bible and as per the promise made by god to Abraham and his offspring FOR EVER
Israel will never be destroyed.
there will be NO peace thanks to the tents of moab

28 ) spb / us
25/12/2013 06:54
It would be a setback to the Jewish state if negotiations stop. We are fighting for our dignity to live free in our land

29 ) ian / australia
26/12/2013 04:19
Of course, Israel rejects ALL of President Abbas' infinitely sane, legal and reasonable positions. Let's spell it out: Israel wants ALL of Jerusalem, inc. the Dome of the Rock and Aqsa mosque as its UNDIVIDED capital; ALL the big settlements with NO land swaps as compensation; troops patrolling a permanent "buffer zone" along the Jordan (UN peacekeepers unacceptable); and the recognition, by a fragmented, demilitarised Palestine, of Israel as the "Jewish State". And let me predict:

30 ) ian / australia
26/12/2013 04:20
(contd.) Kerry's "framework" will largely mimic these demands with a possible nod to UN peacekeepers and maybe even "land swaps". But every cloud has a silver lining and the good which will eventually come out of this farce seemingly without end is the death of "negotiations" as the model for resolving the conflict.

31 ) brian / australia
27/12/2013 07:52
ian - "Israel wants all of Jerusalem." not an unreasonable demand imho considering there has been a jewish presence in the city of david long before a muslim one.
soon there wont be a need for troops patrolling the Jordan - every country will come to an undivided Jerusalem, capital of Israel, to pay homage to the messiah.

32 ) ian / australia
27/12/2013 13:28
#31 "...soon...every country will come to an undivided Jerusalem, capital of Israel, to pay homage to the messiah." The only question about that, brian, is are you a real religious nut or a fake religious nut. It's getting harder to tell who's really who lately.
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