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Israeli admits shooting at Palestinian children on TV game show
Published Saturday 23/11/2013 (updated) 24/11/2013 17:10
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Zakusilo pictured on the television show (MaanImages)

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- An Israeli soldier admitted that she shot and killed unknown numbers of Palestinian people, including children, on a Ukrainian television program that aired in early November.

Elena Zakusilo, a Ukrainian Jewish woman who moved to Israel in order to serve in the Israeli army, revealed on the Nov. 4 episode of the program "Lie Detector" that she had killed Palestinians and had shot at Palestinian children, but was unsure how many she managed to kill.

Zakusilo, who goes by the name Elena Gluzman in Israel, also explained that she trained army dogs to raid Palestinian villages and conduct video surveillance that she monitored from up to 10 kilometers away.

Zakusilo said on the show that one of the times when she shot Palestinians was during protests that broke out after Yasser Arafat died in 2004.

"It's scary, especially when children run with Molotov cocktails, and they send children, to turn the attention to them, little kid, barely walking, 3-4 years old," she added, explaining that she was unsure how many Palestinian children she had shot dead.

Although Zakusilo said was "not proud" of these acts, she blamed Palestinian mothers for sending their children to be "suicide bombers" and suggested that they did not care about their children's lives.

Zakusilo also spoke about her work training dogs for reconnaissance missions into Palestinian villages, which involved placing headphones and cameras on them and directing them to attack Palestinians they encountered until soldiers could arrive.

"The doggy gets a little bag in teeth, it can be a video camera."

"It has an electronic collar, and a camera that hangs on the collar, and the trainer has the remote control, and he, from a distance up to ten kilometers, can watch and give orders to the dog, to attack or not attack," she added.

Zakusilo explained that she was a "senior trainer" and trained a total of 150 dogs, and for her work she was promoted to the rank of major.

'Willing to go back to Israel and continue killing enemies'

Zakusilo's mother was also present during the show's filming, and when asked if she knew her daughter had killed people, said, "Of course, how can you be in the military without (killing)."

Zakusilo responded in the affirmative when asked by the game show host if she was "willing to go back to Israel and continue killing enemies" if she had financial difficulties in Ukraine, and said that she was unafraid of potential repercussions for revealing what she had done while in the Israeli forces.

She also explained that she goes by the name of Gluzman in Israel, "so that they won't hear there our Ukrainian family name, and with the other name (Gluzman), with Jewish roots, they'd treat (me) differently."

Zakusilo added that while at first she hesitated to kill people, she came to see her fellow soldiers as "family," and they helped her come to terms with killing Palestinian children and other feelings she had.

Referring to her commander, she said, "He is a general, he tells you to go and shoot like this, so you go. But if you come to him and say, just for example, you know, I was walking down the road, and there was a kitten there, ran over by a car, or a person hit, and I feel bad."

"He will sit with you for an hour to talk, and try to understand why you feel bad."

The transcript of the television show was uploaded by Palestinian activist Abir Kopty on
Oximity, and although the video is freely available on the television show's website, the translation could not be independently verified by Ma'an.

'Because we're human, we get shocked by people who kill'

Kopty, the Palestinian blogger who found the video and posted it, explained that she was "shocked," but not surprised by Zakusilo's comments.

"We see and here this all the time and we know it first hand but it's always shocking. Because we're human, we get shocked by people when they talk about killing."

She also explained that the "case represents a wider phenomenon," and that it shows what "the military does this to people- it disconnects them from their own humanity, and makes it so easy to kill people and do not even remember the number."

"The Israeli military will probably either discredit her, or justify her actions or say, as always, it's an individual case" in order to explain it, she argued.

"This case represents the way they act."

Kopty said that individual Israelis had responded or commented on the piece repeating the Israeli army's "mantra" justifying what she says, in order to absolve the Israeli forces as a whole of responsibility.

"The machinery of propaganda always works, and they try to justify everything," she said.

"I really hope, that one day all these criminals face trial."

An Israeli army spokeswoman could not immediately confirm whether Zakusilo had served in the Israeli forces when contacted over the weekend.

Amnesty International's 2013 report on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories highlighted the lack of accountability for Israeli soldiers' crimes against Palestinian civilians, pointing out that, "The authorities again failed to independently investigate killings of Palestinian civilians by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank and Gaza or to prosecute those responsible."

Israeli organization Breaking the Silence has collected 700 testimonies of Israeli army veterans, documenting a culture of widespread mistreatment and dehumanization of Palestinians among Israeli soldiers.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.
1 ) Mel / USA
23/11/2013 19:09
"...came to see her fellow soldiers as "family," and they helped her come to terms with killing Palestinian children and other feelings she had."
Well,what a family?Rationalizing the murder of OCCUPIED,relatively defenseless,children just because they are not Jewish & have rights to a land that Jews covert & seek to conquer.Yeh! As "purity of arms" & "most honorable"as the Taliban & Salafists eh,Zakusilo?Go & protest E.Euro-Zionists using their kids as Hitler(Jabotinsky)Youth thugs!

2 ) Carole / UK
23/11/2013 19:17
It takes a dog to train a dog

3 ) jenya / Usa
23/11/2013 20:12
Good job. to #2 it takes a dog to kill a dog

4 ) Henri / France > Israel
23/11/2013 20:23
Quote: "It's scary, especially when children run with Molotov cocktails, and they send children, to turn the attention to them, little kid, barely walking, 3-4 years old," Who are the "Braves Fighters" sending children with Molotov cocktails and infants on the front line ?

5 ) Kidviid / USA
23/11/2013 20:34
This is one terrible piece of writing or editing. The way you've phrased your headline and lede implies that the woman shot the children as part of the game show. What about: "On TV game show, Israeli admits shooting at Palestinian children" and similar with the lede.

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/11/2013 20:35
Re jenya #3. This is a good example of the kind of moral degeneration Zionism induces. The article is about shooting and killing children, and #3 says 'good job.'

7 ) @ Mel-1 / USA too
23/11/2013 20:38
We read the same story, but in a very different way, where: -a- Zakusilo is "NOT proud" of killing Palestinian children, like Palestinians ARE so often proud of killing Jewish children, and -b- The children were carrying "Molotov cocktail" fire-bombs, or suicide bombs, so they were killed in SELF-DEFENSE, and -c- Zakusilo correctly "blames Palestinian mothers, for sending their children to be "suicide bomber" killers !!!

8 ) Jenya / USA
23/11/2013 20:54
To #6 How many jewish children did the palestinians killed when they blew themselves up like animals

9 ) Frak israel / Andrew
23/11/2013 21:40
#8 how many palestinian children were murdered in gaza with the use of white phosphorous which is agreed upon illegal by the international community. Billions of our USA tax payer money used to kill palestinian children, and jewish citizens of European countries partake in the israeli military campaign to wipe out palestinian existence and demolish islamic and Christian holy sites. Zionists are creating a barrier between humanity and humans

10 ) Give Me A Break / Zakusilo
23/11/2013 21:40
Lets get this straight, A child of 3 or 4 years old who is barely able to walk is RUNNING at you with a Molotov cocktail. How far do you think a 3 or 4 year old could throw something that weighs about 1 kg (2.2 pounds). And even better your trying to tell us that they are suicide bombers, this is a vest loaded with pounds of explosives and 10s of pounds of steel ball bearings. The children of Palestine must be on some serious amounts of anabolic Steroids 1 DAY YOUR ACTIONS WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU

11 ) mohamed / somalia
23/11/2013 21:58
deaf,dumb,blind.they will not retun.

12 ) Joe Fattal / USA
23/11/2013 22:28
One day I was google some information about execution for my own personal reasons I stumble on some videos showing an Israeli soldier shooting a child in the head, fortunately the bullet missed his head but the soldier intention was to kill him. It happened before, Israeli soldier did kill children, I guess they are threaten from a child. Let's remember that during WW2 Nazi killed many children, one way for them to get rid of the next Jewish generation. Similarity exist with Palestinians.

13 ) Yacov / Israel
23/11/2013 22:39
Idiots its TV game called : "Detect the lies!" The audience has to spot which are the lies in all she tells them - you all came fooled & she for all she stated is the mother of Silvester Stalone! what a flop!

14 ) Peter Hindrup / Australia
23/11/2013 22:50
Children with molotov cocktails? Think about this, a bottle of petrol with a wick, --- for how long can such a thing be carried alight? Or where the Kids going to stop and light it? Self justification is all this story is. Does anything justify killing kids? How twisted would you have to be?

15 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
23/11/2013 23:20
This entire story is fishy. Women are generally NOT in any combat position where they will fire on Palestinian civilians. Any incident where a woman IDF soldier repeatedly fired on Palestinians has not been reported anywhere else and would get lots of coverage in Israeli press. So why haven't we heard of her before? Probably because she never did what she claims to have done. I'd check they psychiatric report first. (although she does sound a lot like Mel and Maureen).

16 ) justusnow / australia
23/11/2013 23:56
Kill the stupid bitch after telling my dog to stop rippin her to peices

17 ) jenya / usa
24/11/2013 00:42
To #9 andrew. You have no idea what u talking about. Everything that israel does is illegal in international community so its not news. But meanwhile syria using chemical weapons on their own children and nobody does anything about it but that's allowable as long as it is not jews right? Is that acceptable to u andrew?

18 ) JoeUSA / USA
24/11/2013 00:44
To those Israeli apologists who believe that killing Palestinians will give Israel peace. Well , sorry to inform you Israel is more hated and more threatened than ever before and is far from feeling secure.

19 ) gabi / australia
24/11/2013 01:55
unbelievable! And what is worse, even if it was a "pick the lie" game show (as #13 suggests) how she thought that this was an appropriate thing to say - no doubt to laughter and applause from some sections of the audience - much like Jenya, # 2 above. Rabid scum

20 ) Johnny benson / USA
24/11/2013 02:37
The lady is talking crazy...there is no record of Palestinian kids killed in demos....but of course the haters rise to the bull..I even doubt she trained dogs...

21 ) TheDemSocialist / Cuba
24/11/2013 03:31
I hate Israel and America.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/11/2013 03:44
Anyway...what's the game show where you get to shoot at Palestinian children? Our Zionist posters will want to know.

23 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/11/2013 03:45
To Yacov #13: '"Detect the lies!" ' Point taken...but with Israel, it can be hard to tell. What were the lies?

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/11/2013 03:48
To #10 Give me a break: 'How far do you think a 3 or 4 year old could throw something that weighs about 1 kg (2.2 pounds).' Hey. Palestinians are the race that can seriously threaten a Merkava with rocks. Cut the Israelis some slack here. They're fighting supermen. I imagine a three-four year old Palestinian could rip apart a full platoon of IDF soldiers with his bare hands.

25 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/11/2013 03:50
To Joe Fattal #12: 'It happened before, Israeli soldier did kill children, I guess they are threaten from a child. ' Nu? According to Judaism, it's good. So rabbis have stated. You need to grasp the Israeli definition of 'good.'

26 ) Sarah / U.S.
24/11/2013 04:39
Obviously, they didn't detect her lies. She doesn't look old enough to have served through an intifada. The charge that little kids carry molotovs is ridiculous. If it were true, zionists would have it on film and it would be played everywhere, everyday, all day long. I think the charge about awful Palestinian parents is a projection. Look at her own mother. Killing people, especially innocents is emotionally destructive. Would your mom approve?

27 ) Tissa / Sri Lanka
24/11/2013 06:04
Only Israeli soldiers enjoy this impunity. AI, HRW or any other human rights organization will not take up this case.

28 ) Poebatel / Ukraine
24/11/2013 06:22
If 1000 Ukrainians come to take care of these arabs in Israel, arab terrorism will be gone forever.

29 ) ProPal / KSA
24/11/2013 06:56
Doesn't matter how far they go they will not succeed with lies after lies... their motives are clear!

30 ) nathaly / DE
24/11/2013 08:03
Children are not terrorists,Israel is the terrorist land,the Nazis murdered 6 million jews,the slow genocide on the palestinians since 65 years is much worse,it has been proven that israel has taken over ALMOST all horrible crimes from the nazis and exerted on the Palestinian people's also human hunting with dogs,and those who do not believe it should look more closely into the shoah museum in Israel and compare it with the reality(exactly Therefore,as the nazis, Israel should not have rights)

31 ) ian / australia
24/11/2013 08:05
So, to recap...3-4 year olds with Molotov cocktails, terrorists paid a "known tarriff" ("an adult terrorist worth 30,000 dollars, a child – 50,000") with mothers saying, "so what, we can give birth to five more..." AND Tom and Jerry cartoons dubbed "in their language" ("Tom are those who run around and try to hit with the hammer, and Jerry is the people who save their life somehow") to instill radical ideology in the "children’s consciousness"...are all statements made by a contestant

32 ) ian / australia
24/11/2013 08:08
(contd.) on a Ukrainian game show ("Lie Detector") who, according to the lie detector, was NOT lying. That is one nutty TV show. But it's interesting. Her "testimony" is a combination of the truth (I'm sure, as an Israeli soldier, she fired on crowds, inc. children and doesn't know who she killed) and lurid anti-Arab propaganda (which she BELIEVES, hence the lie detector result)...most likely fed to her by the understanding "General" (sic) who consoled her when she felt "bad" (about "a kitten...

33 ) ian / australia
24/11/2013 08:09
(contd.) ran over by a car, or a person hit") and made her feel all warm and fuzzy and part of a "family".

34 ) ian / australia
24/11/2013 08:12
#13 "Idiots its TV game called : "Detect the lies!" The audience has to spot which are the lies in all she tells them - you all came fooled..." Maybe, Yacov...so which bits are the lies?

35 ) manndy / UK
24/11/2013 09:13
The IDF are not an army,they're the most well funded terrorist organisation in the world so this statement is normal for Terrorists justifying their vile machinations against the Palestinian people's to extinguish it,and get rid of them in the coming generations thats why they murder children.this woman has said it,the IDF is zionist terrorist gathering,they go there because they are Jews and obtain the permit to murder Palestinians.I wish her and family,that she never will be happy again.

36 ) Show of lies is now "EVIDENCE" / for ARABS
24/11/2013 10:05
Elena Zakusilo, an Ukrainian young women, decided at her young age to leave Ukraine and go to serve in the Israeli military. On November 4th, she participated in Ukrainian TV game show, “Lie detector” The Ukrainian version of “The moment of truth”. Contestants (connected to a truth detector) answer a series of personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash prizes

37 ) amalia / CH
24/11/2013 10:31
#13 self Idiot, and if this is a TV game, what she says is equal to the full truth and daily reality in Palestine.

38 ) Danniella / Spain
24/11/2013 11:12
This is just another rabidly anti-Jewish lying Ukrainian, on a game show. Nothing to see, move along.

39 ) Henri / France > Israel
24/11/2013 12:18
@ 14) Peter Quote : Does anything justify killing kids? How twisted would you have to be? Good question to ask to those who slaughtered and decapitated 3 month old Hadas FOGEL z"l ant to those who celebrated that murder as a great victory.

40 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/11/2013 13:17
This story sounds too weird to be true. Any female IDF soldier involved in multiple shootings of Pal civilians (as she claims) would have made it into the Hebrew press - this is what Ha'aretz lives for yet it was never reported in Israel and she's talking in the Ukraine? Come on, Maan, do some homework. This sounds like a total setup of a faked story.

41 ) Rezo Jinjikhashvili / Israel
24/11/2013 13:59
Hi all, Let me clarify certain issues here, I have served as a paratrooper in Israeli Army and I know several facts. 1. There is not even 1 female in special forces of Israel. (matter of choice not sexism) 2. There is not even 1 person that lived in the country less than 3 years and serves in special forces. 3. There are no dogs that raid villages! The only dogs we have are for explosive detection! All in all lot of lies for stupid rating on a TV show!

42 ) McGannahan Skyjellyfetti / Occupied US
24/11/2013 15:42
Any 'god" that "choose" these scum people, is no god worth worshiping.

43 ) Georgio / Toronto Canada
24/11/2013 15:50
I'll bet hardly no one noticed--she adopted a wasp/german name. Most of Israelies are russians (82%). Sad part most are not Jewish. How many of you know that Nazi German was actually Zionist? Who funded and for what purpose German military build up after WWI? Surprize! USA and Russia. Both were allies of Germany upto 1940. What went sour? deal was between them--send Polish Jews into Palestine. Germany couldn't send enough-only 175,000 - Most world Jews didn't catch the sinister plot.

44 ) Mel / USA
24/11/2013 16:41
Perhaps her favored 'game show' is the other one that Israel &USG love so avidly? Drone operating? Sitting there with a stick handle & sandwich, in a comfy-chair dropping drone-missiles on children? Isn't that called 'Collateral Damage' or 'Clean Kills? Gosh,Israel &our US military drone 'pilots'(bomb-droppers)have trouble differentiating 'tween video games & REAL life 'games'.And IOF take dogs on Arab-home invasions(straw widows)all the time,w/out MUZZLES on.Zionist Israel was born from lies!

45 ) Julie / USA
24/11/2013 17:52
#41 you are full of lies not facts, you should've been on that stupid game show. FACT women DO serve in special forces/ops & dogs DO raid villages: http://www.idfblog.com/2011/03/07/women-in-the-idf/ example: Oketz Unit "canine SPECIAL FORCES UNIT includes both male and FEMALE soldiers, who are partnered with dogs whom they personally train and with whom they embark on operational activities. The dogs along with their owners sniff out explosives, TRACK DOWN terrorists, and neutralize threats"

46 ) Golden Dome / USA
24/11/2013 20:01
A barely walking 3-4 year old is going to throw a fire bomb at an IDF position and threaten the soldiers life enough to justify being shot to death? What sick B.S.! A lit fire wick in a gasoline filled bottle waddled through a village during a riot between youths with sling shots and the best equipped Army in the world. Arrest her for trial and her mother for sending her.

47 ) Outlier / USA
24/11/2013 20:02
She said it with her own mouth

48 ) Arabs in Israel! / England
25/11/2013 13:21
It's more of a case of Jews in Palestine. This is the Middle East, an Arab region. There is no place for Jews,that are so dismissive of this Arab homeland. It is a present from the uk, the the zionists, since what 1944? Have some respect.

49 ) Sally / Gaza
25/11/2013 14:00
#41 Why do you lie? There are MANY instances of dogs attacking Palestinians caught on tape even on Youtube. So your bit about they are only for 'explosive detection' is a lie. Also she never says she was in special forces so your points are moot.

50 ) Cyber Cohen / UK
25/11/2013 19:58
What a lying b!tch. 3-4 year old toddlers can barely carry their toys without dropping them, then how on Earth would they 'run with molotovs'? This zionist is trying to justify the killing of children by the criminals in the IDF. When the world wakes up, most of the IDF will be up in court as war criminals.

51 ) giacomo / USA
25/11/2013 20:17
50 posters commenting on a transcript that Ma'an admits "was uploaded by (a) Palestinian activist" and "could NOT be independently verified". 99.9% of you have absolutely no idea what the contestant actually said. While the overwhelming majority of Israelis and Palestinians want a peace agreement, the greatest threat to peace in the ME continues to be unsubstantiated rhetoric and incitement. Focus on peace. Not the Rhetoric.

52 ) Medi / France
26/11/2013 01:14
@41 There is not even 1 female in special forces of Israel ?? write in google israeli special forces women

53 ) dan / USA
26/11/2013 03:47
Horrified that they put their children in harm's way, when the settlers bring their kids onto stolen land and send them out to stone and attack indigenous villages, and the entire world press screams blue murder if a settler child gets killed or injured - it gets repeated ad nauseum. The Palestinians are fighting for their lives, all ages. Children get killed by Israelis in their own homes, walking, travelling, -- the ANC/So. Africa also put children under fire, only way to get media

54 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/11/2013 03:59
To Cyber #50: 'What a lying b!tch. 3-4 year old toddlers can barely carry their toys without dropping them, then how on Earth would they 'run with molotovs'?' On the show, the contestant is supposed to tell a lie. That was the lie -- that the children were doing anything when she shot them.

55 ) Zbest / Malaysia
26/11/2013 06:41
Definately she has a place in HELL and all the people of Israhell

56 ) aamir / india
26/11/2013 07:57
what can I say about those humans who survive on d blood of other humans...
whose can I say about those people who cultivate their fields on grave yards of inocent children
what can I say about those people who pretend to follow prophet jesus path by. murdring principles of prophet jesus
all I can about these people is that god is watching all this and surely he will give deliver his judgment

57 ) Jarrar / Jordan
26/11/2013 07:59
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GWrVREoGUU I didn't see any Molotov cocktails with the child in this Video!!!!!! this is one of the most horrible things I have seen, this Palestinian child was killed intentionally

58 ) Michelle / Belgium
26/11/2013 14:11
here in belgium we have a lot of palestinian's refugees , their story,their wound,unbelievable!!!!how can you support this country? Israel is worst than north korea and Iran together!!!!!

59 ) Khan / india
26/11/2013 21:02
when the world wakes up. when truth and justice reign supreme on this planet, then it will simply over for Israel. I hope that they will eventually be.

60 ) ian / australia
26/11/2013 21:43
Pretty baffling really. If it's just a game of "Detect the Lies" surely it's revealed whether or not she was lying. It's strange that crucial bit hasn't filtered through. Over-zealous editing by anti-Israel bloggers is always a possibility...as Johnny benson (#20) says, "the haters rise to the bull..." But Brian (#15, #40) has a point. It's so weird and fishy maybe it's all fake and she's acting out a sick joke (along with the "mother") for Ukrainian TV. She mightn't be Jewish or a soldier

61 ) ian / australia
26/11/2013 21:44
(contd.) ...but then again, maybe she is, and the details...doggies with cameras, her rank as Major for dog training (!), the kindly "General" and all the gaudy anti-Arab memes are the lies. (Or maybe she's like a Holocaust survivor with preposterous "memories" of things she never actually saw but was told later...it's hard to know.) Can't Ma'an find a Russian to clarify?

62 ) Nick / Toronto, Canada
27/11/2013 00:56
Maan got sloppy, it was so eager to find some anti-Israel propaganda that they fell for this, which absolutely isn't real. Hey Maan, if I send you "news" that the Israelis caused the typhoon in the Philippines, will you print that too?

63 ) You / France
27/11/2013 01:14
disgusting person...

64 ) ryan / canada
27/11/2013 08:37
read the article, and listen to what she said, she shot at people during a riot who had molotov cocktails.

65 ) Harris / Canada
27/11/2013 11:31
@64: She said it on a third rate game show (with respect to the producers and the advertisers), and you believed the story, like a muppet.

66 ) william wallace / Scotland
27/11/2013 15:06
This is a real sick Jewish people !!! They still remember and think that HITLER was Arabic !!!??? How can you kill children ? even theu use provocation or any ????! how can you kill any , adult women olders ...even they are asking to leave their land , or their part of land !!!!???? You know , Another Hitler no far , and can be back any time ..to finish the job !!!!!!!

67 ) Moon / Tunisia
27/11/2013 19:15
She's lying or not that is not the question , for people who say there is not such thing as killing children in palestine tell me what is more harmful for a kid but killing his parents ?? Now i wish one of you dare say that israel did not kill and kill palestian men and women for decades .

68 ) justice / paradise
27/11/2013 22:05
one day justice will be made.

69 ) twiggy / kz
28/11/2013 01:07
isreal is war criminal!

70 ) twiggy / ch
28/11/2013 01:19
isreal is war criminal.

71 ) Bryan / USA
28/11/2013 05:38
She's either lying or she's crazy. There are more holes in her story than a Swiss cheese. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2013/11/ukrainian-game-show-is-source-for.html#.Upa6P2RDs0Y

72 ) Anatoly / USA
28/11/2013 06:30
Everything is the lie. Israel has never killed or kills children. Why nobody talks about the fact that there is the war in Syria and many children are dying really, but Israel heals the wounded?

73 ) real / demented
29/11/2013 14:32
Israel=sick society

74 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
29/11/2013 15:50
Congratulations, Maan, another successful Pallywood production!

75 ) 100 years later / Bosnia
29/11/2013 22:01
What if a nazi did the same thing Talk about how he burned Jews?

76 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/11/2013 22:24
To Robert Haymond #74: 'Congratulations, Maan, another successful Pallywood production!' There's not much to be proud of. When it comes to Israel, all you have to do is make sure there's enough light and film what's in front of you.

77 ) Rebecca Dent / USA
30/11/2013 00:07
I posted two comments, neither of which were put here. Why?

78 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
30/11/2013 15:28
Because you probably criticized Maan, Rebecca #77, or any number of its stooges as reported here in this long list of idiots who just want to believe in the veracity of the tv game show and love to demonize Israel. The latter a favourite sports time activity for the inactive crowd.

79 ) tayfun / turkey
01/04/2014 23:45
baby murder israel !
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