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Israeli forces raid Abu Dis and attack al-Quds University, injuring 40
Published Sunday 17/11/2013 (updated) 18/11/2013 10:07
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces shot 40 Palestinians including a large number of university students with rubber-coated steel bullets during a raid on a Palestinian village east of Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon.

Clashes broke out after Israeli forces raided Abu Dis while students from al-Quds University were on their way to class, a local official said.

Popular committee spokesman Hani Halbiya told Ma'an that Israeli soldiers raided the village of Abu Dis and stopped students from al-Quds University for questioning.

Clashes erupted between Palestinian students and Israeli forces at al-Quds University Street, Habiya said. Israeli forces fired tear gas grenades and sound bombs while Palestinians threw stones and burned tires.

40 Palestinians, including students from al-Quds University, were hit with rubber-coated steel bullets, while dozens of others suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation.

A number of injured were taken to a nearby medical center for treatment, while the others were treated on the scene.

Habiya added that Israeli forces also fired sound bombs at random toward the campus of al-Quds University, the local council, and Abu Dis School.

English composition instructor Mya Guarnieri was teaching a class at the time of the incident, she told Ma'an via telephone.

"Afterwards, I saw someone I knew who had been hit by a tear gas canister in the torso," Guarnieri said.

A number of students were suffering from the tear gas, she added.

Guarnieri said that university property was damaged as a result of the clashes, and that there was "tons of broken glass."

"It kind of looked like the Intifada," she added.

An Israeli army spokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment, and a spokesman for the Israeli Border Police could not be reached.

Palestinian education under occupation

Al-Quds University and Abu Dis are the site of frequent raids and attacks by Israeli occupation forces, leading to closures of the university. Israeli occupation forces also raid the dormitories of al-Quds University, arresting students.

The attack on al-Quds University comes just days after Birzeit University hosted Right to Education Week, an international campaign intended to raise awareness of the obstacles the Israeli occupation places on Palestinian students' right to an education.

Sundos Hammas, organizer of the campaign at Birzeit, told Ma'an on Monday that "Education is our tool to resist occupation. It is important to keep our Palestinian heritage and to resist the narrative of the occupier."

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.

1 ) Tamponette / germany
17/11/2013 16:20
If this was Moslem against Moslem as in Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan there would be dozens dead by now. And few people would be bothered to turn the page to read the item.

2 ) John / US
17/11/2013 16:28
Israel's Nazi legacy is coming to fruition. I am sickened with how Jews across the world can stand by and keep silent at Israel's barbarism. I guess the emotional blackmail was to breed a monster that is Israel. Israel's tyranny will come to and end!

3 ) Karl / Germany
17/11/2013 16:35
When Jews say the world will turn against Israel it won't be without reason not should israel be seen as a victim, israel has become a brutal Nazi state with no respect or adherence to human rights or humanitarian law. What's the difference between Saudi Arabia and Israel? Opps how silly of me they both bend over for each other!!

4 ) Mel / USA
17/11/2013 17:26
Militarist Israel is REALLY desperate for a 3rd intifada to distract focus away from MORE Zionist war-crimes(white-Jewish-only expansion).Euro-hunter"explorers"/militarists of the 18-1900's,(Livingstone,Voulet.Wolsley etc)banked on African natives defending themselves,so as to slaughter them outright. If "natives"weren't "restless",they'd attack them,to burn their villages,crops,take resources,weaken resistance &OCCUPY by force! It's Palestine's LEGAL RIGHT to resist ILLEGAL junta occupation.

5 ) gabriel / usa
17/11/2013 17:39
I would believe it when other news outlets will post the same. So far couldn't find anyother related news. For now is propaganda to me

6 ) Karrena / Italy
17/11/2013 18:25
Shame on all the Jews around the world who are sitting silent.

7 ) gabriel / usa
17/11/2013 18:41
To #2 dear john. If are from usa. Who blew up world trade center and boston marathon? Jews or muslims. Right. I rest my case

8 ) gabriel / usa
17/11/2013 18:47
To #6. Karrena I guess in ur pathetic views its ok to what's going on syria. I guess when jews doing something its the end of the world

9 ) @#5 gabriel / jerusalem
17/11/2013 19:18
It is not propaganda. Speaking as a person who witnessed the event that occurred, I take offense to your bigotry and doubt about the way palestinians are treated even in their own "designated" land. The event was several hours ago and I can safely say that no Israeli news site or paper would be jumping to report the atrocious events that occur on a daily basis here against random Palestinians. Today's attack on students not only involved palestinian students but 100 american students as well!

10 ) Tana / Canada
17/11/2013 19:30
@ 5 gobriella propaganda is what you Zionists excel at and have been feeding the world since the eatablisement of the deceptive state of Israel. The truth is hard to swallow for you but the truth is the truth your European squatter non Semitic eyes will never be able to see that!

11 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
17/11/2013 19:51
@ Gabriel: So you're saying that Mya Guarnieri who's an American-Israeli Jew is lying to Ma'an News ? She's probably going to post about this on 972mag where she's already written about Israeli police brutality in Abu Dis in the spring 2013.

12 ) T.Bernstein / Boycott Zionism
17/11/2013 23:02
God Bless The Oppressed Palestinian People.

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/11/2013 23:56
'tons of broken glass...' Sort of a soft-core Kristallnacht, then?

14 ) Xavier / Germany
18/11/2013 11:28
@11 Why do you think Mya Guarnieri is Jewish?

15 ) Robby / Israel
18/11/2013 12:38
I think we will all agree if the soldiers shot indiscriminately shot or if they shot for a reason other than their life was in danger they were in the wrong. But I don't think the facts are in yet to make that judgement.

16 ) Rami / Palestine
18/11/2013 15:41
@14 you can find out about here right here: http://www.myaguarnieri.com

17 ) Tom / USA
19/11/2013 05:58
Seems like a clear case of Israeli forces taking things to the extreme. Using burning tires and stones as an excuse to fire upon innocent people (including American students who I'm betting didn't throw a single stone!). It sickens me to see that Israelis believe they can simply bully when they want to in the confidence that ignorant people like Gabriel back them up and dissuade the situation. Gabriel you are one foolish person.

18 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
23/11/2013 09:00
Both Brandeis University, which had a formal relationship with Al-Quds, and now Syracuse University, which also had formal ties with Al-Quds, have severed ties, perhaps permanently. since Al-Quds students had a Nazi style demonstration on 5 November in which members of Islamic Jihad dressed in military uniformas, carried fake assault rifles and trampled on Israeli flags (JPost, 22 Sept., p. 7). "The event featured posters of suicide bombers ... raising their arms in a Nazi-style salute."

19 ) Rose / Palestine
09/12/2013 19:42
I am an American exchange student studying at Al Quds University for the semester. Not only is this article true, but this is the situation on a regular basis. Notice the pictures of the Israeli Occupation Forces shooting through a gate? This is the front gate of our university. I have experienced teargas on campus at least ten times this term, and there have been many other such events on days I stayed home. This is collective punishment for simply continuing to exist as Palestinians.
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