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Maariv: Netanyahu plans to build wall at Jordanian border
Published Sunday 03/11/2013 (updated) 05/11/2013 17:30
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The Israeli PM says he sees Syrian refugees in Jordan as posing a
threat to Israeli settlers in the West Bank (MaanImages)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he intends to build a separation barrier between the West Bank and Jordan after completing walls on the Egyptian and Syrian borders, according to a report by the Israeli newspaper Maariv on Sunday.

Netanyahu plans to construct the wall in order to send a message to Palestinians who oppose Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley, the report says.

The wall will also guarantee continued Israeli control of the border crossing, Netanyahu reportedly said.

He added that the thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan pose a threat to Israeli security, the article continues. The wall would protect Israeli settlements from possible invasion.

A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told Ma'an that new construction plans are a clear message from the Israeli government to the United States "declaring the failure of the peace talks."

"Without a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, there will be neither peace nor stability in the region and the leaders of Israel will be responsible for that," PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeina said.

Abu Rdeina added that the construction of both the separation wall and Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal and would "vanish" within a Palestinian state.

The Maariv article comes three days after Palestinian negotiators Saeb Erekat and Mohammed Shtayyeh reportedly tendered their resignation to Abbas, an event the PLO has denied.

The last round of direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down just weeks after they were launched in September 2010 in a bitter row over settlements.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.

1 ) US Citizen / USA
03/11/2013 12:37
Unacceptable. ICC, ICC, ICC, ICC. What are you waiting for. Kerry to help you? Not going to happen. Bibi is a liar, a sneak, a snake, and a hypocrite. You have to be pro-active and beat him to the punch. ICC, ICC, ICC, UN, UN, GO PALESTINIANS GO!!!!!

2 ) mohamed / somalia
03/11/2013 12:58
i wonder if satanyahoo hears him self when he speaks.

3 ) mohammad / qatar
03/11/2013 13:22
'Bibi is a liar' Ok...and Abbas

4 ) southparkbear / usa
03/11/2013 13:48
finally we hear one solid plan that make sense how peace and stability can be secured. however, i'd like bibi to consider adding here and there few large screen tv that will show jordenians here is how you run the best state

5 ) Gabriel / usa
03/11/2013 14:04
Hey citizen before u put comments go read some history. Icc is for real countries and people and palestinians are niether.

6 ) There will not be peace in the / Middle East
03/11/2013 14:46
until ISLAM accepts a JEWISH INDEPENDENT ENTITY in its midst that will take about 200 years Until then--we live by the sword!

7 ) Urs / Switzerland
03/11/2013 15:23
One more hint that Bibi does not want peace. He wants a total victory and a Great-Israel from the mediterranian sea to the jordan river, like e. g. southparkbear and Gabriel. But there is one problem: In the long term, Israel needs friends to survive. With such a step, Israel will loose support (especially in Europe) instead of gaining support.

8 ) deb / UK
03/11/2013 15:29
The Apartheid state of Israel will never return land to the Palestinians to form a state, nor do they want a one state solution. Basically they are white supremacists using Judaism as a pretext for separation. What they really want is a land with a white majority.

9 ) Rami / Palestine
03/11/2013 16:01
#5 By your account, neither is the United States, a country of refugees from all over Europe and the rest of the world. So the true question is: Who are you and where did you come from because "American" is not an ethnicity unless of course you're a "NATIVE" American. We are real. We've always been here. We were not imported from the ghettos of Germany or France and placed in one of 13 "colonies." You should kiss the soil you stand on. Someone had to die for it. I doubt it was your ancestors.

10 ) @ the Editor / USA
03/11/2013 16:17
Walls are expensive, and the - threat of terror from Jordan is Not like that from Egypt & Syria, and - illegal immigration from Jordan is Not like that from Egypt & Syria, so - WHY would you PRINT such an obvious LIES ??

11 ) @ US-1, Mohammed-3, & South-4 / USA too
03/11/2013 16:29
Doesn't anyone THINK any more, for if you did: 1- UNTRUE is more likely than "Unacceptable", and 3- This story is more likely a MAAN NEWS LIE, than a "Bibi lie", since 4- When you have both powerful air & ground forces, like Israel, a big empty "killing-field" like the Jordan Valley, with no place to hide, is far better than a wall, if you need to stop an invasion !!!

12 ) Tibi / Tubas
03/11/2013 16:36
This makes no sense at all, and it's probably untrue, since: -a- Only a fool builds a wall between himself and a river in the region, & -b- A MINEFIELDS are more far effective and cheaper building walls !!

13 ) Mel / USA
03/11/2013 16:37
p.s. By the way,that photo of Nuttyahoo,with the article, standing with his Zionist-army 'glam chicks' is alarmingly similar to recently published shots of another war criminal trotting around his occupied-territories 'chosen' empire! Historians will be aware of the "Heart of Darkness" irony in Bibi's words/actions? "Something wicked this way comes".

14 ) Mel / USA
03/11/2013 17:25
#8:deb/UK:Correct.That's how minority(with money)racist colonialism works,but eventually crumbles. What Hitler wanted(based on many previous holocausts,genocides etc)was an expanded"lebensraum" of Aryan/Protestant 'chosen'majority.Ashkenazi Zionism(minority)wants a white Jewish majority.By statistics/'facts on the ground'that's not feasible regionally.Only by genocide of 'others'(colonialism 101).Palestinians are not Gaunches,Herero's,Kulaks,Tasmanians! It won't happen!Palestine is in ALL of us!

15 ) TaniasTitz / Germany
03/11/2013 17:37
@7 ‘’ Israel will loose support (especially in Europe) instead of gaining support.’’ The Jewish people historically have never had security or support from Europeans. That is why the Jewish State of Israel exists and goes from strength to strength. @13 keep up those newer Israeli medications, that will help you a little more. The wall, if it is ever built, will be a job creation scheme for the Arabs, who G-d knows need the employment.

16 ) RGoldchain / Canada
03/11/2013 17:42
8 ) deb / UK03/11/2013 15:29 Do your research. Israel is by no means white. It has citizens of diverse ethnicities including Blacks and South Asians, as well as a substantial Christian Armenian and Arab minority and 1/3 Arab Muslims. It is a democracy with diverse views and political parties. The same cannot be said for any Arab country in the middle-East. All it wants is peace and security for its citizens.

17 ) Malcolm Partington / U.K.
03/11/2013 17:52
It is highly unlikely that Israel would build a wall when there is a river. However, until the Palestinians accept that the land west of the Jordan river is Israels land, legally and historically, there is no point in having any further peace talks. Jerusalem must remain the indivisible capital of Israel and there can be no so called right of return for Palestinians.

18 ) Open minded / USA
03/11/2013 17:55
What have the Muslims done to promote peace? Threaten every country with terror! Kill innocent men, women, & children, regardless of their nationality or religious beliefs! Teach children hatred and how to kill. It is not the Israelis keeping Palestinians in concentration camps, it is their own leaders. This way they can control the refugees and incite them with lies. They are bullying the world. Their leaders speak with forked tongue. Peace & terror at the same time.

19 ) Abdul-Haqq Qasim / Syria
03/11/2013 18:27
So long as the walls are properly decorated I don't have a problem with this.

20 ) gabriel / usa
03/11/2013 18:59
Israel will never lose friends nor support from usa europe or wherever. Israel is one of the best in technology science medicine military equipment and everybody needs that. Its funny how palestinians always critize and insult israel but if something needed let's ask israel for help. Can someone explain that? Does any other arab country help palestinians? Answer is no

21 ) Yankees / USA
03/11/2013 19:04
PLO leader Arafat REFUSED Israel's offer of 100% of Gaza, eastern Jerusalem [East Jerusalem is not a city] and ~95% of the West Bank. So DON'T say this is a hinderance to peace. The Palestinians have NEVER taken a single ACTION for peace, EVER. Apartheid is the Palesinian law banning Jews to buy land there. Israel allows all religions unlike most Muslim nations. Only Islam in Saudi Arabia. Christians being slaughtered in Egypt. Israel is the only democratic state in the entire Middle East.

22 ) Maureen / Australia
03/11/2013 19:14
#5 Hey Gabriel, let me guess, you are a non Goy, right? So, does that explain your racist view of who is and who isn't a "real people?"

23 ) gabriel / usa
03/11/2013 19:14
Mel of usa. Don't be jealous of the beauty that israeli girls have. Usa and israel are friends. Don't like it. Leave

24 ) gabriel / usa
03/11/2013 19:23
Rami u don't have a country palestine even if useless organization like UN said that with their fake vote. Nobody wants u guys. Even jordan gave up on west bank and e jerusalem and never wanted it back because nobody wants to deal with you. Say thank you israel provides food for you. Maybe you should tell ur leaders to ask nicely what you want and not demand Maybe there will be more positives outcomes. Israel gave u back gaza and what we got in return rockets. Is that fare?

25 ) #8 white majority / Israel
03/11/2013 19:37
"What they really want is a land with a white majority." Too late--the majority of the country is comprised of Jews from Arab lands and the population is Middle Eastern looking....the "whitest" people here are the Palestinians and a few European Jewish enclaves here and there....

26 ) fordo / us
03/11/2013 20:08
Actually, the wall will be built by Israel, but on the Jordanian side of the river, for the sake of security of the waterway.

27 ) Johnny benson / USA
03/11/2013 20:57
Love it..love it...what a terrific exchange of views...go maan

28 ) Linda Carraway / USA
03/11/2013 21:35
Netanyahu: the worst thing that has happened to Israel, and his own constituency doesn't have a clue. His knee-jerk response to countries and/or people of which he does not approve is always arrogant & punitive--not exactly the kind of stuff that contributes to winning and keeping friends among the other countries of the world. The US has contributed to Netanyahu's tantrums by giving its "buddy" everything he wants, creating a monster that is losing world support. US needs a new ME partner.

29 ) yosef / usa
03/11/2013 22:46
Israel do not need the support of any other country, it has the support of Almighty G-d. For many centuries, Satan has used other people and nations to tried to destroy Israel. They haven't been successful and they won't be, Because Israel has G-d's protection. it's could be seen in the last wars.

30 ) Maureen / Australia
03/11/2013 22:58
It was always the Zionist plan to 'fence' off Palestine for Ziotakeover of Palestine!

31 ) Me / Canada
03/11/2013 23:46
I was totally losing faith in Bibi until now. I still think releasing terrorists will only gain more terrorism. That makes zero sense to me! It only encourages more terrorism. This new wall will be a work of art and ill ya, tell the bastards that they can't mess with teeny Israel. one moron from "Switzerland" lol, tries to make Israel sound like some huge galloping war machine hell bent on land grabs.

32 ) Robert / U.S.
03/11/2013 23:48
What the F--k is this idiot talking about ?.

33 ) Jossef / USA
03/11/2013 23:52
Israel under US pressure fell into a PA trap; the PA joined the negotiations only for two reasons: 1) to get the early release of 106 terrorists and 2) to use the negotiations as a PR forum. All these threats from Erekat to resign are all designed for PR purposes to show the PA as victims of Israel's violations of pre negotiation agreement. Unforunately, Kerry is unwilling to state publicly the fact that the PA agreed to enter negotiations regardless of settlements.

34 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/11/2013 00:02
Don't forget the dome overhead, and the wall along the coast...and what if they tunnel?

35 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/11/2013 00:03
To deb #8: 'Basically they are white supremacists using Judaism as a pretext for separation. What they really want is a land with a white majority.' Here you're buying into the Zionist fantasy that Jews are somehow 'white' in a way that the Palestinians are not.

36 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/11/2013 00:06
To gabriel #5: ' Icc is for real countries and people and palestinians are niether.' People in glass houses definitely shouldn't throw stones. That Israel is 'a country' and that Jews are 'a people' are pretty extreme fictions right there.

37 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/11/2013 00:10
The funny bit about this is that I can remember that back in my puppy days, Israel used to complain about her insecurity and vulnerability to attack. Back THEN, whenever the suggestion was made that Israel simply build a wall along its then border, the response was always that walls provided no defense. NOW --when it's a matter of symbolically incorporating additional territory -- we get a whole different story. All of a sudden, walls are not merely efficacious, but absolutely vital.

38 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/11/2013 00:12
To #6 'There': 'we live by the sword!' I don't suppose it would do any good to point out to you what supposedly happens to those who would live by the sword? But there -- you go right ahead.

39 ) Berel / UK
04/11/2013 00:15
Those who say that the Jews are ‘foreigners’ and ‘colonial occupiers’ who had ‘no connection’ with the land of Israel but were merely ‘put there’ by the Western colonial powers don’t know their history. Biblically the Jews have had a connection with the land of Israel for over three thousand years and if you read your history books, the Kingdom of Israel emerged as an important local power by the 9th century BCE and the Kingdom of Judah emerged in the 8th century BCE.

40 ) Conrad / USA
04/11/2013 00:23
Anyone notice what the Palestinians tell their people about Israel? The Jews have no historical connection to the land, there was never a Temple in Israel, the Jews stole their land. The first book ever written, make those statements obvious lies. Palestinians have rejected all offers of a state of their own because they only want the destruction of Israel, nothing else.

41 ) hank arkin / usa
04/11/2013 03:29
Deb, you are ignorant to say the least. Palestine is a Roman term and not a political one that has any connection to a state. How can you say apartheid? I believe an aparteid state would not accept diversity of race and nationality in their Knesset. An apartheid state would not allow ethnic adversaries to be cured in its hospitals. You have fallen for the biggest bigeted pack of lies. You should meet Berel and get you head out of the sand.

42 ) Palestinian / / Palestine
04/11/2013 12:20
I wonder how the Israelis seek peace and coexistence and follow the destructive plans of their leadership. You have no choice, just like the Palestinians, the only way to live in tranquility is protesting against the separation and fight ratioally for peace not for war.

43 ) liom / Australia
04/11/2013 13:03
Obviously most commentaters have never read history books. Israel belongs to Jerusalem and is the"Apple of G-d's eye".

44 ) sam / uk
04/11/2013 19:22
How can people criticize Israel for not wanting peae, with "enemies" that haven't wanted peace since Israel's inception. To seek peace with people that have no interest in it is not only foolish, it is suicidal. How many times has Israel called for the destruction of the Palestinians? How many times has Bibi demanded they be driven into the sea? How often are muslims regarded as "the great satan" in the Israeli media? The problem is Islamic fundamentalism not Israeli "fascism".

45 ) pocketwind / USA
04/11/2013 19:26
@30 Is that was Theodore Herzl told you in the late 19th century? .

46 ) Maureen / Australia
04/11/2013 22:03
#39 Berel, a lot has come to pass in the last 3 000 years. For instance the advent of the Khazars, now trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they are ancient hebrew who became 'settlers' in a land they named Israel.

47 ) southparkbear / usa
05/11/2013 00:47
for all palestinians in jordan including new comers from the west bank this is going to be their wailing wall. isn't it considerate?

48 ) Maureen / Australia
05/11/2013 10:11
#47 jokerparkbear, consider this, 'he who laughs last laughs best.'

49 ) Dimi / Germany
05/11/2013 11:03
Forget the plans to build a fence between Westbank and Jordan. In Germany we had for decades a wall for which we paid a lot of money and international reputation. What about the idea to create a Palestinian state(homeland) under the umbrella of Jordan,perhaps, it sounds strange but it could be a step forward to solve gigant trouble Israel/Palestine for all times. A wall to Syria and Egypt under the present situation would be okay.

50 ) dave rodriguez / florida
05/11/2013 12:30
@49)you an expert on walls

51 ) Sam / US
05/11/2013 14:28
Only if he knew future war won't be fought on ground he would've resisted building more walls.

52 ) Zainab / UK
09/11/2013 15:02
@50 - dave rodriguez - He should be an expert on walls, he lived in a country that had one for years, not sure which side of Berlin he lived on though. Sometimes these things take a little bit of thinking about, I'm new to geography & witty comments per se. Learning from the Zio trolls is ok though, finding my way around their weird way of thinking is good. Should be able to finally give them some acerbic comments back soon.

53 ) Zainab / UK
09/11/2013 19:24
@49) Dimi - I dream a lot too, & it looks like you certainly dream about walls. We never hear much about Jordan in the news. Does the King have military parades or anything interesting there? Egypt on the other hand is always in the news, they don't mess about there do they! Cracked down straight away, look what they did in Sinai & to Gaza's tunnels, even though Gaza likes them. Shame about Basher, but things change. If you are building walls, they must be strong not flimsy & might need support.

54 ) ian / australia
10/11/2013 02:56
Complete with "girls-of-the-IDF" photo-op, this new plan to fence off the Jordan Valley is a stunt, a thuggish tactic. Israel has no interest in the JV. It's being used as leverage. The tactic clearly is to threaten a new wall and then, as a "compromise", withdraw it in return for recognition of Israeli sovereignty to the new "border", announced last week, ie. the Separation Fence. Kerry will play his part with "economic incentives", essentially offering to buy 13% of the West Bank,

55 ) ian / australia
10/11/2013 03:22
#49 "What about the idea to create a Palestinian state(homeland) under the umbrella of Jordan, perhaps, it sounds strange but it could be a step forward to solve gigant trouble Israel/Palestine for all times." I don't really see how, Dimi. Or why being under an umbrella with Jordan would help. But if it involved the Palestinians forfeiting East Jerusalem, the Aqsa and ALL the major settlements, I'm sure Israel would be all for it. But then it would be another profound nakba for Palestine.

56 ) ian / australia
10/11/2013 07:44
#40 "Palestinians have rejected all offers of a state of their own because they only want the destruction of Israel, nothing else." Oh puhleez, Conrad. You know perfectly well the reasonable and legal solution the Palestinians would accept which would leave the Jewish State safe and secure inside its legal borders and has nothing to do with "the destruction of Israel". Why the lies?

57 ) ian / australia
10/11/2013 09:58
#39 "Biblically the Jews have had a connection with the land of Israel for over three thousand years" I'd say longer, Berel, if you count the time before they became "Jews", when they were Canaanites worshipping El, Asherah and Baal and the time AFTER when they became Christians and Muslims. It's actually a VERY long time.

58 ) Angela Wine / Israel
11/11/2013 20:46
So many comments show complete ignorance, (lack of historical facts, lack of facts on the ground, lies which have been disseminated all over the world in the media,and ommissions which then tell only part of the storyl)
Is it known that international law states that after a war when one side was the aggressor, the land taken by the winning side is not given back automatically, nor it is called occupied liand but rather disputed land to be resolved by negotiations So "occupied is a false term

59 ) ian / australia
11/11/2013 21:26
Complete with "girls-of-the-IDF" photo-op, this new plan to fence off the Jordan Valley is a stunt, a thuggish tactic. Israel has no interest in the JV. It's being used as leverage. The tactic clearly is to threaten a new wall and then, as a "compromise", withdraw it in return for recognition of Israeli sovereignty to the new "border", announced last week, ie. the Separation Fence. Kerry will play his part with "economic incentives", essentially offering to buy 13% of the West Bank,

60 ) ian / australia
11/11/2013 21:27
(contd.) inc. East Jerusalem and the Haram FOR Israel. The hope is that a bludgeoned Palestinian leadership will capitulate and take the deal as the best they'll ever get (which is Bibi's cynical idea of "historic decisions" and "real compromises").

61 ) ian / australia
11/11/2013 21:28
#41 "I believe an aparteid state would not accept diversity of race and nationality in their Knesset." It might as a sop to its primary benefactor, maintaining the "only democracy in the ME" moniker, keeping the greenbacks flowing whilst ensuring non-Jewish MKs have zero power. But how about denying building permits if the applicant is Arab or skewing the electoral division so the Arab majority in East Jerusalem has NO chance of winning on what is their sovereign soil. Or standing idly by

62 ) ian / australia
11/11/2013 21:29
(contd.) whilst Jewish hooligans destroy olive trees and livestock belonging to Arabs? Or maintaining a trigger happy military which intercedes on the behalf of the attackers? Or uses wildly disproportionate force leaving Arabs practising their democratic right to assembly and association injured and dead? (see heart-breaking death of gentle giant, "Fil" (elephant) in "5 Broken Cameras".) If it quacks like a duck, hank...all looks like "an aparteid state" to me.

63 ) ian / australia
14/11/2013 08:22
#58 Interesting Angela, but methinks your ONLY intention is to undermine the Palestinian claim to the W. Bank and fishing around for (read: inventing) what "international law states" is how you've chosen to do it. So you're not invoking the law impartially, more for cheap skirmishing. "Justice" wears that blindfold for a reason, Angela. And if the law ruled against Israel's interest I imagine you would retreat into silence and denial. Now, I'm no Alan Dershowitz, but surely "international law"

64 ) ian / australia
14/11/2013 08:22
(contd.) has already ruled on this in UN resolutions (Israel to withdraw from territories acquired by war; Jerusalem Law "null and void"; settlements illegitimate) and the ICJ opinion (territories BEYOND the '67 line are occupied). I mean what OTHER international law is there? And your take on what happens "after a war" is pretty garbled and self-serving as well. I would have thought, "after a war", in modern, post-Nuremberg, post-UDHR times, territory would be quickly restored to the people

65 ) ian / australia
14/11/2013 11:51
(contd.) living there, inc. the population of a defeated aggressor (eg. Germany). Collective punishment of the innocent population of a rogue regime is surely not the intention of the law. Of course, sometimes the aggressor wins, as in the case of Israel in 1967 (and '48) and refuses to relinquish the spoils in which case the state of war simply continues and the illegal acts of the aggressor/victor become war crimes. Either way, your idea that the lands of the conquered are

66 ) ian / australia
14/11/2013 11:53
(contd.) "disputed" and subject to "negotiations" is pure fiction...as though America, victorious in 1945, had the opportunity to acquire part of Japan, and declare it the 51st state (52nd if you count Canada).
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