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Settlers torch olive trees, attack school in Nablus
Published Wednesday 09/10/2013 (updated) 12/10/2013 17:06
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Armed settlers pictured in Hebron.(MaanImages/file)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Dozens of settlers set fire to agricultural land in Nablus on Wednesday and attacked students at a local school, a Palestinian Authority official said.

Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that settlers from Shilo set fire to agricultural land in an area known as Mount Jalud.

Dozens of settlers then raided a school in the nearby village of Qaryut and vandalized five cars. The group also set fire to land in the village, destroying dozens of olive trees.

Palestinian Authority firetrucks arrived at the scene and extinguished the blaze.

Settlers tried to enter the village but were confronted by local residents, Daghlas added.

An Israeli security official said the military received a complaint that a school, seven vehicles and an orchard were damaged in an attack.

In response, the official said, four suspects were arrested.

Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner added that the "the IDF frowns upon such grave actions, which destabilize the region and deviate security forces' attention from their main mission - combating terror."

The Nablus region of the West Bank experiences a particularly high rate of settler attacks, with settlements built illegally next to Palestinian communities.

Settler attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are systematic and rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities.

All Israeli settlements are considered illegal under international law.
1 ) these guys pretend to be jews / USA
09/10/2013 14:32
but if they were they would know its a sin in Judaism to harm a fruit bearing tree....these guys are nothing but down bred savages from the USSR

2 ) Mel / USA
09/10/2013 15:16
Hey look everyone! Here are 'wonderful' Zionists on their way to the 'promised land'! The 'al-Qaeda' of Judeo-Christianity! The extremists of the 'chosen people'! Zionist 'Salafists' of Israel! Brave heroes to those of similar ilk(history's exceptionalist brutes on any continent). But to normal,empathetic people,with conscience, we recognize them as fanatics & terrorists. Yet,USG pays BILLIONS of US tax dollars p.a. to these,our Jewish fascist proxies!How does that win hearts&minds again?Riiight

3 ) Art / Ca
09/10/2013 17:11
Where-is-the-Ramallah-special-forces Just-last-week-they-we're-in-Nablus-500-Palestinian-soldiers to arrest-Palestinians

4 ) John / Israel
09/10/2013 17:17
@1 Sadly, the majority of the settlers in the territories are from the USA

5 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
09/10/2013 17:56
Would someone from the ‘civilized world’ call those ‘thugs of war’ off?

09/10/2013 18:46

7 ) Arnold / Canada
09/10/2013 20:15
If it is true what they are saying then why not just shoot at the settlers. In the eyes of the law it would be considered self defence. If it goes under investigation then it will be more newsworthy and will make it onto the world media. But if this is all that is done ...talking... then maybe it is not true or not as true as the report.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/10/2013 21:37
To John #4: 'Sadly, the majority of the settlers in the territories are from the USA' I'm certain that isn't true. Too many settlers and too few immigrants from the US. However, it's possible a majority of the thugs are. That would fit. Frustrated American Jewish losers leave home and go play uberman in the territories.

9 ) Jane / PA
09/10/2013 23:03
Answer to: these guys pretend to be Jews / USA Unfortunately these and others most aggressive colonists are from USA. They see themselves as pioneers and compare themselves with USA pioneers.

10 ) Rene / US
09/10/2013 23:19
Most Jews are not religious and don't give much thought to sin. And the Jews who are religious have different concepts about sin and about rights belonging to Jews that are rights above other people.

11 ) Rene / US
09/10/2013 23:33
John/Israel, I wish there was a source of data to confirm your comment. I know that it is partially true and it is contemptible. Jews and a particular kind of US Christians who make up a cult and plant and harvest for Jews and others who contribute money to their cause. These Christians are a small nutty cult. Mike Levinson/USA, Right! Join with the BDS. Boycott, Divest and Sanction.

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/10/2013 23:44
So...to sum up. Jews outside Israel win Nobel Prizes. Jews in Israel cut down trees and attack school children. ...or did I miss something?

13 ) @ Art-3 / USA
10/10/2013 00:13
- The Zionists are almost certainly in Area C, where as per Oslo, Israel has complete 100% authority, such that - "the-Ramallah-special-forces" have No authority there, and even setting-foot there could be seen as aggression, or an act of war, and - Israel would justifiably stop them, with what ever means needed, particularly since Israel remembers how such PLO/PA forces also took part in violence of the 2nd Intifada !!!

14 ) Golden Dome / USA
10/10/2013 00:28
Netinachoo wanted to hold the PA responsible for two Israeli deaths last week saying they were behind incitement even though Area C is under complete Israeli control. By his own logic Israeli is then responsible for all of these settler attacks. Let the World Court prosecute Bibi and all his security rats after they corral these settler criminals.

15 ) @ John-4 / USA
10/10/2013 00:32
-1- If they broke laws, as is likely exaggerated here, the Israel authorities will address it properly, under the Law, and Israel will not glorify murderers like the PA has done in the past. And, -2- Given they were armed, but no one was shot, further suggests that they may have little or nothing, and -3- If the situation had been in reverse, like 06Mar2008 in Jerusalem**, the results would have been much bloodier !! ** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercaz_HaRav_massacre

16 ) Joe Fattal / USA
10/10/2013 02:24
@6 You are totally right. Bunch of paid hoodlums paid by the Military which consist of young men and women for a 2 years tour of duty and with no settlers among them. The settlers are more permanent and probably paid and armed by the Military and the more incentives they get the more they'll learn to hate the Palestinians and create that civil unrest. Same in Syria, where the Military use rebels of their own to do their dirty work such the use of chemical weapons.

17 ) Oliveland / Palestine
10/10/2013 05:24
Mel & Art , you are spot on . Palestinian Forces should be protecting these vulnerable villages from the racist thugs that enjoy this sick impunity .

18 ) Julie / USA
10/10/2013 09:12
Lerner: "...deviate security forces' attention from their main mission - combating terror." hey Lerner, world has news for you: THESE ILLEGAL SQUATTERS ARE THE TERRORISTS, DOING TERROR TO PALESTINIANS, you psychotic zionazi idiot!!!!

19 ) Rafael / Brazil
10/10/2013 16:38
Arnold of Canada It's kinda cute that you have so deceive yourself so lamely into believing these colonial thugs are not as bad as even the IDF now is saying they are. You're a terror apologist - as long, of course, as the victims of terror are Arab and the perpetrators Jewish/Western.

20 ) Maureen / Australia
10/10/2013 18:07
Call them for what they are, Israel's front line terrorist squatters! The darlings of the IOF!

21 ) aim / fire
10/10/2013 21:20
Simple, SHOOT TO KILL... thats all, Jews get away with it , why not anyone else, see what you've created with your crazy religious beliefs. ...

22 ) Johnny benson / USA
10/10/2013 21:36
Why can't all of us just get along?....as the Arabs can't get along with each other..everywhere..Algeria..Tunisia..Egypt..Syria ..Lebanon..Iraq..and with anybody else in Africa India..Pakistan..in Asia....but Israel is supposed to live with their Arabs...of course that doesn't excuse the destruction of Arab trees and crops by these idiots

23 ) roman / usa
10/10/2013 22:42
anti-Semitic propaganda . prove it before slandering us. I am a 'settler'. most what they say about us here, is pure arabo-muslim lies.

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/10/2013 01:17
To Arnold #7 'If it is true what they are saying then why not just shoot at the settlers. In the eyes of the law it would be considered self defence...' You forget that this is Israel. Palestinians who defend themselves go to prison.

25 ) @ Rafael #19 / USA
11/10/2013 04:54
There were no Palestinians during WW2, but their brother Muslims had largely allied themselves, with the Axis-Nazi powers, and It is NOT at all "cute that you deceive yourself into believing these (Muslims now calling themselves) "PALESTINIAN" thugs would not be as bad as" NAZI, if they could just win one war.

26 ) Rene / US
11/10/2013 12:41
I have just read an article which says the settlers number somewhere around 500,000. If this is true then the Nutty Zion Christian Cult can only number a fraction of a fraction. And I must reiterate, they are a fraction of a fraction of Christians. Ma'an News, Please publish this comment if you will. Thank you.

27 ) Three "A"s / Consequences
11/10/2013 13:57
This is the third violent death of an Israeli in less than three weeks,
and this has been a chronic, "normal", situation for over 60 years,
so it is NO wonder that the State of Israel:
- Allows West Bank Jewish civilians to carry guns,
- Approved building the Security Fences in the West Bank/Gaza, and
- Appoints it's military to man checkpoints and a naval blockade of Gaza !!!
PALESTINIANS created the terror situation, and thus
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