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Egypt plans Gaza intervention if Sinai crisis continues
Published Thursday 03/10/2013 (updated) 11/10/2013 16:56
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An Egyptian helicopter flies in the direction of al-Jura district in
El-Arish from Sheikh Zuwaid, around 350 km (217 miles)
northeast of Cairo May 21, 2013. (Reuters/Stringer)
EL ARISH, Egypt (Ma'an) -- The Egyptian army has established a precautionary plan for military intervention in the Gaza Strip if attacks on Egyptian troops in the Sinai Peninsula intensify, Egyptian security officials said Wednesday.

Officials told Ma'an that Egyptian reconnaissance planes had entered the Gaza Strip's airspace and examined a number of locations in Rafah and Khan Younis to be targeted if military attacks against Egyptian troops intensify in Sinai.

Egyptian aircraft could also target vehicles which travel across the border area delivering smuggled goods, sources added. More smuggling tunnels could also be destroyed, and sources highlighted that "all options are open."

According to Egyptian military sources, the ongoing attacks in Sinai are carried out by organizations based both in Sinai Peninsula and in the Gaza Strip.

Certain militant groups in the Gaza Strip, according to Egyptian officials, are "behind the violence" in Sinai, including Ansar al-Sunna, which has ties to Hamas, as well as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, among others.

As a result, sources argue that in order to maintain control over the Sinai, the Egyptian army has no choice but to shut down all smuggling tunnels and strike targets in Gaza if further red lines are crossed.

"The Egyptian army does not believe the population of Gaza is involved in the violence in Sinai, but certain factions strongly support Sinai groups. The tunnels play a major role in the communication between both sides," a senior Egyptian official told Ma'an.

"In addition, Hamas, although its involvement is limited, is responsible for maintaining control of the smuggling tunnels as well as the factions operating in the coastal enclave," he added.

Hundreds of people have been killed and more than 2,000 arrested across Egypt in the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood since Aug. 14, when police forcibly dispersed two protest camps in Cairo's Rabia al-Adawiya Square.

The protest camps had been set up in opposition to the Aug. 3 coup by the Egyptian military, which overthrew democratically elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi following mass protests against his leadership.

In the months since, the Egyptian military has stepped up a campaign against militant groups operating out of the Sinai Peninsula.

The Egyptian military has accused Hamas, the current rulers of the Gaza Strip, of being connected to the violence and of having ties to deposed President Morsi.
1 ) Charlie / USA
03/10/2013 15:37
'All options open', 'Red lines crossed'. They are speaking in the same language of Israeli war criminals. I guess its obvious who is crafting their statements and devising their criminal plans against the Palestinian population in Gaza. These Egyptian scum are nothing but pigs.

2 ) Maurice / Canada
03/10/2013 16:53
Response to Charlie: The real "scum" are the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters (including those in Gaza) who want to throw Egypt back to Middles Ages and oppress minorities such as the Copts. What the Egyptian army is doing is protecting Egypt. I fully support them!

3 ) Tariq / Luton UK
03/10/2013 17:05
@1 These are my Moslem brothers in arms you are calling ''Egyptian scum are nothing but pigs.''

4 ) ABE / USA
03/10/2013 17:23
Isn't it fascinating that everyone has a problem with poor Hamas!

5 ) Arnold / Canada
03/10/2013 19:40
Charlie / USA. The Sinai Peninsula is Egyptian territory. At this point in time Egypt does not have complete autonomy of the peninsula due to militant groups running about freely. As well the smuggling tunnels are allowing unknowns free access into and out of both Egypt and Gaza. Would the USA allow we Canadians or Mexicans to run around freely ? No it would not. Leave Israel out of the equation. Your mentioning Israel shows you have a bias against the country.

6 ) Johnny benson / USA
03/10/2013 19:55
How stupid....why do these Islamic do do birds keep picking on Egypt and Israel...only to get whooped on the side of the head...just so they can cry...disproportionate response...just to get the sick wackos to be on their side...don't they know that this combination of progressive liberals...anti Semites of all colors..self hating jews and Muslims, are all on their side anyway...why go through all that, anyway?

7 ) Gary K. / U.S.A.
03/10/2013 20:06
Charlie, apparently you feel it's okay for terrorists to kill Jews, Copts or even Egyptian police and army personnel. But when the above groups fight back, they're "war criminals." How did you react when Hamas dragged executed Gaza citizens through the streets, tied to motorcycles? Did you want to kiss them? Your moral compass is completely out of whack.

8 ) Maureen / Australia
03/10/2013 20:09
The Egyptian military junta is nothing more than USraeli owned dogs!

9 ) @ Charlie-1 / USA too
03/10/2013 20:40
You've only got one part in four correct: -a- Yes, "they are speaking in the same language as the Israelis", but -b- NO, the Egyptians are Not the War Criminals, and neither is Israel. -c- The WAR CRIMINALS ARE HAMAS and other Islamic militant groups, -d- Who are responsible for both most of the civilian deaths in the last war with Israel, just like they will likely be responsible for most of the civilian suffering in the next war with Egypt !!!!

10 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
03/10/2013 22:14
Gosh, Charlie, and just who are those nice Hamas guys running Gaza? Are they your friends and heroes? Are they the people you admire and support? You are another strange American who sits at a computer 5000 miles away and dreams up conspiracy theories that have nothing to do with reality. You sound like a jihadist who likes the fact that jihadists are killing innocent people in Sinai and say they want to take over Egypt and run it like the Taliban. You are the war criminal, buddy.

11 ) outlier / USA
04/10/2013 00:47
why.are.you.blaming.gaza. or.you.hate.hamas.because.its.brotherhood? problems.are.on.egypts.side.and.not.gaza.side. hamas.doesnt.want.to.fight.for.none.but.palestinian.rights

04/10/2013 01:26

13 ) Keith / USA
04/10/2013 01:30
The ignorance and hatred of people like Charlie gives easy cover to the confidence and brutality of Islamic terrorists. That he criticizes Egypt for trying to protect its borders suggests someone with little connection to reality.

14 ) Ido / Palestine
04/10/2013 05:22
Shame on Egypt. Shame on the Egyptian people for going on with their lives and not rising en masse against the military regime.

15 ) Tony / Brazil
04/10/2013 09:16
@#1, Wait a minute Charlie. Hamas is led by a bunch of inept idiots now. Israel made sure to assassinate all of the smart leaders with half a brain. The ones that are left are dumb enough to believe they can both resist Israeli aggression and attack the Egyptian army to try and influence Egyptian politics - imagine that! All while they are making sure no men are cutting women's hair and lingerie does not hang in shop windows. Palestinians should not meddle in Egypt's affairs period.

16 ) Alan C. / United Kingdom
04/10/2013 11:29
Radicals who want Islamic supremacy are the scum. Real Egyptians want stability and Arab extremists only make matters worse by incursions into other sovereign countries in search of a Caliphate.

17 ) Tibi / Tubas
04/10/2013 15:32
Blame Neither Egypt, and Nor Israel, since

18 ) Robby / USA
04/10/2013 15:43
1 ) Charlie / USA: "I guess its obvious who is crafting their statements and devising their criminal plans against the Palestinian population in Gaza." I know it is difficult, but maybe you can try to hold some Arab leaders responsible for their own actions. Or are you so bigoted as to believe Arab leadership is not smart enough to think for themselves?

19 ) Alicija / Russia
04/10/2013 15:47
for you guys whoever is not a pig is ape, only you are perfect. And whoever doesnt do what you want - is a Jew automatically. ))) try to rethink you own behaviour some day. And stop to stick your nose in the other people's business. Sinai is not "Palestinian", never was, and with G-d's help will never be. Clear?

20 ) Mel / USA
04/10/2013 18:52
SHAME! SHAME ON YOU COWARD EGYPT! For so willingly jumping to act as proxy-military force for occupying Israel again,when you don't even know WHO is operating in the Sinai.Now its military is preparing to strike GAZA,under Israeli/USG orders,just to earn a living on USG FMF?!?! Egypt is endorsing Israel's colective punisment of Gaza. Newborn babies are DYING at Rafah border because Egypt won't let them thru' for CARE.Shameful abandonment of Tahrir!

21 ) HCollins / UK
05/10/2013 18:44
Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are religious fascists who wish not only to destroy Israel and wipe out Jews but also subject their own people to an Islamist tyranny. The vast majority of Egyptians are glad the MB was overthrown. They are also beginning to realise that Hamas are the MB's allies, hence as much a threat to most Egyptians as to the Israelis.

22 ) gerard byrne / ireland
06/10/2013 21:08
the real terrorists are the colonial zionists who robbed and dispossesed the palestinians Israel has no right to exist the zionists should go back to where they came from

23 ) James / USA
07/10/2013 02:17
I will cherish the day Egypt shows strength in Gaza and get the lunatics under control. They have an opportunity via public opinion no other country has right now, I hope they take advantage of it.

24 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
08/10/2013 00:50
General al Sisi is probably the most capable leader Egypt has ever seen. Why should he allow Salafists to destabilise a border of his nation? HAMAS stole power so HAMAS must pay the price...but seeing as how Khan Younis is mentioned it seems it would only be a limited operation versus Salafits and not HAMAS per se.

25 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/10/2013 12:02
Rachamim Dwek #25: 'General al Sisi is probably the most capable leader Egypt has ever seen.' Sisi is an Israeli client.

26 ) mo / gaza
08/10/2013 15:40
# 25 Colin: Please, please - if you want to help us stop saying child comments. Did someone hire you to say these things?

27 ) paul zozak / no
09/10/2013 20:18
The aparthied government of zionist israel is the source of the problem. Talk about Hamas? What about the hundreds of Palestinian children shot dead in the streets of Gaza by Israeli thugs? What about the destruction of Palestinian olive groves by Iraeli settelers and real estate speculators who are bent on stealing more territory? What about the thousands of Oalestinian men, women and children languishing in Israeli prisons?

28 ) Carlos / usa
18/10/2013 18:44
the Egyptian military is incompetent it will not win any battle with anyone.

29 ) carlos / usa
18/10/2013 18:48
Egyptian military is losing control everyday. It destroyed the democratically elected government of Egypt. I cant wait for the day Al Sisi is brought to trial in shackles and sentence to death for treason.

30 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/10/2013 08:28
To Arnold #5: 'The Sinai Peninsula is Egyptian territory.' What a fascinating theory. That has no basis in anything.

31 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/10/2013 08:31
Anyway, I think Egypt is simply strong-arming Hamas into policing the groups that are causing it trouble.

32 ) Dimi / Germany
28/10/2013 11:48
The earlier Egypt intervenes the better, but it should bring Abbas back to power.
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