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25 Palestinian women killed in 'honor' crimes in 2013
Published Sunday 22/09/2013 (updated) 29/09/2013 17:10
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Police arrest a man accused of killing his niece, Aya Baradiya, in Hebron,
May 12, 2011. (MaanImages/Mohammad Owawy)
NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Twenty-five women have been killed so far this year in Palestine in so-called honor crimes, the Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling says.

The latest victim, Thamar Zeidan, was found strangled on Saturday in the Tulkarem village of Deir al-Ghosoun, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported.

Her father allegedly admitted that he killed her.

A family member told Ma'an that Thamar had been a victim since she was young when she was forcibly married at the age of 15. She got divorced four years later.

"A few days ago, young men from the village caught a man from a neighboring village, allegedly, drunk near the victim's house. He was taken to a police station, then he was released after family dignitaries intervened and ended the problem," the relative said.

"Nevertheless, shortly after a traditional Sulha ('truce') was reached, villagers were surprised by a statement signed by the victim's father and posted on public places and walls in the village. He announced in his statement that he disavowed his own daughter."

Shortly after the statement was posted, the father allegedly strangled Thamar to death.

He publicly blamed Hamas lawmaker Abdul-Rahman Zeidan for forcing him to take his daughter's life, after he created a petition with other family members to disown the father.

The father put up posters in the village saying that the lawmaker was trying to convince family members to sign a petition to disown him.

He allegedly killed his daughter shortly afterward.

Commenting on the accusations, Abdul-Rahman Zeidan said that 51 members of the Zeidan family had endorsed a statement disowning the woman's father and expelling him from his house and the West Bank.

The father had run into difficulties with the family and the aim of the petition was to protect the honor of the Zeidan family, which is conservative and has its own customs and traditions, the lawmaker told Ma'an.

Asked about his attitude to honor killing, Zeidan that he condemned killing of women for family honor, calling it an insult to the human soul and a violation of Islamic teachings.

An activist in the Tulkarem area, Sureida Abed Hussein, rejected the lawmaker's statement, saying that "he did what he did in his capacity as a lawmaker representing the Hamas movement. This was indirect incitement against the woman."

She said that in 2012, 13 women were murdered in 'honor killings' while in 2011 four women were killed.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights on Sunday issued a statement condemning the killing of Zeidan and calling for a serious investigation into the murder.

PCHR also called for "prosecuting perpetrators of 'family honor' murders, and dealing with such murders in the same manner as other crimes of willful killing, taking into consideration international human rights standards."
1 ) Islam is CULTURE OF / DEATH
22/09/2013 16:59

2 ) Mel / USA
22/09/2013 18:11
Did anyone,including the father,ever think to ask the daughter how she felt about everything in her life? Did anyone ask her how HONORABLY she was treated all her life,by the so-called 'men' around her?Whether she felt like a lot at an auction to be sold to the highest "honorable" bidder? As a father,I know that our daughters are TREASURES to love,treat honorably,RESPECT highly.They are the captains of our family ships! Do not confuse "honor" with bruised male pride &ego. Ne'er the twain should

3 ) Haraka / United Kingdom
22/09/2013 19:51
To the first comment, in many African tribes, Hindu and Sikh communities there are also honour killings - also the cultures of death?

4 ) Outlier / USA
22/09/2013 20:02
Jews.killed more palestinian children And Christians killed the most on this earth

5 ) Amr / Palestine
22/09/2013 21:44
Islam prevents these kind of crimes, and those people who commit these crimes, have to be punished and they deserve the death sentence indeed !

6 ) Belchwind / Canada
22/09/2013 22:27
to paraphrase Dan Aykroyd's character, Sgt. Tree, who states "he cannot stand Arabs raping Arabs Arabs.''

7 ) Hala / Palestine
22/09/2013 23:13
Honour Killing is MURDER perpetrated usually by men. It would'nt happen at such a scale if the law for murder was applied. Thou shall not kill if you want to call yourself a human being.

8 ) Husam D / Jordan
23/09/2013 10:13
And in the end they'll blame the Jews.

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
23/09/2013 13:18
Hey #4, did you bother reading the article. The issue is crimes against women. And sorry, #5, but Islam is not preventing these crimes either in Palestine or Israel or elsewhere in the Middle East. Imams are silent, as are the political leaders.

10 ) Zainab / UK
23/09/2013 14:55
Amr (5) is correct, Islam does prevent 'honour killing. There is no evidence, recommendation or justification in Islam for this type of killing, which is in effect murder. The practice of 'honour killing' is based merely on cultural beliefs & can be found in many societies all over in the world today. Within the context of Islam, those who profess to be Muslims & who do NOT speak out against or condem 'honour killing', they will then become complict in the crime along with the perpetrators.

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/09/2013 12:04
Rather predictably we get posters (nos.1 and 9) who are suddenly concerned about the rights of women -- if it's Muslims violating those rights. You will never, never find these types publicly complaining about mistreatment of women in any other context. Go ahead: find their expressions of outrage about radical clitorectomies in Africa, white slavery in Israel, incest among ultra-Orthodox Jews, or domestic violence in America. You won't.

12 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/09/2013 17:35
@ 2), Damn WELL-SAID (and that's probably a first for me to say that about you ... but in this case it's 100% true ...). @ 4), What BRILLIANT statements !!! ... WOW !!! ... Those REALLY are GREAT connection to this article's points !!! ... So maybe next time you can connect the dots between the tragedy of Palestinian students who commit suicide because of academic disappointment and how many of us and Christian Zionists have been responsible for their "bad" educational opportunities by (cont.)

13 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/09/2013 17:36
being responsible for the shortcomings in their schools. We can then be disowned by Palestinian students who grow up to hate Israel for taking their education and eventually their land. After all, being just disowned instead of killed at least has its advantages. @ 5), 7), Also WELL-SAID ... I would only add our Law (Commandments) say: "Thou shall not murder (not kill)." Separately ... Under Israelite Law, these totally sickening and horrific crimes demand the death penalty. This (cont.)

14 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
24/09/2013 17:37
terrible problem has been reported on before. It is among the worst of its kind in any society because curing such a problem requires a major change in social values. Laws alone will not suffice. I only pray the PA and Hamas make awareness and prevention of this an extreme priority on their educational agendas and internal affairs in all Palestinian villages and towns where Palestinians live. May these murders be stopped permanently, forever, once and for all and for good, Insha'Allah.

15 ) Nab [fr] / LUS
24/09/2013 19:50
The Arab Center for Human Rights [PCHR] on Sunday issued a statement "that 25 Palestinian women killed in 'honor' crimes in 2013. They issued a further statement calling for "prosecuting perpetrators of 'family honor' murders, and dealing with such murders in the same manner as other crimes of willful killing, taking into consideration international human rights standards." A Tulkarem area activist, Sureida Abed Hussein, said t in 2012, 13 women were murdered in 'honor killings'; & 4 in 2011.

16 ) comments / page
24/09/2013 21:26
zionists are so careing.

17 ) Marian Hennings / United States
25/09/2013 00:10
This sort of cultural crime is difficult to eliminate, especially when so many other problems demand attention. It is essential that it be addressed, however, in order for Palestinian women to have any hope for decent lives no matter how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict plays out. This is also a major problem in Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq, and it is not condoned by Islam or any other religion.

18 ) Outlier / USA
27/09/2013 03:54
The fake Outlier strikes again. Accept no substitutes. He is an out and out-liar.

19 ) @ Zainab-10 / Islam & Judaism
28/09/2013 16:50
Islam is a way to live based on a Book, the Quran, just like Judaism is a way to live based on a Book, The Torah, and still - many Muslim states do NOT "prevent honor killings", as the 25 dead Palestinian (& more in Jordan, etc.) women proves, just like - the Jewish State of Israel does NOT treat "the (Palestinian) Stranger" living in OUR LAND" well, despite Torah's repeated commandment to so !!

20 ) JoeUSA / USA
28/09/2013 17:22
These are murders . They should not be called Honor Killings , because they criminalize the perpetrator and "dishonor" the memory of the victims and nothing there is nothing "honorable" about them . Needs to be stopped.To those who claim this a Muslim phenomena , they are wrong . Christian Arabs do the same stuff. It is cultural not religious. Some Jews also mistreat women calling the Whores if they do not dress to their idiotic modest standards. Wacos exist in every culture/religious groups.

21 ) Rami / Palestine
02/10/2013 09:48
#5 I think you're mistaken. It doesn't "prevent" these kinds of crimes because these kinds of crimes happen all too frequently. I think what you probably meant to say and what you should have said is that Islam is critical of these kinds of crimes.
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