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Egypt army plans buffer zone along Gaza border
Published Sunday 01/09/2013 (updated) 04/09/2013 22:35
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CAIRO (Ma'an) -- Egypt plans to impose a 500-meter buffer zone along its border with the Gaza Strip, a senior Egyptian military official said Sunday.

Egyptian residents living in Saladin, al-Barahmeh, Canada, Brazil, al-Sarsouriya and other neighborhoods close to the Gaza border have received eviction notices.

Homeowners who received eviction orders demonstrated against the decision and burned tires in protest.

Army bulldozers have also uprooted trees in the border area.

The army has demolished 13 homes in the al-Sarsouriya neighborhood where tunnel entrances were found.

An Egyptian military official told Ma'an that most cross-border tunnels with entrances in fields or open areas had been destroyed in a security campaign to stop smuggling. He said it was more difficult to locate tunnels that opened into houses.

Egypt's army spokesman Ahmad Mohammad said that forces have destroyed 343 smuggling tunnels. He said the Egyptian military has also prohibited fishing near the border to prevent smuggling via the sea.

Hamas said Friday that two Palestinian fishermen were wounded and five others arrested by the Egyptian navy off the coast of the Gaza Strip.

"Some Egyptian navy ships fired in the direction of Palestinian fishing boats near the Egyptian border off the coast of Rafah at dawn on Friday," the Hamas government's press agency reported.

"Two fishermen were wounded and five others arrested," said Hamas.

They were both taken to the hospital in Rafah, medical sources said, adding that their lives were not in danger.

Hamas described the incident as an "unjustified act," and called for those "detained to be freed."

Egypt did not immediately confirm the incident, which took place amid growing tensions with Hamas.

Gaza fishing boats often venture into Egyptian waters to compensate for the restriction caused by a maritime blockade imposed by Israel on the coastal strip.

But the practice has been less and less tolerated, since former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood is close to Hamas, was ousted in a military coup on July 3.

Under the terms of the current Israeli restrictions, Gaza fishermen are not allowed to enter waters more than six nautical miles from the shore, and complain that the area is insufficient to support the needs of Gaza's population.
1 ) Mel / USA
01/09/2013 17:26
SHAME!SHAME!SHAME!On you Egypt! Now your military Mubarak dogs are off the leash you become Israel's poodle again!?! Locking in,even more,1.6 million Arab Gazan CIVILIAN people blockaded/sanctioned,collectively punished,by Israeli landgrabbers,for not being white & Jewish! Heck,why doesn't Egypt just "gas the Arabs" for Jewish-only apartheid Israel &save Tel Aviv the job?They might agree not to BOMB Egypt later,when they've finished cluster-bombing Lebanon,Syria again.Egypt is Israel's Mussolini

2 ) Melson(hasvehalillah) / USA
01/09/2013 18:11
Egypt is a Zionist entity!

3 ) Outlier / USA
01/09/2013 18:34
Goodbye tunnel trade! Time for Hamas to make nice with Egypt or die.

4 ) Robby / USA
01/09/2013 19:11
Let me guess, this story will receive not comments or everyone will blame the US and Israel.

5 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
01/09/2013 19:18
Egypt knows some of the tunnels were used by the terrorists who are killing Egyptian soldiers and policemen in the Sinai, and who issued a astatement yesterday calling for more killing. Egypt woke up and smelled the coffee. Gazans will pay the price of Hamas being a terrorist government that supports Jihadists who attack Egypt.

6 ) kvetcher / Germany
01/09/2013 19:30
This is outrageous; I am jumping up and down at the indignity of denying access into the Sinai to the black coated Jihadist.

7 ) ABE / USA
01/09/2013 19:46
Wow the relationship Hamas has with Eygpt SOUNDS alot like it's relationship with ISRAEL! amazing.

8 ) Around / World
01/09/2013 22:14
Remember - Hamas used to like to call Egypt a "palestinian strategical depth". And if Egyptian agree with Hamas - they need to deepen that depth and make the buffer zone 1000 m wide, or met be even deeper - 2000 m wide. That will be real deep palestinian strategical depth. Hamas and Gaza are getting exactly what they were asking for- they are getting what they deserved.

9 ) EE / UK
01/09/2013 22:16
Apparently, Egypt can be called "another Zionist entity". I wonder - can it also be called "occupied 1948 palestinian land"? He-he-he

10 ) Greg / UKR
01/09/2013 22:20
This proves that Egypt is run by zionists - just like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of zionists in Egypt - almost 85 mil. Who could believe that even very antisemitic Egypt will be invaded by that many zionists.

11 ) Paddy / Ireland
02/09/2013 18:35
C.C. 2 the ICC

12 ) Foreigner in / Gaza
02/09/2013 18:45
The only good thing to come out of this is it will show the rest of the world how BRUTAL the Israeli siege really is. It may finally push the international community to act and force Israel to end the siege.

13 ) @ Mel-1 / USA too
02/09/2013 18:55
Your world view is wrong in 3 ways, where 1- You blame the victims (Egypt & Israel) instead of the Gaza attackers, 2- You forget that Hamas is responsible for the "1.6 million civilians", and their attacks caused the "blockade & collective punishment", and 3- There is No "Shame" in defending yourself from Hamas' murdering elements, which is all that both Israel and Egypt are doing, after being repeatedly attacked, and needing for a buffer zone, to stop the flow of militants from Gaza.

14 ) Outlier / USA
02/09/2013 20:12
(Previous comment spiked)1., Sorry Mel, but Egypt's moves are justified. They are the consequences of Hamas' actions on the border and in Sinai, and have nothing to do with Israel.

15 ) EE / UK
02/09/2013 20:42
#12 - have you actually read the article? It talks about Egyptian siege, Israel is not even mentioned. Get a grip, pal.

16 ) @ Foreigner-12 / USA
03/09/2013 16:08
Your world view is wrong in two ways, where
"the rest of the world has already been shown how":
1- there was NO the Israeli siege of Gaza until, Gaza started
"raining" (~100/day) rockets on Israel's civilians, and still
2- Israel facilitates others providing Gaza civilians with medicine and
food, and directly provides Gaza civilians with electricity and water !!

17 ) Abdullah Karreem / Jordan/Gaza
03/09/2013 17:58
Hamas brought this on Gazan population. When Israelis left Gaza, they sold Palestinians the most advanced hi-tech greenhouses on Earth, able to feed more than just Gazan population. Financed by 10 mil USD by Gates Foundation. What Hamas did? Immediatelly destroyed the greenhouses and used them as platforms (among others) for firing rockets on the Israeli town of Sderot just over the border. THIS brought Israeli blockade. I'm really ashamed of you, Hamas.

18 ) Carlos / usa
04/09/2013 01:11
Egyptian Military Coup government is so incompetent! Please forgive them for they do not care about the people. Death is their solution to anything. 2000 problems were solved in one day during the militaries crackdown.

19 ) carlos / usa
04/09/2013 01:19
Egypt needs a real revolution. Mubarack was just the figure head. The real power was the military. The military just repackaged themselves and sold themselves to the stupid in Egypt. Morsi was a brave man. I wish he was more capable but I think noone could succeed. They dont realize they signed a death warrant to freedom, got 30 more years of marshal law, torture, disappearence, lack of freedom. The military was the problem and the rich stole Egypt again at the expense of Egyptian Humanity.

20 ) Lynx / Free on the Land
05/09/2013 01:15
Bravo Egypt! Enough of these pathological religious fanatics! Send your message to an appeasing West that it's time to put an end to these maniacs. Nothing but profound respect for Tamarod and the Army. May they continue in this vein and not be thrown off course. An end to the poisonous brotherhood of death. What a marvellous turn of events...

21 ) @ Carlos #s 18 & 19 / USA
05/09/2013 05:24
18- The "Egyptian Military Coup government" is obviously more competent than the Lybian and Syrian Militaries, and Terror and "Death are pretty much the solution to anything" in the entire Arab world, and 19- The human race "needs a real revolution", and to be rid of the race of Arabs, uses child suicide bombers, fires rockets at cities & civilians, and commits one genocide after another, all in the name of power or "resistance".

22 ) @ Abdullah-17 / Atypical & Correct
05/09/2013 05:31
- You seem to be an atypical person for the regions, where few individuals in the Arab world seem of accept responsibility for their actions, and - You are correct, that "Hamas brought this (Security Fence, Naval Blockade, etc.) on the Gaza population", just like the PLO/PA/Fatah brought this (Security Fence, Check Points, etc.) on the West Bank Areas A/B population.
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