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Palestinian schools switch to Israeli curriculum in Jerusalem
Published Wednesday 28/08/2013 (updated) 30/08/2013 12:59
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- The director of education in Jerusalem has urged families with schoolchildren in Jerusalem to be aware that at least five Palestinian schools are switching to Israeli education materials.

Sameer Jibril said the Ebin Rushd and Abdulla bin Hussain schools were using Israeli education materials in the seventh and eighth grades. The Sour Baher school is using them for fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and the Ibin Khaldoun school uses it for seventh graders.

An education official told Ma’an that a meeting took place on Thursday in Herzliya near Tel Aviv for Palestinian and Israeli principals and teachers to discuss switching from Palestinian Authority to Israeli curricula.

The Israeli municipality in Jerusalem offered to increase salaries for teachers and principals who agree to implement the plans in their schools, the official said. The proposal would add about 2,000 shekels (about $550) per student enrolled in schools using Israeli curricula.

A teacher who identified himself as Jibril told Ma'an that using Israeli curricula was a "violation" of Palestinian culture and history.

"This step is very dangerous and touches the awareness of Palestinians in Jerusalem in an effort to brainwash them and control them, especially young generations.”

Among the concerns Palestinian teachers have about the materials are maps purporting to depict the state of Israel which include the West Bank and identify Palestinian territory by Jewish Biblical names.

It also includes history lessons about the destruction of a Jewish temple in Jerusalem, which the texts separately identify as the capital of Israel despite an international consensus that the city is occupied.

Another section depicts a conversation between three Arab students who praise Israel's development of Palestinian cities and decide to sing the Israeli national anthem.

Other points of concern include a photograph of the separation wall along with a caption identifying it as Israel's "security fence," and another referring to Israel as a bastion of human rights and democracy.
1 ) Alex / USA
28/08/2013 18:32
So far, Israeli materials reflect factual information. What have the "Palestinian" versions promoted that was different from Israeli versions?

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/08/2013 20:07
internationally-recognized (eastern) "occupied" status ??? ... Or of Palestinians praising us and singing Hatikvah (our national anthem) ... (which is ludicrous) ??? ... Or of how to label the Great Divider (security wall--us; apartheid wall-them) while championing us as a pillar of human rights and democracy without the historical background from both sides ??? ... ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY YES. If the situation were reversed, rest assured we would react VERY similarly.

3 ) Anonymous / USA
28/08/2013 20:47
If by "factual" you mean "distort history in order to make it seem no one lived in Palestine before the Zionists arrived in the land to colonize it", then yes, very "factual". Get real.

4 ) Schmalex / USA
28/08/2013 20:52
Alex nr 1, what have you been drinking? I'd like to try some of that. Factual? And I guess the entire world is wrong and israel is right? What's next, you're gonna claim jews are a "chosen people"? Where have I heard that before...oh right, the NAZIS!

5 ) Arnold / Canada
28/08/2013 20:55
Algebra and geometry are a math/science subjects which can trace their roots to ancient Arabic scholars. Knowing this I am so surprised the modern Arab is so clueless. On November 30 1947 the UN took the whole of the area known as Palestine , a land inhabited by both Arab and Jew for centuries , and carved out a piece which was to be the homeland of the Jewish people. As by the laws of algebra and geometry that left a remainder of land. That land was to be the homeland of the Palestinians. contd

6 ) Arnold / Canada
28/08/2013 21:04
PART 2. As per the rules of the UN it was necessary for the Israelis to name a leader and that leader was to go to the UN to declare the State of Israel. That occurred on May 14 1948. The Palestinians did not elect a leader nor did they go to the UN to declare the State of Palestine. Instead on May 15 1948 they with their Arab family of nations attacked Israel. So do not give me that the Palestinians do not have a state. They had the state in 1947. They did not accept it because they want it all

7 ) Lucy / Earth
28/08/2013 21:08
Bastion of human rights? A democracy? What a joke.

8 ) gabi / australia
29/08/2013 02:45
#6 - Arnold, what borders did Israel declare in 1948? None. BenGurion said he would get the Jews the whole of the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. Given that is it any wonder Arab states came in to protect what was left of the UN Partition Plan land allocated the Arabs because the Jews had already taken great swathes of it. So what was saved at that time was the West Bank and Gaza and Golan, saved by Jordan, and Eqypt and Syria. Read ACTUAL history written at the time, not hasbara.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/08/2013 03:34
To Alex #1: 'So far, Israeli materials reflect factual information.' Well, for starters, Israel cannot simultaneously claim to be a democracy and claim to include the West Bank. Then there's the 'bastion of human rights' bit. It's difficult to think of anything further from the truth. Effectively, Palestinians under Israel rule lack any right to property or even a clear right to life.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/08/2013 03:35
To Arnold #6: ' As per the rules of the UN it was necessary for the Israelis to name a leader and that leader was to go to the UN to declare the State of Israel. That occurred on May 14 1948. ' Indeed. And at that time Israel accepted the boundaries laid out by the UN. So withdraw to them.

11 ) Ben Barka / Tanzania
29/08/2013 09:15
Arnold (6) - If France were to annex Quebec and if UN were to accept that, would you respect the UN resolution? Sounds crazy? So did the formation of Israel

12 ) Maria / Somewhere
29/08/2013 16:22
That step is a positive step - changing the curriculum of Arab schools where lies and hate is promoted is an important starting step which will lead to peace. Intelligent people realize that living in lies and denial leads to self destruction. Make love not war.

13 ) Mel / USA
29/08/2013 17:10
#5:Arnold:"modern Arab is so clueless"? Man,if you think the Arab people modern or ancient have ever been clueless,you are thereal "clueless" moron.They may be bombed,oppressed,tortured,starved,attritioned,collectively punished by bone-heads like you.But they are never "clueless"/If only you had the intelligence,intellect,patience,civility,global savvy that the Arab people of the Holy Land have,you'd be blessed!Or are you saying WW2 Jewish victims were "clueless"too?

14 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/08/2013 18:51
@ 1), The problem runs much deeper than that. Actually, as far as the teaching of history goes, both we and the Palestinians are "guilty" of much historical "slant" (embellishment to support each side's rendition and claims) in accurately portraying the Zionist movement and its impact for better or worse on all those affected (even internationally) since it began (latter part of 1800's ... more or less). Yes, I understand your point but the truth is that only an all-inclusive, (cont.)

15 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/08/2013 18:52
"side-by-side" comparison of both of our teachings and interpretations will bring to light the honest, historical story. We do NOT hold the unvarnished virtue of historical veracity in our version and neither do the Palestinians. BOTH need to be known and studied. When it comes to accepting taxes (or donations, for that matter) for the Palestinians to use in using OUR educational materials to "improve" THEIR students' educational support, great care must be taken by BOTH sides to (cont.)

16 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/08/2013 18:52
do justice to history. Are the Palestinians justified in their concerns about depicting the W. Bank as part of our land (which, yes, WE believe it is) and attaching our Biblical names (only) to (what THEY believe) is their land ??? ... Yes, absolutely ... About the destruction of our first Great Temple (which is true) which stood on the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) without explanation of how that figures into our claim for making all of Jerusalem our capital in comparison to its (cont.)

17 ) Chimo / USA
29/08/2013 20:19
As far as I'm concerned, Israeli curriculum is factual and anything else that tries to say that the Jews are nothing but European occupiers is total garbage. The first and 2nd Temples are in Jerusalem which is the capital of Israel. The only reason the U.N. and other nations say it's not is because the arabs would then not sell them oil. This denial of the Jews history in the land of Israel is a major reason why the Palis will never get any more land given to them

18 ) RightOne / USA
30/08/2013 15:08
#Colin Wright: "At that time Israel accepted the boundaries laid out by the UN. So withdraw to them." Hey dude, have you ever been to school and studied, oh let's say... HISTORY? Because you seem to be spewing some Arab propaganda you might have heard on Al Jazeera instead of studying facts and seeking truth. Israel's boundaries then included the current West Bank & Gaza and even some of the Jordanian territory: http://www.passia.org/palestine_facts/MAPS/images/1923-1948-british-mandate.gif

19 ) Israeli1 / Israel
01/09/2013 07:54
Conquest is recognized by Islam as a legitimate way to take territory and the neighbors are Muslim so what is the problem? Can someone explain? When a territory is taken by Muslims, it is muslim forever so does that work for Jews too? Why not? The principle is the same.

20 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
01/09/2013 20:49
@ 18), Excellent map link showing what I've said all along: That in the very beginning of the British Mandate period ALL of historical (Ottoman Empire-area) Palestine existing on both sides of the Jordan River came under the British Mandate (follow the PURPLE boundary). Shortly thereafter (1921), the eastern side was separated territorially and "autonomously" (but not politically until full Jordanian/Palestinian independence was granted in 1946) and called Transjordan; however, again, (cont.)

21 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
01/09/2013 20:54
to be accurate, @ 10)-Colin DOES have a valid point: The only actual borders we ever agreed to before May 14, 1948 WERE the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan borders. He is RIGHT about that. These were actual borders, not armistice lines. After our proclamation of independence, had no war begun and everyone lived in peace even up till now, those would still be our borders today. @ 19), I understand your point but don't use Muslim or others' reasons for our sake. The principle is NOT the (cont.)

22 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
01/09/2013 21:24
same because Muslims' principles emanate from their Quran, our principles from our Torah and even if what you say were in both sources they would be in there for entirely different reasons. For example, if conquered territory meant for Egyptians (the Sinai Peninsula in 1967) was not within the prescribed borders stated in our Torah (it wasn't), it would not necessarily be meant for us forever. Historically, Edomite, Moabite and Ammonite land (if conquered) was banned from being kept.

23 ) gabi / australia
02/09/2013 10:16
# 21 you say the 1947 UN P/Plan lines were your borders agreed to by the Jews, and declared by Israel on 15th May 1948.Then how do you explain that by May 1948 the Jews had taken a lot of land allocated to the Arabs by the Partition Plan? Just an error in the maps? And think of this, had Arab nations not come in in May 1948 to protect what was then left of the land allocated to the Arabs, you would not be arguing today about the West Bank, Gaza and Golan. It would all have been taken by Israel.

24 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
02/09/2013 19:24
@ 23), After independence on May 14, '48 (15th ?--time zone difference), we hadn't yet taken land beyond '47 UN P/Plan borders. Only after as we were attacked did we take more land and maps didn't mean much. It wasn't a case of Arabs protecting what was left or allocated; it was where Arabs wanted to rid us entirely from any land for Israel. Your last point: True but everyone finally DID agree to '49 armistice lines. If no war in '67 or later, all W/B, Gaza, Golan would have remained as since.

25 ) M.P.O'Hara / Australia
15/12/2013 02:17
As religion is declining in the world, will the jews concede that their god does nor give them the right to take land off people who have lived on it for thousands of years and butcher them now for wanting their land back. Maybe in a hundred years or so the rest of the world will look back at this period of history as another holocaust, this time not perpetrated on the jews, but by the jews. Australia should have the common decency to remember that Palestine was their training ground during WW11
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