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31 Palestinians among victims of alleged chemical attack
Published Saturday 24/08/2013 (updated) 26/08/2013 19:20
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Members of the al-Hurani family who were killed in Damascus on
Aug. 21. Click to enlarge or see more.
JENIN (Ma'an) -- At least 31 Palestinians were among the victims of an alleged chemical attack said to have killed hundreds in Damascus on Wednesday, relatives said Saturday.

Opponents of Bashar Assad said the Syrian president's forces used chemical weapons east and southwest of Damascus in attacks Wednesday that killed hundreds. The regime has strongly denied the accusations.

Eleven members of the al-Hurani family, from Jenin in the northern West Bank, were killed in "the massacre in Ghouta," including six children, family member Abu Zeid al-Hurani told Ma'an.

"The family received calamitous news from its members in Syria confirming that 11 were killed in the attack by poisonous chemical gas," another relative in Jenin, Hasan al-Hurani, told Ma'an.

He identified the victims as Thahir Abu Zeid, 75, his wife Fathiyya, 70, their daughter Samar, 30, their son Yahya Thahir Abu Zeid, 33, and his wife Nisreen, 25, as well as six grandchildren aged between three and seven.

The family had moved to Syria in 1967 and lived in the Damascus suburb of Jobar. After the civil war broke out, they moved to an agricultural area in Ghouta hoping it would be safe as it had not previously witnessed any fighting, Hasan al-Hurani said.

He said the al-Hurani family in Jenin had difficulties contacting their relatives in Syria, but were eventually able to reach Tariq al-Hurani, who notified them of the deaths.

Tariq al-Hurani said 20 members of a Palestinian family from Nazareth were also killed in Ghouta on Wednesday.

UN Under Secretary General Angela Kane arrived in Syria's capital Saturday for talks aimed at establishing the terms of an inquiry into alleged chemical weapons attacks, an AFP journalist said.

Kane's visit comes after UN chief Ban Ki-moon handed her the task and called for Syria's regime and its opponents to cooperate in the UN efforts to establish an investigation into Wednesday's attacks.

Harrowing footage released by activists showing unconscious children, people foaming around the mouth and doctors apparently giving them oxygen has triggered revulsion around the world.

So far, the government in Damascus has not said whether it will let the inspectors visit the sites.

The Coalition says more than 1,300 people were killed in gas attacks southwest and east of the capital.

The United Nations says more than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria since an uprising against Assad's rule flared in March 2011, while millions more have fled the country or been internally displaced.
1 ) Nothing compared to the number / of PALESTINAINS
24/08/2013 17:15
killed every day by Israel!!!!

2 ) Johnny benson / USA
24/08/2013 20:11
That is ridiculous@1....there are more Palestinians killed and injured by auto accidents then by Israel...

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/08/2013 22:42
To Johnny benson #2 'That is ridiculous@1....there are more Palestinians killed and injured by auto accidents then by Israel...' Well now...that would be an interesting question. Perhaps your claim would true on most days -- but then every so often Israel stages a real hootenany. 'Cast Lead,' Sabra and Chantilla. It's a good question...

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/08/2013 22:47
Then too, Johnny's assertion raises statistical problems. For example, do we count a three-year old run down by a frisky settler as a 'traffic accident death' or as someone killed by Israel?

5 ) Natalie ._c- / USA
25/08/2013 02:17
You "pro-Palestinians" only care about Palestinians and not about the tens of thousands of Syrians killed in this awful bloodshed? Israel does NOT kill those numbers of people of ANY ethnic group. Get your facts straight before making such accusations.

6 ) Lynette / New Zealand
25/08/2013 21:57
According to some it's okay for Palestinians to fire 12,000 rockets in Israel causing massive destruction. Cast Lead? What was that for? To stop the rockets. What is the wall for? To stop suicide bombers killing in streets, nightclubs and malls. When Israeli troops pulled out of Gaza originally, they left behind 12 square kilometres of glasshouses to help the Palestinians get ahead. They were all smashed just because they'd been Israeli.

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/08/2013 01:10
To Natalie #5: 'Get your facts straight before making such accusations.' Get my facts straight? You get your facts straight: read Luttwack's piece in the New York Times. Stripped of the euphemisms, it not only advocates perpetuating civil war in Syria on Israel's behalf, but correctly observes that this is exactly what we have done for the last two years.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/08/2013 01:17
One of the characteristics of evil is that it spreads, and infects all that it touches. Israel cannot content itself with its own affairs, or even confine itself to tormenting its natural victims the Palestinians, but corrupts all it touches. Whether it the perversion of American politics, or the illegal organ trade, or the chaos inflicted successively on Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and now Syria, Israel like a cancer sickens and kills everything around it.

9 ) Jeffrey / UK
27/08/2013 15:18
Colin, you are talking utter rubbish. The civil war in Syria is nothing to do with Israel, although Israel could be a target if it spreads beyond Syria. Israel is the one point of sanity in the entire region. Incidentally, how come an article on Palestinians killed in a gas attack by Assad in Syria has degenerated into a correspondence attack on Israel? Anonymous comment (1) and Colin, what is your agenda?

10 ) freddie / usa
28/08/2013 15:44
I cant believe the Lack of sensitivity by many of the people who left comments.ONE PALESTINIAN KILLED BY THE ISRAELI IS TOO MANY. ENOUGH OF THE THE ISRAELI AND ZIONIST LIES. WHY WHEN ONE ISRAELI DIES THE ENTIRE WORLD HAS TO MOURN. If the Prophet Moses was betrayed by his own people, why should te world today expect anything from the Israelis

11 ) Outlier / USA
28/08/2013 23:19
Clearly nothing to see in this pissing match!

12 ) gabi / austalia
29/08/2013 10:47
# 6 - Lynette - every time some Israeli apologist talks about rockets the number goes up. Now it's 12,000. Last time someone talked about this, it was 10,000. BUT remember when Israel said that Hezbollah had fired "thousands" of rockets, daily into Israel, when not one had been fired in 11 months? Israel told lies then to justify bombing the shit out of Lebanon, and continues to tell lies about the number of "flying stovepipes" (as they used to call them) coming from Hamas. Speak the truth!

13 ) gabi / australia
29/08/2013 10:52
contd. # 6 - according to reports in the press here (I'm sure you get the same over there? No, not the Murdoch press) the Israeli farmers smashed those greenhouses because they were pissed off about having to leave. #9 - Syria's civil was is EVERYTHING to do with Israel - remember what Net. said in 1992 about Iraq's WMD - well he's now saying the same about Syria, almost forcing the US to go in to kill again. That's Israel's agenda - destabilising Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and now Syria. Next? Iran.

14 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/08/2013 23:40
@ 7), 8), I read Luttwack's New York Times editorial (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/25/opinion/sunday/in-syria-america-loses-if-either-side-wins.html?_r=0) and he does give excellent points to support a U.S. policy of continued stalemate in Syria. What you are full of bullsh*t about is concluding from this he advocates this for our sake. True, if the Syrian rebels win (among them, yes, are jihadis), we'd be very concerned but rest assured we WOULD be prepared should that happen. (cont.)

15 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
29/08/2013 23:52
I can't speak for our government but if you or anyone believes we're pushing the U.S. to remain neutral or intervene one way or the other, you're badly mistaken. All decent Israeites (and others who have any decent sense of morality) not only condemn and deplore this Syrian/Palestinian holocaust but seek actively--to the best within each of our capabilities--to do anything TO STOP IT. Translation: Those like myself DON'T take Luttwack's position--despite his careful evaluation--that (cont.)

16 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/08/2013 00:07
the only (best ?) course of action is just throw your hands up in the air and say, "TO HELL WITH IT !!!" ... "It's just too damn complicated !!!" ... "It's not worth the risks to any nation of trying to stop this holocaust !!!" ... "Perpetual civil war with the massacres and deaths of innocent Syrians and Palestinians is tough to accept but the risks of even more horrific upheaval and backlash from interference is even worse !!!" ... etc. Again ... bunch of bullsh*t. Luttwack's (cont.)

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/08/2013 00:22
"strategy" for non-intervention (up to and including military intervention) is a "non-strategy." The RIGHT course of action is to STOP this Syrian and Palestinian bloodshed--militarily, if need be--while supporting all avenues of humanitarian aid--again, by military force, if need be--and being prepared for the plethora of adverse reactions that is expected. It can be done. Forget about bullsh*tting around with the U.N. Re-READ @ 9). Your digression into an ad hominem attack on us (cont.)

18 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/08/2013 00:53
by connecting all that in @ 8) to the Syrian situation only shows you're a clown. @ 12), 13), No ... we don't continue to lie (as yes, we did exaggerate the Hamas rocket fire coming from Gaza since we left Gaza 8 yrs. ago until we basically stopped that by our Operation Cast Lead ... but that was because the rockets--no matter how "few" or sporadic--DID keep coming) about the number of "flying stovepipes" coming from Hamas in Gaza. For the most part, the overall situation IS much (cont.)

19 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/08/2013 01:20
"better." Regarding the smashing of greenhouses by those of us in Gaza who were pissed off about evacuating in 2005 ... yes, true ... but many were razed because a prior agreement had been breached by the Palestinians who had agreed to buy them. In many cases the money never came. So if you're not paid (as agreed to) AND you're being forced out by the IDF, you're NOT in a very good mood to just leave them or give them away. Finally, yes, our PM may be guilty of hype but don't accuse (cont.)

20 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/08/2013 01:42
him of practically "forcing" the U.S. to war in Syria. Absolutely insane. We express our concerns about U.S. policy ... Try to influence it if we believe we have good reasons ... but we DON'T CONTROL IT. Saying our agenda is towards destabilization of any nation is so screwed up it's even worse.

21 ) southparkbear / usa
30/08/2013 09:15
cool, but this is not a story we want to tell. israel building in area agreed to be under israeli control is the story
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