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Abbas: Negotiations will begin soon
Published Thursday 08/08/2013 (updated) 10/08/2013 10:16
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday said negotiations with Israel would begin soon, stressing that Palestinian values would not be compromised.

Palestinians are committed to their national cause and to Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, the president said, as he laid flowers on the tomb of his predecessor Yasser Arafat in Ramallah.

It is traditional to visit graves during the Eid al-Fitr festival, which began in Palestine on Wednesday night.

Abbas said he hoped that Palestinians would achieve their aspirations for an independent state by the next holiday.

He also congratulated Palestinian students for their successes in the recent high school exams.

In a televised address on Wednesday, Abbas congratulated Palestinians on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, but said no joy would be complete until all prisoners were released from Israeli jails.

The prisoners' issue is a top national priority, the president said.

He expressed pride at seeing tens of thousands of Palestinians heading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron to pray during the holy month of Ramadan, despite Israeli restrictions.
1 ) Sami / Palestine
08/08/2013 22:42
We negotiate while they steal.. good job Abbas

2 ) Asdf / Wtf
09/08/2013 00:08

3 ) Asdf / Wtf
09/08/2013 00:09
Aren't we.already independent state? Only israel and stooges don't recognize us. You.mean.to.say.,negotiations with occupation

4 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
09/08/2013 02:32
this man has no dignity whatsoever..............

5 ) Tibi / Tubas
09/08/2013 04:47
Palestinian value East Jerusalem as a capital, which they can Not get, and Palestinian value a "1967 borders" baseline, which they can Not get, and Palestinian value refugee return rights, again which they can Not get, so either there is no point to peace talks, other than a first phase of prisoners being released, or Palestinian values will be compromised.

6 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/08/2013 06:03
Paragraph-by-paragraph: 1st--If they do begin, they've already been compromised. Abbas has repeatedly demanded that returning to "peace" talks requires all our town-building and other development in the State of Palestine to be stopped. It won't ... we're continuing. 2nd--If the Palestinians are committed to these goals, they're committed to expectational suicide. 3rd--I have nothing against this tradition and it sure as hell won't help at any "peace" talks which are also in the (cont.)

7 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/08/2013 06:18
grave. 4th--No, you'd have better hope betting on Palestinian "unity," the announcement of which is due this month and which, by the way, has the probability of happening measured somewhere in the negative numbers. 5th--I also sincerely add my genuine congratulations and would urge the PA to officially send each successful student a certificate of praise. 6th--I understand this but don't hold your breath. 7th--I also understand this but it's not so with us, believe me. 8th--This, (cont.)

8 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
09/08/2013 06:32
too, I completely understand. Just remember our restrictions are done for security reasons according to our evaluations. If pride is taken for any attendance at a "religious" shrine or place of worship as a reaction to our security measures, it is taken for the wrong reasons. Despite the burdens of coping with them (which I admit is true), pride of attendance should be taken solely for the homage one pays to All_h because of being there, not for overcoming our restrictions.

9 ) Johnny benson / USA
09/08/2013 07:22
If things were reversed,not a Jew would be allowed near the wall or Hebron...not one....as it was previous to 67.....come to think about it....there wouldn't be a live Jew anywhere in Israel/Palestine...not eve n those fancy pants college professors,poets and writers...nor the peace now activists...all would be gone or dead....as they are cowards and traitors they will race to leave ASAP.....

10 ) uriel / jerusalem
09/08/2013 09:17
abbas a devout follower of Yasser Arafat who terrorized Israel abbas will do the same thing abbas is a terrorist in a suit

11 ) Libra - scales of justice / United Kingdom
09/08/2013 10:35
Abbas, do not compromise one inch. Take a tip from Netanyahu he is the expert, he will not give one inch of land back to the Palestinians even now whilst negotiations are going on he is so defiant and arrogant, planning to build more and more and more. As for the prisoners do not be fooled, if he releases some of them, his army will go on raids and arrest some more Palestinians to take their places, the cells will not be empty for long.

12 ) shirleyS / australia
09/08/2013 13:33
Isreal offers afew crumbs and hew is proud how about blowing up the illegal wall abbass how about stop acting like adictator and making all the decisions on your own with no support how about resigning how about getting rid of your unelected gov how about stoopping security cordintaion against your own people yopu had away out of this instead yopu now dig agreat hole you can go to UNGA and go to ICC the only ones stopping you is the rouge state USyou give3 the US green light for more Muslim kill

13 ) southparkbear / usa
09/08/2013 17:20
abbas needs to get many magicmarkers and paint the paper in his hand. then he needs to go to the UN and waved it back and forth. that seems to be very powerful

14 ) Mel / USA
09/08/2013 17:56
What "negotiations" Abbas? What can a rogue-nuclear,apartheid,racist,bigotted state like(imploding)Israel,patroned by failing-empire,pro-Zionist USG( more isolated now)have to OFFER,that doesn't ALREADY belong to Palestinians?Victims don't NEGOTIATE with VICTIMIZERS.PALESTINE has rule of international law/due process COURTS &67 yrs BLATANT evidence to speak thru,to get back what is YOURS, stolen by Israel,by PERMIT of USG POTUS's caring more for Jewish VOTES& 1950's ideology(long gone).ICC/ICJ!

15 ) Tibi / Tubas
09/08/2013 22:34
The purpose of negotiations is to determine which West Bank lands will be under Palestinian sovereignty, so that Israel will not build on these, and
Until this is determined, Israel can, and will, continue to build on the disputed lands, so Palestinians have three choices:
1- Watch as Israel gradually & unilaterally decides which lands it will keep,
2- Try to influence the decision through negotiations, or
3- Foolishly hope that refusing to talk, or UN resolution, will help !!!

16 ) Tom / USA
09/08/2013 22:44
Not a word in this article about the inalienable right of Palestinian refugees and their descendents to return to their homes and reclaim their property. More control for Abbas and his cronies isn't going to erase that right.

17 ) ian / australia
10/08/2013 02:53
#9 Even more demented than usual, Johnny. "...not a Jew would be allowed near the wall or Hebron..." You're right about Hebron (you'll need your passport to visit the Cave of Machpelah) but Palestinians have ALWAYS generously offered to trade the Wall and Jewish Quarter (which IS in Palestine) as part of fair "land swaps". "...there wouldn't be a live Jew anywhere in Israel/Palestine...all would be gone or dead...." Johnny, brother, you gotta get out more. How could it come to that? Your Arab

18 ) ian / australia
10/08/2013 02:54
(contd.) brothers only want a fraction of their old home. Israelis can cower behind a huge (relocated) concrete barrier if they like, with nukes on high alert, safe from the murderous designs of Palestine, but I really don't think it's necessary.
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