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Fatah: Israeli refusal of 1967 borders nixed Kerry's plan
Published Thursday 18/07/2013 (updated) 20/07/2013 18:33
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's refusal to hold negotiations based on 1967 borders destroyed US Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to restart peace talks, a senior Fatah leader said Thursday.

Amin Maqboul, secretary-general of Fatah's revolutionary council, said Israel's rejection of 1967 borders as the basis of negotiations signaled that Israel had no intention of stopping settlement building in Palestine.

Kerry on Thursday extended his sixth visit to the region in as many months, hoping for a breakthrough on resuming direct negotiations. He met with President Mahmoud Abbas in Jordan for two rounds of intensive talks on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Maqboul told Ma'an that Palestinian leaders had reached a consensus with Kerry that for talks to resume, Israel must agree to negotiate on 1967 lines, release an unspecified number of Palestinian prisoners and stop settlement building.

The Palestinian negotiators asked Kerry to present the demands to Israel. Fatah's Central Committee, which met on Thursday to discuss Kerry's plan, said the Palestinian demands must be met in writing and not just verbally, Maqboul said.

The Fatah leader said the Palestinians were expecting to return to talks in the coming days, but that Israel's rejection of 1967 borders and its refusal to stop settlement building nixed the possibility of resuming negotiations.

Maqboul said Israel had agreed to release 250 Palestinian prisoners, and to release Palestinians detained before the 1993 Oslo Accords in stages once talks resume.

PLO Executive Committee member Wasel Abu Yousef said Palestinian factions were forced to refuse to return to talks because Israel would not announce a settlement freeze or recognize the Palestinian state.

Abu Yousef told Ma'an that the Palestinian leadership expected Israel's rightist government to demolish Palestinian hopes of statehood.

The Palestinian people will refuse negotiations without a clear framework, Abu Yousef said, adding that the alternative was to head to the United Nations and request to join international bodies where they could seek legal action against Israel.
1 ) Libra - scales of justice / United Kingdom
18/07/2013 21:16
They say a picture speaks a thousand words (above photograph) Netanyahu is full of smirking grin. He is controlling Kerry with a cat and mouse game. Kerry looks like he is holding back the tears.

2 ) f.abu rish / ....
18/07/2013 21:38
only a one state solution will work.right of return for both peoples, zionist settlers and palestinians

3 ) matt / usas
18/07/2013 21:46
The 67 borders are a dream. israel was attacked cause they looked like an easy target with those borders. start talking peace beforeits to late for both sides.

4 ) ian / australia
18/07/2013 22:47
That was quick. Couldn't they have established that in a few emails? CC Abu Mazen? BCC Amin Maqboul. Abbas should leap in. Treat it as farce. Negotiate. Establish how LITTLE Israel is willing to offer and publicise it widely.

5 ) ian / australia
18/07/2013 23:51
#3 "The 67 borders are a dream. israel was attacked cause they looked like an easy target..." Not lately matt. Israel could EASILY defend itself on the '67 border with its vast military arsenal. It's not remotely under threat like the tired canard you trot out about "vulnerable little Israel" with its tiny "waist" makes out. And who could possibly see Israel as "an easy target"? Certainly not a nascent Palestine next door. Do you really think newly sovereign Palestine would embark on its

6 ) ian / australia
18/07/2013 23:52
(contd.) historic statehood by declaring war on its nuclear neighbour?

7 ) Outlier / USA
18/07/2013 23:59
Losers in a conflict rarely get to dictate the terms of peace. Even though Jordan has seceded the West Bank to the Palestinians, don't expect it to happen here. Border adjustments that give Israel Jerusalem proper and suburbs and the Palestinians some land in return are likely the best either party can expect. Both will hate it, but that will be the price of peace.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/07/2013 00:10
Quite right. Israel was offered and accepted the 1947 UN Partition borders. There's no legal basis for any others.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
19/07/2013 00:12
To matt #3: 'The 67 borders are a dream. israel was attacked cause they looked like an easy target with those borders.' That's a clear and absurdly transparent fantasy -- even by Zionist standards. The only wars it could refer to would be the 1956 and 1967 wars -- both begun by Israel.

10 ) Rika Chaval / France
19/07/2013 00:16
Start negociations, for the sake of your children ! Stop gambling ! There is no solution, except the 2 states solution.

11 ) Joe Fattal / USA
19/07/2013 00:26
Kerry should have known that Israel going to refuse to return to the 67 lines. What is the purpose of his trip?. Waste of US taxpayers money, and his time. He always come back with empty hands. Israel is not going to negotiate for any peace deal. They worked to see the Palestinian government disunited, one in Gaza and the other in the West Bank. They need to unite under one government, that will be a good start, than talk. Israel will be weaken politically if the Palestinians unite.

12 ) John Cronin / UK
19/07/2013 00:28
Ideally, the best method of all would be for everyone to start over again, this time with a clean sheet, a blank page upon which to write an entirely new chapter in what is now a very old story. If only another baseline could be created, one 65 years removed from the last one, then movement forward into a future where peace almost naturally becomes the default position might very well be possible. www.laxiankey.com A new beginning. A fresh start. A way out. There are always possibilities.

13 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
19/07/2013 00:33
Everyone read and RE-READ this article's 1st sentence because it's EXACTLY right and please REMEMBER IT for posterity ... Now everyone read and RE-READ the last sentence and remember THIS for posterity: No alternative will make a damn bit of difference and RE-READ the 1st sentence. Any questions ??? ... Then RE-READ the 1st sentence again and after the word Israel's insert the word PERMANENT and after the word talks drop the comma and insert the phrase AND FOREVER WILL.

14 ) southparkbear / usa
19/07/2013 00:48
PA refusal to area A and Gaza as the starting point nixed Kerry's plan

15 ) shirleys / australia
19/07/2013 01:59
what apack of gutless lies seems fatah and the PA can not tell the truth no matter how much exposed these idiots and US crawlers will neverbe respected if it was not for the EU int the palestinian cause would be dead and buried by these liars and US feet kiisers pals owe noithing and mEW to these leaches the US does not support apal state it voted NO it wants world control and is nothing but arouge stae trying to escape war crimeslook at them still torturing GITMOhiunger strakersinnocent men

16 ) KAGH / US
19/07/2013 02:06
@matt who do you think you're fooling? Israel started the 1967 war by a sneak attack on Egypt, which it justified because Egypt was doing the same to Eilat as Israel is doing to Gaza albeit it was nowhere as damaging to Israel as less than 5% of Israel's trade comes through Eilat. In retrospect it was a very likely well planned land grab pulled off on flimsy excuses , that said Israel has no plan now or ever to give up any more of the West Bank than it did in 1993, Israel has the peace it wants

17 ) william james martin / usa
19/07/2013 03:52
What would one expect of Netanyahu. He sat in the Oval Office and told Obama to his face that Israel needed most of the West Bank to be secure, and also the Jordan Valley, while Obama sat in complete silence looking at him. Obama has also said several times that Jerusalem must be Israel's undivided city. This is not to mention the ill-informed and obsequious US Congress who gave Netanyahu 29 standing ovations. Netanyahu has both Obama and the US Congress on his side. Why should he take Kerry ser

18 ) Johnny benson / USA
19/07/2013 05:07
There is no way Abbas can go into open no prior condition negotiations.....it would be his death sentence...Arafat walked away from a 67 deal...the Muslim/Arab world has no intention of a peace with Israel...no matter what or how....Israel has no choice but taking over the West Bank...keeping the Arabs at bay for the foreseeable future

19 ) Cherish / US
19/07/2013 05:29
This is Israel's games all along. Israelis harp on about peace but its the greatest lie of all. They don't want peace because then their charity handouts and military aid will stop then how will they continue there illegal presence in the Middle East. Kerry brown noses Israel and Bibi. You can't make peace with these illegal Europeans because all they are programmed to to is commit crimes and war. GOD will intervene and put a stop once and for all to there evil intentions!

20 ) Julie / USA
19/07/2013 06:57
no big surprise here, izrahell never did and never will have any real intentions towards peace. it is not a peaceful entity, they are criminal, terrorist nazis driven by their evil hell-bent burning desire to brutally ethnically cleanse Palestinians.

21 ) Reader / from Edmonton
19/07/2013 07:51
Israel was outside its declared borders in 1948, and that continues today. Exporting your population into an area outside your borders, an illegal act, is certain to create conflict. But you're not only wrong about why Israel keeps running into this problem, Israel initiated these conflicts - some nonsense about pre-emptive strikes, aka naked aggression.

22 ) LOL REturning to 1967 / borders will mean:
19/07/2013 07:58
1. Relinquishing the WESTERN WALL to ARAB CONTROL 2. Removing more than million Jews from: Givat Zeev, NEVE YAAKOV, RAMOT, MODIIN, Maale Adumim, HEBRON, BEITAR.... 3.Returning to the BOTTLE NECK (Israel width before 1967 near Netanya was 10 km!) Any one who thinks this is feasible needs large doze of MEDICATION!

23 ) Outsider / EU
19/07/2013 10:09
3) Israel successfully defended those borders at the time. In the age of intercontinental missiles, what difference does it make to Israel's security?

24 ) netdragon / USA
19/07/2013 11:39
I think Israel shouldn't agree to the 1967 borders per-se before talks, but instead agree to a slightly modified 1967 borders Israel starts with Golan any contiguous settlement block in W. Bank that starts at the edge of the West Bank. Hopefully, that would be good enough for the PLO.

25 ) fly on the wall / USA
19/07/2013 13:58
Was there and heard it all in 1948, 1967 until today. Was there in USA 1848, 1867 until today. Land for peace while a race and a people are systematically eliminated. It was bow and arrows against guns in 1848 etc. and it is inferior equipment including stones against superior arms up to and including nuclear weapons. Give them enough to make them think they can win but give their suppressors more (Assad etc.) and let them kill themselves. The Zionest Dragon is alive and well between the rivers!

26 ) fly on the wall / USA
19/07/2013 14:06
Part two: but there is hope after all! The Palestinians can run gambling casinos on their reservations/refugee camps. Perhaps Kerry and the gang will do well at the black jack table. Hopefully soon,... Allah will have the last "21" as promised in the Bible and the Koran, then the Zionist plan will go bust!!!

27 ) Mel / USA
19/07/2013 17:19
The only "plan" Mr 1st Black President "blessed" Obama,son of the Clinton/Bush dynasty of Sparta, should have on the table,is to CUT ALL TIES with Cold-War military FOB"Israel"(now wealthy,independent)& END the USG-FUNDED 50 yrs militarist,apartheid,Jewish-only occupation of pluralistic PALESTINE & Holy Land.The"allies" died fighting Hitler's brutal exceptionalist "chosen","lebensraum",albeit AFTER millions of "non-Aryans" had been tortured/slaughtered for not being "pure",or Protestant.So,why're we SPONSORING Zionists,whose modus operandi is the SAME? Cut all ties with ROGUE-NUCLEAR,bully,Israel,until it joins humanity!Theres' nothing for Israel to"negotiate",when facts on the(occupied)ground ARE ILLEGAL! USG must rethink its collusion with despotic,militaristic ethnic persecution,racism &bigotry,at home &ABROAD! "Equal Justice Under(fair,unbiased)Law".

28 ) Tibi / Tubas
19/07/2013 23:18
Eventually, and probably quite soon (as in the last Amman peace talks that lasted little more than one hour), resuming Mideast PEACE TALKS WILL LEAD TO JUST ANOTHER "DEAD-END," since Israel will never surrender it's secure post-1967 borders, nor divide it's Jerusalem capital, nor accept refugee return into Israel.

29 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/07/2013 22:59
To Julie #20 '...they are criminal, terrorist nazis driven by their evil hell-bent burning desire to brutally ethnically cleanse Palestinians.' I would say don't exaggerate -- but you're not. It may not be what Israel started out as -- but it's what it's become.
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