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PA slams Israel minister's 'dangerous' comments on statehood
Published Monday 17/06/2013 (updated) 19/06/2013 12:34
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas' spokesman on Monday called on the Israeli government to clarify its position on remarks by its economy minister dismissing the two-state solution.

"These are dangerous remarks by a minister in the Israeli government which has been expanding settlements and evading all commitments and instead imposing preconditions to negotiations," said Nabil Abu Rdeina.

At a conference in Jerusalem on Monday, MK Naftali Bennett said the idea of Palestinian state had reached a "dead end," and that the state of Palestine never existed.

"Never, in the history of Israel, have so many people put so much energy into something so pointless," the Israeli minister said, referring to efforts to reach a two-state solution. He added that the occupied West Bank belonged to "the people of Israel."

Abbas' spokesman demanded the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announce a clear stance toward Bennett's remarks.

Abu Rdeina added that Bennett's remarks demonstrated a defiant rejection of US efforts to rescue the stalled peace process.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was to visit the region last week for the fifth time since taking office in February hoping to revive direct peace talks, but postponed citing the need to focus on the situation in Syria.

Abu Rdeina urged the international community, and Washington in particular, to denounce Bennett's "destructive" comments which he said harmed all those who believed in the two-state solution and a just peace.

Meanwhile, PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said Monday that recent statements by Israeli officials showed clearly that "Israel officially rejects the two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders."

Bennett's remarks come after Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, a member of Netanyahu's Likud party, rejected in an interview earlier this month with The Times of Israel the notion that the government was serious about reaching a peace agreement that would lead to a two-state solution.

Erekat said the statements were in line with Netanyahu's policies to expand settlements, demolish Palestinian homes and revoke the residency rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem.

"This is clearly part and parcel of an Israeli plan to foil any possibility to establish a Palestinian state. They plan to annex Jerusalem and change the status quo in the city in addition to plans to annex the Jordan valley and other vast areas of the occupied Palestinian state," the PLO official said in a statement.
1 ) Bob / USA
17/06/2013 18:19
Jews don't want "peace" with Jewkillers. A piece of paper signed by murders is no security. Land is. If the Arabs choose war...Israel will take and keep more Land. One thing for sure, each Israeli victory shows that the God of Israel is greater than Allah. Land for peace is over.

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
17/06/2013 18:31
Yea, and we want clarification on your sports minister's comments last month that if only the Palestinians had nuclear weapons, he would use them against Israel - slaughtering millions of people and irradiating much of "Palestine" (and probably causing tens or hundreds of thousands of Palestinian deaths too). Come on, please clarify!

3 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
17/06/2013 18:33
How much more proof you need before you realize that the only solution to this impasse is the one and only ONE STATE SOLUTION.

4 ) @ Mitri-3 / The Other
17/06/2013 23:11
The "Impasse" will remain a No-State and "One-State Solution", since: - Israel can Not force Palestinians to restart peace talks, and - Palestinians can Not force Israel to give them a state of their own, or to accept Gaza or Areas A/B as part of the "One State" of Israel.

5 ) Outlier / USA
17/06/2013 23:34
A politician's comments - even if that politician is the Prime Minister - does not make them policy. How many "dangerous" comments have been made by both Israelis and Palestinians? I would guess hundreds.

6 ) Johnny benson / USA
17/06/2013 23:49
There are two states....Israel and Jordan..as there was in 48 and 67...as so there is now.....only the border is the river Jordan.....the Arabs living east of the river... As peacefull valuable residents ,with full property and civil rights,but with Jordanian passports and vote.......gaza can be its own mini state like San Marino or Monte Carlo......peacefull and prosperous....all can be together in a free and open economy.....how's that for a fair solution....what do you say Colin ?

7 ) Muslim / USA
18/06/2013 00:37
"One State Solution" means declare Jordan a Palestinian State and force Arabs to move there. Also, make a deal with Egypt to let it occupy Gaza and resettle Gazans in Egypt.

8 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
18/06/2013 00:54
Hey #3, is that the same 1-state solution you canadians imposed on the indians? Are you telling us we should stick the Pals on reservations? Heck - it worked for you Canadian occupation settlers, didn't it? And for the Americans and Aussies and Kiwis too!

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/06/2013 00:57
sarcastic, don't be ... your insensitivity to something like this is for the worse. @ 3), N-o-o-o-o ... again, you people from "The West" (whether your family, ancestry or heritage is from the Mideast or not) just DON'T get it. Forget about this butt-brain, 1-nation, binational, barf. It ISN'T the solution and never will be. THE solution is for all Palestinians to go to Jordan/Palestine (and all other non-Israelites to go to their nations). Eventually, that WILL happen. Separately, (cont.)

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/06/2013 01:08
there's no need for "clarification" of Naftali Bennett's remarks but there IS definitely a need for it--and NOW, before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry makes a complete jackass of himself like those before him (Philip Habib; George Mitchell; David Hale; etc.)--from Netanyahu and our government. At least PA chief "negotiator" Saeb Erekat DOES finally get it. NOW (at least for making honest understanding) WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE.

11 ) southparkbear / usa
18/06/2013 03:46
i totally disagree with the minister. for something to reach a dead status it must be first real and second alive. there was never such combination of real and alive palestinian entity let alone people with country, unlike say the kurds, oh, oh and the jewish people of israel

12 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
18/06/2013 16:57
@ 1), You RIGHTLY say land for peace is over and land equals security. Let me add, though, it's pointless to compare whose G_d is whose or saying "our" G_d in comparison to "anyone else's" G_d. (Yes, there may be different ideas about the nature of G_d ... Christians, for example, have a totally different idea about the nature of G_d than we or Muslims ... but The Almighty is The Almighty ... no matter His Name.) @ 2), Give me his name who in the hell said this. If you're being (cont.)

13 ) Mel / USA
18/06/2013 19:27
Nasty'Natalie'is so stupid,he can't even think of an original phrase away from revising old Winnie Churchill's speech of 'The Few'("Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"). But then,Churchill was known as a cold,old-world colonial racist too(handy for a great war tho')who believed that a few white men were'chosen'above the non-white'savages'.Much like radical-ideo-competitor Protestant-Nazism & Jewish-Fascist Zionism,since!Yes, "pointless"= Zionism!
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