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Hamas to Hezbollah: Keep your weapons aimed at Israel
Published Monday 17/06/2013 (updated) 19/06/2013 12:15
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Hamas on Monday called on Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria and to keep its weapons aimed at Israel.

The Lebanese Shiite movement's involvement in the Syrian conflict has increased sectarian strife in the region, Hamas said in a statement calling for unity.

Hezbollah has dispatched its fighters to Syria to assist President Bashar Assad's battle against mostly-Sunni rebel forces. Earlier this year, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said Syria's "friends," including Iran, would not allow Assad's regime to fall.

Hamas expressed sympathy for the suffering and bloodshed in Syria, and affirmed the Syrian people's right to freedom.

"The Syrian people has the right to realize their rights and aspirations for freedom and dignity. This people has always been supportive to resistance and resistance fighters," Hamas said.

The party urged Hezbollah to leave Syria and return to resisting Israel.

"The question of Palestine is the Arab and Muslim nations' central cause. Resisting Israeli occupation is the main task and resistance must be on the right track and in the right direction regardless of the circumstances," Hamas said.

On Friday Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas' prime minister in Gaza, denied reports that militants from the Islamist group were engaged in training rebels fighting Assad.

"There is no truth to (claims) that Hamas fighters are in Syria, although we stand on the side of the Syrian people and condemn the brutal attacks they are exposed to," Haniyeh said at a mosque in Rafah, on the border with Egypt.

In June, Arab media reported that Hamas was strengthening its ties to Hezbollah and Iran, both of whom support the Damascus regime, and that this was causing internal strains.

Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal lived in exile in Syria until shortly after the civil war began. When it did, Hamas refused to support Assad in his deadly crackdown, and Mashaal moved to Qatar in 2012.

"This movement is loyal only to God, to this (Palestinian) people and to this issue. It does not sell itself to its backers," Haniyeh said, apparently in reference to aid it receives from Iran.

"There is no place for talk of the movement abandoning its resistance in Palestine (in favor of) fighting in Syria."
1 ) Christian / USA
17/06/2013 19:19
The rebels themselves are zionist funded and assisted by po-israeli nations such as KSA, Qatar, US and the whole of NATO. Hamas seems to think this is the same situation as was occurring when the protests were going on. At this point it is an imperialist war. They ought to realize a pro-israeli, pro-West regime in syria is the goal.

2 ) paddy / Ireland
17/06/2013 23:13
The zionists are jumping with joy with all the fighting going on in syria because it keeps the world attention on the conflict so they can build a greater state of their own with the spoils of war

3 ) To #1 / you are an idiot
17/06/2013 23:23
"They ought to realize a pro-israeli, pro-West regime in syria is the goal." syria is a fictional character created by Britain and France It is a collection of tribes and will go back to that division-- the only "NATURAL STATE" for those groups NOTHING TO DI WITH ISRAEL!!! stop shtupping Israel into every ARAB PROBLEM!!!! we are in the new armageddon--- SHUSHI--- the great SUNI- SHIAAH RIFT

4 ) power crazys / '07
17/06/2013 23:52
hamas/mb are no longer with the resistance.. who are they to lecture

5 ) gamal / usa
17/06/2013 23:54
"This movement is loyal only to God, to this (Palestinian) people and to this issue. It does not sell itself to its backers," Haniyeh said, >> they already had.. long ago

6 ) Maureen / Australia
18/06/2013 00:01
In other words, beware of the war element of surprise... Zionists, no doubt, have already chosen the code name for their next endeavored invasion of Lebanon!

7 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
18/06/2013 00:52
Dang them zionists! Funding the rebels, the devil, hells angels, bob guccione and the denver broncos. Nothing better than the zionists and qataris in cahoots funding the sunnis over the shiites. well, at least it sounds good to an xian expert sitting in the USA and giving us his expert conspiracy-theory opnion that is 8000 miles removed from reality.

8 ) moe moe / Usa
18/06/2013 01:15
To the christian brother:U got that right.If leadership of is going after the petrodollar, the movement is seeking lts own demise.They have to learn alot from Hassan Nassrallah.

9 ) southparkbear / usa
18/06/2013 03:44
i agree with #1, these are russian jews-settlers who cannot afford housing in the west bank and are planning to get some in syria

10 ) Johnny benson / USA
18/06/2013 07:17
.....the truth,is that if the rebels win...it will be worse for Israel....this is a fight between two enemy's of Israel.....at least Assad is a enemy israel knows...and if the rebels should happen to win,they would cozy up to Hezbollah against Israel within a year.anyway

11 ) ali / iran
18/06/2013 08:08

during the zionist agression agaist the innocent palestinian people who helped palestinians? for sure only aasad and nasrollah and the leaders of iran. i am sure the leader of qatar and turkey and arab peninsula were pleased by zionist aggression against palestinian people. mohammad morsi of egypt did not help palestinian because he is under the service of zionist. hamas leaders are not gratitute enough toward the palestinian friends.

12 ) Brani / Germany
18/06/2013 09:17
This is the wrong approach of Hamas. Hezbollah leads a proud and honest struggle in Syria. For this, they deserve our appreciation.

13 ) Frank / Germany
18/06/2013 09:20
This is the wrong approach of Hamas. Hezbollah leads a proud and honest struggle in Syria. For this, they deserve our appreciation.

14 ) jin dandy / france
18/06/2013 20:27
brani and frank you will soon see dishonorable terrorists and meddlers get ther hineys kicked then they will cease to exist

15 ) Arnold / Canada
18/06/2013 20:54
Translation- Hey Nasrallah ..... keep your eye on the ball. Help us not them.

16 ) mohammad mehdi / india
19/06/2013 19:07
i wants to know the number of ambbasey of damascus

17 ) Tim Upham / United States
19/06/2013 22:10
An idiotic request. Right now Hezbollah is so entrenched in the Syrian civil war, and Nasrallah's brother was just recently killed in the conflict.
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