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Islamic Jihad 'preparing next generation to resist'
Published Wednesday 12/06/2013 (updated) 13/06/2013 21:17
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Islamic Jihad is preparing a generation of Palestinians ready to defend themselves and their people against Israeli attacks, a spokesman said Wednesday.

As the movement completed a summer camp for 80 teenagers in the southern Gaza Strip, Daoud Shibab said Palestinian children needed to learn to defend themselves.

"We need to prepare our children to defend themselves, and protect themselves against Israeli persecution and crimes," Shibab told Ma'an.

"We do not hide the fact that we are working on raising a strong resisting generation that is ready to defend themselves, their families and their brothers when the need arises."

Shibab said the summer camp included lessons in first aid, civil defense, self-defense, and crisis avoidance management and training, adding that these subjects were not taught in schools.

It also included military training exercises.

"We are a resistance movement, and we are part of the Palestinian people that suffers daily from occupation. The whole world watches how Israel abuses children," the spokesman said.

1 ) Mel / USA
12/06/2013 21:18
Yes!So? And? Every nation/civilian people under military attack & racist oppression has the right to resist & defend themselves,by whatever means at hand!
So,let's talk about the RAVSHATZ 'Jewish-Jihad'boys who're also given weapons,field,assault training by their Jewish-only colony fathers,regularly,courtesy of the IOF BrigComms!Those boys practice on LIVE human beings like farmers,shepherds,PAL school kids,women,elderly,as part of their"Purity of Arms"training!Kinda like the Hitler Youth. Get my drift?

2 ) Slaw / pl
12/06/2013 21:39
This is not a good way :/

3 ) Outlier / USA
12/06/2013 21:56
A sad commentary on the Jihadists, who would be better served finding their role in the Middle East of the future, when peace between the Israelis and Palestinians is achieved.

4 ) diego / usa
12/06/2013 22:05
So israel would be wrong if they killed these kids i assume. You should be ashamed of yourself. training KIDS to kill. israel doesnt do this. not like this.

5 ) ABE / USA
12/06/2013 23:23
Enjoy your summer kids!

13/06/2013 00:28

7 ) Children Combatants / War Crimes
13/06/2013 00:56
Exterminate Hamas to save the Children and the future.

8 ) Thomas / Holland
13/06/2013 00:57
G-d help these children!

9 ) Johnny benson / USA
13/06/2013 02:01
I guess it, makes sense from their point of view......it's like littlele league for terrorists.....it really would be funny if. It were not so serious....it will accomplish nothing.....but maybe it helps morale.....for their parents.....who knows

10 ) Robby / USA
13/06/2013 05:44
They are all wearing maps of Israel on their shirts - maybe they are teaching them to love Israel?

11 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
13/06/2013 08:10
None of this should surprise any American who grew up in America during the Cold War. We played Cowboys and Indians and GI Joe. We played at fighting Russkies and scalping people. Many in the US learned handling firearms and shooting before age 10 and 12, in Boy Scouts. And in Jr High School, we learned to run military style obstacle courses, crawling through tubes and running on logs and crossing by rope-bridges, jumping barriers and crawling through sand emulating beach assaults.

12 ) Lynx / Palestine
13/06/2013 08:34
Long live free Palestine and the resistance to colonialism and apartheid!!!

13 ) Mel / Gaza
13/06/2013 09:53
Feeling sad and hopeless!

14 ) Maureen / Australia
13/06/2013 12:51
What about IDF youth programs/'jihad camps?'

15 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
13/06/2013 13:04
This is almost a description of the 1950s all over the US. Nos. 3, 4, 7, & 9 apparently grew up outside the USA or are too young. The similarities are eerie. These kids live under what is to them an existential threat. Read some talk backs on Israeli news outlets. They have not lived a day when they were not under siege. They know it. Their parents know it. It is part of growing up in a war. I grew up "knowing" that the Russians were going to nuke me. That's life.

16 ) Zainab / UK
13/06/2013 14:55
@11) - Mark - Thank you for putting this in perspective, because most countries have some kind of 'military themed training' open for young people. The UK has the 'Army Cadet Force' open to boys & girls aged between 12 - 18. Many children also play violent war themed video games. Children in Gaza (Palestine) have every right to join whatever youth programmes are open to them, including those run by Islamic Jihad. They also have the right to resist occupation & oppression, as the world watches on

17 ) Abu Absa / USA
13/06/2013 15:40
May the 80 multiply into 80,000. People have the right to resist an occupation. Palestinians are there to stay FOREVER!

18 ) zed Bleich / USA
13/06/2013 21:43
Unfortunately they are being trained to fight the wrong actor. They should be fighting their Arab brethren and those that were responsible for their enduring condition. What is tragic is that no matter how educated the Palestinians become they still don't get it! Their condition is more of a result of Arab policy then Israeli. Until they assess their condition in the context of the greater Arab policies will their conditions improve.

19 ) Mel / Gaza
13/06/2013 21:47
These children deserve a peaceful childhood. But that has been taken from them long ago by Israel!

20 ) Anders / Norge
14/06/2013 12:05
It is the Hitler Youth all over again....How can the world stand by and look the other way while this Fascism festers and threatens global democracy, enlightenment and secularity? Appeasement is spelled H-O-L-O-C-A-U-S-T.

21 ) Debbie / usa
14/06/2013 17:24
Mel is crazy

22 ) Elliott / USA
14/06/2013 21:08
What is lacking in this discourse is the recognition that one side values life and the other death. Israel/America value freedom, religious liberty, tolerance and other western cultural values. Palestinian/Arabs have inculcated in their religion and political documents and charters agendas to obliterate non-threatening opposition, denigrate western cultural values and elevate to religious mandates genocide. On which side should children of future nations be trained?

23 ) DrZ. / USA
14/06/2013 23:10
Where in the USA did we teach kids to blow themselves for any cause? Face facts, The Islamists will never accept a Jewish country, or matter of fact, a Christian dominated country ( think Lebanon), in the Middle East. Even this tiny sliver of land frightens them. Israel could have controlled, Gaza and the entire West Bank, they did win it in a War. They only want secure borders, which they are entitled to.

24 ) Mel / USA
15/06/2013 00:45
#21:No Debbie/usa:Not crazy just very knowledgable &rational.If you want to see"crazy",just read/watch how Jewish-only colonist dads &moms teach their Jewish children to attack,raid,assault Arab children/adults,as their 'rite of passage'ritual.As I said,Ravshatz Hitler Youth. And after the holocaust,too? That's called Stockholm Syndrome,when you empathize with/mimic old captors. Now that's "crazy",lady!

25 ) Robin / USA
16/06/2013 07:27
I think most of the commentators on this site are a bunch of ignorant anti-semites who don't have a clue about what is going on in Gaza or Israel and should be ashamed of yourselves for divulging your ignorance.

26 ) Mel / Gaza
16/06/2013 12:23
@#25 I know very well what is going on. I am lliving it every day!

27 ) Toronto Bob / Canada
18/06/2013 04:57
Mel, I think you live in your parents' basement in New Jersey.

28 ) Leonardo / Italy
23/06/2013 08:16
Shibab said the summer camp included lessons in first aid, civil defense, self-defense, and crisis avoidance ......Crisis avoidance would be avoid shooting 15.000 rockets to Israel,sadly they teach these kids the opposite! And whoever talks about occupation in Gaza clearly doesn't know what he's talking about as the last israeli left Gaza in 2005. Gaza condition is purely the reflection of Hamas policy!
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