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Settlers burn cars, spray graffiti across West Bank
Published Wednesday 29/05/2013 (updated) 01/06/2013 17:58
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JENIN (Ma'an) -- Settlers torched at least nine Palestinian vehicles and vandalized property in the occupied West Bank overnight Tuesday, locals said.

In the Jericho village of Az-Zubeidat, four cars and a tractor were found burnt by villagers, locals said. Local NGO coordinator Hamza Zbeidat told Ma'an that settlers raided the village at around 3 a.m. and poured gasoline on the vehicles before setting them alight.

Four vehicles were also set on fire in the nearby village of Marj Naja and settlers sprayed 'price-tag' graffiti reading "For the anniversary of Evitar" and "Regards from Evitar" in both villages, referring to a settler stabbed to death in Nablus one month ago.

B'Tselem also reported that two cars were set on fire in Rantis, west of Ramallah, and graffiti was found in the area. Israeli police confirmed the reports, according to Israeli news site Ynet.

The tires of three Palestinian vehicles were slashed in Shufat refugee camp in East Jerusalem and four cars were vandalized in Sheikh Jarrah.

Muhammad Abu Taa from Shufat told Ma'an that a security camera in the neighborhood filmed four settlers attacking the vehicles. Graffiti reading "Evitar's revenge" was also found nearby.

Taa said that residents told Israeli police about the attacks, but they did nothing to help.

Israeli military sources told Ma'an that five burnt vehicles were found in Az-Zubeidat and four in Marj Naja.

An Israeli army spokesman said incidences of "vandalism and graffiti' were being reviewed.

Settlers routinely attack Palestinians and their property in the occupied West Bank with impunity. Annual figures compiled by Israeli rights group Yesh Din have repeatedly shown that nine out of 10 police investigations about settler crimes fail to lead to a prosecution.
1 ) AKeenReader / UK
29/05/2013 11:46
I bet Israeli military will never find these settler culprits. But we all know that when it comes to palestinians, they are always caught straightaway. Israeli biased approach.

2 ) shirleyS / Australai
29/05/2013 13:47
time palestinians threw afew bombs back or graffitied afew carsor keyed afew or slashed some tires obvious pals have got so used to the occupation they are fully subservient especially with pro westren news sites like maan news working on them day and night obvious with your deceitful and slanted opinion poll that does not give pals the option to vote to go to ICC or any other form of real resistnce your aim is to suppress and hand pals over to areservation lifeyou are collaboratorsfully

3 ) Rami / Palestine
29/05/2013 14:11
Such a sad end to such a beautiful Bimmer. By the way, the IDF are idiots; this isn't "vandalism and graffiti." This is terrorism. Then of course, because it was perpetrated by Israeli Jews it is nothing of the sort; we all know that they're incapable of such acts, huh?

4 ) Mel / USA
29/05/2013 16:28
Deja Vu! Yes! We remember,Israel &global Jewry.
But DO YOU? Or have you developed selective
amnesia,inside your new wall of 'Zion' since "Never Again"?
"Do unto others....."
And don't let radical Zionists destroy Israel.
We don't want to know you,or associate with you,like this.
And you need us,more than v.v.
Or do the radical extremists SPEAK FOR YOU? http://www.b92.net/eng/news/crimes-article.php?yyyy=2006&mm=11&dd=09&nav_id=37867

5 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
29/05/2013 17:29
Rami - you know for a fact that there are Israelis in prison for killing Palestinians (Ami Popper) or for planning terror attacks (the Bat Ayin gang). However, we know for a fact that there are no Palestinians in Palestinian jails for killing Israelis. Why? Because any Palestinian who kills an Israeli is hailed as a hero. If s/he blows him or herself up killing 20 Israelis, then their family gets reward money and schools are named after them. And yea, bummer about the beemer.

6 ) m / m
29/05/2013 17:46
Did the blacks in SA during apartheid drive BMW's??

7 ) uri ben zeev / florida
29/05/2013 20:21

8 ) Maureen / Australia
29/05/2013 22:34
#6 No BMWs around when the Jews were in the slave ship industry, was there?

9 ) JoeUSA / USA
29/05/2013 23:38
#5 Brian , you are a logical person in you analysis. You are right on the surface of things but you are purposefully ignoring the 500 pound Gorilla in the room which is the on going war for existence between Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism. There is a war going on. There is an occupation going on. You seem not to notice . Israelis do not need to fight. They have their army to fight for them/behalf.Who do the Palestinians have? other than their individual acts of defiance?

10 ) carine / UK
29/05/2013 23:54
#6 - It's possible some did. Why do you ask? What's the relevance to this story?

11 ) @ Uri #7 / USA too
30/05/2013 00:59
YOUR COMPARISON of the two: 1- Genocide and Death Camps of the "Nazis", and 2- Burning of One Car by Jewish "settlers" IS an exaggeration on the scale of ELEPHANTS TO MICE, where one weighs tons and the other only grams !!

12 ) Peter / Canada
30/05/2013 02:42
m/m Well, yes, actually. Implication in your question that Palestinians should not while suffering under occupation, rise above the oppression and achieve some form of economic security? As to apartheid in SA vs Palestine: Israel even mimics the old 'pass laws' dictating where people can live. Reports of a mother being ripped from her family at 3 am and deported back to the occupied west bank...her crime? She married another Palestinian with Israeli citizenship... Even SA rarely did that.

13 ) Peter Lake / Canada
30/05/2013 03:00
Brian Cohen: Check out this editorial from Haaretz about 18 months ago. http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/israel-must-enforce-law-on-west-bank-settlers-1.401268 There needs to be an Jewish state. Events of the first half of the 20th Century proved that. The actions of the settlers and the illegal occupation are ensuring that that state is either going to remain apartheid or fail to remain Jewish. 2 state solution is the only way forward.

14 ) @ Mel-4 / USA too
30/05/2013 04:03
"We Remember" that PALESTINE DID NOT EXIST from 1948 to 1967. And thus, obviously none of the West Bank was ever "Palestinian land". So Jewish settlements are no more illegal than Palestinian settlements, and need not be used as an excuse to prevent Palestinians from moving forward with peace/statehood talks and a comprehensive agreement !!

15 ) jjvanka / NL
30/05/2013 04:28
@6 They did, with the 'witman' on the back seat. Why do you ask?

16 ) Johnny benson / USA
30/05/2013 05:49
Not good.....hope the Beemer was insured

17 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/05/2013 05:58
To tell you the truth, M (#6), you have to wonder if the entire "apartheid" lie isn't being spread by the Palestinian BMW drivers. It certainly garners the Pals sympathy and donations, and gives them the perfect excuse to continue the corruption both in gaza and the west bank. You should come by the parking lots at supermarkets in the west bank and check out the new fancy SUVs with the green and white license plates. Many of them seem to love their sustainable phony "apartheid" .

30/05/2013 06:40

19 ) Rami / Palestine
30/05/2013 08:03
#5 You couldn't be further than the truth. Between all the jello suspended between your ears, I'm not at all surprised that you're incapable of seeing what is really going on around here.

20 ) gabi / australia
30/05/2013 10:05
Brian Cohen - unbelievable. "We know for a fact that there are no Palestinians in Palestinian jails for killing Israelis " You know for a fact someone who "blew themselves up and killed 20 Israelis" but didn't go to jail. . You know, sometimes I really think there isn't too much going on in htat top paddock of yours - well, nothing rational anyway. All that hatred, leading to irrational and illogical thought. Where did you go to school? Or are you still at school? (That might explain a lot.)

21 ) Charles / Canada
30/05/2013 19:08

22 ) Maureen / Australia
30/05/2013 23:00
Brian Cohen, so what you are saying is, things were not so bad for Jews during the Hitler era... I have read articles in Jewish media re Holocaust survivors trying to locate lost fortunes.

23 ) gabi / australia
02/06/2013 03:06
And now, finally, the very intelligent comment, again from Brian Cohen, along the lines of "a lot of Palestinians drive beemers so there is really no apartheid." And what are you dong in parking lots in the West Bank? Are those beemer owners allowed in parking lots in Israel? No? Well, yes, that is apartheid.
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