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Woman beaten to death in Gaza suffered years of abuse
Published Sunday 26/05/2013 (updated) 30/05/2013 10:38
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A one-and-a-half-year old boy keeps calling for his mother, unaware that he will never she her again, and that his father's family may be responsible for her death.

Nawal Fathi Tafish Qudieh, 25, lived with her family-in-law in the town of Khuza, east of Khan Younis. On Saturday she was allegedly beaten to death by her in-laws. She was seven months pregnant at the time, and the baby also died.

Nawal's brother Ahmad says that his sister was humiliated, insulted, verbally abused and beaten by her mother-in-law and her husband's family.

Nawal's family even offered her a piece of land to build a house on and live in with her husband and family to get away from the abuse, but her husband refused to leave his family.

"Due to the problems she was exposed to, she was banned from entering the kitchen. She used to wait for her mother-in-law to leave the kitchen in order to be able to enter the kitchen," Ahmad told Ma'an.

On the day of her murder she had entered the kitchen without making sure her mother-in-law had left the area, her brother said.

"Her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law began beating her on the head, abdomen and back. They did not feel sorry for her or even for the baby she carried in her womb for the seventh month."

Her brother-in-law then began beating her with an iron pipe, with the family joining in until she lost consciousness, Ahmad said.

They dragged her body into the landing of the house and left her there until an ambulance arrived and tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late.

Both Nawal and her unborn baby died. Medics at Shifa hospital said that the cause of death was bleeding in her brain due to blunt force trauma.

Nawal's family are in a state of shock following the murder, Ahmad said, with her mother unable to speak and regularly fainting.

"They killed my sister a million times over the past three years, and today they robbed the life of my sister and killed her son," Nawal's sister said.

The extended family of Nawal's husband, the al-Najjar family, denounced the murder and have called for legal action to be taken against the murderers. The family have even hung banners in the street saying: "The al-Najjar family, in Palestine and abroad, denounces the crime against the Qudieh family."

Police in Gaza have detained Nawal's mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law, and her husband is said to be in a state of hysteria following the murder.
1 ) Mel / Gaza
26/05/2013 17:42
It's a horrible crime!!! Her husband should have protected her!

2 ) Mel / USA
26/05/2013 19:45
I agree #1! A cowardly crime.Those are not men/husbands.They're cowardly MICE! Men should ALWAYS protect brave women,just as brave WOMEN protect men,every minute of every day &bear their children!There is no MAN without woman."The child is the father of the man"& woman! Protect your women,because w/out them,man is TOAST!
Condolences to Nawal,her baby & family.That"husband" DIDN'T deserve her!

3 ) albertine harris / usa
26/05/2013 21:57
sorry..show me facts..how do i know that she was not abused by israelis''...? they seem vicious and cruel to children? what makes me to think otherwise.

4 ) albertine harris / USA
26/05/2013 22:01
hi, I would like to know the publisher of the article today about a woman murdered by her husband in gaza. At a time like this why would she isolate herself like this. If this is true, who will pay? the husband? the family? u didn't mention any of that news?

5 ) yazan badran / Palestine
26/05/2013 22:51
See her again not she her again!

6 ) ayat / usa
27/05/2013 00:36
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. Heart felt condolences to the family of Nawal. RIP dear sweet ones. This should never be allowed to happen. I hope justice is served to the fullest extent, inshallah. And I hope this horrible crime sheds light on the reality of this difficult subject. I have had to live like Nawal. Alhamdulillah, I was able to leave. Many are not. My heart goes out to her son and family. Certainly her family will have rights and custody over her son, inshallah. Dua'a <3

7 ) DUDE / USA
27/05/2013 00:41
The questions that came to my mind is, where was her husband during that time , i am sure if he was there he would of heard her . secondly what was the reasons for the in laws treating her so , it just does not happen out of the blue , i cannot say this could be true or a lie , all i want is this to be clear , it could be a setup also who knows , lets wait and find out , if it will ever come out now

8 ) Emina / Bosnia
27/05/2013 04:14
are you serious, someone should take those in-laws to Gaza and have a taste of their own medicine. People in Gaza are dying from Israel soldiers and this innocent women with her unborn baby had to die because of assholes like her husband and his family. What kind of husband is he.. MONSTERS . they should be in jail for the rest of their life, and make sure they are abused same way as the poor women was.

9 ) Sussex Girl / Great Britain
27/05/2013 05:32
Such a backward, animal like family. What kind of culture allows an entire family to abuse a human being like that. Save the state some time and resources and kill the individuals who abused this poor woman. Her husband is incompentent and should probably be sent to the loony bin.

10 ) fourbytwo / UK
27/05/2013 09:55
@3 ''sorry..show me facts..how do i know that she was not abused by israelis''.'' It's a family affair, nothing to do with the Juice.

11 ) jootoo / us
27/05/2013 10:00
albertine harris / usa These things happen, not often but too often. http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=598802

12 ) Alberto Garc?a Watson / Spain
27/05/2013 11:28
Please dont joke with this subject...more women are killed in Gaza by heroic israeli attacks than at the hands of their male partners...

13 ) 1234 / Israel
27/05/2013 15:58
@Alberto The difference is that Israeli attacks do not target those women, or any other civilian for that matter, as much as their death is unfortunate. Here, however, we have a whole family that abused and killed an innocent woman and her unborn child. That, in my opinion, is far worse.

14 ) jihan / west bank
27/05/2013 16:47
the government in Gaza will execute the killer for sure. he \ they deserve execution. the human family doesn't need such ill-minded people

15 ) celie cruz / usa
27/05/2013 18:12
All savages.

16 ) Zainab / UK
27/05/2013 19:16
The murder of Nawal & her unborn child, 'inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un' is horrible & if her husband's family are truly responsible, then Nawal's own family would be justified in asking for 'Qisas' (retribution). That people could do this to a woman who is seven months pregnant is sickening. @6)Ayat - You are very brave to speak out about your own experiences & I agree; the issue of violence in the home (domestic abuse) needs to be addressed openly, honestly & widely within all communities

17 ) Derp / Derptopia
27/05/2013 19:22
lol, Muslims being Muslims.

18 ) BarryG / USA
27/05/2013 21:54
@Alberto What you say is simply fake. More Gazan's die by abuse, their own thuggish oppressive politicians, religiously motivated attacks than ever died by Israel. It's the kind of primitive society where once a woman is married, she is "owned" by her husband and her husband's family.

19 ) Malone / Hfx
27/05/2013 22:59
Primitive 7th century barbarians....the ME is infested with them.they are they're own worst enemy

20 ) El_Promo / USA
27/05/2013 23:45
And everyone wonders why there is no use in trying to uplift the ignorant Muslims of the world. It is better that they die by fire than waste one more blood soaked cent trying lift them out of centuries of self-enforced ignorance.

21 ) Mohammad / Sweden
28/05/2013 00:42
This is because of the Israelians! We should teach them a lesson!

22 ) Maureen / Australian
28/05/2013 11:10
A wicked crime. A crime that is not bound by any race or religion. However I'm surprised at some of the comments coming from Americans. Look in your own back yard!

23 ) Outlier / USA
29/05/2013 01:09
Where were was the government that should have protected her? Apparently protecting "manliness."

24 ) Israeli1 / Israel
29/05/2013 05:15
Dear Mohammed from Sweden Taking a break from rioting. Who is the "we" that is going to teach us a lesson? You? We are waiting for you.

25 ) Mahmood / England
29/05/2013 09:23
Those Zionist/Jew filth. The blockade of peaceful Palestinian people caused this to happen.

26 ) Claudia / Argentina
29/05/2013 09:27
hey performed two murders, the law should leave prison to everyone involved, give them a good beating and they die in jail. The child should grow up with her ??mother's family and never again see his father's family, although it is somewhat difficult.

27 ) ALI / USA
29/05/2013 23:46

28 ) Zionista / Judea
30/05/2013 21:40
Dear Mahmood in England, the blockade of "peaceful Palestinian people" (hahaha) caused this woman's crazy female relatives to beat her to death? Get a brain.

29 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/05/2013 22:30
To 1234 #13: '@Alberto The difference is that Israeli attacks do not target those women, or any other civilian for that matter, as much as their death is unfortunate. ' Too bad that's completely untrue. Israeli attacks frequently do target women and civilians in general. What would you call it when one hundred civilians are herded into a barn and then the barn is shelled? Should we take a trip down memory lane and review every deliberate Israeli massacre of civilians?

30 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/05/2013 22:32
To Malone #19: 'Primitive 7th century barbarians....the ME is infested with them.' Good reason to leave, huh?

31 ) samara / usa
02/06/2013 06:14
For the ignorant americans, i am an american and a domestic violence advocate, i suggest reading your local papers and see how many women are killed by their partner each day. Domestic violence exists in all societies. please stop embarassing us with your racism and stupidity. Go read and stop trolling.

32 ) Claudia / Argentina
03/06/2013 08:06
I'm I agree with Samara, unfortunately violence against women exists in all countries of the world and every day grows more and this in all walks of life, usually is a secret becouse women feel shame, is a very delicate situation. One of the countries with the highest rate of women killed by domestic violence it is Spain and countries of America Center. I think have to be one special and hard low for all this kind of attack a women and children.

33 ) Billy Bragg / UK
04/06/2013 07:09
Is Zionism and the USA, to blame for this family abuse as well?
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