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Settler stabbed to death near Nablus
Published Tuesday 30/04/2013 (updated) 01/05/2013 11:50
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Israeli soldiers pictured in Hebron.(MaanImages/file)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A settler was stabbed to death near Nablus on Tuesday, witnesses said.

Onlookers told Ma'an that a man asked a taxi to drop him off around 60 meters from Zatara checkpoint south of Nablus, in an area where settlers wait to hitch-hike or for transport.

"The Palestinian suspect stabbed an Israeli sitting at a bus stop. He died," Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, adding that the incident took place near Tapuah junction which lies south of the city of Nablus.

Israeli border police sped to the area and fired towards the attacker, who grabbed his victim's weapon and returned fire but was eventually disarmed and taken into custody, she said.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said that the Palestinian man was taken to hospital for treatment.

Following the incident, settlers descended on the area and began attacking Palestinian cars, pelting them with stones, an AFP photographer said.

Israeli forces announced a state of alert in the area and erected flying checkpoints in south Nablus, with locals saying that traffic is at a standstill near Zatara checkpoint.

AFP contributed to this report
1 ) Lynx / Palestine
30/04/2013 10:55
May each illegal settler thief meet his end this way. FREE PALESTINE!

2 ) Lynx / Palestine
30/04/2013 10:57
Resistance to illegal occupations by the occupied population - is fully legal and sanctioned by international law. Resist by knives, hands, guns, and WHATEVER at your disposal. Resist the propaganda of the submissive Palestinian "Authority" which has failed its people on all fronts.

3 ) Francis / USA
30/04/2013 10:57
To bad this young Jewish man chose to steal another mans land in order to live. Imagine what he could have achieved if he chose to live a clean and decent life. Instead he died a criminal.

4 ) Julie / USA
30/04/2013 12:14
most likely, he's just one less terrorist to contend with! now see, this criminal squatter would NOT have been stabbed and would NOT have died if the izraeli regime complied with international law in the first place. oh but noooooooo, izrael insists on being criminal thugs and terrorists.

5 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/04/2013 12:51
Sickening to see how Palestinians and their supporters justify war crimes. International law is very clear: nobody has the right to kill civilians and claim it is "resistance to occupation". Julie is nothing but a supporter of war criminals. Even worse, she speaks from her own illegal occupation settlement in America - a country stolen from its rightful owners. But it's ok for Julie, because she did it before there was "international law", so her occupation is kosher.

6 ) S Johnson / USA
30/04/2013 13:27
This killing was murder. While I recognize that anger and frustration were likely the motivating forces there is no justification for this killing. It is this very behavior that will be used as justification by those who demonize Palestinians and damages their cause.

7 ) Wissam / Palestine
30/04/2013 13:50
#5,6. funny because Palestinians have been asked to drop arms in their quest for freedom and dignity...when the same strategy proved counter productive with the ever expanding settlements doubling since 1991. Get real...blood is the way. Read history.

8 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
30/04/2013 13:52
I cannot support the killing. But this settler chose to live unlawfully as an illegal settler on land he had no business on, placing his life and the life of his family in danger. We reap what we sow.

9 ) miki less / sweden
30/04/2013 15:22
To Francis. You live on stolen land. May you die like a criminal.

10 ) ronen / israel
30/04/2013 15:24
so illegal arab immigrants in israel and in the west can also be legaly stabbed to death?

11 ) Miki Less / Sweden
30/04/2013 15:24
To Sherry. If you write something and put a "but" in it – it kind of cancels the "I cannot support the killing".

12 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/04/2013 17:15
Francis, #9 is correct. You American occupiers live on stolen land. That is an undisputed and historic fact. This means that you are a criminal. Does this mean that anybody can come put a knife through your chest because you are a criminal land thief? By your logic, 300 million Americans deserve to die because you are all living on stolen land.

13 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
30/04/2013 18:29
#10) you all came from the US, or europe or russia, you are the illegal ones here. pack and LEAVE!!! this land is Palestine and it is for the Palestinians!

14 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
30/04/2013 18:36
12) brian, hahahahah... so now your american buddies, who pay for every piece of shit you produce, are occupiers? well, yes they are, but please be man enough to denounce your, most probably, US citizenship, since most of u have double citizenship, and be man enough to denounce the billions you receive to kill others and OCCUPY their lands. spitting in the plate you eat from, you zionist bastards!! typical zionists!!!

15 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
30/04/2013 18:42
5) this cohen as..hole thinks that if he is stupid, then everyone else is. every one on this planet knows that the settlers are NOT CIVILIANS, but are fully armed and have license to kill palestinians, steal their lands. unfortunately for you cohen, there is internet everywhere now adays and eveyrone knows the image of settlers: walking fully armed, burning trees, shooting at palestinian farmers and cursing Jesus Christ. your lies only work in you tiny tiny brain, if you have any, which i doubt

16 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
30/04/2013 18:49
anyone who calls the settlers civilians is either a zionist trying to twist facts, which doesnt work anymore, or is as stupid as a box of rocks. even the israeli soldiers fear the settlers and dont dare disobey them. even the zionist government fears the settlers and doesnt dare disobey them. search for the video where settlers say: we killed Jesus and we are proud of it. search for videos of churches and mosques they desecrated or burnt. these are not isolated incidents, these are terrorists!!

17 ) ABE / USA
30/04/2013 19:11
in response to #13,14.15,16 What load a of CRAP!! If I am not mistaken. The ISRAELI military removed settlers from GAZA. What did ISRAEL get from that unilateral move? Afraid? you don't know the meaning!

18 ) Giacomo / USA
30/04/2013 20:20
The military occupation will end and land will be returned/swapped, as everyone including the Arab League (rulers of the PLO, and therefore the Palestinian people) agree, upon signing a durable/enforceable peace agreement. A peace agreement can only be reached via peace negotiations between Israel and a bonfide representative Palestinian, who at the moment doesn't exist because Palestinians have been unwilling or unable to make peace among themselves. Fix your Wakseh, negotiate/live in peace

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
30/04/2013 20:56
To Brian Cohen #5 '. International law is very clear: nobody has the right to kill civilians...' An armed occupier is not a 'civilian.'

20 ) matteo dagostino / italy
30/04/2013 21:07
the occupation is wrong and the fruits it produces are injustices, suffering, hatred, death. peace will never be attained. selfishness should be defeated.

21 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
30/04/2013 21:44
#17) abe... hahaha, and israel will get more and more, until ALL of Palestine is free from zionism! so PACK and LEAVE! jews in warsaw gettos fought against the nazis and even had suicide bombers and they are celebrated as heroes! just last month israeli newspapers were celebrating their heroism! but according to zionists, one people's fight for freedom is resistance and heroism, but another people's fight is "terrorism". JUST PACK and LEAVE, because this is our land and we are here FOREVER!!

22 ) agatha / Malaysia
30/04/2013 21:46
why we remember this action and forget what israel is doing.... this very natural reaction from the palestinianz and will keep resisting as long as israel exist on their land.

23 ) Francis / USA
30/04/2013 21:57
By the way Brian, American Indians had the full right to kill and scalp the Setter colonialists once they realized they were trying to displace them. Israel should take the lesson of the USA and make everyone a citizen from river to sea and allow those who were ethnically cleansed to return. But you can't do that because it would destroy the Jewish character right? Sound familiar? Think Hitler.

24 ) Anne O'Nimmus / UK
30/04/2013 23:16
@ 17 ABE / USA
So Israel took its settlers out of Gaza. But it didn't allow the refugees to return to their homes or villages and towns in 48 Palestine, did it? And it has turned the place into an open air prison for Palestinians. Pretty much what it hopes to achieve on the West Bank of occupied Palestine, in a bunch of mini-bantustans.
@ 5 Brian Cohen / Israel - what was 'civilian' about this armed militant settler?

25 ) Jane / USA
30/04/2013 23:34
To Brian Cohen, a civilian population cannot be transferred to occupied land. Your comment regarding America being on stolen land is a false analogy as the US has treaties with Native Americans. To Abe, just because the illegal settlements in Gaza were dismantled does not mean that Israel is not occupying Gaza. It is. It controls the borders, the airspace, and the territorial waters. Key word: ILLEGAL. Israel continuously violates international law.

26 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
01/05/2013 01:06
This Borovzky-guy lived in Yitzhar, the most violent settlement in the West Bank. That's where rabbi Yitzhak Shapira & rabbi Yosef Elitzur have their yeshiva, the lunatics who wrote "The King's Torah", justifying the killing of Palestinian children. These Jewish Talibans are so extremists that The-Only-Ethnocracy cut the funding for their warmongering brain-washing. "Borovzky" sounds Russian to me. Wonder what he was doing in Palestine.

27 ) JoeUSA / USA
01/05/2013 01:58
To those who are Israeli apologists who are condemning the death of the settler, I need to remind you that the perpetrator was jailed in Israel for 4 years. He must have been tortured as he obviously harbored hate towards Israelis , especially ones that do not come in peace but come to steal land of others and clearly armed. In the same token , where are their voices of outrage , a Palestinian civilian ( unarmed) was stabbed in Jerusalem the same day . Where is their condemnation?

28 ) Colin Wright / USA
01/05/2013 04:11
Ignoring barkin' Brian, it's telling that Israeli media outlets label this a 'terror' attack. More annoyingly, many accounts suppress the detail that the settler WAS armed. If an armed man is trying to take my land (and by definition a settler is doing just that) if I succeed in killing him, it is NOT 'terrorism.' It's knifing a Nazi soldier in Warsaw.

29 ) ian / australia
01/05/2013 04:24
First Jewish death (murder) for 2013. Compared to, what? 6? 8? 10? Palestinian deaths. All sad. All tragic. Are they different or are they ALL just as dead? One difference is Palestinians aren't cunning. They never have a good story. Not like Jewish (mostly IDF) killers who were threatened by petrol bombs, rocks, toy guns, feared for their lives and acted in self defense. (Or fired warning shots and missed or tear gas canisters which killed by accident or saw someone too close to the fence.)

30 ) ian / australia
01/05/2013 04:26
(contd.) Palestinians are too honest: "I found an armed settler at a bus stop. They have made our lives a misery. I hate them. I killed him."

31 ) Moe moe / Usa
01/05/2013 05:51
To Brin cohen#5: you have to the - truth the things are. U know well that the settlers are a bunch of armed thugs, a neozionist thugs, land thieves.By no means u can call them civillians. A bunch of lunatics .

32 ) David / Australia
01/05/2013 17:55
No body wants to mention that that the Palestinian terrorist who murdered the settler is a Fatah operative from a village near Tulkarem who was imprisoned in Israel for three years after being convicted of stone throwing and was released less than six months ago. If the Israeli authorities had kept him locked up, this incident may have been avoided.

33 ) Colin Wright / USA
05/05/2013 22:52
To David #32 '. If the Israeli authorities had kept him locked up, this incident may have been avoided.' ? You say that like killing an armed occupier of your land is a bad thing.

34 ) Maureen / Australia
10/05/2013 00:18
Brian Cohen, Christopher Columbus was Jewish andwas financed by wealthy Jews. U.S.A. is today under Zionist occupation... young Amerians used as cannon fodder to serve in Zionist inspired wars!
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