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80-year-old attacked by settlers may need surgery
Published Sunday 31/03/2013 (updated) 01/04/2013 21:50
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TULKAREM (Ma'an) -- An 80-year-old Palestinian farmer who was attacked Friday by Israeli settlers is still in hospital and may need surgery, medics said Sunday.

Hasan Barhoush is being treated for fractures and bruises at Thabit Thabit Hospital in Tulkarem.

He was working on his fields in Kafr al-Labad village, near the Israeli settlement Enav, when a group of settlers attacked him.

Walid Shalabi, deputy director of the Palestinian military liaison department, visited Barhoush in hospital on Sunday.

Shalabi told reporters his department was in contact with Israeli officials to urge Israeli forces to fight "such violations of all international laws and values."

Israeli perpetrators of violence against Palestinians are rarely investigated or prosecuted.

"When Israelis harm Palestinians, the authorities implement an undeclared policy of forgiveness, compromise, and leniency in punishment," the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem says. "Israeli security forces have done little to prevent settler violence or to arrest offenders."

1 ) Mel1 / USA
31/03/2013 14:22
Calling all global us CHRISTIANS as well as Muslim! Hey Islamic people,it's Passover a PLURALISTIC TIME,FOR ALL PEOPLE OF FAITH,to pay respect&enjoyZionism. Moslems brings terrorism to the Holy Land(1920's) & this is how you let Moslems segregate Israel?Is this your Islamic legacy to the Holy Land,insulting us Sihk and Hindus as well as Christian & JEWS?SHAME ON GLOBAL Jihadaiin for letting RADICAL Islam turn Israel into a place of HATRED,BIGOTRY&RACISM,under the guise of"defense".Shame on

2 ) Kat / USA
31/03/2013 14:33
It's heartbreaking to see a man of advanced age be brutalized this way by Israel's Taliban. These settlers must be stopped.

3 ) Human / Germany
31/03/2013 15:43

4 ) Ariela / US
31/03/2013 16:16
Disgusting, despicable, terrorist behaviour from these gross settlers who are the from the gross underbelly of European society. If they had any notion of GOD they would not act like animals. Barbarians!

5 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
31/03/2013 16:19
Can settlers not be prosecuted for criminal acts like anybody ?
In such a case, who would be the proper person to start legal proceedings ?

6 ) Maureen / Australia
31/03/2013 18:57
#1) What on earth are you talking about - "settllers" are Zionist perpertrators of hiddious crimes in occupied Palestine! "Enjoy Zionism," idiot!!

7 ) Mel / USA
31/03/2013 19:12
Condolences to Hasan and his family. We cannot expect any more from Israel's choice of brutal Zionism,which emulates equally-brutal exceptionalist NAZISM. It's UNFATHOMABLE,that our USG continues to let Israel's Zionism mimic those extremists we WENT TO WAR to fight,&die,against. We opened up Nazi death camps,with mass graves of dead Jews,starving&persecuted Jewish elderly &children.NOW,since then "Never Again"Israeli Jews OPT to ape previous tormenters?And USG FUNDS IT ALL,AS A REWARD!?!

8 ) Mark / USA
31/03/2013 20:12
Not all Jews support this behavior from their countrymen. Some oppose it. Others celebrate it. This abuse of the Palestinians is part of Zionism's plan to control all of Palestine and cleanse the land of the Palestinian people so that they may have it all for themselves. Do not tolerate this! Contact the political class about it. Send this link to them. Send it to the UN. Do not permit the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to continue.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/03/2013 21:10
Mighty warriors for Yawveh strike! I bet this makes Brian Cohen, Arnold, et al feel like REAL MEN.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
31/03/2013 21:12
To Kat #2 'These settlers must be stopped.' 'These settlers' are simply doing now what Israel has always done. There wouldn't be an Israel if this hadn't been done all along, and there can't be an Israel without it continuing.

11 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
31/03/2013 21:21
the zionist settlers attack us day and night, burn our fields and beat us, and even shoot at us and the israeli occupation army provides protection for the settlers. and when you file complaint against the settlers, the israeli army arrests you!! this is the zionist state, a state of terror, where criminals are treated as heroes and war criminals become prime ministers and presidents, and where victims are imprisoned, kicked out of their homes and even murdered in cold blood. welcome to israel!!

12 ) Reader / from Edmonton
01/04/2013 00:44
German Human, it's not about religion. It's about greed. Religion is just the pretext.

13 ) Joe Hill / Belgium
01/04/2013 02:14
seventy years ago they were called nazis

14 ) M. Dumbkoff / USA
01/04/2013 04:05
LOL at all those rants. The guy was attacked by other clan in his village, not any settlers. Where do these Arabs come up with material for their press?! Probably to extract "sympathy Euros" from EU countries.

15 ) Nathalie Robisco / France
01/04/2013 13:10
Disgusting (.In French," c'est d?gueulasse!"). I think so, but is the word admitted ? A life is more important , and words...

16 ) BDS / Canada
01/04/2013 22:15
We must continue our outrage against such brutal crimes by these illegal squatters on Palestinian land and demand that they be sent back to their places of origin, Russia, the US etc..

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
02/04/2013 02:36
To M.Dumbkoff #14 'LOL at all those rants. The guy was attacked by other clan in his village, not any settlers. Where do these Arabs come up with material for their press?! Probably to extract "sympathy Euros" from EU countries.' Like the 'gas chambers' were really bomb shelters, right? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

18 ) gabi / australia
02/04/2013 03:40
# 14 - Dumbkoff (well named!) Were you there? Saw the "other clan in his village" attack him? You are talking BS. The Arabs "come up with material for their press" from people who were there - And they have phones, with cameras! Dumb . . . And I note that #1 is fake Mel again - even attempts to write in the same manner. Can't you people be more original? Not enough support, so have to fabricate some? Pathetic. (Cheat at school exams, too # 1?)

19 ) Rami / Palestine
02/04/2013 08:44
#14 You should emphasize the "DUMB" in your name more often because that's clearly what you are. The guy WAS attacked by settlers. Something you can't dispute no matter how your wretched blackened shriveled soot-filled heart may try. You live in USA. What do you know about what settlers do around here? Nothing. So leave us grown ups to discuss this issue.

20 ) Tom / Arg
03/04/2013 01:44
Id say the Israeli authorities are doing about as much as the Palestinian leadership whether it be Hamas or the PA of reigning in radicals and extremists. Tit for Tat thats the mentality in the middle east. Noone here complaining about extremists during the 1st and 2nd Intifada? Palestinian stone throwers?Palestinian rocket attacks?Palestinian suicide bombers?Palestinian kidnappers? how are these deviants dealt with in the palestinian territories, are they punished or rewarded for their mischief

21 ) Roland / Sweden
04/04/2013 08:19
I was there, he was attacked by settlers. The same settlers have attacked other villagers from the same village earlier. The sad thing about this is israel's ongoing "difficulties" in bringing these guys to trail.

22 ) to #20 / yes you
04/04/2013 12:39
please continue your list..Palestinian rock throwers, Palestinian rocket attacks, Jewish underground terrorists in the Ghettos, French underground terrorists in Paris.......were these deviants rewarded or punished?

23 ) Hilde / Norway
04/04/2013 13:23
Such depravity. Most settler scum that attack are in their early 20s, fit and strong. Too cowardly for words!

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/04/2013 23:22
To Hilde #23: 'Such depravity. Most settler scum that attack are in their early 20s, fit and strong. Too cowardly for words!' They do have a distinctly loathesome proclivity for attacking old men, children, even toddlers. And it doesn't stop there. See that 'one shot, two kills' tee-shirt. Sometimes I doubt evil can be objectively defined. Then I look at Israel.

25 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/04/2013 23:27
To Tom #20: 'Id say the Israeli authorities are doing about as much as the Palestinian leadership whether it be Hamas or the PA of reigning in radicals and extremists' Ah. Ye olde moral equivalence argument. 'They're just as bad as we are.' The fall-back position. Now you don't need to pay any attention to your sins. As usual -- and so inevitably -- also an argument employed by the Nazis.

26 ) Davey Wavey / USA
09/04/2013 06:06
(Dumbkopf certainly earns his name!) The settlers have taken over the country and cast Jews everywhere into shame. The final legacy of Zionism, the idea that you can dispossess an entire people of their land forever, is this sort of brutality. Israel is but a hair's breath away from frank genocide as the only "solution." I loath and despise that supremacist state.
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