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Israel to limit Gaza fishing zone after rocket fire
Published Thursday 21/03/2013 (updated) 22/03/2013 18:41
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel will reduce the Gaza fishing zone as punishment for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip following a rocket attack, the Israeli military announced Thursday.

"In response to the rocket fire earlier this morning ... the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Minister of Defense, Mr. Moshe (Bogie) Yaalon, have instructed the IDF to narrow the permitted fishing zone for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from six to three miles," the army said.

"Additionally, Kerem Shalom crossing will be closed. These changes will continue until the IDF is otherwise instructed by the political echelon.

"The IDF considers this incident with great severity and holds the Hamas terror organization responsible for any hostile activity emanating from the Gaza Strip."

The Palestinian minister of civil affairs Hussein al-Sheikh confirmed the measure.

"The Israeli side officially informed us that Kerem Shalom crossing is closed until further notice, and that the Gaza fishing zone has been reduced from 6 to 3 miles," al-Sheikh told Ma'an.
1 ) evan / usa
21/03/2013 22:24
As i always said. its the people who suffer for the governments actions. hamas is resposible even if they are not the ones firing the rockets. they arer the government and they condone the rockets, and they do nothing to stop it.

2 ) ehem / lol
21/03/2013 22:39
yeah but those 6 mile were only o paper anyway! isr have been arresting every fisherman was beyond those 3 mile (even within them...) so why the charade? anyone that watched closely what isr was doing with Gaza knows that those 6 mile were only on paper, UN knows it (their reports), isr knows it, Pals know it so...this is only again for PR, to officialy implement the 3 mile again, since the 6 mile were never abided by isr anyway...

3 ) Joe Bommarito / USA
21/03/2013 22:53
I don't understand how Israel can tell Palestinians where they can fish or not. Are these waters not off the coast of Palestinian lands?

4 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
21/03/2013 23:34
Thausands of round table with Israel cannot stop expanction settlement and humilitating Palestians, the only solution is forment and distrupt the peace of Israel.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
22/03/2013 00:10
Note that Israel's not seriously upset. After all, they probably arranged for the rockets themselves. Why should they be?

6 ) southparkbear / usa
22/03/2013 00:14
in addition the rockets should be loaded on new pair of well armed rickets and returned in kind to gaza

7 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
22/03/2013 02:13
At last, an Israeli government with "cohones". We will no longer and absolutely not put up with missile and rocket launches against our citizenry. This will also go for rock and Molotov Cocktail attacks. Our new representatives possess integrity and respect for our country. Jewish life will be defended. Eventually, these merciless and cowardly attackers will learn this the hard way. We will round up every imam and every teacher who publicly advocates terrorism.

8 ) David Evans / United States
22/03/2013 04:24
Israel has murdered more than 20 Palestinians since the ceasefire after Israel's unwarrented Pillar Of Cloud operations, while Palestinian rockets have killen no one, as usual. (Palestinian rockets have killed about 23 Israelis in 23 years, about the same number who die in Israel's car crashes every 23 DAYS. Any excuse to continue murdering Palestinians and imposing hardship on them will do as Israel continues its relentless theft of Palestinian land, which is what the Conflict is REALLY about

9 ) Hoozbeen Farteen / UK
22/03/2013 06:50
Shooting those rockets was the work of imbeciles. Shows the world that Hamas are violent lunatics.

10 ) Mel / USA
22/03/2013 08:09
ARAB/MUSLIM/CHRISTIAN peoples,POWERFUL,wealthy,Israel EQUALLY have the human right,too,to DEFEND THEMSELVES,& be "secure" from ATTACKS by PRE-1948!An existential,VASTLY bigger, ACTUALITY,daily! ORWELLIAN OBAMA! "OBAMA,U PAID FOR THIS DION".Obama is visiting'pretty'compliant sites,where PA leaders hide their Zionist shackles under silk suits &ironed on smiles!Obama! GO to the blood-stained ground to see how'good' our 'US-WEPS-Inc' business is!Pro- is.

11 ) owainglyndwr1416 / Ireland
22/03/2013 08:55
The IOF wouldn't have their own Bottle Rockets and launch them for the sole purpose of blaming Hamas would they ? All a bit suspicious and perfectly timed for Obama's visit.. Hamas or Al Aqsa brigade aren't stupid enough to provoke bad feeling at a sensitive time .. They also know their protestations will fall on deaf ears..

12 ) do you prefer that ISRAEL / ERASE GAZA FOR
22/03/2013 09:07
shooting rockets at INNOCENT CITIZEN???

your choice!

13 ) Outsider / EU
22/03/2013 09:16
The rockets were indeed the work of imbeciles. What use were they?

14 ) Ness / Netherlands
22/03/2013 11:00
Given Israel's history of false flag attacks chances are those rockets were fired by Israeli affiliates in Gaza at Israel's request. Mark that Israel is ALWAYS the only one to profit from these attacks.

15 ) u ppl are ignoratn like hell.. / omg
22/03/2013 13:17
all of you thinking it was Hamas is just ignorat- do you realy think Hamas controls everything there? don't you know there are rivarly groups there? it is not the first time a man or a group shoots without Hamas knowing. even isr knows that lol...poor ignorant ppl! #2 is right anyway, and #7 you do know that Pals don't have to put with occupation right? since the new year started ISR KILLED CIVILIANS, stole more land, not to mention what settlers are doing, so stop the poor hasbara

16 ) marta kaye / USA
22/03/2013 15:37
Why are not the Israeli's being punished for stealing land from the Palestinians, and foeceing them to move off land that belongs to them the PALESTINIANS??????????????

17 ) Helena / Turkey
22/03/2013 19:06
#16 They are only Arabs with plenty of choice to move to more spacious wealthy Arab countries.

18 ) what?! / XX
23/03/2013 16:52
bunch of ignoratns here! you think Hamas controls all there?! don't you know there are different groups fighting to gain control?! the group resp.is salafi Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen!! and all of you here: were is your rant when isr killed since the beginning of the year a number of Pals, keeps stealing land, not to mention what settlers are doing...were is your "concern"about civilians, eh? it is just poor hasbara on your part!look what isr did right before obama came...

19 ) NO Rockets & Conflict / NO Limits
25/03/2013 20:35
NO Rockets from Gaza means NO 3 Mile Fishing Limit, and NO Conflict from Gaza means NO Limit and NO Blockade !!

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/03/2013 21:00
To southbearpark #6 'n addition the rockets should be loaded on new pair of well armed rickets and returned in kind to gaza' In this case, I'd be VERY CAREFUL what you wish for. A 'munitions expended return policy' would probably leave no building standing in Israel -- and of course several thousand Israelis randomly slaughtered.

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/03/2013 21:03
To Robert Haymond #7 'At last, an Israeli government with "cohones"....' (a) It's 'cojones,' you ignorant Canadian. (b) You keep admiring and stroking those big balls. It's power fetishists like you that will ensure Israel's demise.

22 ) JoeUSA / USA
27/03/2013 03:20
Making the population suffer does not insure Israel's security. If I was in Gaza , fishing to feed my family , an Israeli boat comes and shoots at me because I am fishing , my anger and hate will be directed towards Israel and nowhere else....Is this what Israel wants ? Apparently so...

23 ) @ Joe-22 / USA too
28/03/2013 16:51
Since Islam will never accept a Jewish state in the region,
Nothing can "insure Israel's security", except both:
-1- a strong Israel Defense Force, and
-2- a weakened Palestinian Militant Force !!

Unfortunately the Gaza blockade, that weakens Palestinian Militants,
by limiting flows of their weapons, also "makes the population suffer",
which is not Israel's fault, since every nation has a right to self-defense.
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