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Video: Israeli soldiers round up children in Hebron
Published Wednesday 20/03/2013 (updated) 22/03/2013 17:06
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Israeli forces detain a child in Hebron, March 20.
(MaanImages/B'Tselem, HO)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli rights group B'Tselem on Wednesday said Israel's mass arrest of children in Hebron was "unacceptable," and released a video of the detentions.

The video shows soldiers forcefully arresting schoolchildren, one of whom is dragged along the ground by a group of soldiers, as the children's relatives protest.

"This type of mass arrest of a group of minors, not on the basis of individual suspicions is unacceptable, even if the minors are formally over the age of criminal responsibility," B'Tselem said in a statement.

Israeli forces on Wednesday detained some 30 students who were on their way to school in the southern area of Hebron, locals said.

Locals told Ma'an that the students were transferred to Kiryat Arba police station, and that Israeli forces were detaining every student passing Tareq Bin Zeyad street.

Sources from the Palestinian military liaison department told Ma'an they were making calls with the Israeli side to release the students.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma'an that soldiers "operated in the area today in order to contain rock hurling at security forces" following a recent increase in "rioting."

She said Palestinian minors had hurled rocks at soldiers at a checkpoint earlier Wednesday.

"A number of the Palestinian minors were detained on location, and seven were taken for questioning by Israeli police. The rest were released immediately."

She did not say how many children were detained initially.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama, who arrived in Israel on Wednesday, met with Israeli children during a welcoming ceremony at the residence of his Israeli counterpart Shimon Peres.

"Their dreams are much the same as children everywhere. In another sense though their lives reflect the difficult reality that Israelis face every single day. They want to be safe, they want to be free from rockets that hit their homes or their schools," Obama said after the meeting.

"They want to live in peace free from terror and threats that are so often directed at the Israeli people. That’s the future they deserve. That’s the vision that is shared by both our nations."

1 ) evan / usa
20/03/2013 19:02
There is a habit of these "schoolchildren" throwing rocks and behaving like adults. i would be wary of these kids also if i lived there

2 ) JoeFattal / USA
20/03/2013 19:23
Remind me of the Nazi.

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 20:28
It'd be comic if Obama insisted on meeting the Palestinian children -- to talk about the the terror and threats they face. Maybe he could ask to sit in on the interrogations. He could watch our ally at work...

4 ) pat / wales
20/03/2013 20:36
There is a habit of these soldiers, raiding the houses of Hebron in the middle of the night, arresting children, beating them and keeping them in detention with seeing any one and with out sentence for many days. I would be wary of these "Adults" and i was when i lived there.

5 ) myra / canada
20/03/2013 21:29
Just watched the videos attached to this report.just shocking.the videos should be sent to a world news TV station like aljazeera so the world can really see.

6 ) Arnold / Canada
20/03/2013 21:43
Joe / Fattal #2- Wrong again Joe. When the Nazis came to arrest anyone it was the last time their family saw them. They were sent to labor camps or death camps. There are neither in Israel.

7 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 21:45
To evan #1 'There is a habit of these "schoolchildren" throwing rocks and behaving like adults. i would be wary of these kids also if i lived there' Jeepers. Maybe the settlers should leave, then. After all, they usually stole the property in the first place. It's not like they'd be giving up anything they had a right to.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 21:48
Re evan #1. It can be morbidly comic to see what support for Israel will drive people to rationalize. It'd be interesting to see what 'evan' would come up with if the Israelis proceeded to kill and eat their catch. I imagine he'd think of something.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 21:50
It sort of lends a whole new meaning to Hitler's 'I have your children.' In the case of the IDF, they literally do.

10 ) Maureen / Australia
20/03/2013 21:51
Terrorist dogs in uniform! What a rabble of non professional soldiers they are!

11 ) Charlie / USA
20/03/2013 22:00
Gods justice is coming soon.

12 ) @ Pat-4 / USA
20/03/2013 22:07
This "is a habit of Israeli soldiers", BECAUSE CHILDREN THROW STONES at Israeli soldiers.

13 ) BDS / Canada
20/03/2013 23:18
It is comical to see Obama and Peres with the occupiers children - so like the photo-ops of Hitler with Aryan children. Juxtapose this with the brutality against Palestinian children by these cruel and inhumane occupiers and we witness a nazi regime in action.

14 ) shirleyS / Australia
21/03/2013 01:07

15 ) misterg / canada
21/03/2013 02:48
how humiliating for world jewry - only they can stop israel

16 ) steven katsineris / australia
21/03/2013 02:57
The world has to speak up, and act, so many international laws and human rights laws broken by israel and israeli crimes, massacres, atrocities, neglected by the USA, and Australia, without whom the occupation and oppression of Palestine couldn't continue. These countries need to stop giving exemptions and excuse israel. The peoples of the world must say enough of 60 years of this evil racist state oppression of Palestinian people.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/03/2013 03:19
To @ #12 '... BECAUSE CHILDREN THROW STONES at Israeli soldiers.' Dunno whether to laugh or cry. So that means the Israelis should round up children at random? You do realize this is exactly the logic the Nazis used to commit the Holocaust, and you do realize what that makes you? I'd spell it out, but my post might not appear. You're a xxxx, like all Israel supporters. You just don't realize it.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/03/2013 03:23
To BDS #13 '...and we witness a nazi regime in action.' Just so long as you realize Zionism is Nazism, and in a carefully defined, analytical sense -- not merely as a figure of speech. I've thought about this, and I'm convinced it's so. The more things change, the more they stay the same. To love Hitler is to love Israel -- funnily enough.

19 ) THOMASWADAMS / Australia
21/03/2013 09:05
"I DECLARE WAR ON ISRAEL AND ANYTHING OR ANYONE ISRAELI" For horrendous crimes and imprisonments committed and ongoing against the Palestinian Peoples including continued population reduction by murder and massacre, continued theft of Land, demolition of homes and utility infrastructures and the Palestinian birthright. We demand the U.N. act forcefully and decisively against Israel and to restore the Palestinian Peoples. This War, to mobilise World opinion is intended to Unite and compress the W

20 ) Mel / USA
21/03/2013 14:27
ARAB/MUSLIM/CHRISTIAN peoples,POWERFUL,wealthy,Israel EQUALLY have the human right,too,to DEFEND THEMSELVES,& be "secure" from ATTACKS by Zionism/Israel,since PRE-1948!An existential,VASTLY bigger, ACTUALITY,daily! ORWELLIAN OBAMA! "OBAMA,U PAID FOR THIS DESTRUCTION".Obama is visiting'pretty'compliant sites,where PA leaders hide their Zionistunder silk suits &ironed on smiles!Obama! GO to the blood-stained to see how'good' our 'US-WEPS-Inc' business is!Pro-Israeli Zionism is an

21 ) Lister / USA
21/03/2013 16:13
There is no better fighting force than the Israeli military when it comes to fighting women, children, the old and the infirm.

22 ) Dear Israel........ / Plant Earth
21/03/2013 16:17
. Palestinian kids throw rocks because their land is occupied by a vicious, brutal, racist regime supported by ignorant, arrogant religious extremists from all over the world. . End the occupation and the stone throwing will stop. Maintain the occupation and the stone throwing will never end. . Its 2013, the old lies, stories, and relationships will not work anymore. Support for the racist land stealing regime is crumbling. . Return the land Israel survives. Keep the land and Israel is doomed.

23 ) Bob / Canada
22/03/2013 00:08
Just look at Syria. All Palis should worship israeli observation and protection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6B5EZimioE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

24 ) steven katsineris / australia
22/03/2013 00:35
fascism, the meaning of, state or person with extreme rightwing, militarist, nationalist views and methods, an ideology that believes in racial superiority and that others are therefore inferior. Restricts individual freedoms. Sound familiar, just look at Israel.

25 ) Gen. Nebuchadnezzar / Iraq
22/03/2013 02:10
On the subject of throwing rocks at a demonic and brutal armed occupier of one’s homeland, these poor kids are going to throw their elbow joints out. How about everyone chip in and send them a few hundred boxes of professional slingshots (with ranges of 100-200 yards), after all, folks, IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN! And did you all see that little kid wrestle and take to the ground in one move that "soldier"? Vladimir Putin has a big slingshot, and right now it’s pointed directly at Tel Aviv.

26 ) Greg / Canada
22/03/2013 13:11
It's funny how many compare the Israelis to nazi, if they wanted to they have the power to move into the occupied territories and kill them all, or go all out and bomb the crap out I them till there is nothing left. But they don't so your comparison is misleading, Tone throwers should be punished simple as that, do you expect them to do nothing? Or maybe you have another solution?

27 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/03/2013 03:59
To Greg #26 'It's funny how many compare the Israelis to nazi, if they wanted to they have the power to move into the occupied territories and kill them all... ' If Israel did that, she would get about two years of life as a pariah and then it would be lights out. What's more, that's the only reason she doesn't do it -- since by her lights, there would be nothing immoral about it. She is indeed a Nazi state. She just can't let it all hang out like her predecessor.

28 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/03/2013 05:39
To Greg #26: 'It's funny how many compare the Israelis to nazi,..' Yeah, real funny. And you know what has me rolling in the aisles? That while my nation was decent enough to oppose the one, we actually support the other.

29 ) Shirley Crawford / U.S.A.
23/03/2013 21:46
It is frequently forgotten or overlooked that the Israelis have a very powerful army. The Palestinians have nothing of the kind. It is not surprising that in this very imbalanced situation, Palestinian children throw rocks in frustration. This reminds me of the situation of Blacks in the south, especially in the '50's. Whites were very afraid of Blacks & saw them as threatening. When people are oppressed, they become angry; those who are part of the oppressing power become very frightened.

30 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/03/2013 19:11
To Shirley Crawford #29 ' ...especially in the '50's. Whites were very afraid of Blacks & saw them as threatening.' The connection's actually closer and more direct than that. Many, many American Jews here feel frightened of American Blacks. They can't do anything about 'the other' here -- but go to Israel, and they can really lord it over the Schwarzim. Carefully read some of their accounts of why Israel is so wonderful -- they all but openly admit it.

31 ) Hannah / Jerusalem
27/03/2013 11:23
The core of the problem is, of course, the occupation. Who wouldn't throw stones if forced to live in an environment like Hebron? Arresting minors is unacceptable. In a civilized society the violence would be addressed in a cooperation between the parents, social services and the police. But I often doubt if Israel has any intention of developing a society that works. Maybe they just want to ware the Palestinians out, so they'll leave or do something that'll give IDF an excuse to kill them.

32 ) @ Colin-17 / USA too
27/03/2013 14:08
ISRAELIs do NOT "round up children at random", any more than
Israelis target young men in Gaza at random, where in both cases:
- the Hebron children were involved in stone throwing, and
- the Gaza men were involved in rocket firings, with
- the round-up and targeting being purely SELF-DEFENSE !!!

33 ) jill / scotland
30/04/2013 21:22
What has happened to the UN 'Rights of the Child'? These actions are against the law. Only cowards bully children.

34 ) ned shehadeh / conectecut
03/01/2015 21:04
all acupation should be resested if child trew a stone on a tank all what he sendig a masseg we rejecty acupation thas is his legal right to do so acupation is not accepted any wher in the world
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