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Corrie family calls on Obama to seek justice from Israel
Published Saturday 16/03/2013 (updated) 19/03/2013 09:47
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The father of Rachel Corrie on Friday called for justice from Israel, a day before the tenth anniversary of his daughter's death.

Rachel Corrie, 23, was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in the Gaza Strip on March 16, 2003, while trying to prevent the Israeli army from demolishing Palestinian houses.

Official Israeli investigations, criticized by human rights groups, have ruled that her death was an accident and no action would be taken against Israeli military personnel.

Her father Craig Corrie, writing in The Hill newspaper on Friday, said that "President Obama should refuse to continue US military and diplomatic support until Israel gives truthful answers to our questions, not just for US citizens like Rachel and Furkan Dogan, but for all the civilians killed or maimed using US-funded weapons."

He called on Obama, due to visit both Israel and Palestine this week, to "explain that the US will no longer support financially or diplomatically the apartheid system embodied in the occupation of Palestine and in the treatment of Palestinian citizens of Israel."

President Obama must use his upcoming trip to remind the world that Americans believe all people are "created equal" and entitled to the rights of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Israel court dismisses case

In 2010, Cindy and Craig Corrie launched a civil suit against Israel seeking a symbolic $1 in damages for the death of their daughter Rachel. Their case accused Israel of intentional and unlawful killing and failing to investigate.

Last August, an Israeli judge dismissed the suit and said Israel was not to blame for any "damages caused" as they occurred during wartime.

The judge said Corrie's death was a "regrettable accident," and added that she "did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done."

Democrat Brian Baird of Washington, a retired 6-term congressman who represented Rachel Corrie's district, said following the verdict that the trial was undermined by Israel's failure to conduct a transparent investigation into the 2003 killing.

"Sadly, as I've come to understand, this is standard operating procedure" for many complaints alleging Israeli military misconduct, he said. "The case was dismissed without proper consideration."

Former US President Jimmy Carter said after the verdict that the "killing of an American peace activist is unacceptable," while Amnesty International said the verdict "continues the pattern of impunity for Israeli military violations against civilians and human rights defenders in the Occupied Palestinian Territories."

A spokeswoman for the Corrie family told Ma'an last May that the investigation by Israeli military police into Rachel's death had been "careless and shoddy," as well as emotionally taxing for the family.

Israeli soldiers had signed testimonies about the events and then couldn't remember them in court, the spokeswoman said, adding that the driver of the bulldozer that killed Rachel did not remember her name in court, or the date of the incident.

"Rachel was a human being and we as her family deserved accountability," Cindy Corrie said last year. "The (Israeli) state has worked extremely hard so that the truth behind what happened to my daughter is not exposed."

Rachel Corrie's death made her a symbol of the second intifada, with Palestinians expressing widespread sympathy.
1 ) Robert / U.S.
16/03/2013 22:47
My heart goes out to Rachel and her family, I love you.

2 ) Colin Wright / USA
16/03/2013 23:17
'Former US President Jimmy Carter said after the verdict that the "killing of an American peace activist is unacceptable."...' Don't be silly. Other than Palestinians, Americans are one of the few classes of people Israel can kill with impunity.

3 ) Arnold / Canada
16/03/2013 23:22
As a father I can feel for Mr. Corrie but his daughter put herself into a bad situation. The IDF did not purposely kill his daughter. That's all there is to this story.

4 ) Turkish Interpreter / USA
16/03/2013 23:27
What a brave young woman!

5 ) Vaughn Klingenberg / USA
17/03/2013 00:11
Rachel Corrie's death is, unfortunately, just another Israeli murder in the long litany of Israeli butchery. The US Media is owned--95%--by Jewish CEOs or Jewish stockholders so there is no surprise that this sorry episode does not get the Media coverage it deserves. The Israeli state is a rogue nation that is only answerable to itself, and when you have a nation like that it is above international law as well as above common decency and morality.

6 ) Fadua Mohana / Brazil
17/03/2013 06:20
JUSTICE, RESPECT, DIGNITY ... WHERE ARE THEY? Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and their equal and inalienable rights is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world and that disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which men enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom to live safe from fear and want has been proclaimed as the h

7 ) US survey: Support for Israel / at all-time high
17/03/2013 09:10
Recent poll shows highest percentages of support for Israel since Gulf War; 64% for Israelis among Americans, versus 12% for Palestinians US survey: Support for Israel at all-time high

8 ) AKeenReader / UK
17/03/2013 10:41
All killigs carried out Israeli's are never at fault. How many investigations blame Israeli agression. None or if UN blames Israeli's then Israeli's tag it as biased. It's time that all brfutall killings should be referred to the ICC. Not at all surprised that the US don't even care for their own citiznes when Israel is involved.

9 ) Nasser / Birzeit University
17/03/2013 13:54
We will never forget this brave woman.

10 ) ian / australia
17/03/2013 14:02
Rachel Corrie is like Ben Zygier. Both from backgrounds of privilege, they assumed the first-world values they took for granted at home, applied in Israel. Zygier deciding to return to Israel after his cover as a spy had been blown by ASIO, presumably to report to Mossad to "explain" and Rachel Corrie allowing herself to be lifted into the air on an armored bulldozer blade full of dirt, they both learnt the hard way that Israel is a different animal, and nothing like home.

11 ) Elise / USA
17/03/2013 14:39
#10: I hope more and more will continue learning "the hard way" until justice is reached. History remembers Rachel Corrie as a saint, but the bulldozer driver's name has been eternally forgotten. That's the hard way.

12 ) Joey / USA
17/03/2013 15:29
Rest in peace Rachel Corrie.

13 ) Julie / USA
17/03/2013 15:34
#7 your lies & hasbara fool nobody but you and your zionazi ilk. have a dose of truth of what americans, including jewish americans really think of izrahell: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/03/16/zionism-going-through-death-throes/

14 ) Mel / USA
17/03/2013 17:49
Oh,how ignorance undervalues rare treasures!Rachel was FAR ABOVE,"just thinking"!Rachel remains one of the FEW,special,brave examples of true spirit&courage.She did more than just"think"!She gave her HEART,SOUL,BODY,FAITH&SPIRIT-to protect HUMAN RIGHTS from POLITICAL MIGHT.I only hope Barack Hussein Obama's OWN daughters may be namesaked as Blessed,Good,Leaders',to match Rachel's integrity,that their father apparently LACKS?Rachel was a natural STATESWOMAN!Obama can't even match that!

15 ) Hey julie / it is GALLUP
17/03/2013 18:05
YOU silly twit According to a Gallup survey released Friday, 64% of Americans sympathize with Israelis, versus 12% who sympathize with the Palestinians and 23% who said they did not support either. Support for Israel has been exceeding 60% for the last three years, but the recent poll sees the highest percentage in the last 22 years. The last time that 64% of Americans expressed their support for Israelis was in 1991, during the Gulf War. The recent survey, conducted in February, sho,,,,

16 ) El Guapo / USA
17/03/2013 19:05
Ms Corrie's na?vet? got her killed. She was not protesting a Starbucks in Spokane. She flew half way around the world and ventured into a brutal war zone. The rest is just details. I don't mean to be insensitive. Any loss of life is tragic and I feel for her family. But if you choose to play a game of chicken with an armed bulldozer in a war zone, death is the most probable outcome. I believe this view is shared by most Americans and American politicians.

17 ) Martin / USA
17/03/2013 19:09
She didn't belong there. She placed herself in harms way. She is responsible for being a victim of the conflict. Her parents should have seen that she stayed home and accepted the consequences of her actions. The peace process needs no more martyrs, unless of course, peace is not the goal.

18 ) Maureen / Australia7
17/03/2013 19:11
7 and 15 I once watched a T.V. program showing U.S. citizens being randomly interviewed on the street. It was amazing just how many didn't even know the answer to questions put to them about their own country!

19 ) Mel / USA
17/03/2013 19:41
#15:It's not whatAmericans think,that's important.Opinions of INSULATED Americans(Gallup/Pew etc)don't REFLECTwhat the WHOLE PLANET thinks,re:Israel-Palestine!American's are generally ISOLATED,localized& ill-informed by BIASED media&know little about the rest of the planet,unless they enlist,to fight,or sit on US bases.USA is 1 VOICE,on a planet leaning away from ISRAEL! USG needs the planet,MORE!

20 ) Hey #15 / it's USA
17/03/2013 19:46
YOU silly twit. given how profoundly ignorant americans are of what's happening to Palestinians precisely mainstream media rarely covers their sufferings, your handy dandy little gallup reference with its statistics are completely meaningless. get it yet? i doubt it. more and more americans are turning away from izrael faster than ever as Palestinians' suffering becomes more widely published. get a brain, i'm so not interested in your egoism.

21 ) ian / australia
17/03/2013 22:06
#11 "I hope more and more will continue learning "the hard way" until justice is reached." I'm a bit less gung ho about calling for people to die, Elise. I think in these things people should probably speak (and act) only for themselves.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/03/2013 22:17
To US Survey #7 'US survey: Support for Israel at all-time high.' Yeah. Embarrassing, isn't it? Like having an uncle who thinks Hitler was a great guy.

23 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/03/2013 22:18
To Martin #17 'She didn't belong there. She placed herself in harms way. She is responsible for being a victim of the conflict...' I'll remember that argument when I run over your daughter in the parking lot.

24 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/03/2013 22:21
To Maureen #18 '7 and 15 I once watched a T.V. program showing U.S. citizens being randomly interviewed on the street.' US Citizens are told that Israelis are innocent victims who have a perfect right to be where they are and are only defending themselves. They'd sympathize with poor Uncle Adolf and his jack-booted thugs if they were fed a similar pack of lies about them.

25 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/03/2013 22:26
To ian #10 'Rachel Corrie is like Ben Zygier. Both from backgrounds of privilege, they assumed the first-world values they took for granted at home, applied in Israel...they both learnt the hard way that Israel is a different animal, and nothing like home.' You hit the nail on the head there. There is, though, a certain primitive justice in Zygier being (almost literally) hoisted on his own petard. He wanted to be Uberjew -- he found out who his new friends really were.

26 ) JoeFattal / USA
17/03/2013 22:36
For an American woman to die for the Palestinian cause is an honor by itself and her family ought to be proud of her. and they need to leave as is. Asking for justice from the Israel military you only need to look at the Palestinian rights that are been violated every day and tell me if the Rachel family expect any different treatment. They wont.

27 ) Jeffrey / UK
17/03/2013 22:42
Rachel Corrie went to make trouble. She got it. I have no sympathy with her whatsoever. She ran in front of a bulldozer and got killed, as would have done on any site where a bulldozer was in operation. The fact that an army was there is irrelevant. I am sure the US Army would not abort an operation for a civilian, even if they saw her. What was it they said when they went into Grenada? They ordered civilians off the streets and said "The US Army takes no responsibility for civilian casualties.

28 ) Arnold / Canada
17/03/2013 23:05
Colin # 22. Bringing in Adolph Hitler as a comparable is proof enough of your desperation to fight against the poll. Maybe Americans are way too tired of reading about Palestinians and their lack of decent leadership in getting the job done. Colin # 23. Rachel Corrie had the right to be where she was. What she did not have was sense to be in the way of a huge bulldozer which if you study has lots of blind spots especially at dusk when the incident occurred. Bottom line. Wrong place wrong time.

29 ) Robert Chapman / U.S.
17/03/2013 23:15
Rachel will always live in the hearts of trully free and loving people. Nothing and nobody can take that away, EVER.

30 ) Martin / USA
17/03/2013 23:28
@ #23, You equate the consequences of throwing oneself into an armed conflict the same as seeking out my daughter in a parking lot and running her over. What a sorry, sorry, fool you are.

31 ) American / Veteran
18/03/2013 00:26
# 20 im with you 100%.

32 ) gabi / australia
18/03/2013 01:29
# 3 Arnold - did you read anything about this murder?

33 ) Elise / USA
18/03/2013 01:55
OK, everybody that say that Corrie should have stayed out of a war zone: (too many to number here) Gee, I seem to remember millions of Allies that DIED to save the Jewish people from the Nazis and the camps, putting themselves in harm's way and not staying out of a war zone. Wonder if Corrie's killers were maybe such holocaust survivors? Truth comes out in the end, remember that, occupants.

34 ) ian / australia
18/03/2013 03:59
#16 "But if you choose to play a game of chicken with an armed bulldozer in a war zone, death is the most probable outcome." Point taken. It's a jungle out there but "war zone" let's Israel of the hook. Rachel Corrie died, not because Gaza was a war zone which it wasn't (it was a brutal, punishing occupation of a defenceless population which ISM was protesting against) but because the IDF is a ruthless, lawless, depravedly reckless occupier. THAT'S what she was (unwisely) playing chicken with.

35 ) Rosie / Australia
18/03/2013 07:46
The death of any child is chilling. Rachel's parents wouldn't have accepted any outcome other than 'Israel is guilty'. As I recall, the bulldozer cabin was very many yards/metres above ground level and Rachel was not visible to the driver. SHE PUT HERSELF into a dangerous situation. When will people accept responsbility for their own actions?

36 ) Rosie / Australia
18/03/2013 07:50
She wasn't in a parking lot Colin (23), she was in a WAR ZONE!! If, as you say, you will run over a person in a parking lot, you ought to be charged with premeditated murder!!!!!

37 ) Truthinator / USA
18/03/2013 10:09
>>I'll remember that argument when I run over your daughter in the parking lot.<< Idiotic comment. Rachel Corrie's death was tragic, but she inserted herself into a war zone, and she chose a side. She thought it was wrong for Israelis to demolish the family homes of Palestinians who blew themselves up in Israeli schools, pizza parlors and on Israeli buses. She, and those commenters who support her, operate with a very sad - and sometimes willful - ignorance of the history of the region.

38 ) gabi / australia
19/03/2013 01:30
"it was a war zone". No it wasn't. Israel is always going on about how they "gave back" Gaza. The fact is that the bulldozer was breaking up a Palestinian doctor's home - and they knew there were protesters in the area. The dr. had never blown up a school, pizza parlour, Israeli bus. he was a dr. trying to help his people, and she was trying to stop the IDF thugs from demolishing his home. THEY KNEW SHE WAS THERE. END OF STORY. #37 You are the one ignorant of the history of the region.

39 ) Robert / U.S.
19/03/2013 01:30
#35,36,37. Noway dont buy it. Too many witnesses.

40 ) Julie / USA
19/03/2013 08:23
Rachel Corrie was NOT in a "war zone", she was in a RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD guarding a physician's house from demolition! Rachel did NOT run out in front of a bulldozer in operation, the bulldozer had STOPPED, saw her in plain sight and THEN ran her over intentionally, TWICE! Rachel was INNOCENT and like former President Carter said, "the KILLING of an American PEACE activist is UNACCEPTABLE" !!!!! Rachel Corrie was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD by criminal izraeli zionazis!!!

41 ) ian / australia
19/03/2013 12:20
#16, #17, #27, #28, #30, #35, #36, #37 Where does this "war zone" idea come from? I guess it must be comforting to excuse the depraved negligence of the IDF with the fantasy that bad stuff happens in war. Coz war is hell. But it wasn't a "war zone". More a "crime zone". It wasn't a life and death military operation carried out under enemy fire! It wasn't combat. It was an illegal house demolition by a brutal military occupier terrorising a docile population and regarded under GC4 as a war crime.

42 ) ian / australia
19/03/2013 12:22
(contd.) It wasn't war. More like civil roadworks and Rachel Corrie (and ISM friends), non-combatants and peace activists, with an expectation (in law) that their lives wouldn't be endangered (despite how irritating or disruptive their protest was). Think of the options: they could have been removed, arrested, deported or the operation shut down due to fading light making it unsafe to continue. What I'm getting here is people so addled by trying to let Israel off the hook with stuff

43 ) ian / australia
19/03/2013 12:23
(contd.) about "blind spots" and the operator being "very many yards/metres above ground level" (sheesh, everyone's an expert on monster trucks) they forget that in the normal world a bulldozer driver would say, "Let's stop. It's getting dark, I can't see a thing and we might hit one of those annoying American kids."

44 ) ian / australia
19/03/2013 12:24
#37 "She thought it was wrong for Israelis to demolish the family homes of Palestinians who blew themselves up in Israeli schools, pizza parlors and on Israeli buses." Well, I doubt the Palestinians living in the demolished homes were the SAME Palestinians "who blew themselves up in Israeli schools, pizza parlours...etc." but that's why it's called "collective punishment" (and defined as a war crime under GCIV.) And assuming you disagree with Rachel Corrie that "it was wrong", I suppose

45 ) ian / australia
19/03/2013 12:26
(contd.) you'd support, in principle at least, the German revenge at Lidice.

46 ) Sala / Pakistan
19/03/2013 21:30
Mr. Arnold / Canada...Would you say the same if Rachel was your daughter...I doubt it..I am a father and I know how much sad the Curie family are sad for their daughter....I advice you to come and see how Israeli army are behaving..you can read how those boldozer drivers were saying when they were asked if they regret the killing of people in their disasterous boldozers...Have you read about Israeli army asking Israeli children to write short sentences on messiles during the war against Lebanon

47 ) @ Sala-46 / USA
20/03/2013 00:00
I'm a father too, and I would want to die, if Rachel was mine !! What "would you say if your daughter" made choices like: - going to live in a war zone, and - putting herself in the path of bulldozers ?? You must recognize that adults are responsible for their own choices.

48 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 07:06
To Jeffrey #27 'Rachel Corrie went to make trouble. She got it. I have no sympathy with her whatsoever. She ran in front of a bulldozer and got killed...' Notice that you have to lie to make an argument even you can swallow. Rachel Corrie most certainly did not 'run' in front of the bulldozer. She stood in front of it and dared it to run her over. Her mistake was thinking she was in a first-world country, where running someone over in such circumstances would be first-degree murder.

49 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 07:08
To Ian #45 'you'd support, in principle at least, the German revenge at Lidice' Well, of course he would. The Germans acted on Nazi principles at Lidice. 'Truthinator' argues from Zionist principles. If anyone can explain the difference between the two, I'm all ears.

50 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 07:10
To Robert #39 'Noway dont buy it. Too many witnesses.' Witnesses are a problem for Zionists. That's why they are so fond of shooting cameramen.

51 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 07:14
To 'Truthinator,' Rosie, Arnold, et al. It is indicative of the utter evil of your cause that you find yourself compelled to argue that if an unarmed woman insists on standing in front of you, that you have the right to run her over. That's patent nonsense, and that you find it necessary to attempt to pretend otherwise says it all. In Israel, you are attempting to defend the indefensible. All that is of interest is why you would do such a thing.

52 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 07:17
To ian #43 '"Let's stop. It's getting dark, I can't see a thing and we might hit one of those annoying American kids." I doubt if he could have done that. He probably checked and was instructed to run Rachel over. A Palestinian might have been casually offed. A blonde American girl? The driver asked for orders. I'd put money on it.

53 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
20/03/2013 10:06
Corrie was definitely NOT a peace activist. She was not protesting for peace, and there is lots of video evidence of her rage and hatred for Israel. She was an anti-Israel activist. Not only that, she was a foreign activist recruited by an organization (ism) that is known for promoting confrontation, not peace. This makes her more like a volunteer mercenary who had no interest in peace between Palestine and Israel.

54 ) Elise / USA
20/03/2013 18:28
#53 Corrie not a peace activist? What would YOU know about peace anyway? What you say is opinion, so don't try to sound like you're teaching us some truth. You are a fanatic with a closed mind, we can all see right through you, it is YOU that is promoting hatred. Corrie was murdered in cold blood, so who here is the peace person? Don't turn things around, Brian, and clean up your soul.

55 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/03/2013 22:16
To Elise #54 ' Don't turn things around, Brian, and clean up your soul.' He'd be afraid to do that. Once he rubbed off all the Israel-love, there might not be anything left. I'm serious: all these Israel-lovers only take up Zionism because it offers an identity to an otherwise-insufficient personality. Israel is their alternate ego. The bigger, richer, stronger, and crueler she is, the more secure they feel.

56 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
20/03/2013 22:37
Cindy and Craig Corrie have significantly "benefitted" off their daughter's death. They have achieved fame, free trips and payment in return for their disgusting activities.

57 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/03/2013 01:09
To Robert Haymond #56: 'Cindy and Craig Corrie have significantly "benefitted" off their daughter's death.' ...typical Zionist moral obscenity. Maybe God in his wisdom will confer similar 'benefits' upon you. You have any children? Look for good news!

58 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
21/03/2013 04:51
You're "moral" thinking (and I use that term loosely, Colin #57) is as trite as can be and typical of all the many other comments you make on this website.

59 ) Tissa / Sri Lanka
21/03/2013 10:06
In Sri Lanka we say " like expecting feathers from a tortoise "

60 ) Elise / USA
21/03/2013 19:15
#58 The world would indeed be a better place if comments of truth were typical, trite and commomplace!

61 ) Maureen / Australia
21/03/2013 21:37
#58 Robert Haymond. Colin's comments are not trite and certainly not so trite as to catch your time and attention! Keep reading, mate!

62 ) Colin Wright / USA
22/03/2013 00:13
To Robert Haymond #57 'You're "moral" thinking (and I use that term loosely, Colin #57) ' I'm really concerned to earn your respect, Robert. What can I do?

63 ) ian / australia
22/03/2013 22:51
#56, #58 Don't take it personally Robert, but you really seem to be kind of a creep and of quite low intelligence. I'm not convinced you know what trite means, and "moral thinking" clearly has you stumped (perhaps understandably, Judaism having NO concept of morality beyond obedience to the tribal deity who has been commanding IMMORAL behaviour since Abraham). And I see pointlessly offensive posts like #56 about all the "benefits" Rachel Corrie's parents are enjoying appeal. So I don't know

64 ) ian / australia
22/03/2013 22:52
(contd.) what the Rebbe is teaching you over at Gush Etzion, but I think a few apologies are in order and you could start by changing your location to reflect more honestly where you live.

65 ) Someone / Usa
23/03/2013 15:32
Rachel Corrie... You will always be in the hearts of those who still have 'flesh hearts". We should all learn from your courage and stand for justice. You opened our eyes. Our prayers are with your parents. We love you!

66 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
11/04/2013 11:24
And for those seeking facts about Rachel Corrie: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/ari-lieberman/the-rachel-corrie-the-new-york-times-doesnt-want-you-to-see/

67 ) Frank Adam / UK
13/09/2013 15:17
In both World Wars the US arrived late, but several US citizens arrived early as "Eagle Squadrons" or Foreign Legion - and some lost their lives. When "Corries" wish to engage in "good wars," they engage to possible consequences too. War is politics by other [violent] means, and "peace activism" is war by other [PR] means. Teasing military on a live battlefield as if at a town meeting about drains or schools, is fey. The Corries should sue , the irresponsible ISM for the symbolic $1.
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