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Report: Mob attacks Palestinian woman in Jerusalem
Published Tuesday 26/02/2013 (updated) 28/02/2013 13:40
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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – A group of Jewish women attacked a Palestinian woman Monday while she was waiting at a light rail station in Jerusalem and beat her severely, Israeli media reported.

Hebrew-language Israeli daily Maariv reported that an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman passed by the Palestinian woman and punched her all of a sudden. Other women, friends of the assailant, then joined her and together they started to beat the woman forcefully.

The victim tried to defend herself, but the number of attackers was big enough to subdue he and continue to beat her.

Maariv said an eyewitness managed to document the assault in photos.

“There were more than 100 Orthodox Jews including Yeshiva students who watched an Arab woman being beaten. She was escorted by an elderly man before a heated argument erupted and people shouted. I couldn’t understand the motive behind that, and all of a sudden they all attacked the Arab woman beating her severely,” said the witness.
1 ) James / Canada
26/02/2013 20:39
Israeli oppression and thuggery, trying to make the indigenous people scared and leave their homeland. Typical racist Zionist, they should all be burned in the fires of hell. Hitler must have been in touch with God

2 ) Reader / from Edmonton
26/02/2013 21:27
Israel has lost its soul: its people have gone mad.

3 ) JoeUSA / USA
26/02/2013 21:41
Yet another example of POGROMS against the Palestinians. You cannot claim to be a victim anymore OH Israel, NOBODY believes you anymore.....

4 ) S. / us
26/02/2013 22:18
guess that advert for a new editor means maan is short a few... "punched her all of a sudden" ... "beat her forcefully" "number of attackers was big enough to" ....

5 ) Laura / USA
26/02/2013 23:36
G_d must be so proud of His "chosen people."

6 ) Mel / USA
27/02/2013 01:00
And remind me again,WHO THE SAVAGES ARE! Jewish Nazi 'Brown Shirts'in skirts!And,SHAME on all the onlookers,who didn't STOP these Nazi attackers! They're GUILTY by association & intentioned ignorance!STOP the FMF checks OBAMA!Stop ALL us tax-payer monies that goes to WEALTHY FOREIGN Israel to fund Zionist'madrassa-style'universities/schools!We didn't FIGHT WW2 so 340million American's should COLLUDE with JEWISH ZIONIST EXTREMIST bigots&racists!Israel&Jews areNOT VICTIMSany more,but PERPETRATORS!

7 ) gabi / australia
27/02/2013 01:33
Bloody hell! These people are atrocious. They act with absolute impunity. I suppose they couldn't cope with a couple of pesky Palestinians walking on "their" street. God's chosen? I suppose they think that means that the rest of us are crap. That's certainly the way they behave.

8 ) ronen / israel
27/02/2013 01:39
the women who took the pictures is a known israeli leftwing activist. this incident was engineered just like the incident with the kids who threw rocks at a car and got ran over (with 50 cameramen just happen to stand by and film) if the woman got punched then its allah's will

9 ) Robert / U.S.
27/02/2013 02:10
And the racist assholes just stood there.

10 ) JoeUSA / USA
27/02/2013 02:21
Ultra Orthodoxy . that is a model and an example of a peaceful religion....

11 ) Rami / Palestine
27/02/2013 07:51
I hope the cops get a really good look at the racist idiots in these photos because they need to be behind bars ASAP.

12 ) LOL and the camera team / just "HAPPENED" to
27/02/2013 08:17
be there??? most likely it is all staged by the left!

13 ) .... / ....
27/02/2013 09:42
Shame on them!

14 ) marcelo / nigeria
27/02/2013 09:56
this isn't what God sent Christians to do...this is totally against Christ..."do not pay evil with evil"

15 ) Sue / Chicago
27/02/2013 10:13
Thank you for sharing this is very sad and needs to stop.

16 ) mowaten / lebanon
27/02/2013 12:15

17 ) NM / Jerusalem
27/02/2013 12:23
Last year I drove in the light rail between the Old City and Pisgat Ze'ev and an Arab teen was attacked by a religious Jew. A policewoman sat next to it and did not react, neither did any of the passengers. I asked her why she does not do anything, she said she is off duty. Then an elder Arab man photographed the attacker, and suddenly the policewoman intervened and told him not to make photos. At the next station security came in and threw out the Arab teen and his friends.

18 ) NM / Jerusalem
27/02/2013 12:25
By the way, according to the picture the attackers were national-religious (dati leumi) and not ultra-orthodox.

27/02/2013 14:17

20 ) Wonder / Why
27/02/2013 14:56
the guy with the pie plate on his doesnt do anything ?.

21 ) and the filiming crue just / "happened" to be
27/02/2013 15:07
in that particular YMIN MOSHE neighborhood??? how quaint.

22 ) Zainab / UK
27/02/2013 16:05
"Oh Allah protect me from them with what you choose". Al hamdullilah (thank Allah (God)), that there were people who were willing & able to document this incident & report it for everyone to see. A woman or women who attack & beat an innocent woman like this in public, should be severely reprimanded. So too should those people who stand by & allow this to happen. I hope that the relevant authorities will investigate this attack & bring those responsible to justice. May Allah bless & heal her.

23 ) M / USA
27/02/2013 17:32
To "LOL and the camera team / just "HAPPENED" to" I know you've been living under a rock for the past couple of centuries, but welcome to a new age where people have cameras as part of their cellphones. It's magical.

24 ) Maor / Israel/Palestine
27/02/2013 17:57
Racism and violence are despicable and if there was any there the attackers must be arrested! But also the attempt to generalize negative intentions and traits to all Jews or all Israeli Jews from this incident is wrong and is no less racist. From the pictures, it seems that there was a fight between two women and the others try to separate between the two. Among the others there are clearly BOTH Jews and Arabs.

25 ) carlos / usa
27/02/2013 19:03
For the people who think this was engineered, everyone has cell phones now! A cell phone video will show your face and you will be exposed. This was not staged just recorded and the israelis hate that because they cant claim innocence and extenuating circumstance. Now you know why israeli commando terrorists confiscated computers, cell phones an cameras when they murdered 9 Turks on the Mavi Marmara. israel is biggest terrorist in world.

26 ) Yahea / Yemen
27/02/2013 19:37
No new!, a lot of these thing happen without documentation, but thanks God that someone documented that, Palestinians will not stop untill the completely FREE PALESTINE, In-shallah.

27 ) matt / usa
27/02/2013 19:47
Ultra orthodox jews are the same as radical muslims.

28 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/02/2013 21:28
To ronen #8 'the women who took the pictures is a known israeli leftwing activist...' Have you considered a career in Holocaust denial? You seem to have what it takes.

29 ) Colin Wright / USA
27/02/2013 21:30
To matt #27: 'Ultra orthodox jews are the same as radical muslims.' Well, no. When radical Muslims go to other countries and attack the inhabitants, the world responds.

30 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/02/2013 00:24
As I condemned the attack on the Palestinian in Tel Aviv as reported in "Report: Jewish youths beat Palestinian cleaner in Tel Aviv" (Source: MNA, 24/02/2013), I equally condemn this horrific, heinous attack and again repeat (Rami, PAY attention here) had I been there I would have SHOT THE DAMN ATTACKERS to stop this near-murderous attack (men OR women). My views about Israel being only for Israelites is NOT incompatible when I have ADAMANTLY always said that until that happens all (cont.)

31 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/02/2013 00:37
non-Israelites are NOT to be harmed. The attackers in both and all such similar cases are committing major crimes against our All_h-given Torah commandments and anyone who uses such commandments to justify these crimes doesn't know what in the hell he or she is talking about. Those 100 Israelites who just stood there like dumb-as-jackass-crap morons are damn near equally to blame as the attackers. After reading other news reports, it was even more sickening to discover the (cont.)

32 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
28/02/2013 00:50
Israelite security guard did nothing and was apparently smiling. An Israelite policeman (Ariel Shapiro) posted on a Fatassbook page he wished the Arab woman had died. The negligent security guard should be charged with dereliction of duty, convicted and imprisoned. Both of their damn asses should be fired immediately. An eyewitness (Dorit Dotan) apparently recorded the attack; if possible, MNA should post this immediately. Unless there is more to this, these attackers are guilty as hell.

33 ) Maureen / /ustralia
28/02/2013 17:44
Crazy b*tches! And to think such lunatics think they are "God's chosen - Ultra-Orthodox women themselves are said to live a life oppression within their religion. That is no excuse for behaving like maddened shrews!

34 ) JoeUSA / USA
28/02/2013 18:30
To those who are claiming that this attack was not real , a staged event by leftwingers , since cameras are present. Many people carry cell phones that are capable of taking still photos or videos. This is a fact and we see more recorded events than we ever had in the past. If the lady that reported the photos/incident happens to be a leftwinger as you claim , she certainly could not and did not stage the criminal act.

35 ) Zainab / UK
28/02/2013 22:57
Israeli police on Wednesday confirmed they were investigating an apparent hate crime against an Arab woman in Jerusalem and said a policeman had been dismissed after praising the attack on Facebook. …..Police spokeswoman Luba Samri confirmed that police were looking into the pictures of the incident and that an investigation had been opened. "No one has made a complaint but we are investigating the entire incident to understand what was the motive behind the attack," …. (cont) (www.ahram.org.uk)

36 ) Zainab / UK
28/02/2013 22:59
(cont) … "We view this as a serious incident." Arab Israeli MP Ahmed Tibi, who raised the issue in parliament, told AFP that anti-Arab racism was growing. "The phenomenon of racism is spreading -- we can see it from the continuing attacks on Arabs," he said. "Some police show their fascism on Facebook, and others through their actions in the field." (www.ahram.org.eg)

37 ) gabi / australia
01/03/2013 01:05
that's all very well, Yehuda Solomon, but what are you going to do about it? More yada yada yada . . .

38 ) Dan / USA
03/03/2013 19:03
Film Crew? All I see are 4 photos. I look at my cell phone which takes photos. Good to know that I am a film crew.

39 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/03/2013 04:49
'A teenage girl from a Jewish settlement in the West Bank was detained for questioning on Sunday in connection to an assault on an Arab woman at a light-rail station in the capital last Monday. ' But don't fret. This is, after all, Israel. I'm sure she'll be released.

40 ) Robert / US
04/03/2013 10:47
I hope the women is well. Its horrorible what happened to her.

41 ) ian / australia
04/03/2013 13:46
Purim ended the night BEFORE the attack but it seems the spirit must sort of linger a while.

42 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
05/03/2013 17:08
@ 41), What spirit ??? ... The spirit of revenge of the Israelites living under Persian rule in the 500's B.C.E. to stop Haman's plot to kill us lingering up till the present when we annually celebrate Purim serving as a basis for those bastard Israelites who committed this horrific crime even though you're talking metaphorically ??? ... Are you sick to even post a comment like that with such a historical connection ??? ... (You want the last word ??? ... TAKE it ... I've made my point.)

43 ) karen / usa
06/03/2013 22:26
Why is all these stupid comments from people/Israel have so much hate....towards these people..plain in simple this lady was attacked because she is arabic....How do u not expect these people not to defend themselves? Israel wants to own the whole Middle East!!! Israel is selfish they think they know it all and is powerful because United States has there back!!! Iam an american and guess what Fuck you Israel....fuck anyone who supports Israel ...these people put up with torture...abuse everyday.

44 ) ian / australia
07/03/2013 01:08
#42 "...I've made my point." Maybe you did Yehuda but I didnt understand it. We both agree these people are "bastards" and what they did was "horrific" but why did they do it? What was going on in their heads? Do you have an explanation? I'm suggesting Purim is to blame. That they heard the Megillah, absorbed the sick message that Jews are threatened with annihilation in EVERY age by endless new Hamans, made the connection between Agag, Haman (the Agagite) and their Palestinian descendants (!)

45 ) ian / australia
07/03/2013 01:09
(contd.) and ginned up by Mordechai's bloodthirsty revenge went off in search of "Amalek" to "blot out". I think the violence was "observant". I think they were acting out the message of Purim. Or thought they were. I think they're probably horrible people to begin with, not surprisingly given the evil rubbish they raised on, enabled by religion to behave in this vile way. (They're not alone. Baruch Goldstein chose Purim for his (observant) attack at the Ibrahim Mosque.)

46 ) ian / australia
07/03/2013 01:11
(contd.) "Are you sick to even post a comment like that ... ???" Four dati leumi woman assault Hana Amtir outside the Central Bus Station screaming, "Arab b****!" and "Arab! Arab!" while "more than 100 Orthodox Jews including Yeshiva students" look on and do nothing to stop it and I'M sick!
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