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PA officials call for inquiry into Israeli jail death
Published Saturday 23/02/2013 (updated) 25/02/2013 09:56
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Palestinian Authority officials on Saturday demanded an international investigation into the death of a detainee who died in an Israeli jail hours earlier, with family members saying he was in good health before his arrest.

A spokeswoman for Israel's Prison Authority said that the detainee, 30-year-old Arafat Jaradat, had apparently died of cardiac arrest. An emergency service team had tried to resuscitate him but failed, she said.

"Our information was that Jaradat was being interrogated and then he died. Therefore we call for an international investigation into his death, that may have resulted from torture," Palestinian Authority Minister of Detainees Issa Qaraqe said.

Israel's internal security service, Shin Bet, said in a statement that Jaradat began feeling ill after eating lunch, while he was resting, and that a police inquiry into the circumstances of his death had begun.

"During his interrogation ... on Thursday, Jaradat was examined numerous times by a doctor. No health problems were found in these examinations and the interrogation continued," the Shin Bet said.

Jaradat, according to Shin Bet, suffered from various health problems prior to his arrest, including back aches and injuries in his leg and stomach, sustained from a rubber bullet and a tear gas canister.

However, family members told Ma'an that Arafat was in good health before his arrest and did not suffer from any diseases or health conditions.

"Arafat was taken directly to a prison far from his residential area. He was taken to al-Jalama prison in the north instead of being taken as usual to interrogation centers close to his area of residence. He was held there for four days before he was transferred to Megido prison," his uncle Mousa Jaradat said.

Arafat was the father of two children, Yara, 4, and Muhammad, who is two years old.

"The whole town is sad," his uncle said.

Arafat's wife, Dalal, told Ma'an that an Israeli intelligence officer brought him back to his home minutes after being arrested and told him to bid farewell to his children.

"For that reason I was worried. My husband was detained several times before, but this time the intelligence officer talked in a bizarre way," she said.

PA ministry of detainees official Ziad Abu Ein is scheduled to meet with the family on Saturday to inform them about arrangements for delivering his body for burial.

Abu Ein said that the Ministry of Detainees would request that a Palestinian doctor representing the ministry examine the body and conduct an autopsy.

He called on the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross to take part in the examination.

Jaradat was arrested this week under suspicion he was involved in stone-throwing that had wounded an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank, the Shin Bet said.

There are 4,743 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention centers, including 178 administrative detainees, 10 women and 193 children, according to Addameer.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Zainab / UK
23/02/2013 22:25
The International Community can no longer stand by whilst Palestinians are continually being subject to systematic arrest, torture & assasination. In the 'free' world, stone throwing isn't punishable by anhilliation, as life has some value. Sadly for Palestinians living under occupation & oppression in their own land, it has none in the eyes of their oppressors. Although disliked, allow an autopsy by a Palestinian doctor, & have the WHO & ICRC present for the sake of truth & justice to come out.

2 ) Maureen / Australia
23/02/2013 22:38
Did the injury to the leg cause a clot to form, and then did it move to the young man's heart/lungs as his blood pressure raised while being interrogated... the world knows about Israel's so called rubber bullets AND the treatment prisoners have to bear in Israel!

3 ) The world / Says
23/02/2013 22:56
Check for any organs missing.

4 ) Carlos / USA
23/02/2013 22:58
Boycott Intel Corporation for enabling israeli terrorism. I use AMD in my computer. I am happy Intel has lost the tablet market. Buy a tablet computer which doesnt have an Intel chip inside.

5 ) Four Steps to / Freedom
23/02/2013 23:02
Honestly, both sides must find the strength to accept, that - THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS UGLY SITUATION IS to restart, and unlike Oslo continue, the proccess to the end: 1- Talks leading to Negotiations, 2- Negotiations leading to Compromise, 3- Compromise leading to Agreement, and 4- Agreement leading to both - ENDING THE CONFLICT & ACCEPTING PEACE, even if return, capitals, and borders are less than desired !!

6 ) @ Zainab-1 / USA
23/02/2013 23:09
Forget about such wishful thinking and fantasies, like "the International Community can no longer stand by", because the International Community will just watch, and maybe it will add some ineffective condemnation, and that 65 year old history lesson you should have learned !!!

7 ) gabi / australia
24/02/2013 01:36
any enquiry will be a whitewash anyway.

8 ) Omar / Usa
24/02/2013 01:52
Zionism must be destroyed. Forget about the international community. It because of the international community that the criminal state of Israel was created. Israel one understands the language of armed resistance.

9 ) shirleyS / Australia
24/02/2013 02:18
another war crime it is time RED CROSS and Un hrc did something about the systamatic abuse of palestinian prisoners the wardens and officers in these prisons and interegation centers need to be listed and charged with their crimes Isreal is asignatory to geneva conventions but flaunts its total abuse of it in the worlds face and as stated no one in world gets incaracarted for yrs for stone throwing and they are not occupiedTIME for PA to sign geneva conventions and stop BAN KI MOON meddling

10 ) Antoinette / CA
24/02/2013 05:12
193 children in prison? And we just accept this?Amnesty International!

11 ) 10,000 Arab prisoners / ONE DIES
24/02/2013 07:39

12 ) carine / UK
24/02/2013 11:42
@11 - 10,000 Arab prisoners - and you are proud to admit it in bold red letters... shame on you!

13 ) AlexisWolf / UK
24/02/2013 15:32
10. Antoinette. AI is compromised. The Executive director of AI USA, Susan Nossel used to work for the US state dept. So, different podium, same lies.

14 ) Maureen / Australia
24/02/2013 22:50
#11. Arafat Jaradat did not die of natural causes. The autopsy suggests he was murdered by his Israeli interrogators!

15 ) gabi / australia
25/02/2013 01:04
Stop calling this a "death". It is a murder.
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