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Palestinian officials dismiss Livni's appointment
Published Thursday 21/02/2013 (updated) 24/02/2013 14:34
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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Palestinian leaders have reacted negatively to the appointment of Tzipi Livni as the head of the negotiations file with the Palestinians, describing it as a step backwards.

Livni was responsible for the negotiations portfolio in 2006 and 2009, two years when little progress was made toward achieving a deal between the Palestinians and Israel.

In an interview, Abbas Zaki, central committee member, said that Livni was experienced in "cheating and disinformation" and taking this position again would be considered against the Palestinian position.

“Palestinians will be the only losers and they will start from zero," said Zaki. "Our message is clear regarding negotiations and we are committed to freezing settlements and and resolving the detainees issue."

He pointed that Israel is experiencing a big dilemma, where the US and Europe are beginning to blame Israel itself for the conflict rather than the Palestinians' positions.

He added: "We hope that Netanyahu will fail in forming his government because it has nothing to do with peace and the two-state solution. He only wants to solve Israel’s financial crisis."

"Our needs are obvious," says Zaki. “If Livni will negotiate on the basis that the Palestinian state is based on the 1967 borders then we will be back to real negotiations.”

He called on Palestinians to protest US President Barack Obama's visit to the region, saying it was better to march against the occupation instead of the huge marches happening against Salam Fayyad’s government.

Kinesset member Ahmad Tibi meanwhile called Livni’s return to the government "an attempt to beautify the face of Netanyahu’s government. It is only an election step," he said.

Tibi added in an interview that the previous experience with Livni had no good results, and he called her worse than former prime minister Ehud Olmert. "I doubt that she will make it now with Netanyahu and achieve peace," he said.

Livni was among the first to call for recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, he added.
1 ) Tony B? / ME
21/02/2013 22:43
"Livni was among the first to call for recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, he added."
And until you are all prepared to do that in reality rather than the usual duplicitous double talk, you'll never get a state. Which sadly means you'll never get a state!
"cheating and disinformation"
Its like Goebbels accusing Churchill of telling fibs.

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
21/02/2013 23:00
Basically the Palestinians are right; Tzipi Livni is a re-tread with no traction whatsoever. The proof is in what Abbas Zaki said. We will never negotiate from the Palestinians' demand that the State of Palestine be set up on (or based upon) the dead-as-a-doorknob, yestermillenial 1967 borders. Those borders are extinct as a dodo bird. We are slowly but surely annexing the State of Palestine. We're not experiencing any dilemma and we just don't give a damn if the U.S., Europe, EU (cont.)

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
21/02/2013 23:11
Quartet, U.N., ICC or anyone else blames us. [Logically, they would be right in blaming us but as I've said all along and forever we don't look upon the solution for peace from a secular, "logical" standpoint and never will. Everyone who has a problem with that can go up to Mt. Sinai as Musa (Moses) did and present your ideas to All_h. If He agrees with you, let us know. I will be among the first of us to do what He's said and follow His new commandments.]

4 ) Alex Fuka / Ireland
22/02/2013 00:35
Please sign and share the petition calling on The EU to boycott all goods produced in Israeli Settlements at:

5 ) Mel / USA
22/02/2013 00:40
Considering that 1)Israel/USG have been the PRIMARY WALL blocking all POSITIVE equitable,honest,REAL peace since 1950's,in TOTAL disrespect&contempt of all international laws,UN Resols,Geneva Cons,human rights otherwise recognized by the global consensus,& 2)"Operation Cast Lead","No civilians in Gaza"-Mossad-madam Livni,SHOULD actually be arrested,indicted,prosecuted 4 WAR CRIMES,I wouldn't waste ANY more time,onEMPTY'negotiations'&Zionist deceit,while more of PALESTINE IS STOLEN! ICC/ICJ only!

6 ) gabi / australia
22/02/2013 00:50
Palestinians should demand that Livni negotiate on what international law requires of Israel- nothing less than that. Why is that so difficult to understand? International law should apply to everyone, and Israel can't continually take the "but we are different" position. At least Olmert, at the end of his tenure, was prepared to accept the 1967 border position, and cessation of settlement building.

7 ) Dubner / America
22/02/2013 19:06
I love reading Arab BS! Such passion! Such hatred! Yawn.

8 ) @ Yehuda #s 2 & 3 / Right & Wrong
22/02/2013 20:44
-a- You are Right, that even if THE PROPHET Mohammed HIMSELF
was appointed "as the head of negotiations file with Palestinians", Palestinians will still "never negotiate from the Palestinians' demand
that the State of Palestine be based upon the dead-as-a-doorknob,
yester-millenial 1967 borders", but
-b- You are also Wrong that at least a large (Yesh Atid, etc.) and growing number of Israelis "don't view a solution for peace from a secular, logical standpoint."

9 ) Fantasy / Demands
22/02/2013 20:55
Abbas Zaki is either a liar or and idiot, to say "the US and Europe are beginning to blame Israel itself for the conflict, rather than the Palestinians' positions", since the US, Europe, the UN, and the entire world see:
- Israel asking Palestinians to restart Peace Negotiations, while
- Palestinians required much pressure just to show-up for talks in Amman, then refusing to compromise, and still refusing to restart Peace Negotiations, unless Israel surrenders to their fantasy demands !!!

10 ) @ Mel-5 & Gabi-6 / USA too
22/02/2013 21:03
5- You are a crazy person, and with such views, even if you're not an from Gaza or the West Bank (which is likely), you should still move there, and
6- Palestinians are NOT entitled to "demand" anything, and
what is really "so difficult to understand", is that they don't realize that nothing will change for them or their state, no matter how long it takes,
to (talk, negotiate, compromise, &) reach a peace agreement with Israel !!

11 ) @ Yehuda-3 & Tony-1 / USA
22/02/2013 21:20
True, "Tzipi Livni may be a re-tread with no traction whatsoever", but
she is still likely to represent Israel in negotiations, if they ever start, and regardless, every Israeli leaders will insist upon Israel being Both:
- a Jewish state (even if secular like the US, "One nation under God"), and
- a Secure state (rather than indefensible 1949 Armistice lines, aka the 1967 "borders") !!

12 ) The world / Says
24/02/2013 00:14
Never trust the jewish state

13 ) JoeFattal / usa
24/02/2013 00:51
"A secure state rather than indefensible 1949 Armistice lines, aka the 1967 borders" will not help the Jewish state in case Iran attack. The 1967 lines weren't so bad after all, Israel defended very well expanding beyond that will compromise Israel ability to defend that much of a real estate in case of a wider war. And all the settlers that Israel put to close to the Palestinians will be the first one hit with a short range rocket. So much for a defensive move.

14 ) gabi / australia
24/02/2013 01:55
reading # 10 and 11 - it is clear why Israelis are so intransigent. International Law is International Law - and any decent democracy must abide by it. Israel expects everyone else to do so but goes about its business as though it is irrelevant to them.

15 ) justice / u.k.
24/02/2013 14:59
How can she do the right thing when she is controlled
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