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Israeli soldier 'reprimanded' over Instagram photos
Published Wednesday 20/02/2013 (updated) 22/02/2013 16:35
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A man identified as Israeli soldier Osher Maman
poses nude with a gun in an image uploaded to
Instagram. (MaanImages/Instagram)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's army said Wednesday it had reprimanded a soldier after he was identified in photos uploaded online using drugs in uniform and posing nude with weapons.

The pictures, discovered by the US-based Electronic Intifada website, show a young man identified as Osher Maman in a series of poses with guns and weapons, while others show him posing with a joint.

Screenshots also show him making threatening and derogatory statements about Arabs and Muslims on social media. "Just took an arab out.... Whataa feeling," said a Twitter post.

"The pictures in question are a violation of the IDF's Code of Ethics and its values. This is a severe incident that is being treated appropriately. The soldier was reprimanded by his commanders. Investigation of the pictures is ongoing," an emailed statement from the Israeli army said.

It added: "The IDF goes through great efforts to ensure that soldiers conduct themselves in line with the IDF Code of Ethics. Violations of this code leads to disciplinary actions."

The army did not elaborate on how the soldier, which it did not name, was reprimanded.

The statement comes a day after Israel's army said it would hold an investigation into the conduct of another soldier who shared a picture of a Palestinian child seen through the scope of a rifle. Both soldiers' images were uploaded using the popular Instagram photo sharing application.

Ali Abunimah, the author of the post about Mamam, called the images "an indicator of a much more troubling reality. They indicate an atmosphere and attitude where life, Palestinian life, is cheap."

He added: "If only this were restricted to Instagram, it would not be such a problem. It is the fact that this attitude translates into routine killings of Palestinians, especially, children, and there are no credible investigations."

Abunimah referred to findings by an Israeli legal group that of 103 investigations into allegations of crimes committed against Palestinians by Israeli soldiers in 2012, none resulted in an indictment.

"In this context, public relations responses from the Israeli army that this or that soldier has been 'disciplined' or 'reprimanded' for a social media transgression should fool no one. The real problem is a culture of violence and hatred that is an inherent feature of military and colonial rule over a subject people."
1 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/02/2013 21:02
'They indicate an atmosphere and attitude where life, Palestinian life, is cheap." ' This is inaccurate. It suggests that to the Israeli Jew, Palestinian life has any value at all.

2 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/02/2013 21:16
In any case, I certainly wouldn't want to see such individuals muzzled or silenced. ' "Just took an arab out.... Whataa feeling," said a Twitter post. ' On the contrary, encourage them to express their inner Israeli. Rub the world's snout in what Zionism really is.

3 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
20/02/2013 22:12
maan, you were the first palestinian site to report on the picture and abunemeh built on what you wrote and now he is bragging on social media as if he just liberated palestine. typical abunemeh. palestinian life is not cheap for israelis, mr. abunemeh, it is worthless, but how would you know, living in the USA. he then adds that "If only this were restricted to Instagram, it would not be such a problem" wow, so pics of palestinian kids as target are not such a problem, mr. abunemeh?????

4 ) Mel / USA
20/02/2013 22:13
"The pictures...are a violation of...IDF's Code of Ethics...values."?? That assumption is based on Israel having any value for morals/ethics,to begin with.I beg to differ! Any people familiar with Israel's(lack of)national morality,&its standing-army,security &secret service collective indifference to ANY code other than racist exceptionalism,would no doubt concur that the picture PERFECTLY reflects not just the IOF,but Zionist controlled Israel,as a STATE. The quintessential screwed-up Israeli!

5 ) Robert / United States
21/02/2013 01:02
I feel sorry for the poor f**k .really I do.he will learn just like I did. I pray for you and our brothers.

21/02/2013 05:50

7 ) Rami / Palestine
21/02/2013 10:58
#3 Get off your high horse. Abunemeh isn't a celebrity. He's a guy telling the news and raising awareness across the world through social media and international news outlets. He's damn good at what he does. If more people are aware of scum like this soldier because of it, then I have no problems with it.

8 ) Propagandist / Bullshiters
21/02/2013 12:36
It's laughable how much BS these propagandist sock puppets try to read into one stupid photo. Get a life!

9 ) Rami / Palestine
21/02/2013 15:02
#8 Idiot, have you looked at his photos? There's more than one and he advocates for the murders of Arabs. If it was the other way around, you'd call that "terrorism" against the Israelis, huh? No one is spitting more BS than you.

10 ) Mel / USA
21/02/2013 16:37
#8:It's not people who defend Palestine who need to "get a life".100YRS,of blind,egoistic,propagandist,BRUTAL Zionism is DESTROYING 1948 Israel for all! Israel wasn't meant to be like this.It was supposed to be a BEACON OF TOLERANCE,PLURALISM,WELCOME,to prove that the JEWISH people/victims were DIFFERENT from,& MORE DESERVED of kindness,than their NAZI PERSECUTORS!"NEVER AGAIN",was meant to include EVERYONE!It's ISRAEL & its OWN citizens,foreign patrons,who need to come back to GRACE&HUMANITY!

11 ) Julie / USA
21/02/2013 17:41
#8 - ONE stupid photo? you idiot, this criminal soldier had an entire account full of disgusting, violent-oriented, racist, hateful-to-Arabs photos...and if you'd bothered to read Abunimah's article, you too, like me, could have clicked on the link to this soldier's instigram account and seen ALL of the photos for yourself. YOU are the propagandist, trying to normalize this commonly witnessed izraeli murderous CRIMINAL bullshit! go get a different life than the hateful one you obviously have

12 ) Faris / Palestine
21/02/2013 18:37
I agree with #3. Abu Nimah is grandstanding ALL THE TIME. Yes, he draws attention to the Palestinian cause, but most of the time in his caustic, negative way that brings no hope or support for the people really suffering under Israel occupation. Let him for one time show real solidarity by struggling with us here. Not just with words on the internet.

13 ) gabi / australia
22/02/2013 01:04
# 8 - "one stupid photo"? I saw lots and lots of them. Very sick people.

14 ) gabi / australia
22/02/2013 08:29
just the sort of guy you'd be proud to bring home to meet your mum.

15 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
22/02/2013 11:58
#7 I used to be a big fan of electronic intifada until i got to know abunemeh on social media. the man is THIRSTY for fame and attention and is using palestine and activists to get that. i advice you to follow him closely on social media and you will see for yourself what a show-off he is. he is ignorant on many issues relating to palestine and life in occupied palestine, but would rather tell a lie on twitter or facebook rather than say: "sorry, i dont know, ask someone who lives in palestine!

16 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
22/02/2013 12:09
#8 one photo? why dont you search google and see how many photos of israeli terrorism you will find. posing with murdered palestinians, posing with handcuffed palestinians, beating handicapped palestinians and taking videos of that, beating palestinian kids and kidnapping them and taking pics of that. what else do you want for it not to be a single photo?? it is not the action of only one soldier, but a whole nation that is brought up on racism, hate, blood thirst and disrespect of human rights.

17 ) Rami / Palestine
03/03/2013 08:48
#15 no need to explain to me who he is; I work with him. Thanks but no thanks. I already know him very well. Good day.

18 ) ian / australia
03/03/2013 13:36
Why are his pictures all so gay?

19 ) mark / Here
04/03/2013 10:50
#18 Its quite telling of the IDF, no? Gay naked racist drug addicts with an inferiority complex that makes them excited to carry big guns and shoot Arabs.
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