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Abbas: Hamas opposes elections
Published Wednesday 13/02/2013 (updated) 15/02/2013 12:57
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Fatah leader President Mahmoud Abbas says elections will be the basis to end the division, but that Hamas opposes a vote "at this stage."

"An agreement has been reached with Hamas that we form a unity government to be headed by me, then we have parliamentary elections and Palestinian National Council elections three months after the Central Elections Commission is ready for elections," Abbas said at a meeting in Ramallah with newly-elected mayors and a delegation of senior PA officials.

Reconciliation is in the national interest and elections will offer the Palestinian people the "final word" through the ballot, the president said. "However, our brothers in Hamas do not want us to carry out elections at this stage."

Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal said Tuesday that his party had agreed with all factions that elections were necessary. He said a date for elections and forming a unity government could only be set in an appropriate atmosphere for reconciliation, and once preparations were complete, in an interview with the Hamas-affiliated Palestine Information Center.

In Ramallah, Abbas said he would issue two presidential decrees announcing elections and the formation of a unity government to oversee the vote.

"We are now waiting until the Central Elections Commission finishes the (voter) registration process, then we will hold meetings to evaluate which terms of the reconciliation agreement have been implemented," the president said.

"We already started consultations to form a unity government which will be announced in tandem with a decree announcing elections day," he added.

The president also said he hoped the US government would break the stalemate in the peace process with Israel.

He said negotiations would not resume until Israel stopped expanding illegal settlements on Palestinian land and freed all prisoners detained before 1994.

Meanwhile, Mashaal said if Washington is serious about "changing the current political scene, stopping the bloodshed in the region, and lifting the injustice on the Palestinian people in order to achieve real peace, we remind it that true peace is based on justice, equity and restoration of rights."
1 ) Tibi / Tubas
13/02/2013 20:43
Hamas opposes elections, and everything but:
- ruling in an Islamic state, and
- destroying the Jewish State !!

2 ) Tony B? / ME
13/02/2013 20:46
"He said negotiations would not resume until Israel stopped expanding illegal settlements on Palestinian land and freed all prisoners detained before 1994."

Pretentious little man! Negotiations will not resume until you can prove yourself capable of forming a government that can be trusted to keep agreements. Thus far you have proved yourself to be totally unwilling to keep any of the Oslo accords. Why should having the Hamas dog on your leash give cause for optimism?

3 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/02/2013 21:01
No, the U.S. government will not be able to break the stalemate between us and the State of Palestine. We are in the process of de facto annexation of it. If (not when) the Palestinians finish their voter registration process, Hamas will not reconcile with Fatah because it will not yield authority to any "united" PA/PLO, PLC or PNC that supplants it in Gaza. In other words, Hamas will not reconcile with Fatah; it will insist that Fatah reconcile with IT (or there will be no (cont.)

4 ) Arnold / Canada
13/02/2013 21:01
There will be no final negotiations between Fatah and Hamas the same way there will be no final negotiations with the Israelis. Just look at the Arab Spring. Nothing is negotiated. It all comes down to violence to get their way.

5 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/02/2013 21:06
"reconciliation"). If Abbas is waiting until he can simultaneously announce decrees for elections and a "unity" government together, he will be waiting in vain.

6 ) WAS / UK
13/02/2013 21:06
Abbas wants the completion & implementation of the unity agreement on his terms. Gaza based Hamas leaders rightly refuse to abide by Abbas's rulings.

7 ) JoeFattal / usa
13/02/2013 21:54
Hamas has to be one of the best ally Israel has. They are playing right in their hands.

8 ) southparkbear / usa
13/02/2013 21:54
actually both parties agree to election. they differ on how to count

9 ) WENDY / US
13/02/2013 23:51
Every Hamas guy knows Abbas is afraid, so... afraid.

10 ) where is Mel / ????
14/02/2013 01:41

11 ) @ Yehuda-3 / USA again
14/02/2013 03:51
After a "de facto annexation of" the Palestinian Areas A/B and Gaza, Israel would have about 6 Million Arab citizens, so I'm asking you, 1- Can you imagine a post-annexation 60 Arab Kenesset members, instead of just the 11 Arab Kenesset members today ?? 2- Don't you see that Israel's Jewishness would be gone, and the democratic process would make Islam the state religion ?? If that is what you want, you should change your name now, to either Ismail, Ahmed, or Mohammad.

12 ) Jamaluddin Shamsuddin / Malaysia
14/02/2013 05:40
As long as HAMAS does not recognise Israel's existence, I can not see peace in Middle East.

13 ) LOLOL. what a filthy lie / HAMAS WANTS ELECTIONS
14/02/2013 08:47
because they KNOW MASHAAL WILL WIN it is ABU MAZEN who is afraid of elections keep lying to your "people"

14 ) Rami / Palestine
14/02/2013 11:03
#11 Apparently your racism knows no bounds. Happy Valentine's Day. Hamas loves you for all the credibility you give them with your pro-genocide rhetoric.

15 ) Frederick / US
14/02/2013 15:12
United you will stand, divided you will fall. The oppressive regime has a strategy of separation and conquer; separating the land by illegal settlements and separating the Palestinians politically. World opinion is turning in favor of Palestine. The Palestinians need to speak in one united voice at this most crucial moment in their history.

16 ) Big Mike / USA
14/02/2013 17:19
12 ) Jamaluddin Shamsuddin / Malaysia You say, "As long as HAMAS does not recognise Israel's existence, I can not see peace in Middle East."....... Like a cancerous tumor everyone has to admit the Z state exists, that is a given, but the question is DOES IT HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST in the manner it alleges??? and is not their demand for a Jewish state recognition RACISM???

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/02/2013 17:20
@ 11), Good points ... Answers: 1- Yes, as (de facto) annexation continues, the Palestinians in Areas A/B (and, yes, even eventually Gaza) would be with us but that would never mean granting them citizenship in Israel for representation in the Knesset. 2- That "logical" argument is based on the belief that it would be true if the Palestinians remained and the so-called 1-nation "solution" became reality. For all those who still believe this ... stay tuned over the coming years ...

18 ) Mel / USA
14/02/2013 17:24
Boring elections!Don't U just hate pre-election trash?Why the f**k would Hamas NOT WANT elections,when they legitimately,transparently,fairly,DEMOCRATICALLY WON the last ones,&Abbas LOST thru' lack of popular trust,&GONADS!
Yes,Hamas can be stubborn.BUT,they were the elected party of THE PEOPLE,ergo can choose appro.time of the elections.Like Bibi did!#12: Hamas DOES"recognize"Israel(pre-67,UNResol242,RoReturn),read their Charter.But,ISRAEL refuses 2 recognize Palestine'sRight2Exist!SOLIDARITY!

19 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/02/2013 17:38
@ 14), Although your reply is to 11), I think (since you saw my name in the header of #11) you really meant it for me (correct me if I'm wrong). No, Rami, I am NOT racist/prejudiced towards Palestinians and don't ever accuse me of being pro-genocide. As I've said constantly, I want ALL Palestinians to have the best of Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. You ARE our brethren through Abraham. I simply want ALL Palestinians out of Israel (which, to me, means for them to go EAST to (cont.)

20 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/02/2013 17:48
Jordan/Palestine (... and these are my last posts). (We're getting off the subject here so I will finish by just saying if your post was to #11 there was nothing racist nor pro-genocidal in what #11 said; the use of Muslim/Arabic names was only meant to support the points of what was said in that post ... so just relax ... O.K. ??? ...)

21 ) @ Rami-14 / USA again-11
14/02/2013 18:03
I believe that we are cousins, and I have several Muslim & Arab friends, and
It is Neither "racism", Nor "pro-genocide rhetoric," to think it foolish to plan to increase the number of government leaders, that will call for the destruction of the state, that they are supposed to be serving !!
- If the situation was reversed, I guess you'd feel the same.

22 ) Count / Re-count
14/02/2013 18:37
#8 - I have a suggestions how to count: Fatah will count from the left to the right and Hamas will count from the right to the left. If the final numbers differ it will be the shoot-out and the winner of the shoot-out will have the correct count number.

23 ) Reader / from Edmonton
14/02/2013 20:48
Pres. Abbas is being less than candid. Pres. Abbas refused to accept the results of the last parliamentary election and attempted a coup d'etat. That's what the "most reasonable" Pres. Abbas is all about. Do you really want an honest vote Pres. Abbas? Step down. Your mandate has expired.

24 ) Rami / Palestine
17/02/2013 10:04
Yehuda, do yourself a favor & keep quiet b/c the more you speak, the more you sound like an idiot. YOU ARE a racist. Your comments in this thread prove it. YOU DO support the occupation, genocide, and ETHNIC CLEANSING. Again, your comments in this threat prove it. And yes, I meant that comment for YOU, not for Post #11.
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