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Israel approves 90 new settlement units, group says
Published Monday 11/02/2013 (updated) 13/02/2013 15:17
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A boy walks near Israeli flags in Ulpana, on the edge of the illegal
settlement of Beit El, north of Ramallah. (Reuters/Nir Elias, File)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Israeli government has granted approval for 90 new settlement units in the West Bank, an Israeli peace group said Monday.

The plan for the housing units in Beit El settlement received final validation on Sunday, but had been approved in August 2012 as part of a compensation plan for settlers evicted from the Ulpana neighborhood, settlement watch director Peace Now Hagit Ofran told Ma'an.

"Netanyahu chose to take advantage of the time before forming a coalition government to establish more facts on the ground," Ofran said.

Construction of the homes in the Ramallah-area settlement can legally begin on Wednesday.

"The Palestinian position is clear. There can be no negotiation while settlement continues," Nabil Abu Rdainah, a spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, said in response to the new Beit El construction.

Israel's Supreme Court ruled last year that Ulpana neighborhood had been built illegally on Palestinian-owned land, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promising to build 300 new homes as part of the evacuation deal.

The court had ruled that five Ulpana apartment blocs must be torn down by July 1, but then granted the state a four-month extension to demolish the properties.

The 30 families who lived in the buildings had already moved out to nearby temporary accommodation.

There are now more than 325,000 settlers in the West Bank, with a further 200,000 living in East Jerusalem.

The United Nations deems all Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal.

Reuters contributed to this report
1 ) Reality / Not, Never, & Not
11/02/2013 16:02
1- Israel has NOT approved any new settlement units in either Gaza or the West Bank's Areas A or B, since the Oslo Accords were agreed upon. And,
2- Israel has NEVER approved any settlement units in the State of Palestine
(since it never existed as an independant sovereign state). And,
3- Israel will NOT approve any new settlement units in Palestine, if it ever really exists on the Ground of the West Bank, rather than just existing on the paper of a UN General Assembly resolution !!!

2 ) Israel will not build new / settlements in
11/02/2013 16:59
USA or England, or Poland or Germany


3 ) BAZS / USA
11/02/2013 17:42
Again, commendations to MAAN for covering these stories. I hope for sake of exposing same, it will maintain these in an archieve that can be seen by link. BAZS.NET has been created to try and wakeup USA, GB - taxpayers that support this atrocity done in Name of God as so-called final return of Israel. IT IS NOT, it is a deception. BAZS.NET shows this clearly from Bible. We ask for letters to Congress to stop tax support & aid. Here is one page we use MAAN bazs.net/Dan11.htm Hope others help us.

4 ) Mel / USA
11/02/2013 20:54
Israel,while led by radical Zionists will always "approve"RACIST apartheid plans,all ILLEGAL under internatonal laws!Especially while our USG gives"unconditional"support for Jewish THEOCRACY & Occupation of pluralistic Palestine.Israel is of NO STRATEGIC value to America,since 1960's!NONE! Rather,it's a THREAT,LIBAILITY to our USNat.Sec.& WIDER global intregrity!USG support for Israeli BELLIGERENCE,makes America weaker&poorer!Zionism's'enemies'SHOULD be OUR trade-allies,making Israel safer too!!

5 ) Phil / UK
11/02/2013 20:56
3) Israel's return to the promised land was prophesied in Ezekiel 36. God's settlement is a one state solution of Jeremiah 12:14-16.
You can shout and scream and stamp your feet, but God's will shall be done!

6 ) @ BAZS-3 / USA too
11/02/2013 21:07
1- A demolition of an unpermitted building is NOT an "atrocity."
2- It is being "done in the name of" the Law (& NOT G-d), and
3- I too want to "wakeup USA & GB taxpayers" to the fact of massive
-b- Israel continuing to demolish these unpermitted stcructures,
just like the governments of the USA & GB would in similar situations !!!!

7 ) gabi / australia
12/02/2013 00:37
# 6 - answer this: how many Israeli building built without permits are demolished? How many permits are given to Palestinians to build on their land? How many Palestinians in this "only democracy in the Middle East" are permitted to vote in Israel's law-making body? Until you can point to an even-handed approach by Israel to the issue, then your comments are nonsense.

8 ) DTJ / DTJ
12/02/2013 03:03
intersting article

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
12/02/2013 17:25
@ 1), Unless you live here or own or plan to own any settlement property or have any information to the contrary for our settlements for ANY land in the State of Palestine, please DO NOT state what you think we will or won't approve regarding our settlements. You don't live here so YOU DON'T or CAN'T KNOW. If you immigrate to Israel and come to live or plan to live in the State of Palestine as a citizen of Israel we would heartily welcome you and THEN you might come to know what (cont.)

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
12/02/2013 17:31
our settlements approvals will or won't be. I believe you are--correct me if I'm wrong-- Jewish but WE (the Jewish people who LIVE HERE) resent diaspora Jews telling US what we will or won't approve. You want to do that ??? ... then you make ALIYAH and COME here, understand ??? ... Thank you. @ 3), After reading the home page and that particular page (Dan. 11), I must say you brilliant people in North Carolina have mastered your Biblical eschatology full-blast. Actually, I will state (cont.)

11 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
12/02/2013 17:32
we in Israel never want you Americans (or anyone) to give us aid if you really don't want to. So if you urge your Congress to STOP giving us aid we actually have no problem with that.

12 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
12/02/2013 19:35
Hey Gabi - how many Aussie settlers got building permits from the Aboriginal owners of Australia? None? Gosh. Shows you how successful settlement and occupation can be, no? Ain't it nice being past the settlement/occupation/illegal-land-theft stage so that you simply say "no problem, mate, the entire land is ours" and can sit pretty Down Under and throw barbs at other people?

13 ) @ Yehuda-9 / \ Zionist / USA
12/02/2013 20:59
I have lived there, and one day I do "plan to own settlement property", and
I really do NOT understand your "resentment" of my logical conclusions.
- Is it possible that you honestly believe that Israel is likely to build in
the city of Ramallah or (if it ever exists) the State of Palestine, anymore than the city of Amman or the State of Jordan ??

14 ) @ Yehuda-10 / 3 Truths
12/02/2013 21:13
1- I certainly never told you "what you will or won't approve", and
I doubt my government ever told your government that either.
2- I accept your right to ignore any opinions of myself or my government, on internal issues (short of real genocide), just like every other nation.
3- I would never "urge my Congress to stop giving aid to Israel",
or to any other nation that has so many values shared with the USA,
but I would "urge my Congress to stop giving aid to" states like Egypt !!!

15 ) gabi / australia
13/02/2013 01:25
Brian Cohen - your "well you did it so we can too" argument is very facile. Particularly bearing in mind that we in Australia have gone at least some way to make amends, AND OUR ABORIGINES GET THE VOTE. Big difference. I am throwing barbs at your illegal occupation. Just like I threw barbs at South Africa during apartheid years. And threw barbs at our government when it decided to invade Iraq. And threw barbs at our government when our then PM refused to say sorry to the Aborigines. And . .

16 ) jaabari / gaza
13/02/2013 03:35
a drop in the bucket

17 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/02/2013 17:43
@ 13), 14), As previously, MNA has been exemplary in allowing my posts even if away from the main theme. I thank them extremely so for brevity this will be my last post(s) to cordially respond to your counter-points. If you'd like the last word, please do. From the start: Understood, but if and when you DO live in Israel (permanently), plan and DO own settlement property, THEN your statements about our settlement approvals are taken seriously. To your incredulity, we will not only (cont.)

18 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/02/2013 17:44
some day build in Ramallah but the entire State of Palestine (NOT Jordan/Palestine). Believe me, we won't be waiting for our Messiah to come, first. (When he comes; he comes.) (Attn: Christians, please don't lecture me about Jesus ... NOT here ... You know what I'll say anyhow ... so FORGET about it ...) The utter amazement of everyone is the bedrock belief in the illogic of what I just said ... just like the bedrock illogic of us never succeeding in 1948 ... please, we've heard it (cont.)

19 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/02/2013 17:45
ALL before. As far as 14)-1-, Yes, in 1)-3-, you said (quote), "Israel will NOT approve any new settlement units in Palestine, ... ". Again, if and when you're HERE, THEN speak. Currently, you're in no position to do so; you're 6800 or more damn miles away. Yes, the U.S. government HAS directly and repeatedly told us NOT to approve settlements in the State of Palestine. I thank you for your steadfast support but the truth is the truth.
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